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Taleo Performance

  1. 1. Taleo Performance The next generation performance management solution built to transform the way organizations align, develop, and motivate talent. Taleo Performance™ combines innovative performance, goals, career, and succession management with the leading talent management platform for a unified view of talent and performance across your workforce.
  2. 2. Taleo Performance Leading organizations need to acquire and retain top talent to drive innovation and execution. With skill shortages, high turnover, low employee engagement, leadership gaps, and globalization, effective talent management is harder than ever. Managers and executives need to systematically assess, acquire, develop, and align their workforce to better accomplish their business objectives. Many companies have looked to performance management systems to help answer this challenge. First generation solutions delivered only process automation and compli- ance. Now Taleo has reinvented performance management with a focus on user adoption and a direct connection to the business. Our unique combination of intuitive usability, unified view of talent, and integration with common productivity tools changes performance management from an annual administrative event into a powerful solution for improving business results. Designed from a business perspective, Taleo Performance delivers increased retention, reduced leadership gaps, improved quality of hire, and alignment of people with goals. Combine innovative goals, performance, career, and suc- cession management with the industry leading on demand talent management platform to help you achieve improved performance across your workforce.
  3. 3. The Next Generation of Strategic Performance Management Boost your organization’s performance with the most innovative combina- Taleo Performance tion of talent acquisition and performance management available. Assess, • Performance Management acquire, develop, and align your workforce with an intuitive interface and processes that improve retention, remove leadership gaps, improve quality • Goals Management of hire, and align people with goals. • Career Management From the award-winning leader in talent management comes a new genera- • Succession Planning tion of performance management solutions. Taleo combined knowledge from leading HR experts and Web 2.0 technologies for a fresh new way to drive higher business performance—Taleo Performance™. Solution Benefits Designed for People—Built for Business • Improved quality of hire. With Taleo Performance, we reinvented performance management from the ground up—as a business function rather than a compliance event. Now • Better talent decisions. not just HR—but employees, managers, and executives—can work with • Fewer leadership gaps. performance information in a context that’s relevant to their career goals and business challenges. With ownership and adoption by line managers and • Improved retention. employees, performance management transforms an administrative process • Increased employee engagement. into a significant driver of business results. New Workforce—New Thinking • Goals aligned with resources. • True leadership development. • Real succession plans. • Holistic performance views. Managers can view succession plans and talent pools at a glance, make candidate comparisons, and reduce the number of leadership gaps in the organization. Usability: The Key to Popular Adoption Popular adoption demands ease of use. So we designed a simpler and more intuitive interface for people to use. Taleo Performance employs Web 2.0 technologies that accelerated rapid adoption of popular websites like Amazon.com, Facebook, and Google. Your people get relevant information, usability, and collaboration tools that work just like consumer websites. Taleo Performance PAGE 1
  4. 4. • Simplify the Experience. Combined information, User Driven Content for Accuracy and Scalability usability, and collaboration eliminates functional Meeting the daily needs of business users requires silos and facilitates better decisions. performance data that is relevant and always up to date. Taleo Performance removes HR’s burden of • Use One-Click Navigation. Managers access developing and maintaining common performance performance, career, goal, and succession data in favor of a more end user driven approach. information for any team member from a single view with one click navigation and side by side • Rapidly Generate Performance Content. Con- comparisons. tent that comes from users becomes very robust • Make Performance Easier. Integration with very quickly. Examples of rapidly generated user common productivity tools such as Microsoft content include YouTube and Wikipedia. Outlook makes performance management an • Gather Accurate Information. Career paths, everyday affair. organization charts, succession plans, and job • Productivity Tool Integration. Provide feedback, profiles that develop organically are more accu- capture supporting information, and handle rate and valuable. performance reviews as part of natural work Performance Management on a Unified Platform patterns—without logging on to the application. Makes the Difference • Display a Unified View. Display talent profiles Taleo established the most secure, scalable, and as trading cards with performance, career, goal reliable enterprise talent management platform in plans, and succession statistics available in a the industry. Now with Taleo Performance, we’ve single click. added new innovative tools and methods for unified views of talent, processes, and information Enhanced Collaboration and Feedback that ERP and point solutions simply cannot match. Our advanced collaboration works the same way as popular social networking tools. Users build Running on our proven on demand platform, Taleo networks by adding individuals or importing Performance goes far beyond traditional perfor- whole groups from tools like Microsoft Outlook. mance management. They systematically share feedback and collabo- rate—from gathering performance review infor- • Manage Talent Risks. You not only align goals mation and connecting on goals and projects to but also see the associated talent risks. getting feedback on succession plans. • Build a Performance Culture. You not only com- plete performance reviews but also manage daily • Improve Communication. Powerful capabilities performance. systematically share performance review infor- mation, goals and project information, and input • View All Your Options. You not only use a for succession plans. succession planning pool but also see all your internal and external options. • Enable Immediate Feedback. Managers can eas- ily gather feedback to rate team member perfor- mance. External contacts can also be included in your performance network. PAGE 2 Taleo Performance
  5. 5. Taleo Performance Feature Summary Performance Management • Focal and Anniversary Reviews • Easy Performance Review Definition • Competency Management • Complex Workflow Definitions • Self Evaluation & Manager Reviews • Offline Reviews • Authoring Tools and Reporting • Language and Spelling Checker Goals Management • Executive Dashboards and Drilldown • Business Plan Organization Hierarchy Our unified view displays talent profiles as trading cards with performance, career, goal plans, and succession statistics available in a single click. • Cascading Business Goals • Initiative Management • Goal Plan Designer • Employee Goal Plans • Employee Action Items • Approval Processing Career Management • Self-Directed Career Planning • Career Scenarios and Paths • Career Mentor Collaboration • User Defined Searches • Predefined Smart Searches Managers can easily gather feedback to assist them in rating the performance of team • Job Comparison Tools members and external contacts and also be included in the network. • Development Plans & Action Items • Career Alerts Designed for people and built for business, Taleo Performance will change how your organization thinks about performance management, goals man- Succession Planning agement, career management, and succession planning. • Team Modeling • Succession Plans • Succession Pools • Succession Candidates • External Candidate & Contact Searches • Candidate Comparisons • Nominations Taleo Performance PAGE 3
  6. 6. Performance Management—From Annual Reviews employees, or top performers. They usually show to Everyday Performance you a team view and possibly other employees Traditional performance review methods have within your organization. Because performance fallen short due to the burdensome collection of runs on the same unified platform as your recruit- supporting data. Reviews become a merit increase ing, your succession plans give you a single view requirement rather than a tool for assessment of all available talent for that position. You see and development. Our email integration enables the people on your team, employees from other rapid ongoing feedback request and capture with departments, and external candidates or contacts supporting documents—without logging into the in your personal network. application. That means most content is already assembled at review time. Instead of writing the Empower Talent Across the Enterprise with Taleo review, the manager organizes, compares, and Performance synthesizes the information. • Empower Employees. Deploy tools they can use to take charge of their own career. They build Goals Management—From Goals Alignment to collaborative networks with their peers, see Understanding Talent Impact dynamic career paths, and have new internal Taleo Performance is not a collection of disparate employment opportunities pushed to them on a solutions or databases. On a unified platform, man- regular basis. agers see not only their goals, but also risk factors that might impede their completion. For example, • Empower Managers. Offer a single, unified view a particular goal may be compromised if a high of talent management information and processes. risk employee leaves or there are skill shortages on They get one screen, one click, talent manage- the team. Taleo ties in risk of loss and succession ment information-with easy-to-use collaboration information into goals management so you have and communication tools. the tools to better manage your business outcomes. • Empower Executives. Establish real-time succes- sion plans for top managers, high potential em- Career Management—Dynamically Generated Career Paths ployees, and critical talent. They get immediate Performance data must be relevant and current. visibility into key decision support information Instead of creating predefined career paths, you on talent to drive business decisions. can use transfer and promotion histories captured • Empower HR. Transform talent management by the system. People view not only organization practices and build a new mindset throughout charts, but also the actual career paths taken by the organization through executive decision sup- others with similar skills, preferences, and roles port, manager operational tools, and employee within the organization. Then they get the ability personalized self-management tools. to network with those employees and learn more about a potential new job or career. From attracting and recruiting passive candidates at your career sites to annual performance reviews Succession Planning—A Unified View for and aligning people to business goals, you get a Assessing All Options unified platform to achieve improved performance Traditional succession planning provides limited across your workforce. views of your options when it comes to finding a successor for executives, managers, high potential Contact your Taleo representative today. PAGE 4 Taleo Performance
  7. 7. CONTACT www.taleo.com – info@taleo.com 1.888.836.3669 – U.S. 1.888.922.5665 – International 1.888.561.5665 – Customer Service ABOUT TALEO Leading organizations worldwide use Taleo on demand talent management solutions to assess, acquire, develop, and align their workforce for improved business performance. Copyright © 2007 Taleo Corporation. All rights reserved. No portion of this document may be reproduced in any form without the prior written permission of Taleo Corporation. Taleo and all Taleo product and service names mentioned herein are trademarks or registered trademarks of Taleo in the United States, France, The Netherlands, U.K., Canada, Australia, and several other countries. All other product and company names mentioned herein may be the trademarks of their respective owners.
  8. 8. WORLDWIDE OFFICES NORTH AMERICA EUROPE ASIA PACIFIC SAN FRANCISCO — HEADQUARTERS WINDSOR SYDNEY 4140 Dublin Boulevard Gainsborough House Level 12, 1 Pacific Highway Suite 400 59-60 Thames Street PO Box 639, North Sydney Dublin, CA 94568, United States Windsor NSW 2059 Tel.: 925.452.3000 Berkshire SL4 1TX Australia Fax: 925.452.3001 United Kingdom Tel.: +612.9959.1034 Tel.: +44 (0) 1753 272170 Fax: +612.9959.3003 NEW YORK Fax: +44 (0) 1753 272171 1010 Northern Boulevard, Suite 328 MELBOURNE Great Neck, NY 11021, United States PARIS Level 3, IBM Towers Tel.: 516.301.2121 19, Boulevard Malesherbes 60 City Road 75008 Paris Southbank VIC 3006 CHICAGO France Australia One Energy Center Tel.: +33(0) 1 Tel.: +613.9626.2413 40 Shuman Boulevard Fax: +33(0) 1 Fax: +613.9626.2455 Naperville, IL 60563, United States Tel.: 630.983.9609 AMSTERDAM SINGAPORE Fax: 630.983.9509 Poortgebouw 90 Cecil Street #14-03 Beech Avenue 54 - 80 Singapore 069531 QUÉBEC 1119 PW Schiphol - Rijk Tel.: +65.6323.4007 R&D Facility The Netherlands Fax: +65.6323.4009 330, rue St-Vallier Est, Bureau 400 Tel.: +31 (0)20 658.6699 Québec (Québec) G1K 9C5, Canada Fax: +31 (0)20 658.6111 Tel.: 418.524.5665 Fax: 418.524.8899 TORONTO 1235 Bay Street, Suite 1000 Toronto (Ontario) M5R 3K4, Canada Tel.: 416.646.1680 Fax: 416.646.1688 0284 0907