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  1. 1. software • services • smarts ASSET MANAGEMENT alden ® SYSTEMS, INC.
  2. 2. WHO WE ARE Alden Systems provides custom comprehensive network solutions for telecommunications, cable and power companies. Our software and services enhance revenue generation and reduce cost by increasing operational efficiency. Since 1995, we have proven our ability to deliver bottom line results by partnering with and solving complex business issues for our customers. Our extensive experience allows us to understand today’s industry challenges. Alden is recognized as a leading solution provider throughout the U.S. and will work with your business to determine your individual needs for successful network asset management. OUR STRENGTH Alden’s greatest strength lies in our ability to create and implement solutions using a combination of specialized software and services. We utilize technology that provides flexibility to adapt when business needs change. Alden will lower your operating costs, provide greater visibility to your assets and assist in compliance with FCC and SEC government regulations and laws. Our motto, “Software, Services, Smarts,” means we not only provide software and services for our clients, we also bring business intelligence, creative thinking and strategic planning to meet the needs of software • services • smarts telecommunications, cable and power companies nationwide. “ “ 2 About Alden Our innovative solutions have OUR CUSTOMERS 3 Asset Management reduced cost for our clients, • AT&T Inc. • Qwest Communications, Inc. improved productivity, 4 Field Inventories • Cincinnati Bell, Inc. • Sprint PCS and increased revenue. 5 LCAM® • Citizens Communications • Verizon Communications 7 Data Collector™ • CT Communications • Western Wireless 8 Recon Engine ™ • Paetec Communications 9 Floor Plan & Rack Drawings Drive Higher 11 OSPCM™ Returns on Your 13 Additional Software & Services Network Assets! Copyright © 2008 Alden Systems, Inc., Reg. U.S. Pat & TM Office. 2
  3. 3. ASSET MANAGEMENT FIELD INVENTORIES Drive Higher Returns on Your Network Assets Central Office, Remote Terminal, Outside Plant, Fiber Terminiation INVENTORIES Alden’s software and services will increase your return on network Whether you need to inventory your Central Office or Outside • Plug-in Inventories assets. Our field inventories capture the asset data you need to reduce Plant facilities, Alden offers complete service packages your costs of providing service, including asset location and status, including inventory data collection, program management, • Hardwired Equipment even floor and rack drawings. methods and procedures development and purchase and installation job auditing. We will collect the data and provide • Barcode Labeling Data Collector™ captures data in the field, making inventories accurate the records you need to manage your operations and asset and affordable. Recon Engine™ makes quick work of reconciling the accounting efforts. • Serialization inventory data to your asset and investment records. LCAM® is the system of record for your asset and investment data that increases We can inventory select locations to target trouble-prone • POPs Inventories your ability to manage your assets. areas, perform an entire foot-print wide clean-up or implement a multi-year “maintenance” cycle of inventory. • Cell Site Inventories Field Inventories • Remote Terminals Audit your network assets and update your records with actionable data. Knowledge Our field staff knows the equipment. Our IT staff knows the • Plug-in Recovery • Reduce property taxes • Reduce capital spending data. We take your legacy data, correct it in the field and • Identify equipment for re-use • Regulatory compliance load it back into your system. • Inventory Reconciliation Serialized & Non-Serialized Assets • Fiber Termination Inventories Life Cycle Asset Manager® We inventory both serialized assets (i.e., those with a LCAM® provides a centralized database for network assets. unique identifier) and non-serialized assets. We can even • Reduce capital spending • Reduce IT expenses migrate your asset base from a non-serialized environment • Realize vendor discounts • Replaces PICS DCPR, Inventory Manager and BVAPP to a serialized one. BENEFITS • Share asset data • Reduce property taxes by 1D/2D Barcodes correcting records If your equipment is labeled with barcodes, we can scan it. Data Collector™ Single or multi-dimensional, regardless of symbology, we • Defer purchases through reuse Data Collector™ allows you to verify your hardwired and plug-in assets. can capture the data. If your equipment is not labeled, we of spare equipment can place barcodes during our inventory process. • Perform efficient equipment audits • Eliminate “re-visits” • Verification of purchase and • Minimize back office work • Drastically reduce reconciliation complexity Equipment Catalog installation accuracy We will utilize your equipment catalog during an inventory to perform validation in the field and be sure • Recon Engine ™ Satisfy finance, auditing, and we are returning consistent, high-quality data. If you SOX requirements Recon Engine™ is an automated rules-based engine. need an equipment catalog, we will build one as part of the inventory that can then be used among operations, • Fast, accurate, repeatable reconciliations • Update legacy data Whether you need to verify your procurement and finance to be sure all are speaking the • Automate manual processes • Flexible business rules same language with regard to assets. records or build a ground up inventory, you will save money Reconciliation and be able to manage your Floor Plan & Rack Drawings Once the inventory data is collected, some companies plant better. Accurate floor plan and rack drawings are essential for a well-managed organization. choose to reconcile the data with their legacy investment • Reduce installation costs records to account for known issues in how the asset Alden’s inventory specialists get • Speed-up new deployments investment was previously recorded. We can provide the the job done for you. inventory data for you to reconcile or we can take your • Eliminate excess cable purchases business rules and have our professionals reconcile the data for you for a complete turn-key solution. OSPCM™ OSPCM™ aids telecom and power utilities to authorize, schedule, inspect, track and pay for work. Delivering Results You can receive the inventory data in any format. We will • Reduce outside plant construction costs provide you the results in the format you need to be sure • Automate reporting the “system of records” is updated, so you can see the • Lower your inventory stock benefits of using Alden to perform your inventories. 4
  4. 4. LIFE CYCLE ASSET MANAGER® LCAM® is a web-based asset management system that will benefit your business if you have a legacy system to ® replace (PICS/DCPR/BVAPP, Inventory Manager) or no asset management system in place. LCAM® tracks and processes all the events of an asset’s lifetime and interfaces to your enterprise • Microsoft .net FEATURES systems. This ensures that as assets enter the network, are moved, reused, and eventually retired, the transactions are created and processed through accounting. • Flexible business logic The generic asset engine can accommodate assets such as • Web service makes central office and remote terminal equipment, outside plant information available to equipment, computers, capitalized software and more. other enterprise systems • Repository of location LCAM® is designed to easily integrate with your business’s and catalog information enterprise applications through data-rich messages. Enterprise integration allows data utilized by LCAM® to be obtained from The search asset screen allows users to find assets using virtually any attribute. • Complete asset history the enterprise systems that “own” the data, eliminating data synchronization issues. Similarly, LCAM’s® historical asset and invoice data is made available across your company resulting in • Flow-through events from better intelligence with which to manage your assets. warehouse management systems to accounting Deployment and support costs are reduced by the use of • Field Tracking module that industry standard browsers such as Internet Explorer, on the monitors equipment into and client’s workstation. LCAM® utilizes a 100% HTML approach, out of CO and other locations rather than a Java-based or other “fat” client, which minimizes or eliminates client configuration issues. • Comprehensive audit log of user activity and events in the system BENEFITS • Integrates with TIRKS and other • Seamlessly replaces legacy Telcordia products PICS/DCPR/BVAPP, Inventory Manager, SIMM and FIMM provisioning systems • Powerful search capabilities reduce reporting requirements and open data to broader audience • Better budget controls on purchases through Job/Budget system interface LCAM® returns asset search results based on entered Alden can implement LCAM®, interface • Easy maintenance of asset records information, allowing edits, retirements and more. the software to your enterprise systems, • Better vendor management through analysis of invoice disputes and equipment repairs and convert your legacy data so you can be up and running quickly, • Increased ability to realize vendor discounts for timely payments realizing the benefits of Life Cycle Asset • Lower IT support costs Management. • Provide real-time data to your decision support system • Eliminate excess equipment from sourcing supply chain LCAM® provides one process and platform for managing the life cycle of your capital network assets. Users can view the complete invoice for any asset that exists in the system. 6
  5. 5. DATA COLLECTOR™ ™ RECON ENGINE™ Alden’s Data Collector™ is inventory software that runs on a Alden’s Recon Engine™ utilizes rules-based processing to Tablet PC or laptop. Combining a touch screen and character automate inventory record reconciliation. The rules engine recognition technology, Data Collector™ makes mobile data enables consistent results no matter who performs the entry a snap. reconciliation or when it is performed. Using this software, an • Consistent application FEATURES entire location can be reconciled in a fraction of the time of a FEATURES • Utilize legacy data Inventory personnel can move records from legacy data or manual process. of business rules an on-board equipment catalog, capturing part number and • On-board equipment serialized label information. Data can be entered via keyboard, Recon Engine™ makes simple work of the complex task of • Rules are stored with catalog touchscreen or USB scanner. reconciling inventory records to your legacy data. Recon data for auditing • Integrated quality Engine™ delivers consistent quality results on a platform that • Complete data control log can easily change with business needs. transaction history is stored • What You See Is What You Get user interface • Generate approval and BENEFITS summary reports prior to • Captures data from 1D updating records or 2D barcodes • Rules ensure consistent results for every user, every time, while the audit reports provide a complete view of all adds, • Perform unlimited trial runs • Organize asset in a hierarchy changes and retirements for an entire location (bay, shelf, slot) • Modify rules without • Automated upload ensures transactions result in accurate programming changes • In-field quality check for missing equipment data for updating records • Supports serialize and non- • Rules-based processing eliminates subjectivity in file serialized asset data handling, decreasing the time it takes to complete the inventory process • Extensive search capability Alden’s Recon Engine™ is the result of years of refining the inventory reconciliation process. This software was designed and tested by recon technicians, along with accounting and Data Collector™ provides the most BENEFITS efficient way to conduct accurate finance managers, who understand the complex issues involved • Combines benefits of ground-up approach with with asset reconciliation. field inventories. utilization of legacy data Recon Engine™ allows your business to keep associated • Perform efficient audits costs low, while gaining control of record management. • Minimize back office work • Eliminate “re-visits” • Drastically reduce reconciliation complexity Data Collector™ displays a physical “view” of the bay and associated equipment, integrates quality controls, and provides data validation in the field making inventories easier and more accurate. 8
  6. 6. FLOOR PLAN & RACK DRAWINGS Alden’s floor plan and front-end rack drawings give you a • Floor plans show the FEATURES complete view of your facilities along with a detailed layout of where your assets are located. building floor plan, rack layout and power and signal cable trays Alden’s staff has extensive experience completing inventories in central offices, remote terminals and outside plant locations. We • Front-end drawings are capable of providing accurate detailed drawings efficiently detail the equipment and cost effectively because we understand the equipment configuration within layout inside these locations. the rack Reduce installation costs • Drawings are presented as Microsoft Visio With accurate floor and rack drawings you can eliminate drawings multiple trips by installation vendors due to inaccurate space information. No need for engineers to visit the office to verify • Create new drawings or equipment layout prior to install. update your existing drawings Improve accuracy of job estimates Sample of floor plan drawing Cost estimates from vendors will be more accurate when the BENEFITS unknowns or errors in floor and rack space are reduced. • Verifythat assets booked to Eliminate excess cable purchases location are present With a scale drawing of cable tray layouts, cabling • Planfor equipment storage requirements for new installations can be more accurately and movement estimated, reducing the amount of excess cable that is purchased. • Engineer equipment installation, including space and cabling Speed-up new deployments requirements Deliver new services to your customers faster by engineering from accurate drawings, eliminating job revisions due to space errors. Alden knows what your business needs for a successful drawing project and will save you time and money with accurate floor and rack drawings. Rack drawing example 10
  7. 7. OSPCM™ Work Functions by Group OSPCM Workflow Diagram OSPCM™ is an all-inclusive, outside plant construction management system. This powerful system has a proven Engineer track record for improving quality and effectiveness across multiple disciplines in large, outside plant • Job status CAD DRAWING telecommunications operations. • Management reports TECHNICIAN SCHEDULING ™ • Automatic pricing MODULE OSPCM streamlines entire outside plant operations by Approval replacing material management, contractor invoicing, • Material status Route Electronic Workbasket technician time reporting and OSP scheduling and JOB/PROJECT construction management systems like JMOS. Center INFORMATION MATERIAL MATERIAL ORDERING OSPCM™ MODULE INVENTORY/DISBURSEMENT The savings potential of this system are evident beginning • Automatic pricing with direct job entry from the engineer’s CAD system all the • Automatic scheduling way to the automatic inspection of completed work. EXTERNAL INPUTS CONTRACTOR • Material ordering management MODULE Contractor CONTRACTOR • Job status Materials Eliminates 90%+ clerical work DISPATCH/REPORTING EXTERNAL OUTPUTS Labor • Assignment of telco & contract work • Time and material reporting • Job Posting • Billing • Accounts Payable Supervisor TABLES • Accounting • Job status updates • Management Reports • Close out job steps • Time Reporting • Scheduling Eliminates 90%+ errors • Track technician productivity • Downstream accounting and materials systems updated automatically based upon reported work steps • Management reports • Field reporting code errors eliminated via up-front system edits Technician Work Order/Project OSP Contracts • Just-in-time inventory FEATURES • Close out job steps • Order equipment & cable • Track usage Reduces costs features help maximize • Time reporting • Create work orders • Bid future contracts with dollars spent on new • Materials inventory reduced historical data materials • Material disbursement • Schedule work orders • Lower contractor prices through better information when • Store all OSP contracts • Reports generated from • Track work orders renewing contracts Contractor OSPCM™ allow for more • Provide quality inspection • Lower costs through improved cash flow for contractors • Complete work orders efficient record keeping • Job status process and payouts • Automated receipt of work • Track expenses • Allow automated Improves technician productivity • Automated work completions • Update records inspection fees • Accounts payable (equipment, Cable, etc) can pay contractors • Comparison against the mean through management reports • • Automate buried service Electronic invoicing immediately wire dispatch • Improved scheduling of workforce • Workload visibility Telco • Allow contractor comparisons • Accounting is able to • Eliminates time sheets • Electronic change orders • Create work crews automatically adjust tax record • Eliminates center reporting of time, material and completion • Schedule work crews Materials Contract Inspector • Windows/client server • Provides improved technician productivity tools • Monitor crew productivity • Scan inventory locations • Job status • Transfer replacement cable • Track costs • Generates over 100 management reports • Change in billing • Order cable “just-in-time” • Eliminates invoicing conflicts • Quality inspections Safety & Environmental Issues • Track partial cable reel footage • Management reports • OSHA compliance • Automates the quality process • Automate usage reporting to • Electronic inspection fees accounting OSP contracts • EPA compliance • Electronic change orders 12
  8. 8. ADDITIONAL SOFTWARE & SERVICES WHO WE ARE services • smarts Alden Systems provides custom comprehensive network solutions for telecommunications, cable and power companies. Our software and services enhance revenue generation and reduce cost by Alden also offers joint use management software and services, increasing operational efficiency. staffing services and field asset tracking solutions. Since 1995, we have proven our ability to deliver bottom line results by partnering with and solving JOINT USE complex business issues for our customers. Our specialized data reconciliation software tools and services increase your return on network assets. Our extensive experience allows us to understand today’s industry challenges. Alden is recognized as a • Pole & Joint Use Inventories leading solution provider throughout the U.S. and will • Joint Use Software work with your business to determine your individual – JRM™ needs for successful network asset management. • Managed Services Software • Enterprise Asset Tracking Software OUR STRENGTH – JRMcollect™ Alden’s greatest strength lies in our ability to create • Permitting & Notification Software and implement solutions using a combination – JRM Notify™ of specialized software and services. We utilize • Pole Inspections technology that provides flexibility to adapt when • business needs change. STAFFING software Alden will lower your operating costs, provide greater We have the staff to successfully implement your system deployment visibility to your assets and assist in compliance with and user training, along with inventory specialists to assist in your FCC and SEC government regulations and laws. asset management efforts. Our motto, “Software, Services, Smarts,” means • Deployments and Training we not only provide software and services for our • Inventory Specialists and Engineers clients, we also bring business intelligence, creative • Project Management thinking and strategic planning to meet the needs of telecommunications, cable and power companies • Help Desk Support nationwide. “ “ Our innovative solutions have FIELD TRACKING OUR CUSTOMERS reduced cost for our clients, Alden offers comprehensive plug-in tracking solutions. Let us identify your stranded assets to immediately reduce capital spending. • AT&T Inc. • Paetec Communications improved productivity, BellSouth Corporation Qwest Communications, Inc. and increased revenue. alden CONTACT • • • Plug-in recovery services • CenturyTel, Inc. • Sprint PCS SYSTEMS, INC. • Plug-in tracking software Two Perimeter Park South – LCAM-FT™ • Cincinnati Bell, Inc. • Verizon Communications Suite 260 East Birmingham, AL 35243 • Citizens Communications • Western Wireless Visit our website at! • CT Communications 205.978.2400 Copyright © 2007 Alden Systems, Inc., Reg. U.S. Pat & TM Office. 14 14 2
  9. 9. alden CONTACT SYSTEMS, INC. Two Perimeter Park South Suite 260 East Birmingham, AL 35243 205.978.2400