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S.A.C. Sanitary Napkin & Tampon disposal, Baby diaper disposal and adult incontinence product disposal
By: Golden Group International, Ltd

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S.A.C. catalog

  1. 1. Socially Acceptable Containment is made of degradable plastic. Engineered to break down on landfills. Waste inside the bag will break down faster, which in turn allows other surrounding garbage to degrade, speeding up the entire composting process within the landfill.SANITARY NAPKINS/TAMPONSRoll Dispensers Roll Dispensers Replacement Rolls SR9010-04 4/pk x 125 Bags SD3022R Stainless Steel SR9010-20 20/pk x 125 BagsSD2010R Stainless Steel SD3020R White Sanitary Napkin Degradable DisposalSD2012R White Sanitary Napkin Disposal Double Roll Bags. Each roll contains disposal bagsSanitary Napkin Disposal Bag Roll Dis- Dispenser. Holds two S.A.C. Rolls. Lock- made of degradable plastic that can bepenser. Uses S.A.C. 125 bag Roll. Lock- able, attached front cover conveniently twisted close. Works well in public ladiesable, attached front cover conveniently opens upward to load a roll. Easy installa- restrooms. It offers discreet sanitary dis-opens upward to load a roll. Easy instal- tion in ladies restroom stalls and with the posal for tampons/napkins, eliminate thelation in ladies restroom stalls. 22 gauge holding capacity of 250 bags. 22 gauge need for the typical disposal bin in eachsteel, welded w/piano hinge. Keyed lock. steel, welded w/piano hinge. Keyed lock. restroom stall. 10.5 oz.SIZE: 5.25”L x 5.12”H x 3.5”D SIZE: 5.12”L x 10”H x 3.5”D SIZE: 9”L x 4.5”W x 1” side gussetsUses SR9010 or DB8020 bags Uses SR9010 or DB8020 bags For: SD2010R, SD3022R, SD3020R dispensers.For Incontinence For IncontinenceBox Dispensers w/lock Replacement Box Bags Did u know? Degradable bags break down in landfills. By using them,SD2010B Stainless Steel companies keep theSD2012B White disposed items fromSD2014B White - NO LOCKSanitary Napkin Disposal Bag-Box winding up in sewers, andDispenser. Lockable and the attached SB8836-06 6/pk x 50 Bags leading to waterwaysfront cover conveniently opens upward to SB8836-24 24/pk x 50 Bagsload more bags. The small size of the dis- Sanitary Napkin/Tampon Disposal and oceans when sewerspenser allows for easy installation in ladies bags. Double ply opaque white, un- overflow.restroom stalls. 22 gauge steel, welded w/ scented. Degradable and sealable bagspiano hinge. Keyed lock. with adhesive pull off tape.SIZE: 6.25”L x 5.5”W x 1.5”D SIZE: 9”L x 4.5”WUses SB8836 bags For: SD2010B, SD2012B, SD2014B dispensers. 866-296-6901 www.GoldenGroupInternational.com
  2. 2. SANITARY NAPKINS/TAMPONS Sanitary Napkin Bin LinersSanitary Napkin Disposal Sanitary Napkin Disposal LargeLarge Medium TD9024 24/pk x 50 Bags Sanitary Napkin Disposal Bin Liners. Made of degradable plastic. .7 mil and are green colored. Each bag has a star seal bottom to help prevent leakage. Twist tie closure. BAG: 15” x 20” SIZE: 4”L x 2-3/4”D For: TD9000, TD9010 disposals. Sanitary Napkin Bin Liners MediumTD9000 Stainless SteelTD9010 White TD9200 Stainless SteelSanitary Napkin/Tampon Disposal Bin. Sanitary Napkin/Tampon Disposal Bin.Push through panel door for easy disposal Push through panel door for easy disposalof sanitary napkin and pads. For use with of sanitary napkin and pads. For use withor without S.A.C. sanitary napkin disposal or without S.A.C. sanitary napkin disposalbags. Clean disposal without the user bags. Clean disposal without the user TD9022 24/pk x 50 Bagshaving to be exposed to germs, bacteria having to be exposed to germs, bacteria or Sanitary Napkin Disposal Bin Liners.or virus contaminated surfaces. No lids to virus contaminated surfaces. No lids to lift Made of degradable plastic.lift open. Large capacity unit which should open. Medium capacity unit. Unit opens .7 mil and are white colored. Bag has arequire less frequent changing. Unit opens forward for easy safe cleaning. 22 gauge, star seal bottom to help prevent leakage.forward for easy safe cleaning. 22 gauge, piano hinge. Wall or partition mountable. Twist tie closure.piano hinge. Wall or partition mountable. SIZE: 12”L x 9.5”W x 4.0”D BAG: 16”L x 16”DSIZE: 15”L x 9.5”W x 4.0”D Uses TD9022 bin liners SIZE: 4”L x 2-3/4”DUses TD9024 bin liners For: TD9200 disposal. Sanitary napkin/tampon disposal “Roll” kit. Sanitary napkin/tampon disposal “Box” kit. Bags and dispenser Bags and dispenser SR9010 SD2010R SB8836 SD2010B LP4020 SB8210-02 White - no lock LP4020 SR8008-01 Stainless Steel - w/lock SB8046-01 Stainless Steel - w/lock SR8008-02 White - w/lock SB8046-02 White - w/lock Sanitary napkin disposal starter kit single “roll” format. Sanitary napkin disposal kit single “box” format. Contains: 2 rolls of 125 Sanitary Napkin Disposal bags Contains: 2 boxes of 50 bags (SB8836), (SR9010), 1 dispenser (SD2010R or 12R) and 1 sign (LP4020). 1 dispenser (SD2010R / 12R / 14B) and 1 sign (LP4020). Did u know? Millions of trees can be saved by using S.A.C. products instead of wrapping up feminine hygiene products in toilet paper. 866-296-6901 www.GoldenGroupInternational.com
  3. 3. BABY DIAPERS DISPOSALBaby Diaper Disposal Bag Baby Diaper Disposal Bags Starter KitsDispensers Baby diaper disposal bag kit. Bags and dispenser DB9030 LP4020SD9030 White - Lockable DB9030-06 6/pk x 30 Bags/Box SD9030SD9031 White - No Lock DB9030-24 24/pk x 30 Bags/BoxBaby Diaper Disposal Bag Dispenser. Baby Diaper Disposal Bags. SP7100-02 White - No lockHolds two 30 bag boxes allowing for time Bags are opaque, unscented, sealable SP7200-02 White - Lockbetween replacement. For placement with a pull off tape adhesive. Made ofnear baby diaper changing tables in public degradable plastic and offer a convenientrestrooms, nursery’s, childcare facilities, method to dispose of soiled baby diapers. Baby diaper disposal bag starter kit.hospitals, and homes. Holds 60 bags. 22 0.7 Mil Contains: 4 boxes of baby diaper disposalgauge, welded w/piano hinge. BAG: 10”L x 10”H bags (DB9030) and 1 dispenser (SD9030SIZE: 10”L x 4”H x 2”D SIZE: 10-1/4”L x 1-3/4”W x 1-3/4”H or 31) and 1 sign.Uses DB9030 bags For: SD9030, SD9031 dispensers.INCONTINENCE PRODUCTSIncontinence Disposal Incontinence Disposal Bags Starter KitsDispenser Adult diaper disposal bag bundle. Bags and dispenser SD8010 LP4020 DB8010 DB8010-03 3/pk x 50 BagsSD8010 White DB8010-12 12/pk x 50 Bags SP6200-02 WhiteIncontinence Disposal Bag Dispenser. Adult diaper disposal bag bundle. Incontinence Disposal Bags.(Adult Personal Hygiene Disposal bags). Contains: two (2) boxes (DB8010), 1 dis- Bags are opaque, pull string closure and aWhite powder coated metal allows for easy penser (SD8010) and 1 sign. bottom gusset. Made of degradable plasticdispensing of the bags. The box slides Perfect item for caregivers, easily install and offer a convenient and discreet methodinto the dispenser from the top and allows near patient area. to dispose of soiled disposable underwearfor easy placement and removal. and incontinence products.22 gauge metal. BAG: 16”L x 16”WWall or partition mountable SIZE: 8-1/8”L x 8-1/8”W x 1-15/16”DSIZE: 8-1/4”L x 8-1/4”H x 2”D For: SD8010 dispenser.Uses DB8010 bags Available Suppliers Owens & MinorPremier Contract #PP-WC-102 American Hotel Call for other Quality Suppliers Cardinal Health 866-296-6901 www.GoldengGroupInternational.com
  4. 4. HANDIPACKS SH7010-00 100 x 3/pk SH7008-00 100 x 3/pk Baby Diaper Disposal Bags Feminine Hygiene Disposal bags SH7050-00 100 x 3/pk Great for Mom’s on the go, hotel guests Handipacks for sanitary napkin and tampon Adult diaper disposal bag handipacks with children. Easy soiled diaper dis- disposal. Easy twist closure, double ply Pullstring closure, opaque white, posal. Sealable w/tear off enclosure. (can’t see through), sanitary degradable unscented, degradable plastic (environ- Opaque white, unscented, degradeable packs. Unscented, 2Mil mentally friendly). Discreet disposal and plastic, .7Mil BAG: 4.5”W x 9”L helps contain odor. BAG: 10”L x 10”W, 2” bottom gusset BAG: 16”L x 16”W ACCESSORIES Do Not Flush Posters/Labels LP4000 LP4020 LP4030 LP4040Do Not Flush Restroom Sign - Do Not Flush Restroom Sign - “Green Lady” do not flush Bag and Bin Used Baby DiaperLady in Red Shoes Poster. Public Bathroom. Excellent feminine hygiene items poster. Items. Bag and Bin used babyExcellent product to display your product to display your company’s Never flush personal hygiene diaper items. Prevent unhealthycompany’s desire to not have desire to not have Personal items in toilet." Instructions for conditions and help control odor.Personal Hygiene Items flushed Hygiene Items flushed down the proper use of the S.A.C. products. The posters are available 80 lbdown the toilet. Small, discreet toilet. Small, discreet poster, with The posters are available in 80 lb paper stock for easy posting onposter, printed on 80lb cover, water an adhesive backing and gloss paper stock for easy posting on walls or partitions, near diaperresistant gloss finish. finish. For public restroom stall walls, partitions, on waste bins or changing stations or where S.A.C.SIZE: 5”W x 7”H partition walls or door. where the S.A.C. disposal bags disposal bags are dispensed. SIZE: 5”W x 5”H are dispensed. SIZE: 5”W x 5”H SIZE: 5”W x 5”H We can assist with SL4000 all S.A.C. products, Do Not Flush Restroom Label. for more information, give us a call Self adhesive backing labels to affix to or visit our website! dispenser for direct instruction on 866-296-6901 product usage. Per each.Sales@GoldenGroupInternational.com SIZE: 3”W x 2”H 866-296-6901 www.GoldenGroupInternational.com