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Feb 2012 Revolver

  1. 1. FORT DRUM SPECIAL The Revolver POINTS OF INTEREST: V O L U M E 2 , I S S U E 1 F E B R U A R Y 2 0 1 2  Pictures from From the Command Team FRG & Sol- diers  Letters from the Troop/ Families and Friends of TF Six Shooters, Company Let me begin by saying thank you for all of your support throughout Commanders the redeployment. Your dedication to the Six Shooters team has been without  FRG Leader a doubt a significant contribution in making our transition back to Fort Drum very smooth. Information Stetsons Throughout the past few months we’ve enjoyed many extended holi- days and some much needed time off. We commemorated our successful de-INSIDE THIS ployment by gathering for the Shooter Saloon reunion where Families and friends were able to get together and celebrate our Soldiers and Families re-ISSUE: turn. What a great football game last week, where the great state of New York’s very own Giants won the Super Bowl Championship. ColossalA Troop/6-6 2 Congratulations to Echo Troop First Sergeant Sfc. Clifford Johnson andA Co. / 2-10 3 Bravo Company 3-10 Aviation First Sergeant Sfc. Sean Holland for making the Master Sergeant list and appointment to the rank of First Sergeant. We wel-B Co. / 1-10 4 comed a new senior Non-commissioned officer to our ranks of outstanding leaders. Sgt. First Class Jason Rittichier assumed responsibility from First Sgt. AssassinsC Troop/6-6 5 Sean Holland for Alpha Company, 2-10 Aviation. First Sergeant Holland as- sumed responsibility as the Bravo Company 3-10 Aviation First Sergeant. 1SGD Troop/6-6 6 William Howard will PCS in February to Fort Eustis, Virginia. In March we’ll say farewell to the Colossal family as they will depart and return to their brothersE Troop/6-6 7 and sisters in Task Force Phoenix. We also bid farewell to some outstanding Voodoo Cavalrymen, during our Squadron Hail and Farewell this past week as theyHHT / 6-6 8 move on to other installations and make significant contributions to the Army. We welcomed new Cavalrymen who will have big shoes to fill, but welcomeB Co., 3-10 9 them with open arms. Killer Spades You can be proud to say that Soldiers of TF Six Shooters as well as theChaplain’s Corner 10 Families are part of a lasting legacy in the aviation community. TF Six Shooters recently received the LTG Ellis D. Parker Award for best Combat Aviation UnitPictures 12 for 2011. TF Six Shooters also won the AAAA Aviation Unit of the Year Award. These prestigious awards are a direct reflection of the hard work and dedication OutcastsBirthday 14 put in by every Soldier, NCO, and Officer in Task Force Six Shooters throughoutAnniversary 14 our deployment to Afghanistan. All of this was made possible because of our Families at home provided exceptional support, thoughts and prayers.FRG Corner 16 As we return from the holidays and transition back into our battle rhythm, there is much that needs to be done to prepare for the upcoming de- Desperados ployment next year. We will be conducting many aerial training exercises as well as a deployment to JRTC in Fort Polk, Louisiana in the months ahead. I have no doubt that as a team we will succeed. I could not be prouder of this organization and its efforts over the past year. We will continue to accomplish great things as a Team and Family. Mustangs Six Shooters – AIR CAV! LTC Chris Downey CSM Patrick McGuire
  2. 2. A Troop/ 6-6 PAGE 2“I am proud of each Assassin Families & Friends, What a fantastic year. Returning home from a difficult deploy-and every one in this ment was certainly a time of joy, seeing the reuniting of all our families. Iorganization and you am proud of each and every one in this organization and you have all proven yourselves worthy or being called “Assassins.” have all proven That being said, it is time to start thinking about and preparing for the future. Weyourselves worthy or start by recognizing and farewelling those team mates who are moving on. Their hard work and individual successes are the reason this team has excelled in every aspect. This includes being called CPT Wes Pritchett (moving to D troop), CW3 Andy Erp (moving to Ft. Riley, KS), CW2 Scott Burke (moving to Ft. Lewis, WA). They were each invaluable to our team and family and will “Assassins.” be sorely missed. -CPT Tom Jones Along with our goodbyes, we also are proud to welcome our new members to the team and family. 1LT Jeremy Huggins, CW3 Erik Newhouse, CW3 Preston Dean, CW2 Randy Richards, CW2 Dan West, CW2 Kirk Burrell, and WO1 Wayne Keaton. We look forward to having them and their families in our unit. We are also proud to welcome a new FRG leader, Co leader, and Treasurer. Meghann Terry, Amanda Murphy, and Lisette Mendez. Although Kat Stauffer and Tina Wellenreuther have set the bar high and will be missed, they are relinquishing responsibil- ity to very capable hands. Until next time, take care and keep the ball rolling! Sincerely, Tom Jones THE REVOLVER
  3. 3. VOLUME 2, ISSUE 1 PAGE 3 A Company/2-10 “Your efforts have made transition toVoodoo Families: our Company Standardization Pilot was garrison life Let me start by saying thank selected to be the Battalion Standardiza- tion Pilot for TF Knighthawk, 2-10. This is much easieryou for all of the support throughoutthe redeployment phase. Your efforts a great responsibility and highly deserved for all of us.”have made transition to garrison life for CW4 Tyler. We would like to wish Robmuch easier for all of us. and his family well as they move to TF -CPT Erin As we get back into the swing Knighthawk, you will be greatly missed. SGT McArthur, SGT Underwood, and SPC Braswellof things here I would like to extend awarm welcome to the new additions to Hoye all received orders taking them on tothe Voodoo Family. 1LT Alex McHale new adventures in their Army career. Wejoins us fresh out of flight school ready wish them nothing butto serve as the Platoon Leader for 1st the best in their futurePlatoon. Alex’s enthusiasm and drive assignments and hopewill be a great addition to the Com- that they will look backpany. We also would like to welcome on their memories withour new First Sergeant, SFC Jason Rit- Voodoo and smile. Theretichier. Jason is not new to the Combat have also been someAviation Brigade or the UH-60 Commu- great Soldiers who havenity. Jason is a 15T by trade and has served their initial com-worked on UH-60’s his entire career. mitment and decided itHe and his wife Wendy are a welcomed would be best to leaveaddition to our organization that bring the military and enroll ina great deal of experience to the table. College. We send our Unfortunately we have had a best wishes with SGTvery quick turn over rate since being Scott and SPC O’donnell.home and have had to say goodbye to They have served theirmany Soldiers and Families that will be country with pride for sixgreatly missed. 1SG Sean Holland was years and were two veryselected to take the First Sergeant po- import ant members ofsition in B Co 3-10. 1SG Holland re- our team that will becently changed responsibility with SFC greatly missed.Rittichier. We want to say thank youfor your service and dedication to the I look forward to seeingSoldiers and Families of Voodoo, you you all at our up coming CPT Erin Braswellwill be greatly missed. CW4 Rob Tyler, FRG meeting on February Voodoo 06
  4. 4. B Company/1-10 PAGE 4 Killer Spade Family and Friends, ing us, he is not It has been a great transition going too far from a combat life back to family life. We away. He will be are in full swing of garrison operations and moving to TF 2- we will all start to notice and increased 10, to become workload as we begin training for the next their new Aviation Maintenance Officer, as go around. I would like to start this month Melvin moves up another rung on his career with a newcomer introduction to the Killer ladder. Congratulations are in order even as Spade family. We can all welcome 1LT we see our friend leave. Last, but not least, Matthew Blair and his wife, Alisha and we want to farewell Joseph Sinkiewicz and his their son Aiden. The Blair’s hail from Mas- lovely girlfriend, Mel Rego. Joe has been a sachusetts and are excited to be here at Platoon Leader in Bravo Company and will be Ft. Drum. We can all look forward to the making a short move over to HHT as a Plans leadership 1LT Blair will bring to our ranks Officer on the Squadron Staff. His leadership and the friendship Alisha and Aiden bring and dedication will be hard to replace and his “It has been a as they settle in our community. friendship always kept close. Mel has been We also have a few farewells to an invaluable asset to the FRG and will be great transition mention. The Killer Spade’s will lose a few missed by us all. She has consistently offeredfrom a combat life of its heavy hitters as they move forward guidance, assistance and devotion to the with their careers. I would like to begin Bravo Company families and Soldiers and will back to family with letting CW2 Ryan Campbell and his always have a home with the Killer Spades. wife Leslie know that they will be missed I would like to also mention that our life.”. by all of us as Ryan transitions out of the hangar and some of our aircraft were audi- -CPT Brett Army for Medical school. He has been a ence to a group of youngsters from the local huge asset to the Killer Spades as our Boy Scouts. Den 9 conducted a “go see it” for Monette Company Safety Officer, a Pilot in Com- one of their electives and came for a visit to mand and a combat Air Mission Com- the airfield. I want to thank CW3 Wellen- mander. We wish the Campbell’s the best reuther over in Alpha Troop for his time as a of luck in their transition to the civilian life, tour guide for the boys as he showed them their family and their future. Also leaving the aircraft and the Wheeler Sack Fire Station. is the Arns family. CW2 Michael Arns, his I would like to recognize some of the wife Yuridia and their daughter Scarlet. members of the FRG. Alisha and Mel pre- Mike is leaving the company to attend the sented a few awards to the some of the wives Instructor Pilot course at Ft. Rucker and for their efforts as Treasurer and Key Callers. will then train future aviators there for Their jobs are sometimes behind the scenes about 3 years. Mr. Arns and his family will be missed as we lose a Pilot in Command but are a very important tool for information and great friend. We hope the Arns family dissemination and management of FRG fund- enjoys the beach weather that is soon in ing. Congratulations are in order for Mrs. their grasp! Another farewell goes to CW3 Brown, Mrs. Jensen and Mrs. Campbell for Alvin Melvin. Mr. Melvin has been one of their hard work and dedication to the Bravo our Maintenance test pilots, a Pilot in Company FRG program, thank you ladies for Command and a combat Air Mission Com- all you do for us. mander. His charismatic leadership and work ethic will be hard to replace and he will surely be missed. Although he is leav- -CPT Brett Monette “Killer Spade 06” THE REVOLVER
  5. 5. VOLUME 2, ISSUE 1 PAGE 5 C Troop/6-6Outcasts’, As we continue to wind down from Let me start by saying thank the deployment and settle back in afteryou for all of the support throughout block leave, we look forward to fun up-the redeployment phase. Your efforts coming events with the FRG and Squadron.have made transition to garrison life Several events on the horizon include anmuch easier for all of your loved ones. Outcast Family Day at Dry Hill in February, I would like to take this oppor- couples comedy night at The Lake Ontariotunity to welcome two new Outcast Playhouse in Sackets Harbor, and theTroopers. 1LT Stefan Borden joins us Squadron Ball on April 14th. Erin and I lookfresh out of flight school ready to serve forward to spending time with many ofas the Platoon Leader for 2nd Platoon. you and your families at these upcomingStefan’s enthusiasm and drive will be a events. Please feel free to contact eithergreat addition to the Troop. WO1 John of us at any time.“Jake” Hager also joins us fresh out offlight school, but is by no means a new- Again, thank you for your continued sup-comer to the Army. Jake’s vast 17+ port!years of experience will serve the Out- -CPT Paul Milascasts well in all of our future endeavors. “Outcast 6”Jake joins the Outcasts with his wifeMichelle and children John (age 11)and Riley (age 8). Unfortunately two of our Out-cast Troopers have left the Troop. SSGErik Vance transitioned to Delta Troopto work in the Quality Control shop,while CW3 Justin Popp assumed theposition of the Squadron Safety Offi-cer. Both Troopers will be missed andI wish the best for both of them intheir future assignments.
  6. 6. D Troop/6-6 PAGE 6 “Thank you for all of Desperado Families,the hard work and for We’re past the 100 day mark after returning home, and have officially entered the time of transition. Many always giving your Soldiers and Families are moving to and from Fort Drum. all.”. Please, keep us updated on your changes of emails or addresses, and let us know if you would like to be a part of our Family Readiness Group. -CPT Samantha It’s a great opportunity for your family members to meet people with similar experiences and backgrounds. The FRG is also a great reference group of fun things to do in the area. Jones Please, send an email to myself or 1SG Hill and we’ll link you up with our FRG leaders. Upcoming events Feb 14: Valentine’s Day! Don’t forget. Feb 18-21: President’s Day Weekend/No work Mar 17: St. Patrick’s Day Weekend Apr 14: Shooter Ball We wish the following Soldiers the best of luck in their new jobs. Thank you for all of the hard work and for always giving your all. Thank you for your service. Soldiers moving to a new duty station before March! SSG James Bear - FT HUACHUCA, SSG Cesar Rosado - FT EUSTIS, SSG Gregory Wolf - FT EUS- TIS, SPC Schneider - FT CAMPBELL, SSG Tariel Williams - FT IRWIN, SPC Sophia Hannibal - FT BRAGG, SPC Bassaya Coulibaly - FT BLISS, SSG Francis Mix - FT EUSTIS, SPC Matthew Riddle - FT CAMPBELL, SPC Juan Torres - HUNTER AAF, SFC Shawn Keelty - FT EUSTIS Soldiers moving to other units within the Brigade. CW3 Danny McConeghy to HHT/6-6 as Squadron AMO, CW3 Vance Corey to B/277 as AVIM QC OIC, CW3 Josh Perretta to B/277 as Component Specialist, SFC Oscar Vasquez B/1-10 TF Shooters as a Platoon Sergeant Soldier’s leaving the Army to challenge the civilian workforce! SGT Arthur, SGT Griffith, SPC Pitts, SPC Bacha, SGT Blackman, SPC Lang As we sadly say goodbye to so many fellow Soldiers and wish them well in their next jobs, we welcome many more! We’re excited to have these Soldiers as a part of our team. A warm welcome to the following Soldiers and their Families: Welcoming CW3 Erik Rutch , CPT Wes Pritchett, SPC Ryan Carroll, PV2 Paul Hollon, SSG Travis Jull, SPC Ronald Kuiper, PFC Ricardo Magana, PV2 Francisco Martinez, PV2 Joseph McCarthy, PV2 Christopher Meegan, PV2 Thomas Medley, PFC Shaun Michaelis, SSG Glenn Morgan, PV2 Jef- frey Moyer, SPC Lance Person, SPC Thomas Petree, SPC Tyler Rezachek, PV2 Timothy Ruby, PV2 Crystal Silva, PV2 Alan Skipper, PV2 Ryan Smith, PV2 Justin Tinsley, PV2 Kaleb Turner, PFC David Winebrenner, and PFC Woolweaver. Sincerely, Sam Jones Desperado Commander THE REVOLVER
  7. 7. VOLUME 2, ISSUE 1 PAGE 7 E Troop/6-6Mustang Family & Friends- On behalf of the First Sergeant and I, we hope everyone is enjoying their timehere as winter continues to tease us and as we continue to reintegrate with a more normal-ized schedule. With four months between us and redeployment, it is time to work on trainingto maintain our readiness and prepare for the next deployment, in the motor pool, on theFARP, and at home. In the past month we have begun licensing and re-training on vehicles(snow is sort of like sand, but not enough) and have conducted individual skills training. It hasbeen good to hear of all the Soldiers and families that are taking advantage of the outdooractivities. Take advantage of the North country and try something different, I recommend thatyou try skiing at Dry Hill or Snow Ridge, ice skating at the Watertown Ice Arena (on the fair-grounds) and of course, sledding. We had a great first FRG meeting of the year and will belooking to build upon that with some upcoming FRG events that will give us the opportunity toshare our individual skills and experience for the collective good of the unit. A special thanksgoes out to our new volunteers, Brittany Belcher and Brittany Wright as the Treasurer andalternate treasurer, and Joann Nieves-Ramos as one of our event planners and key callers. Wehave more volunteer opportunities available (I will never say no to a volunteer) The volunteersspread the responsibilities around and are absolutely critical to the FRG’s long term success. Ilook forward to continuing our mission over the months ahead as we develop and maintainour ability to defend freedom and the American way of life (WOOHOOO!!).In December and January we have welcomed 12 new Soldiers to EchoTroop! Veterans, please come by the next FRG meeting to introduceyourselves to the new families so we can get them started on theright foot here at Drum.Echo Troop’s success depends on our constant development, and thebelow individuals have distinguished themselves as prepared to takeon more responsibility and do more good for the unit. Congratula-tions and thanks to the following Soldiers who earned a promotionduring December and January:Matthew Payne -> Sergeant First ClassHenry Smith -> SergeantMalcolm Robinson -> SpecialistJustin Sherman -> SpecialistOniel Morrison -> SpecialistKennith Hill -> Private First Class- CPT Neal Sivula
  8. 8. PAGE 8 HHT/ 6-6 Stetsons, Its great to be home!... And its“I cannot thank hard to believe that its already been al-you enough for most 4 months since we arrived back to Fort Drum, but I hope you have enjoyed the support!” ily members I would like to thank Tim every bit of it with your loved ones. -CPT Chad Since our arrival home we have and his family for everything! had several events including the Shooter I would also like to say farewell Monroe to the Carr’s and Boyd’s. CW3 Joe Carr’s Saloon, Brigade Ball, Hails and Farewells as well as award, spur and promotion wife Kristina served as our Treasurer and ceremonies to name just a few. As ex- CW4 Bryan Boyd’s wife Rachel served as pected, Soldiers have already started a Key Caller. Both families contributions PCS’ing to their new duty stations and were significant and very appreciated. we are receiving new Troopers every Fortunately, they remain in other units week. We are sad to see any member of on Fort Drum though so they are not far the Stetson family leave, but are always away! excited to integrate a new face and fam- On the horizon the Troop will be ily into ours. Some recent new arrivals conducting the first of many ranges that include, 2LT Parsons, CW3 Cuevas, CW3 they are currently planning at the end of Tolan, SFC Hart, SPC Gilmore, PFC Burns, February and into March. Current PV2 Cossey, SPC Dawson, CPT Overholt, DONSA’s are scheduled for 6 FEB (day CW3 Popp, PV2 Saunders and others after Super Bowl) and 18-21 FEB from Rear-D as well. Please welcome (President’s Day) so be sure to enjoy that them into the family! time with your family and friends. There One specific departure that I are several other opportunities for you must mention is our own CW5 Tim to take advantage of such as the Febru- French, the Task Force SP. Tim will be ary 24-26th Strong Bonds event in Syra- retiring in August (will begin terminal cuse. I encourage you to stay involved as leave before then) after 25 years of ser- my wife frequently provides information vice to the Army with over 8 years here and opportunities for all within the FRG. at Fort Drum. He and his wife Mary and I cannot thank you enough for your sup- children have been an instrumental part port! of this organization. On behalf of all CPT Chad Monroe Stetson Troopers and fam- Stetson 6 THE REVOLVER
  9. 9. PAGE 9 B Co., 3-10“I know we will all Colossal Families, Another major miss the I hope everyone has enjoyed development is having their Soldiers home for the holi- the Company camaraderie and days! I can honestly say they all seem will sadly be support of the happy to be home. As we finish the leaving 6-6 CAV CAV, but look transition from deployment to home life and returning I just want to remind you of the impor- to the 3-10 forward to tance of family time and make sure you GSAB. I know we will all miss the cama- returning to the take advantage of what the North Coun- raderie and support of the CAV, but look try has to offer, even if the snowfall has forward to returning to the Phoenix Phoenix team.” been a little light. team.- CPT Ben Jackson We as a Company have had a On a separate note, the Com- pretty light work load, as you may or pany would like to wish a very Happy may not know we left most of our heli- Birthday to Emily Brown, Shannon Utter, copters in Afghanistan and sent our re- Priscilla Jacobo, Isaiah Clayton, Solan maining three to reset facilities. We are Lord, Melody Wlasniewski, and Caleb currently working on reconstituting our Hart! Hopefully all of your birthday fleet with transfers from other CH-47F wishes will come true. In closing, I could units in the Army and the return of the not be prouder of you and your Soldiers reset aircraft. I know some of your sig- efforts over the past months and know nificant others have already been asked we will only continue to make amazing to leave for days even weeks to accom- things, both within the Army and as a plish this mission, and I thank you for family happen. your patience and support. -CPT Ben Jackson Over the past few months we also promoted some of our own bright- est and best Soldiers, SSG McCrea, SSG MacDonald, and SGT McKnight. All three of these Soldiers impress me on a daily basis and I congratulate them and their families as they continue to pro- gress in their careers. THE REVOLVER
  10. 10. PAGE 10Chaplain’s CornerTF Six Shooters and Families, As the Six Shooters Chaplain, I remain steadfast in bringing God to Soldiers andSoldiers to God, this is the calling on my life. Clearly, there is something radically wrongwith man. The Bible discloses the seat of mans problem as being his heart, his inner be-ing, including his reason. We are full of falsehood, duplicity, and contradiction. We con-ceal and disguise ourselves from ourselves. Perhaps it is in this area that the heart per-forms its most destructive work; it conceals the exceeding sinfulness of sin and its tragic con-sequences and seriousness. It deceives us into thinking that it is not so bad or that God is somerciful that He will overlook it. Do you suppose He can overlook an attitude that so casuallytakes for granted sinful acts that caused the horribly painful and ignominious death of Onewho was truly innocent, His Son? Does He merely ignore an attitude that cares so little for itsown life that it deliberately attempts to bring that wonderful gift of life to an end? Does Hejust avert His eyes when we do something that forms a part of our character that will preventus from being in His image? Some people seem to think so, but is there innocence in this kindof reasoning? Our own heart deceives us into taking sin lightly. But, believe the Bible, God isNOT taking sin lightly because He loves His creation. Sin has caused all the emotional andphysical pain and death that mankind has experienced since Adam. Each of us is suffering tosome degree from it right at this moment. Does this bring us happiness? Do we love sin somuch that we want it to continue? Are we fully aware it may destroy us? Do we want our sin-ful way of life to end? There is only one way it will end, and that is to follow Jesus advice:"Unless you repent you will all likewise perish" (Luke 13:3). When we repent and begin con-trolling ourselves so that we do not sin, it will not stop sin in the world. But unless WE stopsinning, sin will never be stopped. EACH PERSON has to come to see that he is personally re-sponsible for stopping sin in his own life. He cannot wait for others to stop before he stops.The government will not do it for him. Nobody but the individual can stop his sinning unlessGod takes away the persons chance to repent by putting him to death. We cannot allow our-selves to be deceived into taking this casually as the world does. They say, "Everybodys doingit." Millions cheat on their spouses. Who knows how many have literally "gotten away withmurder"! Many cheat the government of their income taxes and never get caught. But wecannot cheat God. How could we escape the gaze of a Being so acutely aware of what is hap-pening that He sees even a sparrow falling? David writes, "Where can I go from YourSpirit?" (Psalm 139:7). God not only sees the acts, but discerns what is "going on" in the heart(verses 1-4, 23-24). -Chaplain (CPT) Richard R Hurst THE REVOLVER
  11. 11. PAGE 11 FRG Corner Bullets from TF Six Shooters’ FRG Happy 2012 TF Six Shooters Families! Hope everyone is enjoying having their soldier home; even if it means extra laundry, listening to a snooze button go off multiple times at 5am and a fridge we can’t seem to keep full. Now that our soldiers are back to work, so is your FRG. As we gather together to reconnect our families since redeploy- ing, we welcome our new families. Theresa and I hope you take the opportunities that your FRG’s are offering, whether it is the monthly meeting, or a social event, and come out to meet one another. We can’t stress enough how important the relationships you build within your FRG are to this organizations continued success. Your leaders are al- ways looking for volunteers, so please consider helping out. Speaking of Leaders, we wish to farewell and thank Katherine Stauffer and Tina Wellenreuther, for all they have contributed as leaders to the families of A Troop and the entire Squadron. Their positive attitude and shining personalities will be greatly missed and their friendship will always be treasured. They leave us with great replacements, Meghan Terry and Amanda Mur- phy, who we are excited to have on our team. For the month of March, the Squadron, along with A Company 2/10, is hosting an Evening of Formal Fashion Wear Event on Friday, March 2nd, 6-9pm in the Squadron Classroom. This is a fun night for spouses to come out and try on dresses at the “Shooters Boutique”, and find the perfect look to wear to our Spring Ball on April 14th, 2012. Featured dresses, shoes, jewelry and purses are available at no cost, on a first come, first fit basis. The Fort Drum Thrift Shop will also add to our event with items that can be purchased. If you wish to donate a formal dress or accessories to this event, please drop off prior to the FRSA’s office between 9-12pm. Lastly, we want to remind our families about our Military Family Life Counselors who are available24/7 to talk over any issues you may be having adjusting to redeploy- ment, a new post, and overall stress that life deals all of us. If you have any concerns about your soldier or a member of your family, please consider making an appointment to speak to an MFLC by calling, 315-405-7449. All the Best Always, Trish and Theresa THE REVOLVER
  12. 12. PAGE 12 “Your dedicationto the Six Shooters team has beenwithout a doubt a significant contribution in making our transition back to Fort Drum very smooth .” -LTC Christopher Downey THE REVOLVER
  13. 13. PAGE 13 “You can be proud to say that Soldiers of TF Six Shooters as well as the Families are part of a lasting legacy in the aviation community.” -LTC Christopher Downey THE REVOLVER
  14. 14. PAGE 14 Squadron BirthdaysPriscilla Jacobo—2/1 Tariel Williams-2/13 Jadazea Parker—2/23Jasper Katayama—2/1 David Lee– 2/15 Cheyenne Cole –2/24Allisyn Chavez—2/2 Melissa Dude—2/15 Isaac Boom—2/25Renee Blagrove 2/3 Stacy Payne—2/15 Justin Popp—2/25Michael Srnec 2/4 Joshua Ratcliffe-2/15 Brett Barrett—2/26Brandon Murphy—2/6 Brent Valdez-2/16 Karen Fosberg—2/26Michael Lee-2/9 Lucas O’Dell –2/16 Paula Holland—2/27Kelsey Bethea-2/10 Diego Calderon—2/17 Pierson Johnson—2/27Isaiah Clayton—2/10 Jacquiline Martinez—2/17 Ian Owens—2/27Katherin Mann –2/10 Ashley Blasingame-2/19 Rebecca Dunn 2/27Avery Ketchmark –2/11 Conny Burke –2/20 Donald Burrell—2/28Heather Ketchmark –2/11 D.J. Defoor -2/20 Hannah Zigler—2/28Solan Lord—2/11 Danielle Adams—2/21Israella Ramirez—2/11 Jasmine Parker - 2/21Megan Brown—2/12 Theresa Ayotte—2/22Xavier Lovik-2/13 Rebecca Brink—2/22Patrick McGuire—2/13 Jase Brown—2/22Gina Vogel—2/13 Frank Capri-2/22 Anniversary CelebrationsMark & Jessica Aguon—2/6Craig & Christy Starr—2/7Anthony & Autumn Hughes—2/11Jonathan & Summer Justus—2/18Aaron & Miranda Zigler—2/18Charlie & Lisa Brown—2/19Derrick & Diana Rodriguez—2/20Jacon & Katherine Stauffer—2/21Aaron & Alexis Bensinger—2/23Dante & Rayna Defoor—2/25Marc & Nicole Habel –2/26Jeremy & Gina Clark—2/27Scott & Conny Burke—2/28Luis & Mindy Aguilo—2/28 THE REVOLVER
  15. 15. THE REVOLVER
  16. 16. The “Six Shooters” are equipped with AH-64D “Apache” attack helicopters, UH-60L “Blackhawk” assault helicopters, OH-58D “Kiowa Warrior” armed scout helicopters, UH -60A and L “Blackhawk” helicopters configured for command and control missions, and CH- 47F “Chinook” medium lift helicopters. They conduct recon and security missions, perform attack operations, air assault and aerial resup- ply missions.Fort DrumTask Force Six Shooters20135 Hangar Access RoadFort Drum, NY 13602 Catch us on the web! Armyfrg.orgFRG Corner HHT 6-6 FRG Liason Stephanie Monroe 404-580-6890 Kam Gerohimos 315-774-1306 A Troop 6-6 Staff Duty Meghan Terry 315-777-4326 TF Six Shooters 315-774-1300 A Company 2-10 Brigade (24hrs) 315-774-1100Do you know who your Melissa Rexroad 315-405-5304 ChaplainFRG Leader is?? Please B Company 1-10 CPT Hurst 315-774-1303check out our list of lead- Alisha Monette 423-782-9202 Red Crossers, find yours and contact Mel Rego 508-241-0142 Ashley Branham 315-772-6561them today! B Company 3-10 MFLC Shannon Williams 334-494-0705 Janice Shabe 315-405-7449 C Troop 6-6 MP Station 315-772-2677 Erin Milas 847-702-2898 D Troop 6-6 Kim Hill 315-405-8347 Heather Ketchmark 912-657-4012 E Troop 6-6 Emily Sivula 651-353-6926TF Six Shooters Advisors: Julie Moore 989-482-9926 Trish Downey 315-608-1688 Theresa McGuire 315-773-3685 Important Phone Numbers: THE REVOLVER This newsletter contains official and unofficial information. The inclusion of some unofficial information in this FRG newsletter has not increases the cost to the Government, in accordance with DOD 4525.8-M.”