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BPO Company List

  1. 1. http://www.bpo-automation.com Phone: (360) 223-2482 sales@bpo-automation.com
  2. 2. BPO Automated Order- The “Big 10” BPO Companies Acceptance Software The “Big 10” list of BPO companies for 2009 represents our favorite picks for BPO Missing all the hot BPO orders in providers by BPO volume, ease of access, and agent payscale. We’ve your local area? Our proprietary included links to their site to allow interested agents to learn more about them, auto-accept software works with and hope you find them a valuable resource for increasing BPO order volumes. iMacros as a virtual assistant – constantly checking your accounts for new orders and accepting 1. Clear Capital 2. FARVV them on your behalf. Our transparent, secure solution runs in the background on your own machine, working 24x7, and 3. Mark 2 Market 4. eMortgage Logic features adjustable timing, order- limits, and our proprietary remote- desktop support. Product Demo | More Info | Buy Now 5. LSI / eLender Solutions 6. Mainstreet Valuations $499 .99 Form Completion 7. Premiere Asset Services 8. Land America Form completion software for individual agents. Buy Now .99 $497 Do BPO’s 3x Faster! 9. Old Republic 10. Bank of America / Landsafe Forms for Teams Form completion for teams of 2 to 6 people. Buy Now .99 $898 http://www.bpo-automation.com Phone: (360) 223-2482 sales@bpo-automation.com
  3. 3. The Free BPO Company List The list of BPO companies below was originally compiled by Nicole Ocean, state-certified Real-Estate instructor & co- founder of the BPO Automation Group. We encourage REO agents to use these links to assist in registering to complete BPOs, and ask that you visit us online for all your BPO software needs. Advanced Collateral Solutions Equity Pointe America’s Infomart ETCREO Management ASD America Evaluate USA ASG Mortgage Services Executive Asset Management Asset Disposition Management Fidelity National / LPS Asset Mngt. Asset Link Fidelity / LSI Asset One Marketing Group Financial Asset Services Asset Valuation & Marketing (AVM) FNIS Valuation Services Atlantic Pacific REO First American REO Atlas REO First American Res. Value View (FARVV) Benjamin Management Group Five Brothers Mortgage Company BPO Automation Group GMAC RFC BPO Direct Go BPO BPO University Goodman Dean California REO Green River Capital Clear Capital GRP Financial Services Coldwell Banker REO Harbor Asset Management Services First American Corelogic HomeEq Servicing Corporate Asset Management iMortgage Services Dinwiddle Property Services Co. IndyMac eBrokerHouse Integrated Asset Services (IAS) EMC Mortgage Integrated Real-Estate Processing Equi-Trax Asset Solutions Instant BPO http://www.bpo-automation.com Phone: (360) 223-2482 sales@bpo-automation.com
  4. 4. Inside Valuation Nationwide REO JCL Asset Management Northpoint REO JEM REO Ocwen Financial Services Keystone Asset Management Old Republic Default Management Services Land America Default Services Olympus Asset Management LAMCO PCV Murcor LB Market Evaluations Platinum Marketing Services Lenders Financial Services, LLC Precision Asset Management Lender’s Services, Inc Premiere Asset Services Lighthouse Real Estate Solutions Pro-Teck Services Litton Loan Servicing RELS Valuations Main Street Valuations REM Corporation M&M Mortgage Services REO America Mark 2 Market REO Brokerage Group MD Webb & Associates, Inc. REO Nationwide MGIC Rev REO Network MCB REO.com Millenia Asset Management REO Solutions National Default Servicing, Inc. REOTrans National Real Estate Info Services REO World National Field Representatives Residential Real Estate Review National REO RES.net Nationstar Mortgage Safeguard Properties, Inc. Nation’s REO Security National Servicing Corp. Nation’s Valuation Services Sky Hill REO National Asset Management Group Snow Enterprises, LLC National Foreclosure Sales & Training Institute (NFSTI) SunTrust Mortgage National Foreclosure Services TREOnet National REO Broker’s Association USA Valuation Services National Vendor Management Services US Real Estate Services Nationwide Appraisal Services Valuation Support Services Nationwide BPO’s Wolverine Real Estate Services http://www.bpo-automation.com Phone: (360) 223-2482 sales@bpo-automation.com