Maximo Enterprise Asset Management Software


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Maximo Enterprise Asset Management Software

  1. 1. Control where it counts ™
  2. 2. ® Asset awareness on an entirely new level All companies are dependent on critical assets, whether they are a fleet of trucks or a plant full of production equipment, and caring for those assets is crucial. Traditionally, organizations have had to rely on multiple software solutions to meet the specific needs of different asset types. These solutions, however, provide only a partial view of an organization’s total enterprise assets, making it difficult to identify areas for performance improvement. As a result, organizations don’t have the asset visibility they need to achieve the operational excellence they seek. Maximo® Enterprise takes the power, performance and possibilities of asset management to an entirely new level. Built on a single software platform, Maximo Enterprise delivers the most comprehensive view of all asset types – production, facilities and transportation – across your enterprise. This holistic perspective, the foundation of our Strategic Asset and Service Management solutions, allows you to see all of your assets, as well as identify all of the untapped potential within them. You gain the knowledge and the control you need to more closely align your organization’s goals with the overall goals of your business. You are able to reduce costs, minimize risk and increase service delivery responsiveness and revenue. In short, you gain the power to get more performance and value out of every asset throughout your enterprise.
  3. 3. Maximo Enterprise’s capabilities maximize the lifetime value of complex assets and closely align them with your overall business strategy, allowing you to:   Increase return on assets   Decrease costs   Increase productivity   Improve asset-related decision-making   Improve asset service delivery   Improve regulatory compliance   Lower total cost of ownership Everything you need to optimize your assets and your future. Consisting of six key management solutions – asset, work, service, contract, materials and procurement – Maximo Enterprise is the only solution you need to optimize the performance of every asset. Maximo Enterprise ensures maximum return on assets by reducing costs, increasing asset uptime and facilitating the development of comprehensive programs for preventive, predictive, routine and unplanned maintenance. Based on a flexible business process configuration model, Maximo Enterprise easily adapts to your changing business needs, protecting your investment – today and tomorrow. The perspective you need to ensure that every asset across your enterprise is counted, controlled and maximized.
  4. 4. Strategic Asset and Service Management Consisting of six key management systems, Maximo Enterprise easily integrates with your unique business systems, allowing you to work the way you want to work. ASSET WORK Management Management MAXIMO ENTERPRISE PROCUREMENT SERVICE Management Management MATERIALS CONTRACT Management Management Knowledge that equals power and performance. Maximo Enterprise’s six key management Asset Management systems effectively capture and analyze A comprehensive system with all of the control you need to seamlessly track and manage asset data your asset data. Unique functionality throughout its entire life cycle. within each management system delivers   Asset detail including location, work and cost history is tracked over time, maximizing the knowledge and control you need to productivity and extending asset life. improve and optimize maintenance initiatives   Location and equipment hierarchies allow you to roll up costs across systems, subsystems and loca- throughout your enterprise. tions, giving you a complete understanding of asset costs.   Condition monitoring allows for proactive maintenance, decreasing reactive maintenance and unplanned downtime. Work Management Supports both planned and unplanned maintenance activities, from initial work request and work order
  5. 5. generation through completion and recording of actuals. Contract Management Work planners can match job tasks to available Comprehensive contract management functionality resources, estimate and obtain approval of costs, gives you complete control over vendor contracts and establish priorities and initiate maintenance activities supports purchase, lease, rental, warranty, labor rate, across the enterprise. master, blanket and user-defined contracts.   Tracking tools enable detailed analysis of   Contract correlation links service level agreements resource, materials and equipment usage and to vendor contracts, helping you identify unreliable costs – helping decrease labor and materials costs. vendors and low-quality products, while providing   Graphical assignment manager optimizes the ability to reference SLA performance metrics when renegotiating vendor terms. maintenance schedules and labor utilization, ensuring that the right person with the right   A terms and conditions library ensures consistent and standardized policies across the organization. skills is assigned to the right job.   Preventive maintenance (PM) functionality   Automatic notifications and alerts help you meet vendor terms, avoid penalties and get the allows PM schedules to be put into place, reducing most value out of every contract.   Payment schedule support decreases administrative unplanned downtime and reactive maintenance. costs, streamlines work flow efficiency and Service Management strengthens vendor relationships. Allows end-users to submit new service requests, as well as track and update open service requests. Materials Management Additional service management functionality is Know everything – what, when, where, how much delivered with Maximo Service Planner. These and how valuable – about asset-related materials optional capabilities allow asset management and their usage. Materials management functionality organizations to align their goals and priorities in a records all transactions, allowing for real-time knowledge manner that best supports overall business objectives. of materials status.   Service catalogs improve organizational communication and ensure that the services provided   Inventory transaction tracking capabilities streamline parts and materials management and are those required to support the business.   Service level agreements (SLAs) increase decrease costs by eliminating excess or obsolete inventory.   Inventory optimization and planning functionality communication between the maintenance organization and the business units, and help stock the right level of inventory to meet maintenance align service levels with business objectives.   SLA monitoring proactively monitors performance demand, ensuring that the right parts are available, at the right location, when needed – reducing against metrics to avoid missing service level stock-outs, inventory shrinkage and carrying costs, commitments. as well as helping to achieve economies of scale   Escalation management ensures proper through shared resources. management of resources to achieve service level commitments.
  6. 6. Procurement Management Support all phases of enterprise-wide procurement, including direct purchase requirements and inventory replenishment. These capabilities inform buyers about requisition, quotation, vendor, purchase order and contract data, allowing them to plan proactively. These capabilities also integrate easily with third- party business systems from vendors such as PeopleSoft®, Oracle® and SAP®. In addition, Maximo OCS enables Maximo Enterprise to connect to online commerce systems and exchanges.   Approved vendor setup and vendor performance analysis tools eliminate costly off-contract buying, ensuring the reliability of vendors, as well as the quality of materials.   Automated materials requisitioning capabilities based on maintenance schedules ensure that the right parts are ordered at exactly the right time.   Automated interval-based, meter-based or event-driven purchasing capabilities eliminate human intervention, streamline purchasing processes and eliminate manual data entry errors.   Global purchasing support enables savings and efficiencies of group purchasing and lower sourcing costs.
  7. 7. With more than 35 years of experience across a broad spectrum of industries, government agencies and geographies, MRO Software has accumulated an unparalleled understanding of asset and service management. This expertise has been incorporated into every Maximo Enterprise application, enabling companies to implement a solution that is built upon asset and service management best-practices.
  8. 8. Additional functionality for additional control Many options are available to extend Maximo Enterprise’s capabilities and increase your ability to reduce costs, increase compliance and achieve operating efficiencies. Maximo Service Planner Allows maintenance organizations to define service offerings, establish service level agreements with their internal customers, implement escalation procedures to ensure that service levels are met and provides metrics to monitor service level delivery. Maximo Mobile Suite Allows workers to access Maximo Enterprise remotely from hand-held computing devices. The suite consists of four applications: Maximo Mobile Work Manager, Maximo Mobile Inventory Manager, Maximo Mobile Auditor and Maximo Mobile Calibration. Maximo Calibration Enables organizations to effectively manage the calibration of their test and measurement instrumentation. It provides documentation, data validation and traceability for all Unique flexibility for your calibrated assets, as well as the standards that are used to calibrate them. unique needs. Maximo IPC No matter what the size of your company, number of sites A visual, Web-based parts and equipment or variety of locations, Maximo Enterprise is flexible library that accelerates the maintenance enough to manage all of your unique business processes. organization’s ability to locate and identify Built on a Java 2 Enterprise Edition (J2EE®) component- needed parts. It provides instant access to based Internet architecture, Maximo Enterprise integrates detailed parts illustrations, diagrams, easily into existing business systems. Integration products drawings and related documentation. make upgrading easy and ensure that you’re not locked in Maximo Project Manager from one application release to another. In addition, the Enables planners/schedulers to manipulate flexibility of the underlying technologies within Maximo Maximo Enterprise data from Microsoft® Enterprise make it easy to tailor without programming, Project. Users are able to schedule, view allowing you to work the way you want to work. and report on the data as well as make automatic updates to Maximo Enterprise as needed.
  9. 9. Ever evolving and solving At MRO Software, we understand your need for a Strategic Asset and Service Management solution that is capable of evolving as your business evolves. That’s why we’ve developed Maximo Enterprise. It’s also why we’ll continue to incorporate the latest technologies, expand the breadth and depth of our solutions and ensure that you always have the tools you need to build your competitive advantage. You can rely on our Strategic Asset and Service Management solutions to deliver the control you need to see every asset clearly, to solve your toughest asset management challenges and to grow in ways you never thought possible – so that you can make it all count. To find out how MRO Software can help you make it all count, visit
  10. 10. About MRO Software MRO Software is the leading provider MRO Software (Nasdaq: MROI) is of Strategic Asset and Service a global company based in Bedford, Management solutions. The Company’s MA, with approximately 900 employees, comprehensive suite of applications is 10,000 customers and more than delivered on a Web-architected platform 260,000 end-users. The Company and increases productivity, reduces markets its products through a direct costs, optimizes performance and sales organization in combination improves productivity and service levels with a network of international across an organization’s range of assets. distributors. MRO Software has sales offices throughout North America, The Company’s asset and service Europe, Asia/Pacific and Latin management solutions allow customers America. Additional information to manage the complete life cycle of on MRO Software can be found strategic assets including: planning, at contracting, procurement, deployment, tracking, maintenance and retirement. Using MRO Software’s solutions customers maximize asset retention, lower labor and resource costs, deliver high asset reliability and align asset and service management with the business goals across the asset base. mro software ™ MRO Software, Inc. Asia Europe, Middle East, ©2004. MRO Software, Inc. 100 Crosby Drive MRO Software Hong Kong Ltd. Africa (EMEA) All rights reserved. Maximo is a registered trademark and Bedford, MA 01730 t. +852-2522-4322 MRO Software MRO Software is a trademark of t.800.326.5765 f. +852-2522-5523 t. +44-1-483-727000 MRO Software, Inc. f.770.481.3071 f. +44-1-483-727979 Australia and New Zealand Other products and brand names are trademarks or registered MRO Software Australia Latin America trademarks of their respective Pty Limited MRO Software, Inc. companies. t. +61-2-9463-7734 t. +55-11-3443-6289 f. +61-2-9957-2669 f. +55-11-3443-6374