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Verint Performance Management Solutions

  1. 1. Verint Performance Management Solutions A Blend of Software and Services with Guaranteed 2:1 ROI in Just 24 Weeks A Verint Systems Executive Brief January 2007
  2. 2. Table of Contents Verint Performance Management Solutions....................................................... 1 People and Technology Driving Performance ........................................................................... 2 Performance Management Software....................................................................................... 3 Process Optimization ........................................................................................................... 4 Performance Training .......................................................................................................... 5 2:1 ROI, Guaranteed..................................................................................... 6 This document contains confidential and proprietary information of Verint Systems Inc. and is protected by copyright laws and related international treaties. Unauthorized use, duplication, disclosure or modification of this document in whole or in part without the written consent of Verint Systems Inc. is strictly prohibited. By providing this document, Verint Systems Inc. is not making any representations regarding the correctness or completeness of its contents and reserves the right to alter this document at any time without notice. All marks referenced herein with the ® or TM symbol are registered trademarks or trademarks of Verint Systems Inc. or its subsidiaries. All rights reserved. All other marks are trademarks of their respective owners. © 2007 Verint Systems Inc. All rights reserved.
  3. 3. Verint Performance Management Solutions Verint® Performance Management Solutions combine sophisticated analytics software with expert services to align operational execution with important corporate objectives. Designed specifically for business users, Verint’s unified performance dashboard enables organizations to leverage key performance data across disparate front and back office systems. This comprehensive view of enterprise performance promotes accurate performance measurement, fast and effective decisions, and superior business results. Verint expert services for a wide range of industries and enterprise functions helps organizations optimize processes, train staff to perform more effectively, and generate continuous improvement. Delivered over the course of a 24-week Frost & Sullivan is happy to present this award to engagement, Verint Performance Management Verint in recognition of their vertical domain expertise garnered over several years of effective Solutions offer a proven approach to implementations and their unique blended services enterprise performance, with guaranteed 2:1 and technology approach, both of which have ROI for measurable, sustainable value. helped end-users maximize returns on investment. Verint. Powering Actionable Intelligence.® Verint Systems Inc. (NASDAQ: VRNT) is a leading global provider of analytic software-based solutions for security and business intelligence. Verint solutions help organizations make sense of the vast voice, video, and data available to them, transforming this information into actionable intelligence for better decisions and highly effective performance. Since 1994, Verint has been committed to developing innovative solutions that help global organizations achieve their most important objectives. Today, organizations in over 50 countries use Verint solutions to enhance security, boost operational efficiency, and fuel profitability. 1
  4. 4. “Verint has provided us actionable intelligence that is used by line staff, middle management, and senior leadership to evaluate our daily operations and project our strategic resource needs.” Peggy Hutchinson SVP of Policyholder Services Conseco Insurance Group People and Technology Driving Performance Performance management is about helping service organizations improve and move forward. For service organizations, it is technology that imparts information and spurs productivity. But technology’s potential as a catalyst for improvement hinges on the ability of people to adopt efficient processes, learn new skills, and interpret the information that technology provides to drive business performance. Technology can unite fragmented data, enabling managers and individual service providers to see new operational metrics ― productivity, service levels, throughput, backlog, quality ― that allow them to improve management and performance. In complex, fast-changing service organizations, Verint performance analytics software unlocks this data, aggregates it and transforms it into intelligence. People create the relationships that lie at the heart of any service organization — relationships that no level of technology can emulate. Businesses rise and fall based on the quality and efficiency of everyday interactions. And people, assisted by technology, drive these interactions. At Verint, improving service provider performance is about creating efficient business processes and linking them to performance metrics. That direct link, along with management and individual service provider training, delivers what few other solutions can ― guaranteed results. When the right technology is connected to the people and processes that ignite performance, results follow. Verint customers have achieved million-dollar savings and double-digit service improvements. 2
  5. 5. Performance Management Software Information is the spark that sets performance in motion and sustains it as business conditions change. Verint performance management software develops critical operational information in complex areas of your business. More than just integrating data, these analytics aggregate and transform this data into actionable intelligence. Disparate data is brought together and related to volume, complexity and time. This intelligence is the catalyst for large and small decisions executed by managers and individuals who drive results. Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) are also directly linked to the optimized business processes that support and direct execution. As a result of this connection, managers can identify the root causes of problems and fix them before they negatively impact results. Verint Performance Management Solutions, including the performance analytics dashboards, can be implemented across the enterprise in both front and back office functions. Consistent and timely metrics provide executive management who oversee multiple functions with a clear, concise view of performance that feeds corporate scorecards. The Web-based Verint performance management software also features a menu of supporting applications for companies that seek to further enhance the resource planning and assignment functions in their centers. These Verint Performance Management Solutions helped a leading managed “a la carte” modules include resource management and healthcare company achieve dramatic scheduling. results: Additionally, an integrated Verint Customer Interaction • 26% increase in average speed of Analytics offering complements performance management answer operational efficiency gains by providing insights about key • 43% reduction in abandoned calls business issues, such as customer retention, first contact • 34% decrease in cost per call resolution, business problem discovery, why customers call, • 3.3:1 ROI and more. 3
  6. 6. Process Optimization Verint is staffed by experts in improving business performance through the application of proven process redesign techniques and Six Sigma quality improvements. Our activity-based costing techniques break down business processes to their most basic levels. Once processes are deconstructed, we remove the anomalies and work to ensure that remaining steps are in sync with systems and can be managed and executed at world-class productivity levels. We focus on the following key areas: • Forecasting and scheduling • Metrics • Workload balancing • Service delivery • Workflow • Unit cost analysis • Communication and behavior • Capacity planning Our team engages every layer of the organization in the execution of these process changes, from senior managers to individual service providers. We place a premium on input from the team members who manage and process the work, often using their direct input as the basis for initiating change. Our method of process improvement extracts the “abstract” from the change process. The Verint Visual Process Map ― a life-sized graphical view of a customer’s process change that makes its home on every customer’s Working with Verint, a leading insurance conference room wall ― depicts current and company realized: recommended processes. This view of process change is • Over $17M in operational savings the basis for helping customer teams not only understand • An increase in productivity from 50% change, but also take ownership of it. to 80% During this effort, newly optimized business processes are • A 45% decrease in online inventories documented in the Verint Codas operating methodology, • 4:1 Return On Investment which remains on site with the customer to support process change. The Codas methodology also maps out Verint Performance Management Solutions not only delivered millions the linkages between processes and the performance in savings and double digit service metrics that are generated by Verint performance improvements, but fundamentally management software. changed the way this insurer does Optimized processes that are embraced by people and business. engineered around technology deliver the foundation for better, faster, cheaper execution. 4
  7. 7. Performance Training We believe that training is the cornerstone of any operational implementation and dramatically increases the likelihood for long-term sustainability in quality and performance. Verint Performance Training is an action- oriented program that provides on-the-job training for managers and individual service providers. Managers are trained on how to execute operational changes, from organizational design and process innovation to individual performance monitoring and quality management. The goal is to empower supervisors and managers with the skills required to improve planning and decision making. Verint Performance Training also extends to individual service providers. After engaging members of those teams in the process optimization effort, Performance Training is delivered so that each individual understands workflow, work activities, and the Verint performance management software that puts metrics and dashboards at their fingertips. Verint Performance Training is at the heart of the cultural changes that make performance management work. 5
  8. 8. 2:1 ROI, Guaranteed To achieve short-term results, we understand that changes must be feasible, even in the chaotic, fast- changing environments of our customers’ businesses. We specialize in implementing change in complex environments, where technologies can be a barrier to performance, and management information is difficult to uncover. We also excel in environments where processes and performance are difficult to measure and cycle times vary widely. Verint Performance Management Specialists typically have more than a decade of experience with the largest service organizations in the world. They are well equipped to deliver performance improvements to companies grappling with service or cost problems. Yet, just as often, we find significant performance Verint performance analytics, a strong process foundation, opportunities within companies already and empowered teams are the critical components of meeting their goals. long-term value and superior ROI. Verint provides a minimum 2:1 ROI, guaranteed in writing, to be delivered in no more than 24 weeks. To deliver on that commitment, we set and track weekly ROI goals that are approved and supported by your local management teams. For more information, visit or call us at 1-800-4VERINT. 6