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Who Is This Guy


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Fun. Fast. Simple. Meet the guy who really knows that you and your business only have one chance to make a great first impression. After all, great first impressions come from great experiences. Experiences that breed stories you'll want to share.

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Who Is This Guy

  1. Good Question. © 2009, Mike Wittenstein. All rights reserved.
  2. Who is this guy?
  3. He’s a speaker.
  4. He’s a facilitator.
  5. He’s a consultant.
  6. He’s an EXPERIENCE designer.
  7. He’s got a winning track record.
  8. He’s got the tools...
  9. and the creativity to use them.
  10. He improves your front line...
  11. and your bottom line.
  12. Have you figured it out yet?
  13. Wanna guess?
  14. Ok, we’ll tell you...
  15. He’s Mike Wittenstein.
  16. He’s a Storyminer.
  17. Storyminer?
  18. unearths
  19. Mike unearths stories that meet your business objectives
  20. design
  21. which translate into the design of experiences your customers want to have
  22. What if you could transform your customers’ experience from an unmemorable blur...
  23. To something worth celebrating?
  24. What if the experience you gave your clients made them feel less like a number... Professionals
  25. And more like #1 Professionals
  26. And what if the perfect experience...
  27. Didn’t have to be so complicated ?
  28. see
  29. see your business
  30. Mike helps you see your business the way your customers do
  31. true
  32. So you can understand their true experience...
  33. With a new perspective
  34. Through your customer’s eyes
  35. You can give your customers an experience they’ll cherish
  36. stories to share and rave about
  37. in person, or facebook-to-facebook
  38. buzz they’ll tweet about
  39. Because great word-of-mouth begins with a great experience.
  40. complicated
  41. And it’s really not so complicated
  42. top secret
  43. We’ll even share our top secret formula...
  44. Focusing
  45. Focusing on your customers experience means...
  46. being unique
  47. providing real value
  48. and making a lasting impression
  49. and making a lasting impression.
  50. experience
  51. If you haven’t already guessed... Mike’s all about the experience
  52. because you can improve your brand with a better customer experience
  53. the kind of successful experience that breeds great stories
  54. like the experience of working with Mike.
  55. experience Mike.
  56. +1 866.770.9830 @mikewittenstein © 2009, Mike Wittenstein. All rights reserved.