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  2. 2. ASSET MANAGEMENT SOLUTIONS FOR ENERGY One of the fundamental elements of a Utility of the Future is the ability to optimize assets and operate efficiently. Maximizing the use and performance of infrastructure assets, while ensuring that quality and reliability of service are not compromised, has become increasingly critical to utilities around the globe. Critical questions to tackle when initiating an Asset Management Program include: N Which Asset Groups are most critical to Energy utilities looking to delivering value to the Triple Bottom Line implement a smart grid first (Environment/Social/Economic)? N What Program Elements will provide the need to find ways to optimize greatest value in the short term and in the their current expenditures, long run? N Which Asset Management Program is best reduce risk exposure, and build for my Organization? confidence in their asset-related N How do we prioritize our Asset Management investment options? decision making. Black & Veatch N What are the long-term implications of my asset investment decisions in generation Asset Management can help. transmission and distribution? By leveraging our decades of experience, Black & Veatch’s Asset Management Solutions Team, provided through our Enterprise Management Solutions (EMS) division, can help answer these and other critical questions to jump start your Asset Management Program. The Black & Veatch Difference: N Global Leadership in Asset Management Practices N Value Developed Early through Practical Improvements N Intelligent, Integrated Utility Information Technology Solutions N Structured Enterprise Asset Management Framework and Program Development Approach
  3. 3. Sustaining Value through Asset Management. utilities have recognized the value gained by The level of awareness of a utility’s aging assets developing a continuous improvement model and the critical need to manage them in a more through their asset management program. efficient and effective way has increased with the utilities themselves, their customers and Enterprise Asset Management governing bodies. Through most of the past Strategic Framework. century, most of the focus was on making new The Black & Veatch Team applies our proven infrastructure investments, with little attention approach to developing your asset management being given to the impact of solution by integrating each of the environmental or political Over the next 10 years, core elements of improvement: decisions, or to the fact that billions of dollars will be Strategic Planning, Organizational the existing infrastructure needed in North America Development, Business Process was reaching the end of its Improvement, Performance alone to refurbish or useful life. Management/Monitoring, replace assets nearing the Technology and Information. This Today many utilities have end of their lifecycle. Is standard approach is tailored for embarked on the initial your organization ready to each unique project, taking into “assessment” stage of Asset meet the challenge? consideration our client’s overall Management, conducting objectives for the AM program and their current business model. STRATEGY RETIRE Getting Started. Plan Black & Veatch’s proven Comprehensive Asset Improve Construct Management Readiness Asset Assessment (CAMRA) approach, led by our industry-experienced Lifecycle asset managers, and armed with a robust toolbox, will help you jump start your Asset Management Monitor Operate Program (AMP). Our professionals will work Our Asset Management approach maximizes asset value closely with a cross-section of through all the lifecycle phases. key members of your system-wide asset inventories and assessing of organization to efficiently assess the current the condition of their assets to help understand state of your AM set of practices. We help you the magnitude of the near-term capital establish a vision and strategy for your rehabilitation and replacement needs. Other improved AMP and compare your current state
  4. 4. Black & Veatch’s Asset Management solution is a holistic program that covers Strategy, People, Process and Technology. and desired state, using our comprehensive Early wins designed in every Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) asset management program. Framework, to quickly understand which Early wins are established in the development improvement areas will provide the most of your Asset Management Program in a very returned value. practical manner. These “wins” are based on our philosophy, derived from years of experience in No matter where you choose to start in the the industry, that our clients will realize over development of an Asset Management Program, 90% of their savings from their AM Program the Asset Management Strategy 5 Change Solutions Team from Build AM Plan Management 4 Enterprise Management 3 Solutions (EMS) puts you in Determine Develop Asset Funding Strategy 2 Registry control. Early in each of our 1 engagements, we develop an Optimize Capital 0 Assess Condition Investment Failure Modes in-depth understanding of your business goals and Determine Optimize O&M provide the tools and expertise Investment Residual Life to develop your agency’s Determine Business Determine Lifecycle & Risk (”Criticality“) Replacement Costs strategy and a tailored Set Target Level of Service (LOS) implementation plan that Our comprehensive Asset Management Readiness Assessment maximizes the value you will help you jump start your Asset Management Program. receive from the investment in your asset management program. One of our through one of the following three areas: team’s key focuses is to identify and implement 1. Improvement of operations and early wins. maintenance processes.
  5. 5. 2. Establishing asset lifecycle Risk-Based Maintenance Strategies optimization processes. Optimize Capital and O&M Dollars 3. Knowledge Management. and Increase Reliability. Black & Veatch’s process for condition Business Process Improvements assessment integrates risk analyses to optimize to Achieve Maximum Value. the condition assessment program. Through this Black & Veatch’s electric industry asset process, your utility gains a clear understanding management practitioners are experienced in of the following critical questions through a Failure Modes and Effects Analysis (FMEA) Very that will drive the development of an optimal Good condition assessment program: Good Condition Monitoring N What is causing the high frequency failures? Physical Condition Grade Approach for RUL Prediction N Which failures pose the biggest risk? Moderate N How do I assess, predict and eliminate these high-risk failures before they happen? Discrete Poor Condition Assessment RUL Prediction RUL Very Poor 20 40 60 80 100 Asset Age (Yrs) Potential Difference Between Discrete Assessment & Monitoring Effective asset management involves the continual collection and recording of asset condition over time. reviewing business processes and facilitating improvements resulting in more effective inter-departmental communication consistent application of critical asset Our integrated approach quantifies and incorporates risk into Capital and O&M project optimization. management work processes, and quality information-based decision making. N What is the optimal replacement timing of my assets considering budget constraints and Condition Assessment is a Continual Process. minimizing risk to my utility? Effective asset management involves the continual collection and recording of asset Black & Veatch’s Approach to condition over time as part of normal business Risk-Based Infrastructure Planning. processes and incorporating this information Black & Veatch’s Asset Management solutions with the risk and impact of failure to dynamically team gives our clients high-value assessment plan for replacement on a just-in-time basis. through risk-based planning that integrates risk
  6. 6. BUILDING A WORLD OF DIFFERENCE® analyses to evaluate optimal assessment, repair, Unparalleled Depth and Breadth of refurbishment or replacement/decommissioning Infrastructure Management Expertise. timing. Going beyond the asset inventory and condition assessment requires a multi-disciplinary team of Enabling Technology to Support professionals to identify the value-added Energy Utilities Best Practices. activities for your specific agency—to ensure In world-class asset management organizations, effective implementation with the greatest value technology plays a key role in supporting the gained. Black & Veatch has grown with the asset information needs of the organization, industry, remaining on the leading edge of capturing and maintaining continual condition strategic and tactical-level Asset Management assessment information and each asset’s life program development in North America, cycle costs. The Black & Veatch approach to Europe, Asia and Australia. Asset Management involves a broad spectrum of systems, technologies and processes The selection and implementation process for your within your optimum technology solution ensures the best Asset Mobile Conditioning Dispatching utility. functional match and mitigates the risks inherent in Monitoring and Response large-scale implementation projects. Performance Work Asset Risk EAM/ Management technology is based on our belief that Management Management System CMMS technology should be an enabler of business SCADA GIS performance improvement or success. Delivering Asset Asset Outage Performance Meter Data Materials Leveraging the depth and breadth of our best Lifestyle Management System Management Systems and Inventory Optimization Management practices and utility-specific technology System Customer Planning Information Model experience ensures that solutions are tailored Finance/HR System System specifically to your utility and integrated with Capacity Customer Care Analysis and Billing your business processes and people to maximize CIP and the value from your technology investment. Operational Budgeting © Black & Veatch Holding Company 2009. All Rights Reserved. The Black & For more information on Asset Management, call Veatch name and logo are registered trademarks of Black & Veatch Holding Company. Other services marks and trademarks included herein are the (913) 458-3440, email or visit us trademarks or registered trademarks of their respective companies. 6/15/09 on the Web at