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| Real Estate Auction and Marketing Services

  1. 1. RESIDENTIAL Auctions REAL ESTATE DISpOSITION, LLC Corporate Office: Commercial & Note Auctions One Mauchly » Irvine, CA 92618 www.REDCgroup.com RESIDENTIAL & COMMERCIAL SHORT SALES info@REDCgroup.com 1.888.880.REDC (7332) Asset Valuation With Offices In: Dallas » New York » London Asset Management | Real Estate Auction and Marketing Services
  2. 2. CONTENTS CORPORATE TABLE OF OVERVIEW Real Estate Disposition, LLC (REDC) Since it’s founding in 1990, Real Estate Disposition, LLC (REDC) has become one of the world’s leaders in maximized REO asset disposition strategies 3 Corporate Overview and asset management. Specializing in selling residential, commercial, Real Estate Disposition, LLC (REDC) multi-family and hospitality properties, land, as well as performing and REDC non-performing notes and loan pools, REDC sold over $3.4 billion in real Our Clients estate assets and including 32,800 homes in 2008 alone! Our Partners REDC is a fully licensed and bonded real estate auctioneer and sanctioned The undisputed leader in real estate auctions having real estate broker. Headquartered in Irvine, California, REDC employs 4-7 Auction.com sold over $6.0 Billion in real more than 350 real estate professionals from our corporate headquarters estate assets at auction! in Irvine California, and from offices in Dallas, New York and London. Overview and Benefits Auction.com Timeline REO Auctions REDC provides all elements of asset management, valuation, lease/ eviction, short sales, retail and auction sales for residential, commercial, Commercial Auctions vacant land, and real estate notes – you provide the challenge and REDC 8-9 REDC Default Solutions will present the solution through one of our specialized divisions. Overview and Benefits Note & Loan Auctions Short Sales Residential Auctions OuR PaRtnERs Asset Valuation On November 13th, 2008, REDC completed the sale of a 50% interest Asset Management in the company to Trident IV, L.P., a private equity fund managed by Land Auctions Stone Point Capital, LLC. This historic event marks the first time a financial institution has taken a significant stake in a real estate auction company. Stone Point Capital is a global private equity firm that has raised over $10 billion of committed capital. Stone Point Capital primarily targets investments in the insurance and financial services industries including insurance underwriting, distribution and services, benefits and healthcare, asset management an retirement savings, and banking and depository Multi-faceted service provider institutions. The firm has an experienced investment team and possesses adding value by streamlining loss mitigation and asset management specialized knowledge and proprietary deal flow in these sectors. for the lending industry. Short Sales OuR CLiEnts inCLuDE: » American Home Mortgage » GMAC Asset Valuation » Bank of America » JP Morgan Chase » Citigroup » Merrill Lynch Asset Management » Credit Suisse » MetLife » Deutsche Bank » Morgan Stanley » Fannie Mae » Wells Fargo » Fortress 2 REDC | Real Estate Auction and Marketing Services 1.888.880.REDC (7332) » info@REDCgroup.com » www.REDCgroup.com 3
  3. 3. the easiest domain name to recall in the industry! We at REDC and AUCTION.com are proud to be the undisputed leader in real estate auction marketing. Using the auction marketing process we pioneered and have since perfected, we have sold at auction over $6 Billion in real estate assets, conducting a record 300 auctions of 32,800 homes in 2008 alone! Our success derives from our ability to combine highly effective auction marketing campaigns and state-of-the-art technology with unparalleled client reporting. We have achieved this by creating a team of real estate professionals whose experience brings hundreds of years of real estate, marketing and auctioneering expertise together. With the skill, knowledge and proficiency of this team, REDC offers the most comprehensive and innovative auction marketing programs available anywhere. In recent years, real estate auctions have gained tremendous popularity among buyers and sellers who are seeking a true market value for assets in a timely manner and hedging against forecasted market declines. As a result, auctions now play a major role in real estate sales as greater numbers of financial institutions choose this form of disposition over more conventional, time-consuming and expensive sales methods. Team REDC is behind your project from start to finish, and our talented professionals are committed to creating and implementing a customized plan to move your holdings in the fastest possible time at the highest possible return. • Centralized Operations at our 60,000 sq ft Headquarters • Global Marketplace » Supported by experienced in-house staff » Large ballroom events in major cities for residential auctions » State of the art technology » On-site auctions specific to large properties » Customized client reporting » Online commercial and notes sales platform » Valuation assistance » State-of-the-art online exposure and auctions reach national and » Starting Bid and price consultation international markets • Best in Class Auction Strategy and Execution » REDC manages the entire process from concept to close » Property management throughout the Auction and Post Auction campaigns 500K » Massive marketing campaigns reach the universe of potential bidders 400K UNIQUE VISITORS » More bidders = Higher prices 300K » Large ballroom auctions 200K » Best in Class online auction strategy » Sealed bid auctions 100K » Platinum home auctions for high value properties 2/09 3/09 4/09 5/09 6/09 7/09 • Unsurpassed Marketing Exposure and Lead Generation » In-house Marketing and Media Buying auction.com* williamsauction.com » State-of-the-art online capabilities and online bidding at www.AUCTION.com hudsonandmarshall.com missioncap.com » Partnering with leading national real estate brokerage firms and loan sale advisors carltonauctions.com » 3.9 million proprietary lead database bigbidder.com *Auction.com Site Launch » $50 million marketing spend in 2008 Source: www.compete.com REDC | Real Estate Auction and Marketing Services 4
  4. 4. The Auction Marketing Program The Auction Process Online Auctions REDC’s buying power and experience make the difference! The company’s Auction REDC and its Real Estate Partners have optimized the critical steps and procedures REDC’s website, www.AUCTION.com offers buyers, sellers and listing brokers a state-of-the-art, online auction Marketing Program seeks to provide clients with the most bidders possible for each in the Auction Process to assure “Best in Class” for each property sold. site where buyers can register, view listed properties and defaulted loan summaries, obtain due diligence property – more bidders equal a higher price and “Best in Class Execution.” material and submit bids through a set-time auction format. Television & Print Signage Real Estate Website & Online Public Relations Auction 60 – 45 Days 45 – 5 Days 30 Days 5 Days AUCTION DATE 1 – 30 Days Allows Buyers To: Allows Sellers To: Allows Listing Brokers To: Radio Advertising Advertising Brokerage Partner Marketing Brochures Prior to Auction Prior to Auction Prior to Auction Prior to Auction Post-Auction (The “Pre-Sale Period”) • High budget TV • Display and • On-site • Joint marketing • Listed on • Media Press • Custom • Property List • REDC Auction Agent • Brochures Printed • Qualified Buyer Clients and Listing • Post-Closing Items • Register online for auctions • Offer listed properties • Offer property to worldwide Spend (CNBC, Classified Ads campaign with www.AUCTION.com Releases Designed for Provided to Notification List Finalized Real Estate Agents Finalized online for best execution market • Billboards • REDC Marketing • Set preferences by property CNN, Bloomberg, National Brokerage Each Auction REDC Attendance • Premium & Non- • E-Mail Blasts and • On-Site Auction • Assets posted on Begins (TV, Internet, • Seller Reserves • Books Closed type, size and location • Monitor real-time bidding • Respond to additional etc.) Firms Encouraged Placement Traditional Online Campaigns Day Press • Mailed to • Due Diligence www.AUCTION.com Print, Billboards & Provided by information requests • Download due diligence • Control the final timing of • Targeted Exposure • Listed and marketed Conferences Local Lead Meeting Radio) Clients to REDC • Prospective Buyer material sales • Obtain best execution for on National on Loopnet.com List, Media • Asset Signage Registration & • Asset Viewing & • Pre-sale Period clients Cable & Satellite and Segments • Continually bid through a • Obtain best execution Installed Qualification Begins Due Diligence Ends Programming from our set-time format from worldwide market Reviews Arranged proprietary 3.9 million lead database LARGE MARKETING MORE SUPERIOR Results - we are your CAMPAIGNS BIDDERS EXECUTION solution! 5 REDC | Real Estate Auction and Marketing Services 1.888.880.REDC (7332) » info@REDCgroup.com » www.REDCgroup.com 7
  5. 5. ASSET REDC Default Solutions is a multi-faceted service provider that adds value by MANAGEMENT assEt ManagEMEnt streamlining loss mitigation and asset management for the lending industry. As a fully developed in-house real estate brokerage that specializes in REO/ SERVICES Experience, attention to detail, and persistence defines the Asset Management division. Each asset short sale properties, we work closely with clients to deliver tailor-made is given the TLC it needs to be brought to market and comprehensive solutions that incorporate a wide range of services including sold as quickly as possible. Our asset managers are short sales, property management and asset valuation. REDC Default Solutions shORt saLE sOLutiOns cross trained in both REOTrans and RES.NET platforms leverages its unique heritage in the distressed real estate sector and countless REDC facilitates a proactive loan and work seamlessly with agents, lenders, mortgage business partnerships to deliver unsurpassed results. negotiation platform where a proper fair assEt VaLuatiOn servicers and outsourcers to ensure tight timelines. market value is determined in order to attract immediate offer responses with 48 The recent turbulence in the real estate market has made timely » short sale solutions hours on 75% of initiated negotiations. and accurate asset valuation more important than ever. Whether » asset Valuation REDC’s short sale solution provides the a valuation is needed for loss mitigation, REO, mortgage sale entire spectrum of strategies for borrowers due diligence, short sale, or one of many other reasons, REDC » asset Management without capacity or intent on retaining Default Solutions will provide a dependable and thorough analysis property ownership. Our team of full along with photos. Valuations are performed by licensed agents service short sale dedicated negotiators, experienced in distressed real estate processes that understand title curative and closing specialists are your needs and deliver on time. ready to handle all aspects of the short Our clients are some of the nations’ largest financial institutions sale properly. who entrust us to efficiently get these properties off of their books. Our goal is to offer the largest selection of lender foreclosed homes anywhere by becoming the most effective source for matching buyers to foreclosed properties. 8 REDC | Real Estate Auction and Marketing Services 1.888.880.REDC (7332) » info@REDCgroup.com » www.REDCgroup.com 9