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  1. 1. A Sophisticated Web-Based, Enterprise-Wide Performance Appraisal / Review System Based on International Best Practice Appraisal Smart ™
  2. 2. Managing and Administering the Employee Performance Appraisal / Review process need not be so stressful, time-consuming and paper-intensive any longer Appraisal Smart™ offers an innovative, cutting-edge approach to administering Employee Performance Appraisals/Reviews, and will place you at the technological forefront of this crucial Human Resources and Managerial function It not only enables you to automate the administration of Performance Appraisals—you can now elevate it to a highly effective relationship, productivity and behavior modification tool, enabling you to drive change, productivity, development of core competencies, and ultimately, bottom line results The Appraisal Smart solution is not just an electronic document management tool - it is an interactive Performance Management Support System
  3. 3. Built upon the ASP.NET platform, the software technology for high-performing KILLER Web Applications Geared for Performance-Based Remuneration Supports "Line Manager as Coach and Mentor“ Interventions Global 24 / 7 / 365 Access. Guaranteed 99.99% Uptime High-Tech with built-in High-Touch WORKFORCE OPTIMIZATION SOFTWARE Designed by HR Professionals
  4. 4. Internet or Intranet 128 bit SSL Security Encryption For Public and Private Sectors Individual Performers and Teams Ingenious Programming Diverse Functionality Fully Scalable (20 staff to 1000’s) Intuitive, Easy-to-Use Flexible and Robust Advanced Authoring Tools Competency Library plus add own Appraisal Template Database Online Job/Role Descriptions Ad-hoc Appraisals Auto and Bulk Email Reminders Performance Optimization Plans Legal and Spell Checker Sophisticated Reporting Performance Ranking Multi-rater (extra-cost module) Data Exporting Learning Needs Identifying In-built Contact Manager Content-Rich User Guides Lifetime Archiving HRIS / HRMS Interfacing Super-Rapid Deployment Highly Cost-effective Main System Features Please visit for detailed System Features & Benefits
  5. 5. Ensures clarity regarding work expectations and standards – thus reducing jobholder stress and anxiety, resource wastage, and conflict Developed to automate the time-consuming Employee Performance Appraisal / Review administration process Designed to significantly reduce the subjective nature of Performance Appraisals - leading to constructive and productive Appraisal Interviews Designed to reduce Line Manager reluctance and fear to do Performance Appraisals with their staff Facilitates the recording and 'audit trail' archiving of ACTUAL versus REQUIRED performance expectations and standards, for formal performance disciplining purposes Software that dramatically improves HR and Line Manager productivity Supports Organization Development (OD) and Change Management interventions No need for formal training or IT help, no servers to maintain, and no software to install (secure Internet option)
  6. 6. Goals Objectives Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) Competencies & Values Appraisal Smart Accommodates any kind and combination of Performance Measures such as:
  7. 7. Improve Performance Ensure Accountability and Ownership Increase Motivation and Productivity Enhance Transparency Improve Collaboration Increase Commitment Establish Meritocracy Retain Top Performers Target-develop Employees Customer Satisfaction BOTTOM LINE RESULTS
  8. 8. For detailed SYSTEM FEATURES & BENEFITS visit our website
  9. 9. Our Mission To provide our clients with an easily executable Performance Management and Appraisal System, enabling them to more effectively achieve their Corporate Goals of creating a high-performance business culture, and developing the critical talent they cannot thrive without.
  10. 10. Pricing Best-priced web-based Employee Performance Review System available on the market today, despite its diverse and unique range of functionalities Also affordable for smaller companies with as few as 20 employees For more on our Fee Structure and Terms go to
  11. 11. Contact us for an Online Demonstration and our 7-Day Free Trial Offer
  12. 12. Download PDF Brochure Smart Brochure.pdf APPRAISAL SMART PTY LTD Corporate Office William Gresse, CEO 11 Benson Rd, Beaumont Hills NSW 2155, Sydney, Australia Tel: +61 2 8814 7683 Fax (US): +1 866 455 2078 Email: [email_address] Web: U.S. Office Mike Beek, Director, US Operations 16 Bradley Lane , Westford, MA 01886 Tel: 978.800.4200 Email: [email_address]