Numara Asset Management Platform


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Numara Asset Management Platform

  1. 1. Numara Asset Management Platform The Power of One Empowers IT organizations to increase service levels, improve performance, and reduce costs by automating IT asset management Product Overview
  2. 2. Numara Asset Management Platform The Power of One process delivers detailed configuration information via agent-less network The Numara® Asset Management Platform (NAMP) empowers scanning or through intelligent agent IT organizations to increase service levels, improve performance, deployment. and reduce costs by automating IT asset management. Up to 80% of the lifetime cost of Automatic Device Discovery a computer can be attributed to Quickly identify all desktops, Benefits poorly managed hardware and laptops, mobile devices, or network software configurations, yet IT endpoints, and easily access a asset management can be time- visual representation of the network A single integrated consuming and labor-intensive. topology. console and database Built from the ground up as a Agent and agentless modular yet integrated system, Software Inventory inventory discovery NAMP is a comprehensive suite Eliminate wasted expenses by ensuring Flexible and dynamic of solutions that reduces the that installed software is properly licensed, up-to-date, and in business rules engine expense, risk, and complexity compliance with company and industry standards. Customized typically associated with asset searches streamline upgrade/migration planning. Scalable architecture management. A single unified Comprehensive reports platform eliminates the need Hardware Inventory and dashboards for expensive combinations Maintain control with a comprehensive inventory of hardware Supports Windows®, of segregated products, which assets across the entire organization. Linux®, MAC® and create knowledge gaps and VMware® cannot provide correlated Application Self-Healing information. Easy to implement, Improve service levels and reduce help desk calls by proactively easy-to-use, and easy to scale, detecting and automatically correcting unintentional application, NAMP delivers value immediately file, and configuration changes. and gives you the flexibility you need to adapt quickly and cost- efficiently to evolving business needs. Integrated snap-in products leverage a consistent agent, console, and reporting system to simplify management of the complete asset lifecycle. NAMP effectively addresses a diverse set of IT asset management challenges, such as hardware/software configuration management, software deployment and software license management, OS deployment, security vulnerability remediation, compliance management, patch deployment, and power management. Numara Inventory Manager Understanding the hardware and software assets installed throughout your organization can be a laborious and resource- intensive process. Numara Inventory Manager streamlines IT Hardware Inventory - Network Adapter Configuration inventory management to increase productivity, speed up problem resolution, and optimize software costs. Inventory Manager allows you to easily manage and automate critical tasks, such as software license compliance, configuration management, and upgrade/migration planning. Numara Inventory Manager provides detailed hardware and software inventories for Windows, MacOS and Linux systems, as well as other network endpoints. A comprehensive auto discovery p: 813.227.4900 • f: 813.227.4501 •
  3. 3. Numara Asset Management Platform Manage Prohibited Applications Software Packaging Reduce risk by controlling which applications or processes can be Streamline software deployment to large numbers of devices with run on specific devices and blocking unauthorized applications. an integrated software packaging product. Automatically provide ready-to-deploy packages of various types. Monitor Application Usage Maintain visibility of all installed software, easily reconcile Microsoft Installer (MSI) Support purchased software to installed software, and quickly determine Leverage MSI technology with easy access to all installation usage of installed software whether a device is online or offline. options, including support for Microsoft® and administrative installations. Custom Inventory Address business-specific needs through custom inventory Snapshot Packager capabilities and administrator-specified data fields. Build before and after system snapshots to accelerate deployment. Inventory and Configuration History RPM Packager Manage changes to hardware or software configurations, enforce Support Linux-based RPM packaging, with easy access to all change control policies, and maintain detailed inventory history. installation options. Custom Packager Minimize the hassle of managing unique or “home-grown” software applications by building a custom package with any set of files. Automated Configuration Deployment Simplify configuration by specifying targeted software and OS deployments with dynamic group definitions. Advanced Scheduling Enhance software deployment through a comprehensive scheduler for each step in the software distribution process. Automatic Package Rollback NAMP Home Page - Dashboard provides general information and shortcuts for functionality Automatically rollback or uninstall software packages in the event of errors to reduce workload. Security Inventory Easily collect specific data on key security settings, including installed anti-virus, update status, or shared resources. Printer Inventory Discover and manage network devices such as printers and routers. Numara Deployment Manager Frequent software upgrades and updates drive up costs and increase the complexity of maintaining and controlling systems. Numara Deployment Manager ensures successful, cost-effective software and OS deployment, even to large and distributed user populations. You’ll improve performance, security and reliability across the organization by automating software deployment processes, smoothly upgrading users to authorized configurations, and eliminating obsolete, unauthorized, or redundant software. p: 813.227.4900 • f: 813.227.4501 •
  4. 4. Numara Asset Management Platform Bandwidth Throttling Process Integration Minimize disruption during deployment through close Direct Access functionality is integrated into the NAMP management of allocated bandwidth. administration console to simplify and speed up help desk and configuration management tasks. Remote desktop management Checkpoint Restart capabilities also allow remote and silent access to the host’s Guarantee secure transfer even in the event of network system and management tools. interruption during deployment. Wake-on-LAN Numara Patch Manager Automatically wake-up offline devices and deploy the appropriate Despite increasing security concerns, IT organizations still struggle software. to enact effective patch management processes, and over 90% of security attacks target known vulnerabilities that have already Multicast Delivery been patched. Numara Patch Manager simultaneously reduces Leverage the power of parallel software distribution to an security risk, unplanned downtime and the IT hassle associated unlimited number of client systems while maintaining server and with patch management. By quickly identifying missing patches network resource requirements and bandwidth consumption. and automatically delivering critical fixes to devices across the entire organization, you can rest assured your applications and Support for Large Packages Window OS are reliable and secure. Deploy individual software packages up to 4 Gigabytes without impacting day-to-day business. Robust Patch Processes Optimize the patch/remediation process by tailoring methods to OS Deployment fit operational needs. Establish baseline patching for all devices; deploy special or emergency patches to a group of machines Take control of software distribution and easily deploy Microsoft outside of the normal patch cycle; or completely automate the Operating Systems. patch management process. Numara Remote Manager Effective Patch Deployment Lack of easy access to users’ computers makes resolving Simplify patch deployment in complex distributed environments problems time consuming and expensive. Numara Remote through an agent-based architecture. Manager improves service levels, increases productivity, and lowers costs. As an administrator, Flexible Reboot Options you can remotely view and control Ensure a ’Safe Reboot’ experience for both administrators computers, and work with users and end-users with myriad flexible options, from immediately to quickly resolve issues without following patch installation to administrator-specified times. leaving your workplace. Multiple Vendor Support Remote Manager provides support Reduce development and testing requirements with a pre-tested for authenticated sessions with patch knowledge base that supports both Microsoft products and encrypted communication, video popular applications from other vendors. driver independence, target device restart, file transfer capability, and clipboard management. p: 813.227.4900 • f: 813.227.4501 •
  5. 5. Numara Asset Management Platform Numara Vulnerability Manager Numara Power Manager Mitigating vulnerabilities to protect the business and prevent Wasted energy is wasted money. Numara Power Manager service interruptions has become both increasingly critical and improves energy efficiency to help organizations recoup the 40% increasingly complex. Easily reduce IT asset vulnerability and of IT spend lost when devices are idle. support costs with Numara Vulnerability Manager optimizes the Deploy a pragmatic Green IT approach and analyze energy patch management process by proactively preventing unplanned consumption trends by tracking workstations power states, service interruptions before they occur. This NAMP product determining associated costs, and measuring efficiency of power enables you to quickly scan all network assets, identify vulnerable management policies. or non-secure configurations, and automatically remediate those vulnerabilities. Dynamic agent technology allows you to define, implement, and enforce power management policies on devices across the Comprehensive Vulnerability Assessment and Analysis network without impacting productivity. Highly granular power management policies can be defined based upon specific types/ Scan any device with an IP address to reveal internal and classes of devices, user populations, physical location of devices, external vulnerabilities. day or time of the week, or the current state of a device. Balanced Approach to Managing Vulnerabilities Make better decisions, avoid critical situations, and prioritize Numara Compliance Manager remediation efforts by precisely determining the impact of each Non-compliant assets can create costly problems, yet enforcing vulnerability in its network-specific context with intelligence based compliance policies, and assessing assets is difficult and time- on the Common Vulnerability Scoring System (CVSS v2). consuming. Numara Compliance Manager helps organizations quickly ensure compliance of IT assets with relevant regulatory standards, internal corporate policies, and industry best practices. Custom rule/template capabilities allow you to adapt standards to your organization or easily create new compliance templates, based upon unique corporate requirements. Following compliance assessments, non-compliant assets can be easily identified and automatically grouped for immediate remediation. Numara Device Manager Data leakage or privacy breaches can cripple an organization. Numara Device Manager protects your business by minimizing the risks associated with unauthorized use of prohibited devices, such as USB drives or external hard drives. Vulnerability Management - Vulnerability Groups The easy-to-use device Flexible Vulnerability Scanning management solution ensures compliance and Simplify vulnerability scanning by centrally managing scanners reduces manual effort by across complex multi-site networks, and easily deploy multiple allowing you to quickly define scanners across many geographical locations or network policies or schedules that topologies. specify what devices are Effective Mitigation and Timely Vulnerability explicitly enabled Remediation or disabled. Mitigate risk by reducing the exposure window of vulnerabilities, identifying high-risk vulnerabilities, and quickly remediating vulnerabilities in a consistent and scalable fashion. Verifying Remediation Ensure that vulnerabilities have been properly remediated using comprehensive dashboard and reporting tools. p: 813.227.4900 • f: 813.227.4501 •
  6. 6. Numara Asset Management Platform Reports & Dashboards About Numara Software Drowning in reports? Creating summaries and dashboards With more than 55,000 customer sites worldwide, Numara can reduce the time available for supporting the business. Software is a global leader in delivering practical, flexible solutions The Numara Asset Management Platform includes an integrated that allow IT organizations to improve service to their end-users. reporting solution that gives you the critical time and visibility to Our integrated IT service management and IT asset management focus on the important issues. A wealth of pre-defined reports and software platforms enable organizations to efficiently automate a executive dashboards, combined with flexible customization options, wide variety of IT related tasks and processes using interoperable makes reporting on asset management easy and hassle-free. solutions from a single, proven vendor. Widely known for our dedicated focus on ease of use and affordability for our customers, our IT solutions deliver fast time-to-value, increased control, and reduced risk for small businesses to large companies. For more information, visit: Patch Management – Missing Patches by Severity Corporate Headquarters 2202 North Westshore Boulevard, Suite 650 Tampa, Florida 33607, USA p: 813.227.4500 • f: 813.227.4501 Regional Headquarters 2025 Lincoln Highway Edison, NJ 08817, USA p: 732.287.2100 • f: 732.287.4929 European Headquarters Davidson House Forbury Square Reading, RG1 3EU, UK ©2009 Numara Software, Inc. All rights reserved. “Numara” and the Numara Software logo are registered trademarks of Numara Software, Inc. Shavlik Technologies is a registered trademark of Shavlik Technologies, LLC. 100413-1209