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Jacqueline is a Founder and the COO of TicketCake.com, a natural born doer, and an enthusiastic member of the #VegasTech community. She has been a relationship builder, problem solver, social marketer, project manager, and finance nerd. She was on the path to becoming a standout in the business banking world, but left to take a shot at following her own entrepreneurial ambitions. Today, she is inspired by serendipity and other entrepreneurs she meets.

Jacqueline spoke at TEDxFremontEastWomen on December 1, 2012. Her talk was titled "Playing nicely with fellow entrepreneurs pays off".

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@JackieMJensen #TEDxFremontEastWomen

  1. 1. Playing nicely with fellow entrepreneurs pays off @JackieMJensen
  2. 2. Let Go of What You Think You Know • Stop reading • Own where you are • Shift your focus @JackieMJensen 2/21
  3. 3. Use Twitter to Find Successful EntrepreneursJENNIFER GOSSE PORTER HANEY CYAN BANISTER ALEX LAWRENCE Tracky Wedgies Zivity Weber State University LON HARRIS ROSS WALKER ROBB KUNZ LESLIE LIBERATORE WhatsTrending.com Circle Five ventureBLUE Capital Hot Skillet Productions @JackieMJensen 6/21
  4. 4. What Do Successful Entrepreneurs Do EVENTS PRESS SUPPORTING OTHERS“This event is important to me “Here’s an interview with a “It was great to meet you lastto attend. Will you join me?” leader in our growing startup night. Meet my friend who may community.” want to partner with you.” @JackieMJensen 7/21
  5. 5. The successfulentrepreneurs on Twitterare people you wish youhad met in college. @JackieMJensen
  6. 6. Skip trolling for investors (for now) @JackieMJensen
  7. 7. Entrepreneurs vs. Investors Friend Friend of Friend• Heavy Twitter use • Difficult to vet• Focuses on supporting others • Spread thin• Easily accessible • May have different goals than your own• Attends meet-ups IRL • Does not attend many networking events IRL• Gives honest feedback about your product • Hard to reach without a warm introduction• Looks for mutual connections to other contacts• Could be a potential hire @JackieMJensen 16/21
  8. 8. 48 Hours of #SiliconBeach Tweets Events & Meet-ups Asking for HelpIntroductions & Follow Ups Press • 12 unique users Suporting Others • 16 tweets Just for Fun Entrepreneurship Visiting 0 0.5 1 1.5 2 2.5 3 3.5 Number of Tweets @JackieMJensen 13/21
  9. 9. 48 Hours of #VegasTech Tweets Events & Meet-ups Asking for Help • 68 unique usersIntroductions & Follow Ups • 103 tweets Press Suporting Others Just for Fun Entrepreneurship Visiting 0 5 10 15 20 25 30 35 Number of Tweets @JackieMJensen 13/21
  10. 10. 48 Hours of #VegasTech vs. #SiliconBeach Supporting Others3530 Events & Meet-ups Press2520151050 #SiliconBeach Tweets #VegasTech Tweets @JackieMJensen 9/21
  11. 11. Using Twitter to Connect1 Keep it personal2 Seek out tech scene hashtags3 Grow a Twitter list of entrepreneurs you admire4 Observe, jump in, and meet-up IRL @JackieMJensen 3/21
  12. 12. @Shaun_Swanson Hey buddy, were coming into town3/27-3/29. Dinner? Drinks? Debauchery? - Jacqueline Jensen (@JackieMJensen) 3/24/12 @JackieMJensen
  13. 13. @ticketcake Hey guys! Saw you are in Vegas. Was atJelly last night. Taking the downtown tour 2day. Wouldlove to say hi if u are near Ogden - Jeremy Gocke (@VonGocke) 7/6/12 @JackieMJensen
  14. 14. @PorterHaney @Deepfoo Still in the hot tub bro.Come hang, bring pancakes. #VegasTech - Dylan Jorgensen (@DylanJorgensen) 2/11/12 @JackieMJensen
  15. 15. THANK YOU @JackieMJensen