Get ready now to quit smoking in 2013


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Some more great tips to help you prepare to quit smoking in 2013

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Get ready now to quit smoking in 2013

  1. 1. Get Ready NOWto Quit Smoking in 2013! Presented By: Jackie Hill Email:
  2. 2. Reminder – What this webinar will cover• Why Quit? How to get and stay motivated• Why you can’t trust your 5 physical senses sight, sound, feeling, smell and taste• Why Will-Power on it’s own is likely to fail• Why Commitment is the key to success PLUS 8 Tips You Can Do Straight Away
  3. 3. 1. Keep an Open Mind2.Remember
  4. 4. Tip 1# Don’t Rely on Will-Power• Poor results – research shows only 6% success rate• Requires enormous strength and tremendous effort.• Creates an internal fight in our mind.• And is at war with our bodies
  5. 5. Tip # 2 Be Wary of your 5 Physical SensesTricks that the body uses to get a fix of nicotine is to use your 5 physical senses to create an illusion.
  6. 6. Recognise the Dangerous Effects of Smoking • Cancer of the Kidney,Smoking Harms almost all the Organs of the Body and can Cause: • Cancer of the Ureter,• Aneurysms, • Cancer of the Stomach,• Peripheral vascular disease, • Cancer of the Pancreas• Chronic Obstructive • Cancer of the Cervix, pulmonary disease, • Cancer of the Bladder,• Asthma, • Acute myeloid leukaemia,• Pneumonia, • Stomach ulcers,• Influenza, • Cataracts,• Cancer of the Larynx, • Blindness,• Cancer of the Oropharynx, • Peridontitis• Cancer of the Oesophagus, • heart attacks,• Cancer of the Trachea, • strokes,• Cancer of the Lung, • hip fractures • reduced fertility.
  7. 7. Tip #3 Utilize the Power of PainGet the Truth - ResearchVisit websites, - i.e.‘’ Get some imagesRead ‘real life’ storiesVisit a person who has asmoking related illnessCarry around a photo ofsomeone close to you whohas died through a smokingrelated illness.
  8. 8. Tip #4 – Write a List• List all the dangerous or bad effects smoking has• Add any that are personal to you• Consider keeping a scrap book - using powerful imagery, stories, poems…• ‘This is what could happen to me if I smoke’
  9. 9. Tip # 5 What are all the possible benefits you gain as a non-smoker?• Here are some benefits:• Feeling fitter• Physical healing• Physical de-tox• Better eyesight• Fresher home• Tastier food• More money• Being warmer• Being accepted in public places• Improved skin• Looking younger• Feeling in control
  10. 10. Write another list• List all the possible benefits that YOU as a non-smoker will have• Add any that are particularly personal to you – Get Specific• Cut out images, feel-good stories anything that inspires you and put in your scrapbook.• ‘I want to be…. ’ ‘I want to have’
  11. 11. Tip # 6 Create a Vision Board
  12. 12. Tip #7 - Make a Commitment Commitment IS : • Commitment ALWAYS:• A promise or vow 1. Ignites ACTION• To Stand on your 2. (action is necessary) ‘subconscious’ 3. Means PERSEVERENCE• Persistence with a (no matter what) purpose 4. Demands RESULTS• Single minded (not excuses)
  13. 13. Tip #8 – Set a Quit Date• No longer than 7 days after you’ve made a commitment• Choose some time when you have space. Maybe a long weekend.
  14. 14. Make an Action Plan• Preparation: clean house, get rid of smoking paraphernlia etc.• Tell everyone, decide on strategies• What additional help/support will I need
  15. 15. Get my eBook  Buy today for $23,99 and get 3 bonus gifts absolutely FREE