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  1. 1. asset & utilities management Delivering solutions—
  2. 2. [ Asset & Utilities Management ] Aging infrastructure, lack of capital funding, budget deficits, departing key employees, security concerns, skyrocketing energy costs, regulatory compliance issues... These are serious issues facing utility managers and municipal and county officials. Let’s face it... infrastructure management is a service business. When revenues are down and resources are short, delivering reliable services can be a daunting challenge. Clearly, providers of infrastructure services must take advantage of all of the management and information tools available in order to compete and deliver more services with fewer resources. The keys include efficient operations, a responsive organization and effective management. The tools needed by utility managers and officials include: � An Asset Management Program— to extract maximum value from asset investments � Benchmark Data— to determine how your organization stacks up against the competition � Skilled Managers � The right know-how at the right time � An Infrastructure Inventory and Condition Assessment— organized within an accessible Information Management System Hatch Mott MacDonald offers a suite of support services and “on call” personnel to keep your organization at peak operational efficiency. From our experienced utility and public works managers to our GIS/Information Management specialists, to our Knowledge Management system, we offer advice, support and guidance. We can even take over utility operations or fill management positions on a temporary or permanent basis. See the suite of services featured in this folder to learn how we can assist your organization. Hatch Mott MacDonald is a consulting engineering firm providing infrastructure and environmental services, with offices throughout North America. “delivering solutions”
  3. 3. Professional Management Services [ Asset & Utilities Management ] SERVICES click on links below Asset Records Maintenance Services Hosted Asset Management Systems Asset Management & GASB 34 Capacity, Management, Operation & Maintenance (CMOM) Information Management Services Facility Operation & Maintenance Public Works & Municipal Management Services Benchmark Services Grant Writing & Administration Standard Operating Procedures Regulatory Compliance Assistance Vulnerability Assessments & Emergency Response Plans Management Audits for Treatment Plants Utility Financial Analyses Integrated Emergency Planning “delivering solutions”
  4. 4. Professional Management Services [ Asset & Utilities Management ] Asset Records Maintenance Services (System Maps, Models, As-Builts) In the day-to-day effort to keep utility systems operating, the routine updating of system maps and models is frequently given a lower priority. With scarce resources, this task is often neglected to the point that maps and system models can become significantly obsolete and no longer reflect actual field conditions. At that point, your asset management strategies and decisions may be compromised. Hatch Mott MacDonald has developed a system to continually update changes in your system shortly after they occur, and to post those changes in your database or system model. This service includes publishing a complete, high-quality set of fully-indexed system maps on a schedule you set so that your hard copy records are never out of date. This service frees valuable in-house staff to focus on more critical and valuable tasks. Some benefits of this Asset Records Maintenance (ARM) service:  Enhanced integrity of system documentation and performance  Fixed Annual Fee approach frequently reduces costs to the utility and improves cost predictability  Turnkey, continuous maintenance service  Reduced need for staff increases A sampling of ARM services offered by Hatch Mott MacDonald:  Mapping/GIS Maintenance – On-going posting of as-builts to a new or existing GIS; fully indexed map atlas books are printed and delivered to your door when you want them.  Hydraulic Modeling Maintenance – Map changes are posted immediately to your models so that they are always up-to-date and in-sync with your maps. No more waiting months or years for an updated model.  Hosted Asset Management Applications – Now have immediate access to your system database and model in the eld and anywhere you can access the Internet. With HMM’s software offering, your eld crews can access system data on a laptop computer connected by wireless link. Enjoy immediate access to critical information at the point of use.  Meter Route Improvements – This service will review and rework meter routes to ensure that meter readers are deployed as efciently as possible. Hatch Mott MacDonald’s Asset Records Maintenance services can move your organization to a higher level of professionalism while offering operational savings and avoidance of capital expenditures. We invite you to explore the benefits of our fresh approach to supporting today’s utilities by talking with our professionals and other utilities that are already enjoying this high value offering. “delivering solutions”
  5. 5. Professional Management Services [ Asset & Utilities Management ] Hosted Asset Management Systems (anywhere access to critical data) Hatch Mott MacDonald can offer your utility a field-portable method of accessing up-to-date utility asset information and models. With this tool, field crews can view system as-builts and customer information as they respond to emergency situations or routine repair calls. Engineers and managers can access advanced system planning tools. This system is designed for ease of use by the non-IT user community. It is hosted and maintained by HMM’s experienced personnel which minimizes utility IT support and hardware needs. Secure access to your system data is available wherever you are – in the office, home, vehicle, or in another state or country. Here is what this system can do:  Map Viewing – Easy to use map viewing and advanced query capabilities; no special commands or lengthy and expensive training classes.  Document Management – Tie all operations records together in an easy to use format – no more misled records, and they are available to all authorized users, whenever they need them. No need to send someone to nd the les during an emergency, or worse, have staff working without all of the information available.  Outage Management Tools – Identify correct isolation of valves and pressure subsystems. Quickly determine the extent of potential customer shutdowns and “at your ngertips” listings of critical customer information including name, address, phone, account and meter numbers.  Integrity Management Solutions – Pipeline operators need a comprehensive, yet easy-to-use system to manage the integrity of their infrastructure. Simple, practical and inexpensive systems are our specialty. When this interface tool is combined with HMM’s Asset Records Maintenance service, the result is a powerful enhancement of a utility’s operation. Any modifications or system repairs are quickly incorporated into the system data files and are accessible by the client through the interface tool. Dealing with obsolete information will be a thing of the past. This valuable turnkey service is offered to most utilities at a fixed price, which frequently reduces cost while improving cost certainty – important for utility operating budgets. It also avoids the cost of adding staff and frees existing staff to focus on higher value tasks. We invite you to explore the benefits of our fresh approach to supporting today’s utilities by talking with our professionals and other utilities that are already enjoying this high value offering. “delivering solutions”
  6. 6. Professional Management Services [ Asset & Utilities Management ] Asset Management & GASB 34 What is asset management? Asset management is a continuous process that guides the acquisition, use and disposal of infrastructure assets to optimize service delivery and minimize cost. Why invest in asset management? There is concern that public assets are not being maintained efficiently or kept in serviceable condition, such that their design life is achieved. In addition, and just as important, the financial markets are asking for better information to assist them with establishing bond ratings, which could significantly reduce borrowing costs if assets are inventoried, valued, documented and maintained. This is an essential part of funding for public agencies. In 1999 the Governmental Accounting Standards Board (GASB) released Statement 34, Basic Financial Statements – Management’s Discussion and Analysis – for State and Local Governments. This statement brings some of the most significant changes to government accounting within decades and requires public bodies to: � Document the value of their assets � Either depreciate their assets or demonstrate that they are maintaining their value � Fully disclose details in the financial reports issued to the public Proper maintenance of assets is essential regardless of whether it’s a utilities authority or state agency, which fall under the requirements of GASB 34 or a municipality performing the proper standards of care. Examples of infrastructure assets include drainage systems, water and sewer systems, dams, lighting systems, roads and bridges. Hatch Mott MacDonald can provide effective and responsive solutions to your Asset Management issues through an integrated approach, which includes; asset inventory, condition assessment, capital needs analysis, GIS and information technology. “delivering solutions”
  7. 7. Professional Management Services [ Asset & Utilities Management ] Capacity, Management, Operation & Maintenance (CMOM) In order to minimize costly repairs in the form of replacement or rehabilitation of a wastewater collection system, a proactive approach to the management, operation and maintenance is needed. Understanding system performance, system characteristics, changing conditions, and operation and maintenance practices will help guide an effective management program. A properly established program will minimize the need for costly emergency responses and help prevent problems from occurring. The EPA has a framework for collection system management called the capacity, management, operation and maintenance (CMOM) approach, which is aimed at regulating sanitary sewer overflows (SSOs). Stand-alone wastewater collection systems will be required to comply through an NPDES permit. CMOM requires information to be managed effectively in order to properly plan and prioritize system maintenance and repairs and minimize the need for emergency responses. Basic system information includes: � System mapping � Studies relating to system capacity and condition � System inventory including age, condition, materials of construction, capacity and cost � Identified system defects � Routine operation and maintenance activities and an inventory of maintenance equipment � Sanitary sewer overflows (SSOs) which have been identified, reported or documented Hatch Mott MacDonald has extensive experience in the evaluation and operation of waste- water collection systems including infiltration/inflow studies, system rehabilitation, design, construction and operations. The many years of sewer system experience coupled with our experience in asset management provide the essential management resources to assist wastewater collection agencies with effective management of their system. “delivering solutions”
  8. 8. Information Management Services (continued) Hatch Mott MacDonald provides fully integrated solutions to our client’s problems. Our intimate knowledge of environmental information needs coupled with our sound implementation of technology is the foundation for usable, integrated and scalable enterprise solutions. Our personnel evaluate each aspect of a facility’s operations, processes, people and technology to assess its unique needs and works with the staff to develop an integrated solution. We ensure the effectiveness and sustainability of your information systems by: � Implementing and developing nonproprietary solutions � Adhering to open architecture standards for the selection and development of software systems (GIS, CMMS, SCADA, LIMS, etc.) � Adhering to modern methodologies for implementing integrated information systems � Developing, testing and hosting solutions on Hatch Mott MacDonald systems to reduce the burden on your internal IT staff � Providing full documentation, training and support We have information management experts that can help you identify and develop cost-effective solutions for a specific application or for your entire organization. Our services include: � Information Management Strategy and Master Planning � GIS Needs Assessment and Implementation � Comprehensive Database Design, Implementation, Maintenance and Documentation � Design and Automation of Instrumentation and Telemetry Systems � Evaluation, Design and Implementation of Network Infrastructure Systems � Evaluation, Design and Implementation of Commercial Software Systems � Custom Application Design, Development and Deployment � Development of Multi-Media O&M Manuals � Development of Document Management Tools and Online Reference Systems “delivering solutions”
  9. 9. Professional Management Services [ Asset & Utilities Management ] Facility Operation & Maintenance Integral to any continuously successful asset management program is the capability of operating and maintaining the physical asset in a manner that reduces maintenance cost and extends the life of the asset. In addition to a well-developed asset management program that incorporates accurate benchmarking data, capital needs, projected requirements, and skilled management resources, the ability to effectively implement and execute the required asset maintenance tasks is critical. Hatch Mott MacDonald is a national provider of asset management services to both municipal and industrial facilities. Our clients find that outsourcing the day-to-day maintenance of valuable assets increases facility performance and reliability while reducing annual operating cost. We achieve this through the use of professionally managed staff, backed up by technical resources and expertise not normally available to in-house staff. Whether operating and maintaining a valuable, but often ignored, asset such as a sanitary collection system or a state-of-the-art waste water treatment plant, our core staff of highly qualified personnel can operate and maintain your facilities and make your asset manage- ment program successful. For municipalities and industry interested in improving facility management, operating performance, and maintenance while reducing costs and increasing predictability, we offer a full range of asset management services from on-site problem solving to full-service contract operation and maintenance. “delivering solutions”
  10. 10. Professional Management Services [ Asset & Utilities Management ] Public Works & Municipal Management Services The Department of Public Works is responsible for many activities within a municipality. These activities can include: � Maintenance of streets, buildings, grounds and parks � Capital construction of infrastructure � Operation and maintenance of water and sewerage systems � Solid waste collection and transportation There is always a concern that these services are being provided in the most efficient and effective way. Hatch Mott MacDonald is uniquely equipped to aid municipalities in undertaking a management and operations survey to determine that the services are being provided efficiently and effectively. Hatch Mott MacDonald has a staff of former Public Works Professionals, who have many years of experience in managing public works departments and bring this knowledge to bear to help your municipality optimize the operations of your Department. Hatch Mott MacDonald offers specialized technical services that can support existing public works staff and help in meeting the demands of your Department. Hatch Mott MacDonald also offers a wide range of administrative and technical services to municipalities, boards, authorities and commissions. Members of the professional staff of the firm have formerly served as full-time municipal officials and bring a wealth of experience and knowledge that can help municipalities. These services include: � Planning/Zoning Board Review � Regulatory Compliance and permitting � GIS/Information Technology � Staffing studies � Capital and Operations Budgeting and Planning � Recreation Master Planning � Construction Management Services “delivering solutions”
  11. 11. Professional Management Services [ Asset & Utilities Management ] Benchmark Services Whether you represent a municipality, county, state or utilities authority, you are always concerned with the question of, “How are we doing?” In order to answer this question you need to know how your organization compares to others providing similar services. Knowing how your organization measures up will enable you to successfully and efficiently deliver your product and services. The process, which helps to identify and understand effective practices and adapt them to your operation, is referred to as Benchmarking. Benchmarking evaluates and seeks to improve business practices. Some of the practices which can materially impact the utility business include: � Accounting and Information Management � Human Relations and Staffing � Knowledge Management � Facility Operations and Management � Customer Service Organizations need performance benchmarks if they are serious about the efficient delivery of quality services. Understanding the best practices and high performance of other operations and adapting those to your organization is an example of a proactive, rather than reactive, management process. Benefits of Benchmarking Utility Operations: � Identify best practices within the industry � Improve business processes � Improve personnel management practices � Identify and monitor key performance indictors (KPIs) � Develop better outsourcing strategies � Identify cost-cutting initiatives � Improve productivity through better implementation of Information Technology � Improve customer relations Hatch Mott MacDonald, with its diverse expertise in the design and operation of various public facilities and the expertise of its professional staff in all aspects of public services, is uniquely equipped to provide benchmarking services to you and your organization. “delivering solutions”
  12. 12. Professional Management Services [ Asset & Utilities Management ] Grant Writing & Administration All levels of government have to meet the challenge of responding to the demands of their constituents for providing more services while reducing costs. There is the need to provide adequate resources to not only provide these additional services and facilities, but also to make sure that existing facilities are being properly maintained. There is also the added burden of making sure that facilities and services meet constantly changing regulatory requirements. One answer to these competing demands is the need for utility managers to explore the availability of grants to either fund projects in whole or in part. Most agencies either do not have the time, staff or expertise to adequately research, submit and administer the grant programs that are available. Hatch Mott MacDonald’s professional staff is well versed in all county, state and federal programs, and can provide the needed resources. Once the grant is obtained, our staff is available to provide the support necessary to satisfy the management and reporting requirements of the grant. Hatch Mott MacDonald has been successful in securing grants and/or low interest loans for the following types of projects: � Downtown/Streetscape Improvements � Road Improvements � Brownfields Redevelopment � Sewer and Water Improvements � Recreation Development � Site Investigations � Preliminary Assessments � Dam Rehabilitation � Vulnerability Assessments “delivering solutions”
  13. 13. Professional Management Services [ Asset & Utilities Management ] Standard Operating Procedures Many public and private utilities operate their systems based on experience stored in the heads of a few key individuals. Under normal situations the utility can continue to function adequately. However, when personnel change or when “out of the ordinary” situations occur, the operations may break down. It is important that utility operations continue in order to protect the public health, safety and welfare. The emphasis on the vulnerabilities of utilities to natural and man-made impacts further underscore the need for a utility to have a written plan to address a wide variety of operating situations. With knowledge acquired through years of experience, Hatch Mott MacDonald can review a process element or the entire utility operation and develop written standard operating procedures (SOPs) to address both normal and adverse situations. Since every utility is unique, Hatch Mott MacDonald works closely with management and staff to review their current modes of operation and gain an understanding of their goals and objectives. Hatch Mott MacDonald then develops a series of recommendations for refinements to the operation and prepares a written procedures manual to assist personnel in successfully operating the utility during such situations. The manual is also an essential tool for training new personnel or cross-training existing personnel in the operations of a utility. “delivering solutions”
  14. 14. Professional Management Services [ Asset & Utilities Management ] Regulatory Compliance Assistance Environmental regulations are becoming increasingly extensive and complex, but many utility managers lack the staff to maintain an effective program necessary for timely compliance with required monitoring, permitting and reporting requirements. A customized compliance plan, reviewed and updated on a regularly scheduled basis as regulations (and therefore operating conditions) change, will help plan an effective compliance strategy, allocate resources, and avoid incurring substantial fines. Regulatory compliance services offered by Hatch Mott MacDonald include: � Determining applicability of regulations to the utility � Identifying applicable regulations and compliance requirements in areas other than the utility’s main function (e.g. air quality permitting requirements for water treatment plants) � Preparing customized monitoring and reporting schedules � Reviewing operating data for compliance with existing and pending regulations � Recommending operational improvements to improve compliance � Providing training for system operators � Preparing applications for new, renewed and/or modified permits � Preparing reporting forms for submittal � Preparing or reviewing public information documents required by the regulations, such as Consumer Confidence reports, Community Right-to-Know reports and public notification of regulatory excursions � Assisting the utility in settlement negotiations with regulatory agencies, in the event of a violation “delivering solutions”
  15. 15. Professional Management Services [ Asset & Utilities Management ] Vulnerability Assessments & Emergency Response Plans “The Public Health Security and Bio-Terrorism Preparedness and Response Act of 2002” requires that community water systems serving a population of greater than 3,300 persons prepare: Vulnerability Assessments: “Each community water system serving a population of greater than 3,300 persons shall conduct an assessment of the vulnerability of its system to a terrorist attack or other intentional acts intended to substantially disrupt the ability of the system to provide a safe and reliable supply of drinking water.” While vulnerability assessments are not presently required for wastewater systems, it is prudent for all system owners to review their infrastructure vulnerability as insurance against external and internal threats. Emergency Response Plans: “Each community water system serving a population greater than 3,300 shall prepare or revise, where necessary, an emergency response plan that incorporates the results of vulnerability assessments that have been completed.” Emergency Response Plans must be completed within 6 months of completion of the Vulnerability Assessment. With expertise gained in over 65 years of designing and constructing water systems infra- structure, Hatch Mott MacDonald can assemble project teams with the necessary experience and qualifications to successfully complete both Vulnerability Assessments and Emergency Response Plans. Our staff includes both Professional Engineers and persons certified in the RAM-W TM Vulnerability Assessment methodology. We have also established alliances with independent, professional security consultants who can support our teams with their specialized expertise. These studies will assess the risk of potential disruption of water systems and the consequences of such disruptions. This analysis logically lends to the identification of system improvements (or modifications) to reduce risks, and response plans to minimize potential consequences. “delivering solutions”
  16. 16. Professional Management Services [ Asset & Utilities Management ] Management Audits for Treatment Plants Increasing regulation of both potable water and wastewater has required refinements in process technology and improvements in plant operations. In order to properly respond to changing regulations and to ensure the integrity of the treatment process, the management of both Public and Private utilities often prefer a review by an independent consultant to determine the efficiency of an existing operation. In addition to regulatory compliance and improved water quality, an audit can result in reduced operating costs through increased operational efficiency and reduced chemical costs. With 65 years experience in the design of water and wastewater treatment plants, Hatch Mott MacDonald has the knowledge and resources to analyze existing plant operations relative to current regulatory requirements and sound operating practice. A typical management audit may include the following: � Establishing detailed decision-making strategies and procedures for operating staff and supervisors � Determining the actual duties performed by operating staff and supervisors relative to existing job descriptions � Establishing a basis for ongoing continuing education and operator training � Conducting an overall review of operations based upon the results of the investigation � Reviewing recommendations for changes and improvements to current procedures � Reviewing the capability of plant processes to meet permit requirements � Conducting a review of plant equipment for meeting permit requirements � Conducting a review of plant equipment for meeting facility design loads and for improving efficiencies � Conducting bench-scale studies “delivering solutions”
  17. 17. Professional Management Services [ Asset & Utilities Management ] Utility Financial Analyses Water and wastewater utilities owned and operated by governmental bodies typically pay expenses with their own revenue generated through a rate system. Establishing a rate structure requires careful consideration of many factors to ensure that sufficient revenue is produced to meet expenses, while being fair and equitable to the various users of the utility system. Frequent review of rates is necessary to ensure that revenue keeps pace with expenses. When capital projects are planned, it is important to analyze the impact of the capital investment on rates. Rate structures can also be designed in ways to promote certain objectives, such as water conservation. Water and wastewater utilities can also generate revenue via connection or impact fees. A connection fee is a charge assessed to new customers of the system and is intended to represent their fair contribution to the cost of infrastructure already in place that will serve the new customer. In a growing community, connection fees can generate substantial revenue, which can limit (or minimize) the need for rate increases. To establish a fair and equitable connection fee, a detailed analysis of historical capital investment in the system is required. Once established, connection fees are generally recomputed annually. Various types of public-private partnerships, and the sale or acquisition of utility infrastructure, are sometimes considered by water and wastewater utilities. In these situations, it is important to develop a reliable, defendable estimation of the present value of the infrastructure. Such valuations take into account the original or replacement cost of the facilities, the current condition, the estimated useful life, and depreciation factors in order to determine a fair present value. Hatch Mott MacDonald, with its team of experts with expertise in utility financial analysis as well as infrastructure design, construction, operation and maintenance, can assist water and wastewater utilities with a variety of financial analyses, including: � Revenue and expense forecasting � Rate studies and rate schedule design � Connection fee calculations and ordinances � Infrastructure valuations � Capital financing analyses “delivering solutions”
  18. 18. Professional Management Services [ Asset & Utilities Management ] Integrated Emergency Planning Natural disasters have always posed a threat to public safety. Now, with the threat of terrorist activities, new challenges are facing us in both the public and private sectors. Hatch Mott MacDonald understands that the key to protecting tomorrow is through proper planning today. We are prepared to meet the challenges brought on by both natural and technological disasters by offering professional services unique to emergency planning. Hatch Mott MacDonald recognizes that the Life Cycle for Integrated Emergency Planning consists of the following distinct categories: Mitigation - Hatch Mott MacDonald has staff on-hand with experience to facilitate disaster mitigative efforts. Mitigation involves work in the following major categories with the intent to lessen the impact of natural and technological disasters: � Pre-Disaster Mitigation � Flood Mitigation � Risk Reduction � Hazard Mitigation Plans � Project Execution Preparedness - Both public and private entities recognize the need for preparedness planning to ensure readiness when a disaster event occurs. Hatch Mott MacDonald also understands the need for proper preparedness, and we have experienced personnel to help with the following activities: � All-Hazards Planning Activities � Exercise Activities (Development of Community Exercise Design Team) � Public Education � Regional Plan Development Response - A timely and proper response to any disaster indicates how effective planning activities have helped to lessen the impact. In addition to the local, state and federal responses that are expected for a particular event, Hatch Mott MacDonald can assist to coordinate between all involved parties. � Federal, State and Local Response (by others) � Hatch Mott MacDonald Incident Specific Assistance to Coordinate Between Involved Parties Recovery - Hatch Mott MacDonald’s personnel have both direct and related experience to facilitate with the following activities in order to ensure successful recovery from a disaster event: � Event Documentation � Coordination of Recovery Activities � Management of Infrastructure Rehabilitation � Environmental Assessments “delivering solutions” � Post Event Damage Assessment � Information Management
  19. 19. Professional Management Services [ Asset & Utilities Management ] Information Management Services Utilities must balance their financial considerations with consumer and regulatory requirements. Regulations and system maintenance often require capital expenditures while ratepayers and taxpayers demand higher quality service at lower prices. Information Technology (IT) has been utilized by the water industry to increase the level of communication across the organization. Utilities, however, rarely view IT as a strategy to become more competitive. A significant percentage of the annual operational budget is directed towards maintaining hard copy records that are susceptible to damage and loss along with the loss of institutional memory due to the retirement of key personnel. Hatch Mott MacDonald assists utilities in developing an information management strategy to maximize their investment in information while increasing the efficiency and effectiveness of the organization. Applying IT without a strategy leads to the development of systems that provide isolated improvements to the operation. We implement a cost effective and balanced approach to managing information that maximizes the integration of existing data while addressing regulatory and consumer pressures. The information management strategy is documented in an Information Management Master Plan that: � Captures critical knowledge about the condition, operation and assessment of its facilities � Reduces the cost of information gathering, storage and retrieval � Maximizes the current investment in data and information management systems � Increases the effective use of this knowledge throughout the utility operations � Minimizes GAPS in the management of information A collaborative process is utilized to ensure the Master Plan fully documents the Utility’s needs and is the foundation for documenting and reporting regulatory compliance. This proven process works because it includes all levels of the Utility’s staff including: � Users of the information � Managers of the information � Decision-makers The output from this process (a “Needs Assessment”) is a list of ranked and prioritized information needs. Costs and schedules of implementation are developed for each need on the list, along with a cost vs. benefit analysis. Hatch Mott MacDonald personnel work with the Utility to address each need by developing strategies that are: � Modular – The system should be built in stages based upon information needs � Risk Adverse – Only proven methodologies and technologies should be implemented � Future Proof – The system must be sustainable � Financially Prudent – Provide the maximum benefit for the cost. [continued on other side] “delivering solutions”
  20. 20. office locations [united states] headquarters Millburn, NJ: 27 Bleeker St massachusetts Boston: 400 Blue Hill Dr (Suite 100), North Lobby Millburn, NJ 07041 Westwood, MA 02090 T 781.915.0015 F 781.915.0145 T 973.379.3400 / 800.832.3272 F 973.376.1072 Holyoke: 150 Lower Westfield Road alabama Daphne: 805 Daphne Ave P.O. Box 1290 Holyoke, MA 01040 T 413.535.0135 F 413.535.0136 Daphne, AL 36526 T 251.626.5514 F 251.626.7321 mississippi Hattiesburg: 32 Milbranch Rd (Suite 40) Mobile: 1110 Montlimar Dr (Suite 650) Hattiesburg, MS 39402 T 601.264.5193 F 601.264.5530 Mobile, AL 36609 T 251.343.4366 F 251.343.6902 new jersey Cape May: 833 Rt 9 North PO Box 373 Birmingham: 2320 Highland Ave South (Suite 175) Cape May Court House, NJ 08210 Birmingham, AL 35205 T 205.939.1119 F 205.939.1382 T 609.465.9377 F 609.465.5270 arizona Phoenix: 120 North 44th St (Suite 320) Clinton: 120 West Main St Phoenix, AZ 85034 T 602.635.1234 F 602.273.4290 Clinton, NJ 08809 T 908.730.6000 F 908.730.6029 california Los Angeles: 16027 Ventura Blvd (Suite 501) Freehold: 3 Paragon Way Los Angeles, CA 91436 T 310.403.8671 F 310.566.7189 Freehold, NJ 07728 T 732.780.6565 F 732.577.0551 Sacramento: 7311 Greenhaven Dr (Suite 250) Millburn: 27 Bleeker St Sacramento, CA 95831 Millburn, NJ 07041 T 916.399.0580 F 916.399.0582 T 973.379.3400 / 800.832.3272 F 973.376.1072 San Diego: 2727 Camino del Rio South (Suite 244) new york Buffalo: 438 Main St (Suite 700) San Diego, CA 92108 T 619.858.1595 F 619.858.1599 Buffalo, NY 14202 T 716.854.1181 F 716.854.1800 San Francisco: 3825 Hopyard Rd (Suite 240) New York City: 475 Park Ave South (10th Floor) Pleasanton, CA 94588 T 925.469.8010 F 925.469.8011 New York, NY 10016 T 212.532.4111 F 212.532.3907 San Jose: 3103 North First St ohio Cleveland: 18013 Cleveland Parkway Drive (Suite 200) San Jose, CA 95134 T 408.456.8000 F 408.456.8188 Cleveland, OH 44135 T 216.535.3640 F 216.265.2816 Office Locations - oregon Portland: 400 SW Sixth Ave (Suite 914) colorado Denver: 1700 Broadway (Suite 660) click here. Denver, CO 80290 T 303.663.8839 F 303.377.6163 Portland, OR 97204 T 503.243.5001 F 503.243.5021 florida Bonifay: 2105 South Waukesha St pennsylvania Pittsburgh: Gateway View Plaza 1600 W. Carson St Bonifay, FL 32425 T 850.547.4436 F 850.547.4885 Pittsburgh, PA 15219 T 412.497.2900 F 412.497.2901 Crestview: 4100 South Ferdon Blvd (Suite C6) Philadelphia: The Public Ledger Building (Suite 1040) Crestview, FL 32536 T 850.423.7914 F 850.423.7920 150 South Independence Mall West Philadelphia, PA 19106 T 215.627.2277 F 215.627.2278 Pace: 4620 Summerdale Boulevard Pace, FL 32571 T 850.994.9898 F 850.994.9904 texas Houston: 2950 Cullen Parkway (Suite 201) Pearland, TX 77584 T 832.736.9590 F 832.736.9580 Panama City: 120 Beckrich Rd (Suite 180) Panama City Beach, FL 32407 utah Provo: 13997 South Minuteman Dr (Suite 230) T 850.236.5831 F 850.234.1952 Draper, UT 84020 T 801.571.6522 F 801.571.6710 Pensacola: 5111 North 12th Ave virginia Dulles: 21351 Ridgetop Circle (Suite 250) Pensacola, FL 32504 T 850.484.6011 F 850.484.8199 Dulles, VA 20166 T 703.956.1565 F 703.421.8667 Tallahassee: 3800 Esplanade Way (Suite 150) washington Seattle: 6 Nickerson St (Suite 101) Tallahassee, FL 32311 Seattle, WA 98109 T 206.838.2886 F 206.284.7770 T 850.222.0334 F 850.561.0205 west virginia Morgantown: 2601 Cranberry Square louisiana Monroe: 1010 Oliver Rd (Suite A) Morgantown, WV 26508 T 304.212.4390 F 304.594.2814 Monroe, LA 71201 T 318.329.0095 F 318.329.0096 maryland Baltimore: 11019 McCormick Rd (Suite 260) Hunt Valley, MD 21031 T 866.363.1471 F 410.785.0440 Rockville: 15245 Shady Grove Rd (Suite 340) Rockville, MD 20850 T 240.361.3000 F 240.361.3020 for canadian offices, see reverse side
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