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Tigershark Newsletter March

  1. 1. Task Force Tigershark 1 MARCH 2012 Newsletter Greetings Tigersharks and Happy New Year! B Company, 2-10 Mountainhawks said goodbye to CPT Rob and Laura Kazmarek who are moving to the Na- tional Training Center in California and said hello to CPT Alicemary Trivette who came from HHC/CAB HQs after virtually running CAB Operations in OEF. It is bittersweet to bid farewell to two trusted and experienced leaders, but we are all grateful to receive both CW2 Cox addresses 1-87 IN leadership Major Lee receives an Order of St Michael Jason and Alicemary to our team. Also, I hope the 90 days since our last news- in January we farewelled Major Brook letter were fruitful to all of you and Lee and his family and CW3(P) Matt your families. We have conducted a Burke. The loss of all four officers from Brigade Formal, Block Leave, a very this formation will be difficult to fill, but large Hail and Farewell at Maggies in I know that all of us are better Soldiers January, and have received tremendous for having served alongside these terrific guidance from Mountain 6, Major Gen- leaders. On a sad note, former SGT eral Mark Milley, our new Command- Joshua Taylor of HHC (Havoc) died on ing General. Some aircraft and ground 8 February in his Miami home. Our equipment have been received here at thoughts and prayers are with his family. Fort Drum, and so we are slowly but SGT Taylor was a terrific crewchief surely building combat power so that throughout tours in Iraq and Afghani- by April and May we are ready to con- stan. He impacted all of us with his duct a Task Force aerial gunnery here dedication to the unit and to our coun- on the installation. February finished try. He will be sorely missed. SGT Tay- off some big changes in our leadership lor would have wanted all of us to with E Company said goodbye to CPT knuckle down and be the best Soldiers Dan Sandford as he moved home with we could be. Always remember the his family to Connecticut, and we said Tigershark General Orders: Stay posi- hello to CPT Jason Eaton who came tive, stay alert, and take care of each from 10th Mountain Division‟s HHBN. other! Command Sergeant Major Carter and I are extremely proud of all our soldiers and families and look for- ward to continued „bonding‟ events. CW2(P) Davis addresses leaders from 1-87 IN Strike at Night! as B Troop takes lead to train AGI Tigershark 6 CW2(P) Davis provides AGI mentorship to 1-87 IN CDR and other key leaders1
  2. 2. Volume III Issue I To Our Havoc Families! We are pleased to welcome our newest and his wife Renee are also celebrating the soldiers to the Havoc Family as well. We birth of their daughter this month. welcome our newest flight platoon leader As our equipment returns and helicopters CPT Bowden who joins us from Delta come back from Reset we will begin training in Company. Our newest officer 2LT Michalak earnest again as we bid farewell to the holiday joins our S-3 shop. S-6 has a new NCOIC season for another year. We have several ma- in SFC Warner. Our newest young soldiers jor training events on the horizon and we are PFC Govan, PFC Bumbgardner, PV2 know everyone in Harston, SPC Reed, and SPC Siddons. the unit will be CW4 Wojasinski comes to us from TF ready to support Phoenix to be our new Battalion Standardi- zation Pilot. CW3 Allen joins us from Bri- one another gate and will be working as our new through any diffi- BAMO. Our departing soldiers for this edi- culties that may tion of the HHC news letter are CW3 arise. The impend- Cuevas who joins TF Six Shooter as their ing split of our TACOPS officer, and CPT Harris who is company from a moving down the road to the Brigade S-3 joint HHC/Flight shop. We send our whole-hearted con- company into HHC gratulations to SGT Marciano in the S-2 and Fox Company will also bring many changes shop and his new wife Jaeza on their recent and challenges but we are poised to overcome wedding. S-6‟s SPC Lyones welcomed his them. We thank all of the members of our new daughter Brynn into the world so con- family, soldiers, spouses, and children alike for gratulations to him and his wife. CPT Parisi your continued service and support. Lets make this a great year. In Remembrance CPT Eric Trivette It is with heavy stan in support of Operation Enduring Freedom SGT hearts that we Taylor decided to extend his enlistment so he could must report the continue to serve with his friends and colleagues passing of former through the duration of this last deployment. Crew Chief SGT “Big Swole”, as he was known to friends because of his Joshua Taylor. numerous and intense workouts, was always a pleasure SGT Taylor was to work with and a very competent NCO. He brought a member of the energy, enthusiasm and humor to work with him each Havoc Family day. He was very proud when he received his accep- from March 2010 tance letter from the University of Miami. SGT Taylor up until he honorably completed his service term was going to earn his degree in nursing so he could this past January and decided to pursue his bache- continue helping people in need and was very proud of lors degree. He had been a member of Task Force Tigershark since the unit was flagged as 3-3 ATK his chosen career path. He was also quite excited to down at Hunter Army Airfield, GA. In 2009 he return to Miami, where he grew up, and enjoy the participated in Operation Iraqi Freedom with many sandy beaches and warm weather instead of frozen of the same soldiers he continued to serve with lakes and snow. He was an excellent part of the Havoc after the unit moved up here to Ft. Drum. Upon Family and his loss will be felt by all who knew him. learning of the upcoming deployment to Afghani- SGT Taylor is survived by his parents Fenton and Yamile Taylor.2
  3. 3. Volume III Issue I Pale Riders Families and Friends, Hello and Greetings! I hope every- sake. Either way, we had an one had an incredible holiday season, awesome time and can‟t wait and enjoyed the time with the family for the next one on March and friends and some much deserved 22nd! rest. We‟re back in action now, get- ting ready to ramp up the training for If you haven‟t heard, on March 2nd at this summer. While we still don‟t 5:00 p.m. we‟re holding a Troop pot- have our Troop aircraft back here at luck at the Adiron- Fort Drum, we have been lucky dack Creek Com- enough to fly once a week in our sis- munity Center. ter unit‟s aircraft. We‟re getting back Other than the into the routine and reacquainting Halloween party, ourselves with the local area. we haven‟t really had a Troop get- I want to highlight some new addi- together since we tions to our crew. I‟ve already intro- redeployed. So, duced them at the January Hail and this will give us all a Farewell, but a few weren‟t able to chance to catch up make it that night. Just prior to the and spend some time with Will House tries to teach Kryz Landowski about the local flying area. holiday leave period, we received 1LT the entire Pale Rider fam- Jordan Vanicek. Jordan and his wife ily. Mary Ann join us from Texas, and I have to say that they were both good That is all I have for now. I sports at the Hail and Farewell. So, hope this note finds everyone please help me welcome Jordan and well and in good spirits. Mary Ann to the family. Later in De- cember, we also received WO1 See you all soon and take care, Christopher Hitt, PFC Alexander Ruggerio, PV2 Mallory Stone, and CPT Charlie Hill PFC Kathrine Bekham. Welcome to the team guys and gals. One of the highlights from the Hail and Farewell was the chance to say goodbye to CW2 Joel Garzelloni. He and his wife Karrie are departing later this month for Ft. Lewis, WA. They and their children, Enzo and Eva, will be missed. I would love to share some photos Adam Rickert funded an entire Girl from the Hail and Farewell, however I Scout Troop’s 2012 summer trip to Florida. have been briefed that they have all been deleted for safety and deniability3
  4. 4. Volume III Issue I Mountainhawk Families, Hopefully you all The incoming commander, Captain AliceMary had a relaxing block Trivette, will assume command of the company on the leave period with 27th of February at 10:00 am. You can read more about your Soldiers. It her in this newsletter. was surely nice to be back in the states As CPT Trivette takes over, Laura and I will be and celebrating the moving on to our next assignment. We are PCSing to holidays with family. Fort Irwin in southern California. It is definitely going I know all the to be hard to leave this company. Your Soldiers are, SGT Showell and SGT Seymour Mountainhawks without question, some of the best that I have ever conducting some routine aircraft came back from the worked with. Additionally, the FRG has made Laura maintenance in the hangar. leave period rested feel so welcome. The only thing that eases my con- and ready to work. science a little about leaving is that the incoming com- mander is an excellent officer and really nice person. We are in the last stages of the RESET period right Laura and I wish you the best and hopefully we will see now. If you don‟t know, RESET is the period when all you again down the road. of the equipment that we had overseas with us is cycled through repair facilities to ensure that it is in tip-top Captain Robert Kazmarek shape. It has been a little hectic at times, but your Sol- Mountainhawk 6 diers came through and ensured that this company had everything completed on time. After RESET is over, training will pick up again. For those of you new to the company, you can expect your Soldiers to start flying in the local area and to start get- ting back in the swing of garrison life. We will go through the process of receiving new equipment, in- cluding new helicopters, and then start full-scale training late in the summer. SGT Dines, SPC Jeffery, SPC Appleby, and SPC Agy conducting tool box inventories. lege at Fordham University and attended the ROTC Mountainhawk Families program there. After flight school, my husband Eric and and Friends, I were assigned to 10th CAB and deployed with the unit for OIF XIII-IX and OEF X-XI. I have worked closely with your Soldiers over the years and know the quality It is an honor and privilege to assume command of of troops I am about to work with. B/2-10 and I am greatly looking forward to being part of this team. I look forward to meeting all of It is a great time to be a part of the Mountainhawks and you in the upcoming weeks and would like to take I hope to meet all of you at the Task Force‟s snow day! this time to introduce myself to you. Very respectfully, After growing up in a military family, I went to col- AliceMary Trivette4
  5. 5. Volume III Issue I Hammerhead Friends and Family, As many of you know 1SG Charles ARMY GOOD CONDUCT MEDAL Wagenbrenner will be spending the next few months serving as the Task SGT Porter, Carter Force Command Sergeant Major while CSM Nicolas Carter prepares to retire SPC Cross, Timothy from the Army. First off, a huge thank you to CSM Carter for his mentorship, SPC Vargas, Javier concern, and support for the Soldiers and Families of the Hammerheads and SPC Vazquez, Diego the Tigersharks. To 1SG Wagen- brenner and his wife Toni, I offer my February Promotions personal gratitude. I speak for all the Aircraft are finally returning to Fort Hammerheads when I applaud you for Drum from the RESET Repair facili- TO SPECIALIST your determination, dedication, and ties across the country and your drive as you encouraged each Soldier Soldiers are finally getting back to SPC Cochran, Raymond to work hard, be better, and never doing what they do best – fixing heli- accept anything less than excellence. copters! We are excited to prepare Thanks Top, for molding this company for the future training opportunities February Awards into the BEST company in all the Bri- on the horizon for the Hammer- gade. You will be missed. To Toni, heads! Thank you for your support ARMY COMMENDATION MEDAL never before have I met a volunteer and dedication to this fine organiza- with the energy and focused purpose tion. SSG Redman, Jeremy with which you have served. Thank you for your service as the Company CPT Jeff Timmons SSG Saria, Armando FRG Leader. Thank you for your mag- nificent care for our Families and Sol- January Promotions SPC Holzhauser, William diers. Good Luck to Wagen, Toni, CJ, Trent, and Aiden. We also would like TO PRIVATE FIRST CLASS to welcome CW3 Danny Rook to our ARMY ACHIEVEMENT MEDAL company. CW3 Rook will now be PFC Betts, Christian serving as the Production Control Offi- SGT Brooks, Benjamin cer taking over for Matt Burke who has PFC Sellers, Caleb moved on to Virginia. It‟s great to have Mr. Rook on board. PFC Montgomery, Zachary January Awards ARMY COMMENDATION MEDAL SSG Acevedo, Roberto SSG Lopez, Erik SPC Martinez, Joshua5
  6. 6. Volume III Issue I Warrior Family and Friends, We are definitely making head way into the Warrior Family and Friends! wintery months, and with a few exceptions, it has It is a great honor and privilege to take been a fairly mild winter. However, it is not over yet. Echo Company‟s Guidon! In the past few weeks I We are starting to see our work days get longer as have met many of the great Soldiers of Echo, with we begin to receive vehicles and prepare to start others still to meet. During the next couple of heading to the ranges and begin training. As the vehi- weeks of transition, please feel free to contact me cles arrive, our mechanics are hard at work, and as or stop by the office. I look forward to working the helicopters start flying, our Distribution platoon with you all and continuing the proud legacy of Echo is right there with them. And as the holidays are Company! now over, we are hitting the gyms and run routes to get us back into shape! CPT Jason Eaton On a more personal note, this will be my last newsletter as I am leaving E Company. I have no doubt that my replacement, Captain Jason Eaton, will do a great job as he has already impressed me. My wife, Nicole, and I are extremely grateful for the friends we‟ve made over the last 15 months and I just want to say thank you for making us feel so wel- comed. I especially want to thank all the great mem- bers of the Family Readiness Group: Amy Keelin, Erinn Velez, Amika German, Isabella Comack, Kim Kordos, and Nicole Sandford. I also want to give a huge thanks to Becca Althouse who is now leading the FRG efforts. Thank you all so much for making a PT Formation. Echo stands ready for their morning workout. very successful deployment and making our company stronger. Enough can‟t be said for your efforts. Again, thank you for the great honor of leading a great group of Soldiers. It has been a tremendous 15 months. Good luck and God Bless. - Captain Dan Sandford6
  7. 7. Task Force Dates to Remember Tigershark March 2012FRG Leaders 3/2 Military Free Lift Tickets 1000-2030 Snow Ridge 3/3 Saturday Opening, Off the Beatin’ Path 1000-1300 OTBP Gift Store 3/3 Battalion Snow Day 1200-1600 Dry Hill Havoc 3/5-16 Fort Drum Indoor Triathlon Various TimesMonti Fitness 3/7 CLIF 1000-1100 The CommonsRheAnne Stevens 3/9 Military Free Lift Tickets 1000-2030 Snow Ridge Jennifer Vonsik 3/15 Volunteer of the Month Ceremony 1030-1130 The Commons 3/16 Military Free Lift Tickets 1000-2030 Snow Ridge 3/16-18 North Country Goes Green Irish Festival Dulles State Office Building Pale Riders 3/16 ESC Women’s Conference 0900-1600 The Commons Brooke Guffey 3/17 ESC Women’s Conference 0900-1400 The CommonsStephanie Rickert 3/17 Battalion Coffee 1000-1200 Adirondak Comm Ctr 3/17 St. Patrick’s Dinner 1700 The Commons 3/21 Spouses’ Club Wine/Beer/Cheese Tasting TBD The Commons Mountainhawks 3/26 CYSS Child Development Centers Closed All Day All Locations Michele Taras 3/28 Family Support Huddle 1000-1130 Hays Hall/Eagles Nest 3/29 Women’s History Month Observance 1100-1330 The Commons 3/29 Mountain Remembrance Ceremony 1630-1700 Main Post Chapel Hammerheads 3/30 Retirement Ceremony 1600-1700 MPA 3/30 Right Arm Night 1700 The Commons Maria Andrade Warriors Special Recognition Becca Althouse Lauren O’Donnell Advisors Volunteer of the Month Michelle Simerly Feb 2012 334-379-6435 Sandra Kramer