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Getting Students Hired Who Have Autism


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These tools allow the student or young adult to recognize his/her strengths in these focused areas: academic skills, self expressions (multiple intelligences), personal preferences, and self awareness. In conjunction with the MSCI©, the Power Practice Curriculum© (PPC) walks the student through an engaging career exploratory process, to discover methods that ease anxiety, and a process to identify solutions to manage and minimize challenges in order to maintain and enjoy a job/career. 

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Getting Students Hired Who Have Autism

  1. 1. Jackie M. Marquette Ph.D. Getting Students and Young Adults Hired who have Autism
  2. 2. Table of Contents. 1. School Transition to Getting Hired. (Slide 3). 2. What Students with Autism and their Parents Say. (Slide 8) 3. The Rainbow Tree Analogy (Slide 12) 4. See Sarah’s MSCI Strengths and Career Options (Slide 18) 5. Experience the Discovery of Your Strengths and Job/Career Options. (Slide 23) 6. How the MSCI is different from Popular Assessments (Slide 29) 7. Use SAFETY WORKS to PROMOTE JOB/ CAREER and Choice and Effectiveness (slide 31) 7. Use SAFETY WORKS to Solve Work Place Adversity. (Slide 32) 8. SAFETY WORKS Aligns with WIOA (slide 40) 9. Discover Your Job/Career Options that Match your Strengths Using SAFETY WORKS (Slide 44) 10. The End (Slide 46)
  3. 3. School Transition to Getting Hired!
  4. 4. Look at some talents, skills, and strengths people with autism are contributing to a career.
  5. 5. Of 100 individuals with autism, only 15 get employed
  6. 6. When unemployment takes away human value the price is too high. Say when the price is too high
  7. 7. There is much more we can do.
  8. 8. I want to have a job I am capable of doing. But I don’t know what that is. I love math. I want to study accounting at college, but I am afraid. I may not be able to handle it all. I have social anxiety. I don’t know what I can do. I only know I want to get paid and I don’t want to sit home all day. What students say
  9. 9. Of 10 students or young adults with ASD, 7.5 see their strengths important for a job or a career. *Marquette, J. M. and McCabe, A. (2016). A Study Using the Marquette Strengths and Career Index with Individuals with Autism, Parents/Advocates, and Special Education Teachers. Methodology included Inter-rater and validity with 90 individuals. What do people with autism think about their strengths?
  10. 10. What Parents Hope For I am worried about transition, but I am hopeful because Sarah has a creative talent in visual arts. Yet I don’t know how to guide her. I see the desire and the passion to work in my son’s eyes. At times Derek, my son, has obsessed on things and is compulsive. But when he has a task that he likes, he can do it. If he had an employer to understand him, I know Derek could have a job.
  11. 11. Of 10 parents or advocates, 9 see strengths for a job or career as important. What do parent/advocates think about strengths? *Marquette, J. M. and McCabe, A. (2016). A Study Using the Marquette Strengths and Career Index with Individuals with Autism, Parents/Advocates, and Special Education Teachers. Methodology included Inter-rater and validity with 90 individuals.
  12. 12. Introducing the Rainbow Tree. A beautiful tree that thrives in tropical climates.
  13. 13. You are like a Beautiful Rainbow Tree.
  14. 14. Just like the Rainbow Tree’s roots are the foundation to the tree so are your Abilities, Academic Success, or Self Expression of your Talents (Multiple Intelligences) the foundation to your career. abilities Academic Success Talents & Self Expression unique view of the world
  15. 15. Recognition of your Personal Preferences Your willingness to see strengths in self awareness and to develop more fully. Just as the thick walled cells of the trunk bring up the water and nutrients from the roots so do your personal preferences and self awareness strengths draw upon your abilities and talents.
  16. 16. Just as the leafage of the Rainbow Tree is abundant, so are your career options and possibilities. self employment certification careers college degree careers hobbies Volunteer Pursue College Studies HS diploma jobs advanced college careers part time job
  17. 17. Receive career options that match your strengths in 9 categories. They are similar to the bountiful leafage of the Rainbow Tree. Find your career options — in the Marquette Strengths & Career Index (MSCI). D. Self Emotional Awareness C. Personal Preferences Discover and name all your strengths, interests, & abilities. They are your foundation (roots) to a job/career. See your personal preferences & self awareness strengths. They are your strengths to a career just as the trunk is to the Rainbow Tree. A. Abilities, Academics B.Self Expression Talents & Strengths Volunteer hobbies part time job HS diploma jobs certification careers college degree careers advanced college careers self employment Pursue College Studies
  18. 18. See Sarah’s MSCI Strengths and Career Options
  19. 19. Marquette Strengths and Career Index Sales manager for a toy store Automotive Mechanics Game Developer Human Rights Advocate Blogger to guide tween girls: safety, protection against bullying, self worth, and positive affirmations. Volunteer: Campaign she supports Sarah's Ability and Academic Career Options
  20. 20. Marquette Strengths and Career Theater: Actor Sarah's Self Expression Career Options Costume Designer Blogger for young teen girls Photographer Singer
  21. 21. Marquette Strengths and Career Index Motivation to Achieve: Seeks a College Degree Structure and Environments:: Quiet Settings, Work Indoors Patterns in Learning: Journal Writing: Does Self Talk to Ease Stress Patterns in Learning: Likes to Watch a Video Connected to Others: Relies on Someone to Have Her Back in Difficult or Confusing Situations Patterns in Learning: Color Coding, using I-Pad and I phone Environments, People, Structure: Small group of coworkers Sarah’s Personal Preference Strength Findings
  22. 22. Marquette Strengths and Career Index Self Emotional Awareness: Gather information before making a decision. Trustworthiness: You help someone who relies on your assistance.
 Adaptability: You find other ways to solve a problem. 
 Empathy: You listen to a friend’s talk about their difficult situation.
 Service Orientation: You can convince someone with reasons why to buy something.
 Self Confidence: You say yes to a good opportunity that can positively effect Initiative: You explore, study, or read about careers you are interested in.
 Building Bonds: You show gratitude when your teacher or supervisor grants you a favor.
 Political Group Awareness: You see yourself interested in working for a cause you care deeply about.
 Sarah’s Self Awareness Strength Findings
  23. 23. Hop online and take this fun and engaging career assessment, the MSCI. Select items that are most like you or your interest. (177 items) Experience the Discovery of Your Strengths and Job/Career Options. 1
  24. 24. 2 Receive an immediate printout of jobs and careers that match your interests strengths, personal preferences and self awareness strengths. Receive Your Own Printout
  25. 25. With ‘Power Practices’ Explore Your Job Career Options, with a step by step guide. The process will lead you to narrow down your choice for a career direction. 3 Explore Your List of Job/Careers POWER PRACTICES
  26. 26. 4 With ‘Power Practices’ you will learn how Your Personal Preferences reveal safety cues. Safety cues create predictability and ease. Safety cues promote feelings of confidence to do your job. Know your Safety Cues for Career Success? POWER PRACTICES
  27. 27. With ‘Power Practices’ develop your self awareness: a. to create ease, b. on-the-job capabilities, c. minimize anxiety and manage daily hassles, and d. move through adversity into favorable situations. 5 Emotions drive everything we do. POWER PRACTICES
  28. 28. When you take the Marquette Strengths and Career Index (MSCI) you will Discover All Your Strengths Self Awareness (SA). Personal Preferences Self Expression of your Talents Academics, Cognitive Abilities
  29. 29. 1. Produces score/ standardized career test. 2. Examines functional abilities. 3. Emphasizes independent levels as criteria for employment. 4. Informal interest checklists. 5. Needs’ based assessments. 6. Outdated Picture Assessments Popular Assessments Marquette Strengths & Career Index 1. Strengths Based Assessment 2. Self assessment or with assistance. 3. Assesses strengths in: a. academics/cognitive b. Self Expression (multiples intelligences) c. personal preferences d. self emotional awareness 4. Offers options for careers based on self assessment findings 5. Offers Power Practice Curriculum to Guide Student through Career Exploration 6. Offers self awareness development, for career effectiveness. How the MSCI is Different from Popular Career Assessments VS
  30. 30. 1. Take the online Marquette Strengths and Career Index (MSCI). 2. Use Power Practices to start your career exploration activities. We will guide you. 3. In Power Practices, develop your self awareness. We will support you. Its Easy, Engaging and Fun
  31. 31. Use SAFETY WORKS to PROMOTE Job/Career Choice and Effectiveness White Collars Entrepreneurs Blue Collar Wage Earners Job Holders Apprenticeships Companies CounselorsHigh Schools Universities
  32. 32. Solve Work Place Adversity on Behalf of Company and Employees with Autism Use SAFETY WORKS
  33. 33. We offer Autism Sensitivity Training for the Companies, Managers, and Businesses
  34. 34. Sam felt excluded because he was never invited or included in workplace team meetings. With awareness, management now includes Sam in all workplace team meetings, holiday celebrations, and employee of the month. Managing Workplace Adversity Disagreement and strife among coworkers- bullying
  35. 35. Disagreement and strife among coworkers was disturbing to Sarah. She hid in the bathroom with high anxiety. With management & coworker awareness, Sarah now has an on site mentor/ coworker to clarify the changes & new rules that were causing disagreements. Managing Workplace Adversity
  36. 36. Management now expresses to John the abilities and strengths he has and his value to the department. Management is seeking other options for John. Managing Workplace Adversity Management emphasizesd simple tasks disregarding John’s abilities and strengths.
  37. 37. Familiar coworkers quit or transferred to other departments. Lisa relied upon them. Since they left, Lisa has suffered extreme anxiety. Managing Workplace Adversity The manager & another coworker prepared Lisa for the idea of new coworkers coming in and introducing Lisa on the first day. Management has assured Lisa she will get along with the new employees.
  38. 38. Changes in work schedules was a big change for Jason. His anxiety increased. Jason is worried about how he will get to work. Managing Workplace Adversity Management and Jason’s parents prepared Jason for a new work schedule and assisted him in finding transportation solutions.
  39. 39. Managing Workplace Adversity Management changed Emily’s tasks. She did not cope well and had a melt down. She experienced high anxiety and talked about quitting. Management explained to Emily the new tasks and the ease and time she will have to learn them. Management provided Emily time to adapt to the change and offered coworker/ mentorship support. Management reassured Emily the value of her work to the team/ department.
  40. 40. Marquette Strengths and Career Index (MSCI) Power Practices Curriculum (PPC) Workforce Innovative Opportunity Act (WIOA) + SAFETY WORKS
  41. 41. 1. WIOA 2. Promotes employment goal for people with disabilities – even those with the most significant or severe disabilities – 3. full- or part-time work.
  42. 42. WIOA affirms: To address students aged 14 - 21 in a. career preparation b. employment services, collaboration among c. special education & d. vocational rehabilitation professionals.
  43. 43. “Helping people to find the right career is really important. Finding a career that used my abilities in visual thinking and art helped me to be successful.  The most successful career uses a person’s strengths.”                                      ~Temple Grandin Temple Grandin with Trent Altman, 2013
  44. 44. Discover Your Job/Career Options that Match your Strengths go to:
  45. 45. Most of the images came from The image of the Painting of the Rainbow Tree was created by Trent Altman, artist. The image of Temple Grandin with Trent Altman is mine.
  46. 46. Thank you for viewing my slide share. The End