Asset Management Solutions


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Asset Management Solutions

  1. 1. IBM Global Business Services Asset Management Solutions Helping you succeed
  2. 2. Asset classes Physical assets dominate the balance sheet of many companies, are a major corporate cost and are vital to operational performance. Asset Management is the holistic management of all asset classes that allows organisations to optimise performance. Getting Asset Management right can increase shareholder value, reduce costs, increase return on capital employed, support the core business, manage risk and deliver business flexibility. We have an execellent reputation for asset management consultancy and an extensive coverage of asset classes, with capabilities to manage change programmes spanning across the whole lifecycle. Real estate and facilities Land, offices, industrial facilities, warehouses, retail space, schools, housing, hospitals. Plant and production Power stations, pharmaceuticals, textiles, chemicals, petroleum, electronics, consumer goods. Infrastructure and utilities Railways, electricity/gas distribution, highways, telecoms, water, wastewater. Mobile assets and transportation Military, airlines, fleet management, shipping, rolling stock, public transport, intelligent transportation. Information technology Computers, routers, networks, software, auto discovery, service desk.
  3. 3. Our expertise We have two decades’ experience in delivering solutions that are tailored to meet our clients’ needs, across all asset classes. We can help you to improve your performance through: BETTEr rEal EsTaTE manaGEmEnT and faciliTiEs manaGEmEnT • POrTfOlIO STrATeGy And PlAnnInG • PrOcureMenT STrATeGy And IMPleMenTATIOn • PrOceSS And OrGAnISATIOnAl deSIGn • SuSTAInABle reAl eSTATe And fAcIlITIeS MAnAGeMenT BETTEr assET manaGEmEnT • STrATeGy And dIAGnOSTIcS • STrATeGIc PrOcureMenT And OuTSOurcInG • SuSTAInABle ASSeT MAnAGeMenT • WOrkfOrce MAnAGeMenT BETTEr assET manaGEmEnT sysTEms • ASSeT MAnAGeMenT cOnSulTInG • ASSeT MAnAGeMenT SySTeMS IMPleMenTATIOn • IBM MAxIMO ASSeT And ServIce MAnAGeMenT BETTEr PrOGrammE and cHanGE manaGEmEnT • cAPITAl PrOGrAMMe MAnAGeMenT • BuSIneSS cASe develOPMenT • PrOcureMenT STrATeGy And MAnAGeMenT • cHAnGe MAnAGeMenT IBM is taking our clients to the next generation of Asset Management through strategy, process and technology programmes. These address emerging trends such as sustainable (green) asset management; collaborative asset supply chain management; intelligent assets and condition-based analytics; mobile workforce management; capital programme portfolio management; business process outsourcing; and Asset Management systems consolidation along with through–life application management.
  4. 4. Better real estate management and facilities management • POrTfOliO sTraTEGy and PlanninG • PrOcurEmEnT sTraTEGy and imPlEmEnTaTiOn • PrOcEss and OrGanisaTiOnal dEsiGn • WOrkPlacE TransfOrmaTiOn • susTainaBlE rEal EsTaTE and faciliTiEs manaGEmEnT Many organisations fail to make the best use of offices, factories and warehouses.yet property assets are probably one of the largest items on your balance sheet. In our experience, introducing best practice shows that you can improve the way you use your property and reduce your costs by as much as 15-20%.
  5. 5. Portfolio strategy and planning Southwest One Property and facilities management transformation Southwest One is a joint venture company comprising IBM, Somerset County Council, Taunton Deane Borough Council and the Avon and Somerset Constabulary. As part of a broad transformation agenda, we are working with the client bodies to transform property and facilities management from three separate organisations with a total of over 200 staff into a single, customer-facing organisation. In addition, we are rationalising over 100 property related systems into a PROPERTy CARBON AUDIT streamlined and integrated property management solution. We have developed a competitive diagnostic of an Our team is looking to repeat the success it has organisation’s real estate carbon contribution. Maturity had delivering significant property savings in the past. profiling through staff interviews are combined with data Previous examples include reducing facilities management analysis and benchmarking to identify carbon reduction opportunities. Our property management carbon fact spend for a global manufacturer and rationalising the IBM sheet provides further details and can be found at UK property portfolio. In both cases, savings in excess of 10% were achieved. SUSTAINABLE FACILITIES MANAGEMENT Process and PROCUREMENT STRATEGy organisational design A major UK Government Department needed to re-procure its facilities management for 250 buildings and to reduce costs whilst improving environmental sustainability. In doing The Home Office so, it sought to create mechanisms that incentivised the estates organisation change programme supply chain to reinvest savings into sustainability initiatives. IBM Asset Management: The Home Office managed its real estate operations of over • Compared the environmental performance of the buildings in 2,000 buildings within a mixture of small, local departments their estate. and larger, business-focused operations. There was a desire • Engaged with the facilities management-supply market to to amalgamate these functions into a shared-service ‘Centre of understand their ability to drive sustainability through a long- Excellence’ for estates and a need to drive down costs in line term contract. • Developed a strategy for re-procuring facilities management with Government targets. Our team: incorporating sustainability performance measures. • Assessed the maturity of the client’s property organisation in • Rationalised the estates functions through the design and managing sustainability. implementation of an Estates Shared Service Centre model. Benefits included estimated financial savings of 10% of • Supported the re-procurement of facilities management, core facilities management costs with additional savings estates and projects contracts. identified for utilities and project costs. Included were realistic investment levels by the supply chain and a mechanism for The benefits were substantial. Annual savings of around driving sustainability through the property portfolio, over the period of the contract. £40 million and the formation of an Estate shared services organisation that aligned with industry best practice processes and procedures.
  6. 6. Better asset management • PlanT and PrOducTiOn • sTraTEGy and diaGnOsTics • BusinEss TransfOrmaTiOn and PErfOrmancE imPrOvEmEnT • sTraTEGic PrOcurEmEnT and OuTsOurcinG • susTainaBlE assET manaGEmEnT • WOrkfOrcE manaGEmEnT MOBIle ASSeTS And InfrASTrucTure In addition to the traditional issues such as maintenance cost and availability, fleet managers must place increasing focus on rising fuel prices and capital management as a way to manage the total lifecycle cost of critical mobile assets. Achieving the desired levels of performance depends on successful integration of cross-functional interests, tasks and capabilities within an organisation. It is not just about the optimisation of the maintenance function – lowest maintenance cost does not mean lowest total cost. recognising the trade-offs between capital and operating expenditure can reduce an organisation’s working capital and significantly impact its bottom line. IBM can help you increase asset utilisation, output, economic life, and the reliability of systems and components, while reducing capital investment, maintenance costs, and the total number of systems and components.
  7. 7. Strategy and diagnostics British Energy nuclear Generation – Asset Supply chain Strategy British Energy is an asset intensive, geographically dispersed Our work resulted in multi-million pound cost savings and organisation in a safety critical industry. We worked with them working capital reduction both in excess of business case to reduce costs, improve performance and transform the Asset targets. In addition, Supply Chain safety performance Supply Chain, including: improved by 300%, the supplier base was rationalised from 12,000 to 1,600 and output-based incentivation contracts • A rapid diagnostic to frame the issues. were developed. • Development of a thorough Supply Chain strategy. • Production of an implementation road-map. “A critical factor [in selecting IBM] was its unique • Introducing risk/reward partnering contracts. Physical Asset Management expertise leveraged with skills in procurement, supply chain and inventory management.” THE WHITE PAPER John sexton, Head of supply chain for British Energy. ‘An evaluation of the capability and capacity of the UK and global supply chains to support a nuclear build programme in the UK’, can be accessed online at igs/pdf/05-igs-001615.pdf Business transformation and performance improvement Ministry of Defence ChevronTexaco Asset performance improvement upstream petroleum – and cost reduction maintenance improvement programme The Ministry of Defence needed to reduce the cost of ChevronTexaco needed to reduce outsourced maintenance delivering Defence Logistics outputs by 20% over a five-year spend by 25%, without impacting the reliability or availability period. We worked with the Ministry of Defence to deliver of its two principal North Sea producing platforms. We used an asset performance management improvement our business and asset maintenance experience to help programme comprising: ChevronTexaco: • Spares inventory optimisation. • Revise their maintenance strategy and tactics. • Repair programme management. • Rationalise sub-contracted service provision and improve • Contract rationalisation and management. contract management. • Modification strategy review. • Implement robust budget control. • Introduction of performance targets • Enforce comprehensive use of SAP. and management. • Revise drill rig maintenance. Our approach resulted in a £600 million reduction in asset and This comprehensive approach has put ChevronTexaco on inventory levels with a further programmed cost reduction track to meet its financial targets and improved the reliability of £100 million per year. and availability of valuable plant equipment.
  8. 8. Better asset management systems • assET manaGEmEnT sysTEms cOnsulTinG • assET manaGEmEnT sysTEms imPlEmEnTaTiOn • iBm maximO assET and sErvicE manaGEmEnT IBM can identify which Asset Management system best meets the needs of your asset class. We can make your existing systems work better for you and help you review your options. Our extensive knowledge of Maximo, SAP, Oracle, Tririga, GIS, cAd and many others can help you select and implement the right system.
  9. 9. Asset management systems consulting Home Office Estates Review Systems Strategy The Home Office has an estate of over 2,000 sites across The Estate’s Management Information System was targeted to the UK operated by over 40 independent property units and centralise and improve the quality of information to enhance served by over 200 contracts. We helped: planning, investment and decision-making. • Rationalise and consolidate into two property ‘Centres PROPERTy PERFORMANCE MANAGEMENT of Excellence’ (one for offices, one for prisons). SOLUTION (PPMS) • Produce an IT strategy to allow the new centres to extract IBM has 800 buildings across Europe, all supported by 3rd party key performance data from their major suppliers. service providers. We have built a new type of solution to manage • Produce a requirement specification and the business the performance of our portfolio and our providers. We are now incorporating this capability into Maximo. case for the solution. Better asset management systems IBM Maximo for asset International Power and service management We implemented a single maintenance management system IBM Maximo asset and service management solutions are for over 40 plants across the world to support the business helping organisations to manage better the complete lifecycle model for future growth and to improve effectiveness and cost of all assets strategic to their business – whether production, control. Our solution provides: facilities, transportation or IT assets. • Real time access to up-to-date asset information. Benefits include: • Greater visibility of information, assets and working structures. • Improved asset utilisation and asset life. • Excellent reporting enabling Sarbanes-Oxley compliance • Enhanced asset reliability and availability. requirements. • A reduction in asset maintenance costs. • Improved workforce productivity. Tube Lines • Better managed and optimised spare parts inventory. With over 200 miles of track, 255 trains, 100 stations, 2,395 • Increased return on assets. bridges and structures, 71 lifts and 227 escalators, Tube • Better data relating to assets’ energy consumption and Lines is constantly striving to implement more efficient and carbon footprint. effective ways of maintaining the entire infrastructure for three of London’s tube lines. Our solution provides: From traditional, asset intensive companies through to service providers, organisations have a myriad of assets to manage • Consistent and proactive approach to maintenance and maintain. management across 15 asset classes. • Better understanding of trends in asset performance. Whatever the industry, there is an IBM Maximo asset and service • Integrating asset maintenance activity and equipment management solution that is available to meet an organisation’s history with financial planning systems. specific requirements. “creating a single source of all asset information has provided unprecedented visibility of asset performance across the three lines management Tube lines.” martyn capes, asset systems Technical manager, Tube lines.
  10. 10. Better programme and change management • caPiTal PrOGrammE accElEraTOr • sTraTEGic PrOGrammE manaGEmEnT • BusinEss casE dEvElOPmEnT • PrOcurEmEnT sTraTEGy and manaGEmEnT • PrOGrammE sTarT-uP Organisations are increasingly looking at their capital programmes to support and drive the change agenda. We can help, across all asset classes, in two ways: defining and implementing strategic programmes and, through our “accelerator” increasing dramatically the capability and performance of client , teams. We have earned an excellent reputation for helping clients to deliver on their change journeys. We have worked with our clients to improve programme management of all asset classes, helping them to develop their business cases, carry out options appraisals and set up and manage their capital programmes.
  11. 11. Better programme and change management Ministry of Defence Main Building redevelopment The Ministry of Defence successfully used a 25-year PFI Ministry of Defence Main Building was delivered on budget, programme to transform its Whitehall Headquarters to a bright, ahead of schedule and the change programme has proved modern, flexible and inspiring working environment for its 3,300 a benchmark for others in supporting the transformation of head office staff. the workplace. Our team supported the Ministry of Defence through The programme: development of the business case, procurement, and • Reduced London Footprint from 8 to 3 buildings. negotiation. We also continued to provide change • Increased occupancy by 25%. management support to shape, deliver and advise on the • Transformed the way the Head Office operated. change programme. Procurement process management Workplace Transformation Ministry of defence – PfI Programme management dvlA – Planning and Implementing Workplace Transformation The Ministry of Defence established Project Allenby Connaught as an £8 billion PFI to build, refurbish, manage The Driver and Vehicle and Licensing Agency wished to and operate living and working accommodation for 18,000 optimise the use of property assets within their campus site, military and civilian staff at Aldershot and five garrisons on whilst promoting a more flexible and dynamic set or working Salisbury Plain. As lead advisor we: practices amongst their staff. • Developed the procurement strategy. Our team: • Assisted with business case and programme management. • Developed a business case demonstrating net present • Worked to determine the “sweet spot” to mitigate risk and value savings of greater than £9 million over 10 years. satisfy the Ministry of Defence, commercial bidders and the • Piloted a programme for 100 staff and rolled out the funding institutions. arrangements amongst the remaining 6,000 staff. • Successfully managed the change, communications, technology and security programme to minimise the “IBM consultants played a pivotal role in developing potential adverse effects of change on the people the commercial framework for the project, developing and the organisation. and implementing procurement strategies, handling negotiations with commercial consortia and finalising The utilisation of the property assets increased by contracts with the preferred bidder.” approximately 30% and enhanced working practices and mike cooper, ministry of defence, Project manager. productivity amongst the 6,000 staff. This project won the CoreNet UK innovation award in 2006.
  12. 12. Our team, our clients. IBM United Kingdom Limited 76 Upper Ground South Bank London With over 70 consultants in the UK and over 700 consultants worldwide, we SE1 9PZ are ready to address the full lifecycle of your assets in alignment with your corporate strategy. The IBM home page can be found on the Internet at: Our consultants have experience across the full spectrum of industries and IBM, the IBM logo,, Component Business Model, sectors: communications, distribution, financial services, industrial, public WebSphere and ThinkPlace are trademarks of International sector and utilities. Our clients include: Business Machines Corporation in the United States, other countries, or both. • ABN AMRO Other company, product and service names may be • Barclays trademarks or service marks of others. • British Energy References in this publication to IBM products or services • BP do not imply that IBM intends to make them available in all • Carlsberg countries in which IBM operates. Copying or downloading the images contained in this document is expressly • ChevronTexaco prohibited without the written consent of IBM. All products • Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs and / or services are subject to availability. • Department for Work and Pensions This publication is for general guidance only. • Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency • Environment Agency © Copyright IBM Corporation 2008. • International Power All rights reserved. • Lloyds TSB LA9239 08/08 • Local Government • Home Office • Ministry of Defence • Ministry of Justice • Nestle • Shell • Tube Lines “The IBM team was essential to the success of our transformation. They provided a wealth of property management experience… they were able to benchmark against other organisations to help us size correctly and many times they helped us avoid unseen pitfalls by advising on the best way forward.” Tony Edwards, Head of General Property, Home Office. Mark Richardson, Partner Steven Hornsby, Partner IBM Global Business Services IBM Global Business Services +44 (0) 207 021 9019 +44 (0) 117 929 5988 General queries: