Digital Asset Management Solution


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Digital Asset Management Solution

  1. 1. Digital Asset Management Solution Increasing business agility, speed, and efficiency with a unified approach to maximize the value of your digital assets Autonomy Interwoven Solutions
  2. 2. Do you struggle to manage and keep your marketing assets consistent across all your different channels, campaigns, and Web sites? Rapid cycles of product introductions and multichannel marketing campaigns have created an explosion in the use of digital assets and rich media, such as video, anima- tions, and interactive Web graphics. Without proper management of digital assets, brand control is lost as people work with out-of- date materials, or create their own because they can’t find the assets they need. Autonomy Interwoven helps you advance MediaBin provides an easy-to-use Web interface with a gallery view to allow visual selection global brand control and consistency—and of desired assets. successfully manage the digital media explosion—with a central, easy-to-access ecosystems. Files are bigger, higher quality, marketing team efficiency. Organizations library that houses the latest master of and more difficult to manage due to sheer that rely on inefficient, redundant, and all your marketing and digital assets with volume and asset size. Most organizations manual processes face both the misuse the ability to deploy in any format for any initially try to handle this flood of content and underutilization of valuable marketing purpose, online or offline. independently, department by department, assets, leading to high costs, slow time- DAM problems today and despite the best intentions, silos of to-market, and the perils of inconsistent data start to develop. Marketing assets are branding in a competitive marketplace. Are you able to respond quickly to new stored all over the organization. The sales, In practical terms, the result is chaos, as market conditions or new competitive marketing, training, and Web teams each marketing personnel struggle to get their offers and promotions? Are you losing develop a stash on their own departmental jobs done without the tools they need. servers or local drives, creating duplication deals to competitors that are able to Marketing content is stored on network file and inefficient storage management. These respond faster to changing market shares that don’t allow efficient metadata trends can be increasingly counterproduc- conditions and opportunities? searching methods. tive for an organization. Most organizations today are flooded Meanwhile, today’s complex marketing Over 80% of assets are stored with a plethora of digital file formats environments exist under tighter economic on individuals’ desktops. being delivered by digital cameras and conditions and are more challenged than Jupiter Research contemporary design, image editing, video, ever to roll out a consistent brand message animation, CAD, 3D, Microsoft Office™, Knowledge of the location of key marketing quickly and accurately across multiple and other rich media creation applications assets may be limited to only a single channels, while maximizing the value of used by content creators across their digital person (and when he or she is not available, their marketing assets and increasing the rest of the organization grinds to a halt).
  3. 3. Are you delivering a consistent customer experience across all your channels? Do you have branding compliance issues, or outdated or poor-quality content issues? Are you reliant on labor-intensive, error-prone manual processes? Knowledge workers spend 40% of their time looking for information. Forrester Research Files are given meaningless, generic names like “logo1.tiff” or “product image2.jpeg,” making them impossible to identify without being opened one by one. Personnel waste endless hours searching for or re-creating existing assets. 70% of content is re-created rather than reused. Gartner Group And while not intentional, problems rapidly occur: multiple versions of the company logo emerge, the wrong product images get Assets are easily located in MediaBin by searching on captured IPTC, XMP, and EXIF metadata. used for a publication, an old headshot of the CEO is sent out, pallets full of printed material are wrong before they are even a final set of 20 images, each digital file Interwoven Digital Asset distributed, and so on. With no “single would have an inherent value of $1,000. Management Solution If someone can’t find a digital image, the source of truth” for approved up-to-date as- Interwoven MediaBin™ Digital Asset $1,000 investment has essentially been sets, users unwittingly publish out-of-date, Management provides businesses with a lost. The big difference between a physical inconsistent, and incorrect customer-facing full-featured central library for the thousands asset inventory and a digital asset inventory content. This exposes the organization to of digital assets used to promote and manage is one of exponential use of those digital compliance-related liabilities as well as their products, brands, and collections. With assets. The value of a piece of media rises in brand erosion. In two words—asset chaos. MediaBin, worldwide distributed teams can direct proportion to its liquidity, reusability, easily catalog, manage, transform, and deploy scalability, and accessibility. The value of a “Your growing digital asset library can’t be digital assets, including product photographs, specific piece of media can increase based managed on a network share.” graphics, CAD, marketing collateral, presenta- on how many different ways it can be used, Stephen Powers, Forrester Research: tions, documents, Flash™ content, videos, reused, and easily accessed. Market Overview: Digital Asset Management and audio. Managing the Production and Distribution of Many companies are also discovering that Rich Media, April 14, 2008 Today, marketing managers are constantly their vast historic archives of images and under pressure to disseminate marketing ma- videos have value in today’s image-centric What’s the value of DAM? terials to their constituents around the world marketing ecosystems and are starting to in a timely fashion. They struggle to maintain While many enterprise accounting depart- monetize these assets via online photo control, eliminate liabilities, and meet ments are keenly aware of the value of their and video licensing stock library offerings. compliance requirements, all while ensuring physical product inventories, they often Without a digital asset management system that their brand is represented consistently overlook the value of their digital assets. behind the scenes, these kinds of ventures and correctly. With MediaBin, employees and Each product on a warehouse shelf has an would be impossible. partners gain secure, self-service access to established cost basis and resale value, and only the most current, approved marketing digital assets are no different. If a product and other visual materials. photo shoot cost $20,000 to produce
  4. 4. Centralizing all of its assets allowed Ford Motor Company to control the internal and external usage of its content by employees, partners, and its advertising agen- cies. This solution has saved the Ford Division over $1.8 million per year through productivity gains, asset repurposing, and tighter brand control; elimination of CD-ROM creation; Web-based ad agency self-service; and better search/retrieval. for marketing campaigns, product launches, and other marketing initiatives. And the more quickly salespeople can get what they need, the faster they can sell and increase top-line revenue. Maximized Asset Value—Reduce costs through increased efficiencies: Greater liquidity speeds time-to-market while supporting accuracy and consistency. Increased accessibility and automation ex- tend the reuse of assets and enable flexible repurposing through any medium and any channel on the fly without manual bottle- necks. By automating the production and distribution of marketing content, MediaBin MediaBin provides an interactive real-time cropping tool as part of the asset retrieval process. reduces costs associated with manual processes. By providing constituents with self-service access, marketing personnel no longer have to spend time fulfilling content Interwoven MediaBin Digital Asset managers choose which content to make requests from the field. Management provides the solution available to internal employees and external required for maximizing the use and partners, thereby protecting and controlling MediaBin architecture value of your assets the brand successfully. While marketing professionals are drawn Unified management— Effective and agile content reuse— to MediaBin’s rich functionality and ease Control brand consistency: Accelerate time-to-market: of use, IT professionals will appreciate With MediaBin, all marketing assets are Companies can increase marketing team MediaBin’s ability to fit seamlessly into managed and made available to users efficiency and do more with less by provid- their IT infrastructure. MediaBin’s n-tier throughout the organization through ing secure access to all content 24x7 for architecture is solid and scalable, and is a “single source of truth,” eliminating redundancy and errors. This makes it internal and external users. With MediaBin, readily accepted by the most demanding IT possible to ensure content consistency and content can be managed globally and organizations. It fits easily into a standards- compliance with brand standards across all leveraged locally to empower rapid content based Windows infrastructure, supporting channels, and enable “centers of excellence” creation throughout the organization. Microsoft’s Server 2003, IIS Web Server, for all marketing assets. A single environ- Internal and external teams can collaborate and SQL Server database, and can also ment supports standardized and automated more effectively to improve coordination leverage storage, directory, and data- tagging to accelerate search, and stream- and productivity in all marketing programs, base infrastructure in the Oracle/Solaris lines the creation, management, delivery, from new product launches to ongoing world. MediaBin’s Job Clustering option and archiving of all content. MediaBin helps Web site publication. MediaBin speeds the and multithreaded application structure companies increase control of their brands delivery of brand-correct, current marketing provide scalability to handle the most by providing easy Web browser access content so that internal departments and demanding applications and the highest to the most up-to-date, brand-approved external partners can get what they need— volume of assets. MediaBin connects with marketing materials. Marketing and brand now. Marketers can speed time-to-market third-party applications through a services
  5. 5. According to a 2008 Aberdeen study, of the 57% of best breed companies who establish a common DAM architecture and infrastructure shared by multiple groups, 22% saw performance increase in year-over-year ROMI, while 58% improved brand effectiveness and 62% reduced time- to-market over the past year. oriented architecture (SOA). MediaBin Web Content Management (WCM) systems MediaBin Development Services provide dozens of high-level Web such as Interwoven TeamSite and others. (Non-Production) Server and SDK service methods to rapidly add common MediaBin Developer Suite is a development MediaBin Job Cluster Server™ digital asset management and distribution and testing server license and SDK, which MediaBin Job Cluster Server enables capabilities to new and existing applica- includes support for C++, COM, and Web corporations to link multiple MediaBin Asset tions. For example, Interwoven TeamSite® Services (.NET and Java). Servers™ for increased capacity and reli- connects with MediaBin via Web Services ability. Users see only one central repository, Integration with Interwoven TeamSite to streamline and automate the publication but processing tasks are divided among all Web Content Management of rich media content to the Web. available servers. As organizations grow, Most industry analysts report that 30% of additional servers can easily be added to the producing a Web site is handling, preparing, MediaBin Digital Asset cluster. MediaBin Job Cluster Server is an and processing images for a site. MediaBin’s Management Solution essential component for organizations that integration with TeamSite can automate this optional modules demand a high-reliability asset manage- process and ensure images are optimized MediaBin InDesign Plug-in ment system. Not available as an option for for Web use, which has a direct impact on Adobe InDesign® Plug-in for MediaBin MediaBin Departmental Edition™. the performance of a Web site. MediaBin enables Adobe InDesign users to easily provides TeamSite users with an easy- place and link images from MediaBin into MediaBin Additional CPU License access gallery of marketing-approved rich InDesign documents, and also manage MediaBin Additional CPU licensing media assets. Interwoven TeamSite is sold InDesign documents within MediaBin. enables corporations to take advantage of separately. multiple CPU/core hardware to increase MediaBin QuarkXPress™ Plug-in performance of image processing capabili- Integration with Interwoven MetaTagger® MediaBin QuarkXTension enables Quark™ ties. Licensed for up to one dual-core CPU Interwoven MetaTagger automatically scans, users to upload Quark documents and (two cores) per license. Not available as an tags, and classifies incoming documents linked components into MediaBin, providing option for MediaBin Departmental Edition. with metadata—accurately and consistently. multipage previews to non-Quark users of Interwoven MetaTagger is sold separately. the MediaBin solution. MediaBin 3D Support Option MediaBin 3D Add-on provides the Integration with Telestream FlipFactory™ MediaBin Deployment Agent™ ability to ingest, preview, transform, and Telestream’s FlipFactory integrates with The MediaBin Deployment Agent option download CAD 3D and 3D graphic files MediaBin to automate your media workflow simplifies and accelerates the process of within MediaBin. processes—seamlessly, effortlessly, all- delivering updated fit-for-purpose images digitally. Integration with FlipFactory enables across the enterprise. This helps to assure MediaBin Syndication Manager™ the same core asset model for audio and that only an organization’s latest approved MediaBin Syndication Manager enables video assets, enabling MediaBin to deliver images are used in marketing material, in multiple MediaBin servers around the globe transcoded video or audio assets in the catalogs, on eCommerce sites, and in B2B to share content according to easily defined proper format to end users, content delivery exchanges—in whatever format is desired, “publish and subscribe” business rules. networks, or Web applications. FlipFactory is at exactly the right time and place. MediaBin Included with MediaBin Enterprise Edition. sold separately by Telestream. Deployment Agent can deliver Web-ready images directly to Web sites or via Web
  6. 6. Interwoven MediaBin powers Digital Asset Management for the Minne- apolis Institute of Arts. A persistent, secure, and well-managed archive enables the museum to preserve and leverage the full value of its digital investments. Interwoven MediaBin Digital Asset Management Solution Feature Highlights Key feature Details MediaBin can be deployed quickly and produce a rapid return on investment. 75% of customers are up and running in less than 10 days, Deploy rapidly compared to the weeks and months it can take for other installations. Web interface Provides secure, easy-to-use, Web-based access to all files from common PC or Mac OSX™ browsers. Stores and catalogs all files—images, documents, layouts, audio, and video. Provides high-quality previews of hundreds of file formats, All file cataloging videos, images, and multipage documents including Microsoft Office; Adobe® InDesign, PhotoShop®, Illustrator®, Flash®, Acrobat®; and QuarkXPress. MediaBin utilizes a “Core Asset Model” where a single high-resolution asset is efficiently stored in the repository and from the core asset, Core Asset Model and high- alternate file formats/resolutions can be generated at download via a multithreaded transformation engine, capable of performing high- volume image processing volume multiple complex imaging tasks/conversions for multiple users simultaneously. By storing only one core image asset, and creating all renditions from the source, production speed is increased and storage requirements are reduced. Supports RAW, DNG, Flash, 2D CAD, 3D CAD, and 3D Graphic file formats. Convert images to various formats including Adobe Photoshop Advance file format support PSD and EPS, TGA, TIFF, JPEG, GIF, PNG, BMP, Photo CD, and StiNG®; download images in any format, size, resolution, and color space and asset transformation including enhanced image compositing and watermarking along with other sophisticated image manipulation capabilities. Provides services frame-by-frame storyboard and streaming video file previews for supported video formats. Provides user ability to manipulate a dynamic crop rectangle to see the exact region of the image to be retrieved. Multiple images Dynamic cropping tool may be cropped and downloaded in the same operation. Selection of individual files or folders from Web interface for ingestion on native Windows or Mac OSX clients enable dragging Easy import/ and dropping of assets and/or complex folder hierarchies of assets—both automatically generate asset previews, metadata, and ingest services preservation of original folder structures. Create and send e-mail shortcuts, or e-mail attachments, links, or URL links to assets and folders that link directly to MediaBin or E-mail assets externally accessible file storage locations. E-mail address books are integrated with Microsoft Exchange Outlook address books. Stores and edits metadata pertaining to assets and folders; easily add unlimited custom metadata fields; bulk metadata editing for quick Flexible metadata handling updates to multiple files; copy and paste metadata between assets; support for industry standards including Adobe XMP, Dublin Core, IPTC, EXIF, and more. Multiple search methods Search for assets based on simple or complex metadata combinations, image content/visual similarity, or both. Manages asset updates through comprehensive version control and history of each asset—full support for check-in/check-out; Version control provides version control for metadata revisions. All activities are logged and tracked. All retrieved assets are tagged for tracing back to the core asset. Each asset version maintains Detailed activity logging a complete download history. XML support Shares data with other applications and systems through XML export and import routines. Allows users to simply drag-and-drop multiple folders/files into a published network or ftp hot folder. When new assets arrive, Hot folders MediaBin can automatically check them into a specified destination in the repository and apply predefined additional metadata to all assets. This provides maximum flexibility for submission of content by freelance photographers, partners, and so on. Tool for assembling, managing, and distributing PowerPoint™ files within the MediaBin Web Client. MediaBin™ supports previews Presentation WorkBench of all slides in PowerPoint as well as indexing of all content as searchable metadata. MediaBin provides the ability to assign an expiration date to selected assets. When the specified expiration date and time arrives, Asset expiration the assets are moved to a designated folder. Shopping cart folder Collects needed assets in a temporary holding folder for single download or other actions. System login and access controls on folders, retrieval tasks, associations, metadata fields, and groups are based on existing users Enterprise security controls and groups managed within Active Directory and LDAP. MediaBin APIs facilitate rapid integration within other enterprise systems to extend and enable additional comprehensive solutions and Extensive APIs content publishing applications. MediaBin’s C++, COM, and Web Services/XML/SOAP APIs maintain application compatibility as new versions reach the market.
  7. 7. “Most vendors didn’t understand the needs and priorities of a cultural institution. Interwoven made the effort to understand our needs and the needs of leading museums worldwide. Their easy-to-use capabilities helped us build a truly world-class digital archive in a relatively short time period.” John Bedard, Director of Information Systems, Minneapolis Institute of Arts Interwoven MediaBin MediaBin MediaBin Digital Asset Management Solution Departmental Edition Enterprise Edition MediaBin asset server (SQL or Oracle) √ √ Support for 2 single-core CPUs; or 2 dual-core √ √ processor CPUs; or 1 quad-core processor CPU MediaBin Enterprise Manager (Administration Module) √ √ MediaBin Windows client √ √ MediaBin Web services √ √ MediaBin Web client √ √ MediaBin Presentation WorkBench √ √ MediaBin Mac OSX client √ √ MediaBin hot folders √ √ Integration with Telestream FlipFactory √** √** Integration with Interwoven TeamSite √** √** Integration with Interwoven MetaTagger √** √** MediaBin Syndication Manager O √ MediaBin 3D Add-on module O O MediaBin concurrent users (licensed and required for use) O O MediaBin Deployment Agent O O MediaBin QuarkXTension; MediaBin InDesign Plug-in O O MediaBin non-production server O O MB additional CPUs (1 CPU=2 Cores) NA O MediaBin clustering support NA √ MediaBin clustered server NA O Upgrade to MediaBin Departmental Edition NA NA Upgrade to MediaBin Enterprise Edition O NA √ = Included; O = Available as a purchased option; NA = Not available in version of product; √** = Integration included but requires purchase of licensed product Interwoven MediaBin Asset Server Departmental Edition: Includes support for two single-core CPUs, or 2 dual-core processor CPUs, or 1 quad-core processor CPU, and support for MSFT SQL or Oracle. Includes MediaBin Windows Client, MediaBin Enterprise Manager for System Administration, MediaBin Web Client, Mac OSX Client, Hot Folders, MediaBin Web Services, and the ability to add licenses for additional users. Support for additional CPUs cannot be added. Does not include Syndication Manager or Clustering capability without upgrade to Enterprise Edition. Interwoven MediaBin Asset Server Enterprise Edition: Includes support fortwo single-core CPUs, or 2 dual-core processor CPUs, or 1 quad-core processor CPU, support for MSFT SQL or Oracle, and Syndication Manager. Includes MediaBin Windows Client, MediaBin Enterprise Manager for System Administration, MediaBin Web Client, Mac OSX Client, Hot Folders, MediaBin Web Services, and the ability to license additional users. Optional server clustering is supported but additional Interwoven MediaBin Job Cluster Server must be purchased separately. Additional CPUs may be licensed to increase performance.
  8. 8. “What used to take the creative department several days to process now takes seconds or minutes, and in some cases 70–90% of the requests are now self- serviced, with internal people ‘helping themselves’ to accurate, approved assets. Our creative teams have been given back hundreds of hours of productivity, and our internal clients and external partners (retailers) now have access to the information they need the moment they need it.” Allen Adler, VP Creative Services, Ubisoft About Autonomy Success at a Glance Autonomy Corporation plc (LSE: AU. or AU.L), a global leader in infrastructure soft- ware for the enterprise, spearheads the Meaning Based Computing movement. It was recently ranked by IDC as the clear Harrah’s Entertainment is the world’s largest provider of branded casino entertainment, leader in enterprise search, with market with more than a dozen brands including Harrah’s, Caesars, Horseshoe, and Bally’s. share nearly double that of its nearest Harrah’s struggled to maintain brand consistency across its distributed marketing competitor. Autonomy’s technology allows organization while offering local marketers on-demand access to creative tools in the computers to harness the full richness of context of existing workflows. human information, forming a conceptual and contextual understanding of any piece Partnering with Earthbound Media Group, Harrah’s is leveraging MediaBin to power its of electronic data, including unstructured creative portal, which serves all 12 of the company’s brands. Corporate, property, and information, such as text, email, web pages, agency personnel can now easily access centrally controlled and managed guidelines, voice, or video. Autonomy’s software powers art element toolkits, photos, templates, final pieces, and other assets for direct mail— the full spectrum of mission-critical enterprise the first major area of focus for the new creative portal. applications including pan-enterprise search, customer interaction solutions, information Harrah’s DAM initiative continues to grow and evolve. The model developed for the governance, end-to-end eDiscovery, records direct mail creative portal will be extended across mass media channels as well, management, archiving, business process encompassing the full range of formats required for TV, digital, and print media to management, web content management, web ensure the company is able to realize new synergies and realize even greater value from optimization, rich media management and its investments. video and audio analysis. “Our Interwoven-EMG solution helps us ensure the highest-quality creative Autonomy’s customer base is comprised of execution to reinforce brand equity,” says Danielle Porto Mohn, director of loyalty more than 20,000 global companies, law marketing for Harrah’s Entertainment. firms and federal agencies including: AOL, BAE Systems, BBC, Bloomberg, Boeing, “With so many brands and properties, and dozens of outside agencies, as well as our Citigroup, Coca Cola, Daimler AG, Deutsche own corporate team, how do we provide our entire marketing organization with the Bank, DLA Piper, Ericsson, FedEx, Ford, tools to ensure consistent branding and high-quality execution? By leveraging a clearly GlaxoSmithKline, Lloyds TSB, NASA, Nestlé, identifiable brand footprint and proven best practices, we can make every piece that the New York Stock Exchange, Reuters, Shell, goes out more effective.” Tesco, T-Mobile, the U.S. Department of Energy, the U.S. Department of Homeland Security and the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission. More than 400 companies OEM Autonomy technology, including Symantec, Citrix, HP, Novell, Oracle, Sybase and TIBCO. The company has offices worldwide. Please visit to find out more. Autonomy and the Autonomy logo are regis- tered trademarks or trademarks of Autonomy Corporation plc. All other trademarks are the property of their respective owners. Autonomy Inc. Autonomy Systems Ltd Other Offices One Market, Spear Tower, 19th Floor, Cambridge Business Park, Autonomy has additional offices in Antwerp, San Francisco, CA 94105, USA Cowley Rd. Cambridge CB4 0WZ, UK Barcelona, Beijing, Bogota, Boston, Buenos Aires, Tel: +1 415 243 9955 Tel: + 44 (0) 1223 448 000 Calgary, Cambridge, Chicago, Dallas, Darmstadt, Fax: +1 415 243 9984 Fax: + 44 (0) 1223 448 001 Kuala Lumpur, London, Madrid, Mexico City, Milan, Email: Email: Munich, New York, Oslo, Paris, Pleasanton, Rome, San Francisco, Santa Clara, Shanghai, Singapore, Santiago, Sao Paulo, Stockholm, Sydney, Tokyo, Utrecht and Washington, D.C. Copyright © 2009 Autonomy Corp. All rights reserved. Other trademarks are registered trademarks and the properties of their respective owners. Product specifications and features are subject to change without notice. Use of Autonomy software is under license. sbro_DAM_8pg__20090315