S.A.C. for healthcare facilities


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S.A.C. products by Golden Group International for the disposal of sanitary napkins, tampons, baby diapers and adult incontinence items.
Golden Group International, Ltd

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S.A.C. for healthcare facilities

  1. 1. by Golden Group International.For the cost effective, safe and sanitary disposal of all personal hygiene products. Premier Contract: PP-WC-102 effective dates: 10/01/2012 - 09/30/2015
  2. 2. • For the safe and sanitary disposal of: Sanitary Napkins, Tampons, wipes, diapers, liners and adult incontinence products.• For patient storage of soiled clothing and other personal articles.• Replaces ineffective wax bags with individual, sealable bags that are conveniently dispensed.• Reduces plumbing emergencies & related costs.• Keeps washrooms cleaner, more sanitary and reduces odors.• All S.A.C. bags are made of environmentally friendly degradable plastic.
  3. 3. Cost savings• Reduces cleaning time.• Reduces excess chemicals needed to wipe out soiled disposal bins and surrounding area.• Can eliminate sanitary napkin disposal bin and use main trash can with S.A.C. sealable disposal bags.• Reduce preventable HAIs and associated costs.• Eliminates using more expensive large liner bags or biohazard bags and associated disposal fees for the disposal of incontinence products.• Replaces ineffective wax liner bags that are bulky and take up valuable storage space.
  4. 4. Reduce potential exposure to blood virus and bacteria• Treat all human blood and other potentially infectious fluids as if they are infectious• Approximately 5.6 million workers in health care and other facilities are at risk of exposure to blood borne pathogens.• Safety is paramount when handling and disposing feminine hygiene products.
  5. 5. A hospital is filled with people incompromised conditions and germs spread fast. People who should take precautions include:• Orderlies, housekeeping personnel, and janitorial staff.• Visitors, patients and hospital staff.
  6. 6. Bacteria and germs• Used sanitary napkins and tampons are a breeding ground for harmful bacteria and germs.• The dirtiest area in terms of the numbers of bacteria per square inch is the sanitary napkin disposal unit with 2 million bacteria per square inch.• Some common bugs found in public restrooms, are: streptococcus, staphylococcus, E. coli and shigella bacteria, hepatitis A virus, the common cold virus, and various sexually transmitted organisms
  7. 7. Hepatitis• HBV can survive for at least one week in dried blood• CDC Report: Approximately 60,000 new HBV infections each year. Approximately 1 million Americans are living with HBV• CDC Report: Approximately 26,000 new HCV infections each year. Approximately 3 million Americans are living with HCV.
  8. 8. Restroom conditions• Patients and visitors consider a dirty restroom indicative of the overall level of cleanliness of any facility.• Clogged toilets, exposed waste and flooding cause unsanitary conditions and foul odors which can spread disease and an unfavorable opinion of the facility.• Toilets that are out of order due to clogs and plumbing issues cause disruption for patients and staff.
  9. 9. S.A.C. disposal bags will provide a sanitary solution for Health-Threatening Bacteria & Viruses. Providing S.A.C. bags that are conveniently dispensed along with well designed disposal containers will also discourage women from throwing items on the floor or flushing products down the toilets, resulting in plumbing nightmares.
  10. 10. S.A.C. Innovative Total Solution• S.A.C. products offer a safe and sanitary disposal method for all used personal hygiene products.• Environmentally responsible.• S.A.C. custom bag dispensers provide for ease of use.• One S.A.C. bag per user works to reduce the occurrence of cross contamination.• Each bag seals to safely contain items and help to control odor.• S.A.C. bags replace outdated wax bags that do not seal, are not easily dispensed and bulky to store.• S.A.C. sanitary napkin disposal bins have a push through disposal door (no lids to open), a degradable bag liner with a secure clip, no slip bag rim along with a front panel door that opens wide for easy bag change.• The S.A.C. total solution offers easy, convenient, dispensing of effective, personal, degradable bags along with the S.A.C. sanitary napkin disposal bin.• S.A.C. stainless steel dispensers and disposal bins are resistant to germs and bacteria, clean up easily and are commercial grade steel.
  11. 11. The S.A.C. Solution: a cost effective, innovative total solution that protects patients, staff and visitors. Available through Owens & Minor, American Hotel Register, among other fine suppliers. Adult personal hygiene product disposal Baby Diaper disposal Sanitary Napkin Disposal - box Sanitary Napkin Disposal – rollGolden Group International, Ltd.Toll free: 866-296-6901Info@GoldenGroupInternational.com