Heroines of Rome Jackie Giammatteo


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Heroines of Rome Jackie Giammatteo

  1. 1. Heroines of Ancient RomeJackie Giammattteo
  2. 2. Timeline753 B.C – 509 B.C 27 A.D -Founding – Roman Octavianof Rome Republic (Augustu by s) takesRomulus is power as and establish the first Remus ed emperorRoman empire continues until its fall in 476A.D
  3. 3. Women’s Role in Ancient Rome Women had no legal freedom in Ancient Rome A Roman women was under the control of a male figure her entire life Women could not hold the position of general, consul, or senator Could not vote or own any land
  4. 4. Some Left Marks on HistoryWith their restricted roles in public life, it washard for women to make an impact onsociety…But some didLucretia, Cloelia, and VerginiaThese women were all considered heroines ofthe early Roman RepublicTheir actions influenced and inspired women forgenerations to come
  5. 5. Lucreti a Cloelia Verginia
  6. 6. The Story of LucretiaDuring the Reign of the tyrant kings rulingRome, several young military leaders met for adinner gatheringEach man began to boast about how great hiswife wasAll the men decided to ride back to their homesto secretly observe their wives to see who’s wifewas acting most virtuous
  7. 7. LucretiaAll were surprised to find theirwives preparing for lavishdinner parties and spendingtime with friendsThe wife of TarquiniusConlatinus stood out, LucretiaLucretia was home spinningwool with her maidsThe men were all impressed byLucretia’s innocence and honorand awarded TarquiniusConlatinus as winner.
  8. 8. TroubleAmong the group of men was the son of thetyrant king at the time (Lucius TarquiniusSuperbus ), Sextus TarquiniusSextus was overcome with jealousy, desire, andambition to challenge Lucretia’s purityA few nights later Sextus entered the house ofLucretia to rape her
  9. 9. Sextus told Lucretia ifshe were to screamfor help, he would killboth her and aslave, and put themboth in her bedmaking it look as ifshe had committedadulteryLucretia relented andSextus raped her
  10. 10. DishonorAfter Sextus left Lucretia, with shame, called tosee her husband and father and tearfullyexplained what happenedShe explained that her body was now soiledChoosing death over dishonor, Lucretia plungeda knife into her heart
  11. 11. “No woman shall useLucretia as her example in dishonor.”
  12. 12. March to RomeLucretia’s husband and father were outragedThey declared that the king and his family hadcommitted far too many crimes and themonarchy had to endThey began to march to Rome where they werejoined by others who were horrified by Lucretia’srape and deathMany had also suffered under the king for longenough and joined the cause
  13. 13. Expel of the KingsThe public succeeded in overthrowing the kingand his familyThis ended the reign of kings in Rome and beganthe Republic
  14. 14. The Roman RepublicThe republic was established in 509 B.CRome was still very small and was completelysurrounded by enemiesIt wasn’t long until Rome was attacked and putunder siege by the Etruscan king ofClusium, Lars Porsena.After almost being assassinated by a Roman, infear that it might happen again, Porsena made apeace proposal to the Romans
  15. 15. The ProposalThe Proposal stated thathe would give Janiculumback to the Romans, ifthey would give theEtruscans some youngRoman hostages
  16. 16. CloeliaRome agreed to this and sent over somehostagesAmong the hostages was a teenage girl namedCloeli
  17. 17. The EscapeOne night Cloelia escapedUnseen by the guards, she led several other girlsout as wellShe led them across the Tiber river while beingshowered with Javelins and arrows by therealizing guardsShe managed to get every single girl homesafely
  18. 18. BraveryWhen the news reached the king that Cloelia hadescaped and taken other girls with her, he wasoutragedHe demanded her back threatening to renew warwith the RomansCloelia, bravely agreed to return back to Clusiumif it meant keeping the peace in her homeland ofRomeUpon return to the king, his anger soon turnedinto admiration for the young girl’s courage andlet her return safely to Rome again
  19. 19. HeroWhen Cloelia returned to Romeshe became an instant hero forher courage and willingness torisk her life for the sake ofkeeping peace in RomeShe was rewarded with anequestrian statue on the highestpoint of the Sacred Way
  20. 20. The DecemvirateOnce the monarchy was overthrown, Rome wasruled by two men called consuls and the senateIn 451 B.C a group of ten men, called theDecemvirate, were appointed to draw up thelaws of the state that would clearly define therights of both plebeians and patricians.Overtime the rule of the Decemvirate becameincreasable violent
  21. 21. VerginiaOne member to the Decemvirate was AppiusClaudiusAppius began to lust over a beautiful girl namedVerginiaVerginia, being engaged, rejected him theseveral times he tried to seduce herSo Appius Claudius came up with a plan
  22. 22. The PlanAppius was going to have one of his clients takeVerginia while she was on her way to schoolThe client would then take her to court claimingthat Verginia was actually his slave who wasstolen from him when she was a babyAppius, being the Judge of Civil Disputes wouldrule that the girl must be returned to her “formerowner” (essentially just given to Appius)
  23. 23. VerginiusBefore Appius could rule that Verginia must goback to the custody of her former owner, thecase was delayed so Verginia’s father, Verginiuscould return from war and defend his daughterHe fled back to Rome to support his daughter’sfreedom gathering supporters on the way
  24. 24. Verginia’s MurderOnce Verginia arrived to defendhis daughter, Appius immediatelysilenced him and ruled custodyof Verginia to his clientShocked, Verginius begged totalk to his daughter aloneBefore Appius could stophim, Verginius stabbed hisdaughter knowing it was the onlyway to secure her freedomVerginius was immediatelyarrested, but his supportersgathered to attack AppiusClaudius
  25. 25. Overthrow of the Decemvirate and re- establishment of the Roman RepublicThis act of corruption led to the overthrow of theDecemvirateThey had already been abusing their power foryears and their power seemed to be getting tothe level of the kings which had been overthrownmany years beforeVerginia’s death sparked the uprising which ledto the re-establishment of the Roman republic
  26. 26. Lasting InfluenceIn a nation dominated bymen, Lucretia, Cloelia, and Verginia all stood outas HeroinesLucretia sacrificed herself in order to uphold thetraditional values of Roman women, whichsparked an overthrowing of the tyrant kingsCloelia’s courage protected the peace in Romeduring the republicVerginia’s death kept the republic from turninginto a monarchy again
  27. 27. Inspiring Women for Generations to comeThe actions of these women influenced andinspired other women for yearsThe way women were looked at was changedbecause of these hero’s