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Structured and Staged process for migrating to eQuip! Asset Management tool


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The process for migrating to the eQuip! asset management is structured and staged, so users don't feel overwhelmed while they align their business processes and gather their asset data for the on boarding process

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Structured and Staged process for migrating to eQuip! Asset Management tool

  1. 1. Customer On Boarding Process for the eQuip! to Enterprise Asset Management Software E-ISG Asset Intelligence ( October, 2016
  2. 2. What Is Customer On Boarding Work with new customers of the eQuip! asset management software to set up the structure for their asset data and import legacy data, so the customers can start using the standard workflows and tools built in the eQuip! software to manage physical assets
  3. 3. The Customer On Boarding Process with E-ISG  Structured, staged approach  Guided by E-ISG Customer Support  On average 4-6 weeks, longer for larger projects  Beginning, middle, and end point customer surveys to align expectation and address any issues
  4. 4. Structured, Staged Approach 1 . Pr o v i s i o n / D a t a s e t u p 2 . I m p o r t l e g a c y d a t a 3 . B a s i c w o r k f l o w s / t o o l s 4 . A d m i n f u n c t i o n s 5 . C u s t o m i z e r e p o r t s / t e m p l a t e s 6 . Re v i e w / C o m p l e t e / G o L i v e
  5. 5. Set Up Structure for Asset Data W h e r e : H i e r a r c h i c a l s t r u c t u r e t o i d e n t i f y u n i q u e l o c a t i o n W h a t : C a t e g o r i c a l s t r u c t u r e t o c l a s s i f y a s s e t W h o : L i n k Pe o p l e t o G e o g r a p h i c l o c a t i o n s I m p o r t Te m p l a t e f o r i m p o r t i n g l e g a c y d a t a a n d b a t c h i m p o r t
  6. 6. Activate Workflows/Tools to Support 6 Business processes Processes Descriptions 1. Record This process covers the activity of verifying, recording and reporting receipt of assets (equipment, supplies and material). We do not record defective assets that do not pass verification. 1. Use This process covers the activity of transferring and reserving assets, combining different assets into kits, assigning assets to people, and building components into assembled products. 1. Maintain This process covers the activity of repairing, calibration, preventative maintenance, or Return Material Authorization (RMA). 1. Audit The process covers the activity of verifying the location and exact count of the assets. 1. Report This process covers the generation of reports about the management of assets to support the 10 outcomes. 1. Dispose This process covers the disposition and retirement of assets at the end of asset life.
  7. 7. Configurations – Based on Written Document from Customer  Workflow rules  Reports  KPIs  Data feeds from other systems (e.g. procurement, auto discovery tools, ERP)
  8. 8. What E-ISG Needs from our Customers  Agree on a clear scope in the beginning  Provide prompt answers on data structure, business processes and requests for documentation  Attend user training and admin training in a timely manner  Respond to customer surveys in a timely manner  Support testing/validation before Go Live
  9. 9. What E-ISG is Committed to  Provide guidance on best practices  Deliver the agreed outcome on time  Manage the project within scope  Suggest external resources for help, such as inventory audit, business process design, compliance support tax and audit preparation