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Evaluation question 2


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Evaluation question 2

  1. 1. How my media product representsparticular social groups
  2. 2. This is the image I used for the double page spread of my media product . Itis stereotypical of the genre I am representing (grime music) becausestereotypes are what society expect to see in the media, and popular. I alsohad to make the image fairly stereotypical so that my audience, would beable to relate to it.Having said this, the image does challenge the stereotype that girls need tobe thin, or tall, fair skin or what society would call ‘the perfect girl’. There isnothing flirtatiously suggestive about the poses shown and nowadaysfemales in their late teens are rarely portrayed simply in media products.Another way in which I have challenged stereotypes, is that I have associatedwomen with street , rebellious, urban rap music through clothing, hats andthe general feel of the image as opposed to males. The media exposes tosociety a majority of successful black and Asian rappers who are male andonly few females amongst them. When female rappers are spoken of(hardly).I chose to use a ghosted effect on the image to take away from the need tofeel that teenage girls need to be colorful and ‘girly’. The effect doesn’t makethe image look masculine or girly but neutral.The model shown on the right is Asian, but she doesn’t look like the imagewe are constantly bombarded of Asian girls which is: reserved , shy, introverted and usually wearing a head covering which suggests all Asianfemales should wear one.I represents particular social groups because the language used in mymagazine is informal to show that I have considered my target audience andthe kind of language they would use. For example I used slang andshortened some of the words and changed some spellings as soon in the titleused on this image.
  3. 3. This is the original image I had taken for my front cover photo-shoot. Whilst I had alreadydecided on titling my magazine as ‘yin yang’ I purposely wanted to represent white and blackmodels on my front cover. I wanted to promote that anyone can enjoy and be part of grimemusic no matter the color of their skin.A lot of people usually associate rap music with blacks and the non Caucasian community so Iaimed to challenge that stereotype.