IT Career Suite Illustration


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IT Career Suite Illustration

  1. 1. Career Management Website
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  3. 4. Career Paths, Continued
  4. 5. IT Configuration Management GS 11-13 Hardware Move 2 IT Asset Management GS 5-9 Policy & Planning Start Database Administration GS 9-12 Software Move 1 Scenario : John is a GS-9 2210 IT Asset Management Specialist. He wants to position himself to become well rounded in various areas of IT, and eventually become an (Senior Executive Service (SES). This path will illustrate one possible way John can achieve this goal. Move 1: John made a lateral move to Database Administration and was later promoted to GS-12. Move 2: John took a downgrade to GS-11 IT Configuration Management and was later promoted to GS-13. Move 3: John made a lateral move to GS-13 Knowledge Management and was later promoted to GS-15. Move 4: John was selected for SES. As John moved, requirements for each position changed. John had to acquire differential competencies of each position by attending technical training and participating in developmental activities. Note : You do not have to take a downgrade to position yourself for advancement. Knowledge Management GS 13-15 Software Move 3 SES Move 4 Horizontal Career Move Example Breadth and Depth = Strong Competitor
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  6. 7. Career Paths: Policy & Planning, Continued.
  7. 8. SES IT Asset Management GS 5/15 IT Business Relationship Management GS 12/15 IT Capital Planning/ Investment GS 12/15 IT Enterprise Architecture GS 12/15 IT Portfolio Management GS 12/15 IT Quality Process Engineering GS 12/15 IT Technical Architecture GS 12/15 IT Workforce Management/Development GS 12/15 IT Project/Program Leader GS 9/15 OI&T Management Local (Facility CIO) GS 12/14 Policy & Planning IT Specialties IT Performance Management GS 12/15 OI&T Management GS 14/15 IT Specialists in the Hardware and Software career paths may consider career moves into the Policy & Planning career path where there is more opportunity to progress to the GS 15 grade level. IT Privacy Protection GS 5/15 IT Records Management GS 5/15 IT Security/Information Assurance GS 9/15 IT Business Continuity GS 9/15
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  9. 10. Career Path: Policy and Planning: Privacy Protection, continued
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  11. 12. Privacy Protection, Continued.
  12. 13. IT Specialist GS 5/12 Promotion/transfer from another job specialty. OI&T Management GS 14/15 IT Project/Program Leader GS 9/15 9/12 Project Coordinator 12/15 Project/Program Manager SES OI&T Management Local (Facility CIO) GS 12/14 IT Records Management GS 9/15 14/15 Team Leader, Web Master, COTR-Electronic Records 12/13 Technical Representative, Requirements Analyst, Web Specialist 9/11 Policy and Planner, Customer Support Specialist 5/7 Intern/Trainee, Customer Support Assistant/Technician IT Privacy Protection GS 5/15 14/15 Team Leader, Web Master, COTR-Electronic Records 12/13 Technical Representative, Requirements Analyst, Web Specialist 9/11 Policy and Planner, Customer Support Specialist 5/7 Intern/Trainee, Customer Support Assistant/Technician Career Path Privacy Protection and Records Management
  13. 14. Comprehensive Job Specialty Overview Privacy Protection -ARMA International, -Certified International Privacy Professional/Government -Contracting Officer Technical Representative Certification -American Society of Access Professionals (ASAP) conferences and meetings, -International Association of Privacy Professionals conferences and meetings, -INFOSEC conference -Paralegal courses on Privacy Act, HIPAA, and privacy protections under the E-Government Act and the Freedom of Information Act Work Complexity – Leads the activities associated with privacy protection throughout the life cycle of creation, maintenance, preservation, use, and disposition. Works on multiple projects as a team leader or as a subject matter expert (SME). Typical Responsibilities – Responsible for leading effective and appropriate management of privacy information to ensure it is protected from unauthorized disclosure or loss. Leads a cross-functional oversight team consisting of representatives from the IT, legal, finance, and business departments to develop an enterprise privacy strategy and policy. Implements and monitors a consistent set of policies and processes related to protection of personally identifiable information (PII). Advises on a policy framework for how people are expected to manage the information they collect and maintain and use information systems to track and identify areas where privacy may be compromised. Works with Corporate Security teams to develop, implement, and enhance workflow and operational processes for protection of PII. Formulates best practices improvements and conversion approaches, and selects and deploys the technology that best fits requirements and content infrastructure. Establishes continuous audit and review processes to ensure compliance with legal and enterprise policies. Trains employees who create and use information advising key employees of the ramifications of the misuses or mishandling of PIl. Facilitates the development of security measures and classification systems to meet legal requirements for the protection of certain types of information that could be considered private. Evaluates user requirements and interfaces and advises customers in content, media, and identifies the most appropriate privacy management resources. Designs and recommends training and awareness products using a range of interface requirements, such as web pages, document libraries, workflows, versioning, organization, protection and security, documentation, style guidelines, and governance methods. Plans, develops, implements, and administers privacy protection management systems and websites. Ensures that relevant legislative and compliance requirements are met. Oversees privacy protection in all types of information from paper to electronic. Designs ad hoc reports. Communicates to upper management and provides reports regarding the quality and progress of the Privacy Protection Program. Assists security in developing maintenance procedures and scripts. Assists in resolving problems with protecting PII through effective use of software and other information management resources. Provides training on the privacy protection policy and systems. Typical Education/Experience – Bachelor degree in Programming/Systems or Computer Science, specialized training, certification, or equivalent work experience. Typically requires 5-7 years of experience providing document/knowledge management support and 2 years designing and engineering automated records management. Core: Communications (Oral and Written) Creative Thinking Customer Service Flexibility Information Management Organizational Awareness Planning and Evaluation Teamwork General: Business Enterprise Knowledge Business Operations Analysis Decision-Making Legal, Government, and Jurisprudence Public Safety and Security Technical: Configuration Management Information Resources Strategy and Planning Modeling and Simulation Operations Support Risk Management Technical Documentation GS 12-13 Proficiency Level C: Advanced Technical Representative Requirements Analyst Web Specialist Policy and Planner Recommended Training and Developmental Activities Scope of Work Complexity, Typical Responsibilities, and Typical Education/Experience Core, Differential General and Technical Competencies Grade, Recommended Level of Proficiency, and Position Titles