Legitimate Home Business Ideas for the Middle-Aged Women


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http://www.LegitimateHomeBusinessIdeas.com Legitimate Home Business Ideas For the Middle-Aged Women

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  • Great Article. I'm not surprised that it's an older age group that are starting business. With age comes wisdom. After so many years of working for someone else and making them money most people get tired of it and want to build their own future. it's so easy in this day and age to start an affordable business, it is a great time in history for many people.
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Legitimate Home Business Ideas for the Middle-Aged Women

  1. 1. Legitimate Home Business Ideas for the Middle-Aged Women http://www.LegitimateHomeBusinessIdeas.com According to a 2009 Kauffman Foundation Study: "Contrary to popularly held assumptions, it turns out that over the past decade or so, the highest rate of entrepreneurial activity belongs to the 45-64 age group. The 20-34 age bracket, meanwhile, which we usually identify with swashbuckling and risk-taking youth (think Facebook and Google), has the lowest rate." Unfortunately, most middle-aged female entrepreneurs wanting to start a legitimate home business make the mistake of using their savings, maxing out credit cards or borrowing from family, friends or banks to get started. The reason they fall into this trap is because mistakenly they believe this is the only way they can become home business owners. In the old Industrial Age business model, starting a small business required a large initial investment. Items such as desks, furniture, equipment, supplies, phones, credit card processing machines, long term leases, employees, utility deposits, filing cabinets, space for supplies, printing and copying, faxing, paper, toner, storage, payroll taxes, employee benefits and on and on and on. It is important to understand that starting a business in this new Information Age and Knowledge Era, does not require the large funding previously needed in the old, traditional Industrial Age business model. This means, the middle-aged female entrepreneur has the ability to start a profitable and reputable business with little to no money out of pocket. So, when it comes to finding a "legitimate home business", a middle-aged female entrepreneur is probably better off starting one on her own. Why? Well, it is no longer expensive to start a business. With the right tools, business startup upfront cash outlay risk is at an all time minimum. Besides, most established businesses will most likely want lots of up front cash. Not to mention the credibility issue. There are many unscrupulous individuals out there that call themselves "legitimate", but…what is more legitimate, than starting a business yourself? You may say, "But Jackie, I don't know where to start, I don't have a business idea". Believe it or not, there are many free market research tools out there. Middle-aged female entrepreneurs are probably better off getting into a business they know for a fact, will have a greater chance of success based on credible, real time research. This is certainly better than taking someone's word, especially if it's an unknown company or individual.
  2. 2. How do I know? I have been there. After a decade in business, back in 2004 I decided to grow my business to the next level. I did my due diligence, I did my homework, and guess what...I still ended up victim of dishonest people, masqueraded behind a "big name" company. So in a nutshell, I suggest you take the time to learn how to do market research with free online tools, pinpoint a potential profitable business; start mostly with free or low cost online tools, test the market and only then get your business going. By the time you have completed this process, you will know for a fact, it is a 100% legitimate home business. Jacqueline Burgoa was nominated by Forbes.com as "30 Women Entrepreneurs to Follow on Twitter". MBA. 16+ Years Virtual Business Owner. U.C. Berkeley Graduate. Worked in Singapore, Bolivia & U.S. Mom of 2 boys. She is the founder of JackieBiz.com where small business owners and home based businesses learn the latest virtual business strategies on how to work less and make more in their businesses. Visit Legitimate Home Business to get the "Top 7 Business Startup Tips for Middle- Aged Women"