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  2. 2. Optimize media asset management. Effective information asset management is critical to the success of any organization; however, when the assets are video and media based, the challenges of managing them are unique. You need a cost- effective and reliable solution that is specifically designed to stream- line acquisition, storage, and retrieval of your digital media. With the ProxSys™ line of media asset management solutions from Focus Enhancements, you can reduce the time and cost of content produc- tion, maximize the return on your media asset investment, bring new products and services to market faster, and streamline com- pliance. Designed by media professionals for media professionals, ProxSys solutions enable you to optimize media asset management across your entire organization—efficiently and cost-effectively.
  3. 3. Broadcasting Digital Archiving Distance Learning Research & Development Manage broadcasts 24/7 with Create a comprehensive digital Amortize your investment in train- Document and store critical infor- limited resources. Combine live library of video and other media ing content and maximize the mation throughout the research and pre-recorded video. Gener- assets. Enable others to search, reach of your training personnel. and development process. Easily ate program listings automatically. preview, and acquire media as- Improve performance and reduce reference and retrieve informa- Even schedule playback for con- sets while protecting your intel- risk by ensuring consistency and tion to assess quality and ensure tent that has not yet been created. lectual property rights. quality across training sessions. compliance. Featured Markets Featured Customers Athletics Government A+M Media Hanoi Music Conservatory Broadcasting Healthcare Capital Vision IQ Digital Content Distribution Legal Daimler Chrysler TV Magdeburg Police Department Corporate Departments Marketing and Advertising Dublin Central University PEG Channel Muenster eCommerce Research Florian TV University of Freiburg Education Security Game TV University of Kiel Events and Entertainment Video Production German Air Force Fine Arts
  4. 4. Media Servers ProxSys: The cost-effective solution ProxSys Media Server ProxSys Ingest Solution ProxSys Playout Solution that’s easy to use. A fully integrated hardware and soft- ware solution, the ProxSys Media Server Supporting high-resolution MPEG-2 and DV/DVCAM encoding, the Prox- With the ProxSys Playout Solution, you can add 24/7 scheduled program play- With an intuitive browser-based interface, robust fea- is custom-configured for the number of Sys Ingest Solution enhances your out to the ProxSys Media Server and tures, and usage-based pricing, the complete line of users in your organization. The intuitive workflow by enabling you to ingest, enjoy seamless playback of high-reso- browser-based interface provides im- index, and upload multiple channels lution MPEG-2 and DV formats. The ProxSys solutions from Focus Enhancements makes mediate access to audio, video, images, of analog or digital video to the Prox- ProxSys Playout Solution also includes media asset management simple and cost-effective. and data from any location. Function- Sys Media Server. Through its intuitive logo and banner insertion, closed cap- With ProxSys, you can integrate your entire workflow, ality includes online and offline usage, interface, the ProxSys Ingest Solution tioning support, switcher control, the including acquisition, storage, and distribution, to gain MPEG and DV support, and complete delivers the functionality of high-end Focus scheduling tool, and redundant NLE format compatibility. ingest products without requiring the power and storage. unparalleled efficiencies. Designed for fast performance, user to be a technical expert. Key Features Key Features ProxSys uses rich metadata to make it easy to find and • Audio, video, image, and text-based Key Features • Integrated high-resolution MPEG-2 retrieve items quickly. Low-resolution MPEG-4 proxy data storage • Up to 4 input channels (10 per Prox- and DV playout video clips allow for quick preview, protect high-reso- • DV25, DV50, DV100, MPEG2 SD/ Sys Media Server) • Composite, S-video, DV (Firewire), lution media assets, and save network bandwidth. By HD, and HDV video storage • Wide range of input connections, and SDI connections combining the flexibility and scalability of a custom sys- • Project-based content structures and including composite, S-video, DV • Single or multi-channel playout templates (Firewire), and SDI tem with the implementation time and ownership cost • Export to nonlinear editing systems, • Powerful and flexible user rights and • High-resolution MPEG-2 and DV/ digital media players, CD/DVD burn- of an “out of the box” solution, ProxSys gives you the DVCAM video capture administration ers, and third-party playout systems performance you want for a price you can afford. • Dynamic metadata and timecode • Search across an unlimited number • 24/7 scheduling with automated of user-definable metadata fields • Project-specific metadata creation television guide publishing in XML • Extract and download individual with user-defined “hot keys” • Dynamic graphics generation frames from video streams • Automated MPEG-4 proxy creation • Statistical analysis tool • Scalable up to 250TB of storage • Multi-window monitoring Storage Options To supplement the integrated RAID 5 storage in the ProxSys Media Server, Focus Enhancements provides a number of options, 800.338.3348 including tape backup, hierarchical storage (SATA, Fiber, JukeBox), and “hot” redundant storage.
  5. 5. 24/7 Monitoring Server MoniSys Experience the difference. Monitoring TV programming around the clock is easy with the MoniSysTM Innovation, efficiency, and superior quality are world, the Focus team can help you select the 24/7 TV Program Monitor. By com- the foundation on which Focus Enhancements right products for your needs. If you have special bining a RAID 5 video server, a date builds its products. When you purchase media requirements, solution consultation and custom and time interface, and station ID search functions, the MoniSys 24/7 asset management solutions from Focus Enhance- configuration services are available. All products TV Program Monitor makes it easy to ments, you not only receive reliable products that are backed by comprehensive warranties and op- randomly access, rapidly preview, and deliver superior performance every day, but you tional support contracts that cover installation, instantly save video locally. Determine also receive unconditional service and support training, 24/7 phone support, and priority parts how best to allocate recording space by specifying one- or two-channel re- from a team of seasoned video professionals. replacement. You can rest assured that the knowl- cording and selecting your desired en- With extensive experience in designing, config- edgeable and friendly professionals at Focus En- coding rate (1–6 Mbs). hancements will stand behind every purchase uring, and integrating media asset management solutions for leading organizations around the you make. 800.338.3348
  6. 6. Managing Video Assets Remote Users Mantis ProxSys Ingest Solution Optional Intranet and/or Internet Firefly Camcorder Tape Deck Editing Station ProxSys ProxSys Media Server Playout Solution Satellite Receiver Editing Station FireStore FS-2 or FireStore FS-M External Storage Disc Publisher
  7. 7. Working with ProxSys Enjoy an intuitive, web browser inter- face with user-friendly navigation. No proprietary client software required. View proxy files in the integrated player, complete with mark-in and mark-out tools. Manage multiple projects with unique and secure access rights. Search easily using timecode- based metadata. ProxSys Media Server Configure each channel for either DV or analog sources, including cameras and tape decks. Capture footage from up to four Attach metadata on the fly using up different sources, monitoring each to 12 user-configurable “hot keys.” through its own window. ProxSys Ingest Solution 800.338.3348
  8. 8. Digital Asset Management Products Compatibility Products from Focus Enhancements Compatible with the products you use. Featured Products from Strategic Partners ProxSys Media Server Media asset management solutions from Canopus Video Conversion & Distribution Focus Enhancements are designed for ProxSys Ingest Solution seamless compatibility with most leading ContentVision Video Analysis Server ProxSys Playout Solution capture, storage, and playout products. Digital Media Technologies Content Playout MoniSys 24/7 TV Program Monitor Hitachi Professional Storage IBM Servers JVC Jukebox Plasmon G-Series Library RAID Incorporated Falcon Drive Rimage Disc Publishers Sony DV Station Corporate Headquarters European Headquarters Focus Enhancements COMO Computer & Motion GmbH 1370 Dell Avenue A Focus Enhancements Company Campbell, CA 95008 Lise-Meitner-Str.15 24223 Raisdorf P 800 338 3348 (toll free) Germany P 408 866 8300 F 408 866 4859 P +49 4307 8358 0 E F +49 4307 8358 99 ©2005. Focus Enhancements, Inc. Specifications subject to change. All brand and product names are trademarks of their respective com- E E panies. MANL-0989-01 Printed in U.S.A. 8/05