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Putting Enfield First Improvement


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Putting Enfield First Improvement

  1. 1. 2007/2010 Putting Enfield First Improvement & Best Value Performance Plan
  2. 2. Contents Introduction 2 Putting Enfield First 2 Our Aims for 2007-2010 2 Improving our performance 3 Enfield’s Performance Management Framework 7 Aim 1 12 A Cleaner, Greener Enfield Aim 2 18 High Quality Education and Lifelong Learning Aim 3 28 A Safer Enfield to Live, Work, Study and do Business Aim 4 36 Quality Health and Care Services for Vulnerable People Aim 5 46 Supporting the Delivery of Excellent Services Aim 6 60 Economically Successful and Socially Inclusive Appendix 1 72 Monitoring and Reviewing the Plan Appendix 2 76 Best Value and Local Performance Indicators Data Glossary 94
  3. 3. Introduction Welcome to Enfield Council’s Principles Improvement Plan. This plan is an • Quality value for money services important document for Enfield. It shows • Leading communities and building a how we will deliver our corporate strategy better future Putting Enfield First and sets out our purpose, values, aims and priority • Working for social cohesion objectives for improvement for the next three years (2007–2010). It will guide the Mission statement work of the Council and shows how we Enfield Council promotes the social, will deliver our vision: economic and environmental well being of our community and helps residents “To make Enfield one of the best improve their neighbourhoods and their communities. In everything it does, the places to live, work, study and do Council sets high standards for quality and business”. value for money and will meet them. We listen to our customers and citizens in Putting Enfield First delivering local democracy. We work with Putting Enfield First sets out our our partners to plan, shape and deliver commitment to becoming a first rate local services which meet real local needs in authority that delivers excellent services the most efficient way, reducing for all our customers. It helps drive our inequalities and protecting and enhancing change programme, shaping and directing quality of life in our borough. all the Council’s major plans and policies, providing a focus for deciding how to Our 6 key aims for 2007-2010 are: spend our limited resources, and a framework for business and service Aim 1: A cleaner greener Enfield planning across the authority. Aim 2: High quality education and lifelong learning The Council’s principles and organisational Aim 3: A safer Enfield to live, work, study values lay at the heart of our commitment and do business to achieving top performance in how we work and do business with our customers. Aim 4: Quality health and care services for vulnerable people in Enfield Values Aim 5: Supporting the delivery of Focus on Customers excellent services Innovative and Forward Thinking Aim 6: Economically successful and socially inclusive Responsive and Fair Striving for Excellence Trained and Confident Staff 2 Introduction
  4. 4. Improving Enfield 2005, a more stringent assessment with a The Council’s Improvement Plan is fully greater emphasis on outcomes for local integrated with our Best Value people and value for money was Performance Plan and links to our Service introduced. Planning process. In February 2007 the latest CPA scores This is also our plan for achieving the were published. Enfield retained its 3* Council’s contribution to the community status and was again assessed as strategy, Enfield’s Future and the Local ‘Improving well’ in the Direction of Travel Area Agreement. By aligning our plan to judgement. ‘The rate of improvement is the overarching aims of the Enfield impressive, with more than 85% of key Strategic Partnership, we recognise the service indicators improving, which is well important role we play in supporting the above the national average’. delivery of the shared vision for Enfield. The Local Government White Paper About Enfield ‘Strong and Prosperous Communities’ and the Local Government and Public Enfield has much to offer. Our cultural Involvement in Health Bill that will diversity, heritage and tradition, closeness implement it, set out a new performance to central London and proximity to open framework for local services. The Audit countryside makes it one of the best Commission is beginning to develop the places to live, work, study and do business. Comprehensive Area Assessment (CAA) framework, which will take over from CPA Political Context in April 2009. It will focus on outcomes Since 2002, Enfield has had a for an area delivered by all the public Conservative administration. The current services and not just the council. It will political composition of the Council is 34 also be forward looking, focusing on Conservative, 27 Labour and 2 potential risk rather than just looking at Independent Councillors. past performance. For this year and next year CPA will continue largely unchanged, Comprehensive Performance although some elements of CAA may be Assessment (CPA) introduced for the year 2008 – 2009 to Since 2002, the Audit Commission has ease the transition. used Corporate Performance Assessment (CPA), to measure how well local authorities are delivering services for local people and communities. It looks at performance from a range of perspectives and combines a set of judgements to provide both a simply understood rating and a more complete picture of where to focus activity to secure improvement. In Introduction 3
  5. 5. Local Area Agreement Place Shaping In April 2006 Enfield Strategic Partnership The future role of local government will entered into a Local Area Agreement with include a more holistic approach to the Government. This agreement sets out renewal, combining the creative use of a number of challenging targets that the powers, history, community influence and Council and its partners (health, police, job local character to promote the general centre plus,voluntary organisations and well being of a community. Enfield Council residents) will work together to achieve. has seized the opportunity to work in this new dynamic way, by establishing a Place The key theme of Enfield’s LAA is “Every Shaping agenda in Enfield. Child Really Does Matter”. By focusing on the needs of children and their families we Consultation and Engagement aim to improve the life chances for all The Council is fully committed to consulting residents. As part of our commitment to and engaging residents and its service tackling this issue the Enfield Strategic users, so that their views directly inform the Partnership (ESP) has also agreed that its Council’s planning and priorities for action. Neighbourhood Renewal Funding will be allocated to the ‘One Large Intervention’ Our consultation strategy (Engaging (OLI) on child poverty. The OLI is Enfield’s Enfield) and good practice guide set the flagship project managed by Enfield Council overall framework and guidance within and overseen by the Children’s Trust Board. which staff must operate when undertaking consultation and engagement By 2009, the agreement aims to: activities. These documents will be fully revised in 2007, placing increased • Significantly improved the lives of emphasis on securing the active children and their families currently living participation of local citizens and in poverty communities and working with our • Enabled people of all ages, ethnicity and partners so that we have a disabilities to play a full and active part comprehensive inter-agency approach to in the community involving local citizens. • Strengthened the role of the voluntary and community sector We continue to develop our online register of planned consultation activities and are Improve the life chances of people living improving the range of consultations in our most deprived neighbourhoods, available on the Council’s Website. thereby narrowing the gap between different communities. Our main methods of consultation and engagement are under regular review and We will report progress on delivering the currently include: Local Area Agreement next year. 4 Introduction
  6. 6. • Presentations to stakeholders at area Also, in late 2006 the Council conducted forums and scrutiny panels the triennial BVPI surveys on residents’ • An annual residents’ survey conducted satisfaction. Local people identified the by Ipsos MORI; level of crime, road and pavement repairs, the level of traffic congestion, activities for • A regular programme of Citizen Panel teenagers and the health services as consultation; things that most need improving in • Online consultation via the Enfield Enfield. The Council, in partnership, will Council Website; work hard to continue to progress these, • Triennial Best Value Performance along with all the Council’s services. Indicator (BVPI) surveys (General, Tenants, Planning, Libraries and Revenues and Benefits) • Service specific customer feedback mechanisms, as well as conferences, surveys and focus groups • Enfield’s Youth Assembly and other specific groups including older people, black and minority ethnic communities and Enfield Disability Action group. In November 2006, we published our first Annual Report, covering the financial year 2005/06; the format and content of the Report reflected feedback from stakeholders, following a consultation exercise in 2005. The Report brings together information on the services we provided in 2005/06, their costs and outcomes achieved, and shows how our costs compared with other London Boroughs. Feedback to date has been excellent. The comments we receive will be taken into account in future publications to ensure that they continue to meet the requirements of our stakeholders and partners. Introduction 5
  7. 7. Performance Management Service Planning Enfield promotes and encourages an Translating our priorities into service organisational culture of improvement and delivery happens through the close achievement. This is accomplished through relationship between this plan and the the use of a well-defined performance service planning process. Our service management framework that uses service planning process ensures that all services planning, appraisal and competencies, focus on what has to be done to deliver financial management, risk management the improvements expected by the and consultation. Enfield uses these community and link an individual’s methods along with data collection and performance to the corporate appraisal benchmarking comparisons to determine scheme. Service planning also ensures our targets and deliver this plan. that there is access to regular information on how well services are performing. The Council has a joined-up approach to performance management that involves Through the timely measurement of our both members and staff, working to ensure performance, the best value process is that the Council meets local people’s needs crucial to the performance management and provides value for money services. Our process. On an annual basis we will performance management system helps review and assess our performance the Council to assure the quality of data against a range of performance measures, being used, it helps to identify what does, indicators and targets and publish this for or does not work and what factors may the community. hinder economic, efficient and effective service delivery. This commitment to Thematic and service-specific fundamental performance management extends from reviews are carried out to enable a this plan into departmental and service detailed analysis of key areas of our work. planning, best value and the overview and Resulting Improvement Plans are scrutiny function. Through this approach incorporated into this plan or, where more the Council’s key decision-makers, both appropriate, into service plans. political and managerial, are able to take timely action to improve services. Our performance management framework is shown on page 7 6 Introduction
  8. 8. PERFORMANCE FRAMEWORK Planning for excellent services Enfield Performance Management Framework Local Area Enfield’s Future: Community Strategy Agreement Targets How key agencies will work together to improve the (LAAs) social, economic and physical well being of Enfield Putting Enfield First: Corporate Strategy The Council’s vision, values, aims, objectives for 2007 to 2010 Enfield Council Improvement Plan Links the community strategy and corporate strategy and sets out our action plan and performance targets Strategies, Policies Performance and Statutory Plans Management e.g. housing, transport, • Outcomes monitored by culture, place shaping Annual Corporate Management strategy, children’s Budget Board services etc Process • Outcomes monitored by and councillors & Scrutiny Departmental Plans Medium • Service delivery Set out how the department will deliver the Council’s Term monitored by DMTs corporate priorities and key services Financial • Cross-cutting best value Planning reviews • Efficiency and value for Service Centre Plans money reviews Set out how individual services will be delivered and • Inspections and how they contribute towards departmental and assessments corporate priorities • Enfield Strategic Partnership • Enfield Partners Panel Appraisals and Personal Plans • Consultation/ Sets out how individual employees will deliver improved Engagement services and corporate priorities. Also sets out how • Risk Management staff will be supported through training and development Excellent Service Delivery Quality value for money services Leading communities and building a better future Working for social cohesion Customer Satisfaction Introduction 7
  9. 9. Making better use of our resources – The four themes in the change delivering ‘value for money' programme are: We can only deliver value for money by managing our services in an efficient Efficiency – looking at cutting out way and being committed to a duplication, using technology to automate programme of continuous improvement processes, better purchasing, reducing in services and cost effectiveness. costs and reducing the need for accommodation by looking at mobile The medium term financial plan requires working and reducing paper storage. revenue savings of at least £6m p.a. on average to be identified for each of the Customer access – the Council is next 4 years if the Council’s aim of having developing a new strategy to look at how Council Tax increases at or around the rate local people can be enabled to access of inflation is to be achieved. Although information and services at any time of this is considered reasonable in the the day or night, improving the website context of the overall budget and our and linking up with other organisations to success in identifying efficiency savings in provide ‘seamless’ access to public recent years, there is nevertheless a services. considerable amount of work required. Service delivery – the Council’s structure The Change Programme has been changed to focus on customers rather than separate services. Work is In order to be certain of meeting its underway to look at ways in which the objectives, the Council must continue to Council can work more closely with other review systematically its existing costs organisations in the public and private sector and the scope for making further to improve services and reduce costs. efficiencies. A major programme of change is now underway to improve People and performance – the Council’s efficiency and deliver value for money. employees are central to the change There are four key themes in the Council’s programme. A major cultural change change programme. Each is aimed at programme is being developed to change making sure that the most effective use is the way staff work, encourage innovation made of the resources (people, money, and improved performance, and ultimately assets) available. The Council is also reduce the number of staff employed. looking at ways in which joint working with other councils and organisations can The Council has a number of important contribute to the delivery of efficiency groups and partnerships to ensure that the savings. The Council will be using change programme is delivered and the earmarked reserves as pump-priming required efficiencies are found. These are: funding for efficiency initiatives. 8 Introduction
  10. 10. • The “Efficiency” Board high cost areas to identify efficiency The Efficiency Board, chaired by the savings and will report the outcomes to Director of Finance and Corporate the Efficiency Board. Resources, is responsible for reviewing existing systems and processes across • The Property Strategy Board all Departments with a view to The Property Strategy Board is delivering efficiency savings. The remit responsible for ensuring that property of the Efficiency Board includes the four assets are treated as a corporate themes in the change programme set resource and that the targets relating to out above. the release of surplus assets for reinvestment are met. • The Budget Group (Star Chamber) Initially the Budget Group was • Alternatives for Service Delivery established to oversee and direct the The Council is continually looking at budget and medium term financial ways to improve efficiency and reduce planning processes; the Group consists costs to the taxpayer. During the of the Leader, Deputy Leader medium term the Council will evaluate (Chairman), the Lead Member for options regarding alternative delivery of Regeneration, Chief Executive, some services. The Local Area Directors and the Assistant Director of Agreement is actively providing Finance. The Budget Group also partnership service delivery reviews and challenges performance in opportunities for the authority, and key areas by reviewing key PIs (those other possibilities to be explored will that are critical to the Council’s include sharing services with other priorities). The work programme for neighbouring authorities or relevant 2007/08 will place greater emphasis on commercial bodies. efficiency savings and the management of key financial risks. • The Revenue Planning Group / Capital Programme Group The Revenue Planning and Capital programme Groups are responsible for managing the revenue budget process, the development and prioritisation of the capital programme, and the review of the medium term financial plan. RPG has produced unit cost and performance information as part of the work to identify those services that provide good value for money. The Group is leading a number of reviews of Introduction 9
  11. 11. Risk Management Statement of Contracts – Procurement The Council is committed to risk The Council complies with the Code of management as an integral part of its Practice on Workforce Matters in Local business process, and this is reflected in Authority Service Contracts. Enfield has a guidance on Council and Cabinet reports procurement strategy and up to date which insist on risks and opportunities guidance is made available in the being considered. It is a critical part of Corporate Procurement Manual. good management practice and is managed corporately by the Risk The Council has established a small Management Working Group, chaired by centralised corporate procurement team the Chief Executive, which oversees the that delivers professional support and corporate Risk Register. Risk action plans advice on procurement. The team works are also integrated into the service with a largely devolved procurement planning process. The Audit Committee function to deliver Value for Money monitors the Risk Management Plan as contracts that comply with UK and EU law part of its overview of the corporate and best practice. The team leads on the control environment. delivery of education, training, guidance notes and support for procurement projects, proving project management and project support for larger more complex contracts. A new Quality Assurance model has been introduced for all Key decisions, this is based on the Office of Government Commerce's Gateway Review process and will ensure the probity and quality of procurement decisions. The Contract Procedure Rules have been revised to reflect best practice and to emphasise mandatory requirements. Guidance notes and training will be delivered to internal staff in the second quarter of 2007. A standard suite of contract documents has been developed for use across the Council, with templates for obtaining quotations and inviting suppliers to tender as well as guidance notes on all aspects of the process. This new set of documents and guidance will introduce consistency, compliance and efficiency into the procurement process. 10 Introduction
  12. 12. Corporate procurement oversees the procurement processes and systems using the Council's Finance and procurement system SAP/SRM. Processes and systems are devised and implemented across the Council to improve efficiency and drive compliance with Financial Regulations and Contract Procurement Rules. Recent improvements include the introduction of electronic communication of purchase orders and invoices, the use of electronic catalogues and the implementation of BACs as our standard payment method. The Corporate procurement team plans to host practical procurement workshops for the Voluntary and Community Sector in the Autumn of 2007 to prepare them for the new commissioning and procurement arrangements in 2008. The team continues to work in partnership with colleagues in Children's, Adult Social Services and the PCT to shape the future of procurement and commissioning in Enfield. Contracts let in 2006/07: In 2006/7 there were 5 contracts that involved the transfer of staff under TUPE: • 3 cleaning contracts - staff transferred to the client or another supplier • 1 contract for meals for Adult Social Services - staff transferred to Enfield from Barnet (under joint arrangements) • 1 contract for Single Highways - internal staff transferred to incoming supplier Introduction 11
  13. 13. Aim 1 A Cleaner, Greener Enfield 12 A Cleaner, Greener Enfield
  14. 14. Lead Member Lead Officer Councillor Terence Neville John Pryor Cleaner, Greener Enfield Our objectives We want to ensure Enfield’s residents 1a. Make Enfield a cleaner, greener place and visitors experience a clean, safe and by improving the physical cleanliness pleasant environment that is easily of the whole borough and tackling accessible by car, public transport, or enviro-crime. on foot or bicycle. We aim to constantly 1b. Upgrade and improve Enfield’s roads improve on the cleanliness and safety and pavements. of our borough. We are working to 1c. Replace all street lights that do not improve our road networks and reduce meet lighting standards and provide injuries. We will endeavour to ensure that additional 3,700 new columns over 5 our green spaces and parks are a pleasure years from March 2006 to improve to go to and safeguard our conservation public safety. areas and the character of Enfield’s buildings. We will continue to ensure 1d. Promote borough-wide recycling full and robust planning enforcement through education and enforcement in Enfield. and reduce and minimise waste. 1e. Deliver improvements to Enfield’s transport links by working with our What will change? North London partners. We will: 1f. Protect and enhance the character • Continue to improve the cleanliness of and quality of Enfield’s buildings and the borough, tackle enviro-crime and access to green spaces by preparing reduce flytipping a new planning policy (Local • Invest a further £12m (including Transport Development Framework). for London funding) to improve Enfield’s 1g. Strengthen the planning streets and start improvement schemes enforcement process. to the North Circular Road and adjacent residential areas • Replace a further 3000 street lamp columns • Further increase Enfield’s recycling rate • Work with the local business community to enforce new smoking legislation • Achieve the “green flag” award for at least four of our parks A Cleaner, Greener Enfield 13
  15. 15. 14 Measuring Progress & Success Timescale Delivery Action & Key Milestones Targets Lead Resources Performance Indicator Plan(s) Start End 07/08 08/09 09/10 Objective 1a. Make Enfield a cleaner, greener place by improving the physical cleanliness of the whole borough and tackling enviro-crime 1a.i. Ensure we achieve the appropriate standards for Assistant Director Capital available Environmental Crime Environmental Protection Act Environmental Health through project funds, Unit & Street Scene & Regulation, Street revenue budgets / Service Centre Plan. 1a.ii. The cleansing of housing land with adjoining public land 2007 ongoing ALMO service level agreement See See Scene & Waste. MTFS. A Cleaner, Greener Enfield and highways where appropriate and controlling cleanliness SLA SLA on private land and controlling cleanliness on public land 2005 2008 Public land clearance investment n/a n/a 1a.iii. Increase the number of Enfield’s parks awarded 2006 2008 No of parks awarded a Green Flag 4 5 6 Head of Parks and Parks and Open a Green Flag (Baseline: 2006/07, 1) Open Spaces Spaces Service Plan 1a.iv Increase the use of litter control notices to ensure 2007 2010 X X X Assistant Director Capital available Environmental Crime effective management of land in the public realm, where land Environmental Health through project funds, Unit & Street Scene owners' and traders' trading activities directly impact on the & Regulation, Street revenue budgets / Service Centre Plan. level of street litter Scene & Waste. MTFS. 1b. Upgrade and improve Enfield’s roads and pavements 1b.i Obtain Council approval for Highway Asset Management Dec 07 n/a n/a n/a Assistant Director Cost to be retained Service Centre Plan Plan, including presentation and Contracts within ESSP budgets HAMP Action Plan consultation of Members. 1b.ii Procure and Implement integrated information and asset Mar 08 n/a n/a n/a Corporate ICT Service Centre Plan management funding approved Project Plan 1b.iii Reconstruct or resurface in the region of 20km of Apr 06 Mar 09 n/a n/a n/a Council's Capital Service Centre Plan carriageway pa Budget and TfL funds Borough Capital Programme 1b.iv Reconstruct or repave in the region of 15km of Apr 06 Mar 09 n/a n/a n/a footway pa 1b.v Develop and procure new contract for highway grounds Sep 06 Mar 08 n/a n/a n/a Head of Highway Services Existing ESSP budgets Service Centre Plan maintenance and landscaping works Procurement Programme Develop and procure new contract for Street Trees Sep 06 Mar 08 n/a n/a n/a Head of Highway Services Existing ESSP budgets Service Centre Plan Procurement Programme 1b.vii Enhance the main gateways to the borough through Apr 07 Mar 10 n/a n/a n/a Assistant Director £1.5m Borough Capital Service Centre Plan environmental improvements - The Gateway Project Contracts Funds over 3 years Project Programmes
  16. 16. Measuring Progress & Success Timescale Delivery Action & Key Milestones Targets Lead Resources Performance Indicator Plan(s) Start End 07/08 08/09 09/10 Objective 1c. Replace all street lights that do not meet lighting standards and provide additional 3,700 new columns over 5 years from March 2006 to improve public safety 1c.i Streetlight replacement Apr 06 Mar 11 On target to achieve replacement of X X X Assistant Director Government PFI Credits Service Centre 16316 lamp columns by March 2011 Contracts Plan Contractual replacement programme Objective 1d Promote borough wide recycling through education and enforcement to reduce and minimise waste 1d.i Build on the ongoing door knocking exercise: Contractual Core Investment Assistant Director Authority Waste Period Targets Environmental Health Minimisation Plan & Regulation, Street *In accordance with the Household Waste Recycling Act 2005 2010 X X X Joint Municipal Scene & Waste ensure that at least 2 recyclables are collected from the Waste Strategy doorstep by 2010 1d.ii Introduce litter and refuse enforcement service and 2005 2010 X X X Assistant Director Environmental Crime control cleanliness on private land where appropriate. Environmental Health Unit & Street Scene & Regulation, Street Service Centre Plan Scene & Waste 1d.iii Visit local businesses to ensure their waste is 2005 2010 X X X Assistant Director Environmental Crime dealt with legally Environmental Health Unit & Street Scene & Regulation, Street Service Centre Plan Scene & Waste 1d.iv Enforce flytipping legislation on domestic premises 2005 2010 ESPI 4 Average time taken to remove 4hrs 4hrs 4hrs Assistant Director flytips (hours) Environmental Health & Regulation, Street Scene & Waste Objective 1e. Deliver improvements to Enfield’s transport links 1e.i Obtain approval by Mayor of London of Local Jan 06 Jul 07 X Implementation Plan (LIP) 1e.ii Implement LIP 2006 2010/11 X X X 1e.iii Continue to improve footways and footpaths in Enfield, 2005 2010 Reduction in the number of pedestrians 51 48 Head of Traffic and Local Implementation Local and implement pedestrian safety schemes killed and seriously injured in the Borough Transportation Plan (LIP) Implementation LBE - Road Safety Plan (LIP) Budgets 1e.iv Implement Enfield's Cycling Action Plan 2005 2010 Reduction in the number of cyclists killed 8 7 Head of Traffic and Local Implementation Local and seriously injured in the Borough Transportation Plan (LIP) Implementation LBE - Road Safety Plan (LIP) Budgets A Cleaner, Greener Enfield 15
  17. 17. 16 Measuring Progress & Success Timescale Delivery Action & Key Milestones Targets Lead Resources Performance Indicator Plan(s) Start End 07/08 08/09 09/10 1e.v Completion of LAA transport target 2006 2009 Local Area Agreement 400 Local Area a. Total no children slightly injured over Agreement 3 years does not exceed 450 b. No. Fatal and serious child 50 casualties over 3 years does not A Cleaner, Greener Enfield exceed 60 Objective 1f. Protect and enhance the character and quality of Enfield's buildings and access to green spaces by preparing a new planning policy (Local Development Framework) 1f.i Prepare and process the Council’s Local Development ongoing BV 200 Plan making;- Head of Planning As identified in Local Local Development Scheme and Annual Monitoring Plan a) Has the local scheme been updated Yes Yes Yes Policy, Projects & Development documents Scheme 2007 - 10 as necessary? Design b) Have Milestones been met? Yes Yes Yes c) Was an annual monitoring report Yes Yes Yes published by Dec last year? 1f.ii Prepare and process the Council’s Core Strategy 2007 end Core strategy approved X X Yes Development Plan Documents and achieve Council approval 2009 after independent public examination. 1f.iii Prepare and process the Council’s Development 2007 end Development Standards Supplementary X X Yes Standards Supplementary Planning Document and 2009 Planning Document approved achieve Council approval 1f.iv Prepare and process the Council’s Enfield Design mid Design Guide approved X X X Guide, Supplementary Planning Document and achieve 2010 Council approval 1f.v Prepare and process Area Action Plans for North East Jun 05 end Area Action Plans Approved X X X Enfield, Central Leeside Business Area and Enfield Town and 2010 achieve Council approval Prepare character appraisals and management plans BV 219 Conservation areas;- for Enfield's conservation areas a) Total no of conservation areas in the X X X local authority area 2005 2008 b) % with up-to-date character appraisal 100% 100% 100% c) % with published management proposals 100% 100% 100% 1f.vii Maximise number of new homes built on previously 2005 2008 BV 106 % new homes built on 90% 95% 96% developed land previously developed land
  18. 18. Measuring Progress & Success Timescale Delivery Action & Key Milestones Targets Lead Resources Performance Indicator Plan(s) Start End 07/08 08/09 09/10 Objective 1g. Strengthen the planning enforcement process 1g.i Deliver priorities on planning enforcement in line with 2005 2008 Cases in which targets achieved 95% 95% Assistant Director Planning delivery grant targets agreed with the Planning Committee Environmental Health (ringfenced) and Regulation 1g.ii Priority 1 Initial inspection within 1 working day 95% 95% • Major building works at residential properties and full or interim response to (e.g. extensions, dormers) complainant within 7 working days • Alterations to listed buildings • Commercial activity that impacts upon residential property (including late night opening and sale or repair 2005 2008 of vehicles) • Felling and lopping of trees (the subject of a Preservation Order or in Conservation Area). Sale or repair of motor vehicles • Untidy or derelict land causing immediate detriment to residential amenity and/or the street scene 1g.iii Priority 2 Initial inspection and full or interim 95% 95% • Breaches in Crews Hill Defined Area. response to complainant within 10 2005 2008 working days Fly posting / advertisements • Car washes 1g.iv Priority 3 Initial inspection within 10 working 95% 95% • Late night opening days and full or interim response to 2005 2008 complainant with 30 working days • Hostels and care homes • Flat conversions • Unauthorised residential occupation. • Car boot sales 1g.v Priority 4 Initial inspection within 20 working 95% 95% • Other breaches of Condition days and full or interim response to complainant within 40 working days • Other Changes of Use • Minor Works at residential Properties (porches, fences, balustrade, patios) 2005 2008 • Garages and outbuildings • Use of Garage as a habitable room. Shop fronts and canopies. Ventilation equipment A Cleaner, Greener Enfield • Vehicular accesses. All other breaches 17
  19. 19. Aim 2 High Quality Education and Lifelong Learning 18 High Quality Education and Lifelong Learning
  20. 20. Lead Member Lead Officer Councillor Glynis Vince Peter Lewis Councillor Paul McCannah High Quality Education and Lifelong Our objectives Learning 2a. Work with schools and colleges to We aim to provide better life chances for deliver high quality education and every child and young person in our raise educational achievement to, and borough and work to improve children’s above national standards. and young people’s levels of achievement 2b. Work with partners to fully include in education. We will provide a greater underachieving and challenging pupils. range of accessible and affordable 2c. Support and encourage children to recreational and leisure activities for all of attend and enjoy school. our citizens. We will actively promote healthier and more enriched lifestyles 2d. Work with partners to deliver quality through sport and learning opportunities childcare and early years provision throughout life. 2e. Develop new sport opportunities and work with partners to promote healthy lifestyles for children and young What will change? people. We will: 2f. Increase opportunities to learn • Open a new Academy, in Enfield Lock, throughout life. to provide more secondary school 2g. Provide positive activities for young places and community facilities people. • Continue to raise standards and achievements in our schools • Reduce the number of young people who are not in education, employment or training and provide a more flexible and personalised curriculum for learners aged 14 -19 • Open a new museum and refurbished library facility serving Enfield Town • Improve children and parents’ lives with support through the Parent Supporter Adviser (PSA) Service High Quality Education and Lifelong Learning 19
  21. 21. 20 Measuring Progress & Success Timescale Delivery Action & Key Milestones Targets Lead Resources Performance Indicator Plan(s) Start End 07/08 08/09 09/10 Objective 2a. Work with schools and colleges to deliver high quality education and raise educational achievement to at and above national standards 2a.i Continue to improve educational attainment of Enfield Summer Summer KS1 % 7 year olds achieving Level 2+ Assistant Director Children and Young Pupils at Key Stages 2,3 and 4 2005 2009 Reading 83 84 tba School Effectiveness People's Plan Writing 80 82 tba and Inclusion Joint Area Review Maths 90 90.5 91 Head of School KS2 % of pupils achieving Level 5+ Improvement Service (JAR) - Post BV41 English 82 85 tba Inspection Action BV40 Maths 82% 85% tba Plan % of schools where fewer than 65% of School Improvement pupils achieve Level 4+ in English and Maths Service Centre Plan KS2 % of pupils achieving Level 5+ High Quality Education and Lifelong Learning BV194a English 34% 35% tba BV194b Maths 36% 37% tba KS3 % of pupils achieving Level 5+ BV181a English 78% 79% tba BV181b Maths 77% 78% tba BV 181c Science 73% 74% tba BV181d ICT 76% 77% tba KS4 BV38 % of pupils achieving 5 or more 58% 59% tba A*-C grades at GCSE BV39 % of pupils achieving 5 or more 93% 94% tba A*-G grades at GCSE By 2008 all schools will be above 30% 30% or more for 5 A*-C grades at GCSE 2a.ii Improve participation in learning for 16 –19 year olds. Summer Summer % 16 year olds staying on at school 86 86 86 Assistant Director Children and Young LAA C22 - Increase the range and quality of work-based 2005 2009 or college School Effectiveness People's Plan learning for 16-19 by investing in new/expanded provision and % 17 year olds staying on at school and Inclusion 79 79 79 JAR - Post Inspection more collaboration between schools, colleges and work-based or college Head of School training providers Improvement Service Action Plan % 16 year olds entering GS Work 8 8 tba Based Learning School Improvement Service Centre Plan Annual % of learners who progress to 75 75 75 Higher Education at 18/19 Number of work-based learners 35 35 35 progressing from Level 2 to Level 3 apprenticeships Percentage of 16-18 year olds not in 6.5% 6.5% 6.5% education, employment or training (NEET)
  22. 22. Measuring Progress & Success Timescale Delivery Action & Key Milestones Targets Lead Resources Performance Indicator Plan(s) Start End 07/08 08/09 09/10 Objective 2a. Work with schools and colleges to deliver high quality education and raise educational achievement to at and above national standards 2a.iii Continue to support and challenge schools to Summer Summer Reduce the % of schools causing 0% 0% 0% Assistant Director School Improvement improve further 2005 2009 concern (currently 6.02%) School Effectiveness Service Centre Plan and Inclusion JAR Post Inspection % of schools rated good or better by 89 94 tba Head of School Action Plan OFSTED for Achievement and Standards Improvement Service % of schools graded Outstanding or 60 65 70 Good overall by OFSTED Objective 2b. Work with partners to fully include under-achieving and challenging pupils 2b.i The One Large Intervention (OLI) Pilot Children's Area Partnership Assistant Director CEN and Inclusion To combat poverty by ensuring that children and young people arrangements by establishing a multi- Children's Access and Service Centre Plan have more opportunities to realise their potential through disciplinary Integrated Support Team at X Support education, training and employment in the NRF area the Angel/Raynham Family Centre ECSL Regeneration Officer Narrow attainment targets by providing Assistant Director See LAA C15 for targeted support to underachieving School Effectiveness detailed targets pupil groups and Inclusion KS2 Increase the % of children 2006 2009 achieving Level 4 English (Baseline for NRF area 67.6%) 69.5 71.5 tba Maths (Baseline for NRF area 62.3%) 64.0 66.0 tba English (Baseline for NRF area 60.3%) 63.0 65.0 tba Maths (Baseline for NRF area 60.3%) 64.0 66.0 tba Science (Baseline for NRF area 51.8%) 54.0 56.0 tba KS4 % of pupils achieving 5 A*-C 41.0 42.0 tba GCSEs (Baseline for NRF area 32.9%) High Quality Education and Lifelong Learning 21
  23. 23. 22 Measuring Progress & Success Timescale Delivery Action & Key Milestones Targets Lead Resources Performance Indicator Plan(s) Start End 07/08 08/09 09/10 Objective 2b. Work with partners to fully include under-achieving and challenging pupils 2b.ii Develop and extend the range of provision within the Increase the no. of places in Inclusion 14 20 27 AD Children's Access TBC SEN Inclusion borough so that we can provide high quality education for all Resource Bases (cumulative) and Support Strategy Action Plan Enfield children and young people with LDD Enhance provision at Durants and ECSL Regeneration £4m prudential Oaktree schools for children with 10 10 0 Officer borrowing 2005 2009 complex needs places places Continue to reduce the no. of 20 20 0 Savings will be placements in other authority areas generated from (placements p.a.) this action 2b.iii Reduce the no. of children permanently excluded No. pupils excluded 65 60 tba Assistant Director Behaviour Support High Quality Education and Lifelong Learning from secondary schools by providing appropriate alternatives 2006 2009 Children's Access Service Centre Plan to exclusion and Support 2b.iv Implement the anti-bullying strategy to ensure that Develop baseline from incidents Baseline tba Assistant Director JAR Post Inspection bullying is acted on appropriately 2006 2009 reported to governing bodies established Children's Access Action Plan July 2007 and Support Objective 2c. Support and encourage children to attend and enjoy school 2c.i Increase the availability of school places and deliver Open new City Academy X Assistant Director greater opportunities for parental choice in school admissions Strategy and Resources Consolidation of Salisbury School on X to a single site 2005 2007 Prepare for the Building Schools for X the future and Primary Capital Programme investments 2c.ii Improve attendance rates and tackle unauthorised LAA stretch targets Assistant Director Attendance absence (LAA C16) by: % of half days missed through Children and Families Action Plan • Working with targeted schools to 'troubleshoot' all absence Education Welfare poor attendance Service Centre Plan 2005 2009 Primary 5.0% 4.5% 4.5% • Providing parental support Secondary 6.2% 5.2% 5.2% • Working with the police and other partners on Truancy Sweeps and Behaviour Support and Improvement Programmes
  24. 24. Measuring Progress & Success Timescale Delivery Action & Key Milestones Targets Lead Resources Performance Indicator Plan(s) Start End 07/08 08/09 09/10 Objective 2d. Work with partners to deliver quality childcare and early years provision 2d.i Improve quality of teaching for early years 2004 2006 BV 222a – Quality of early years and tba tba tba Assistant Director JAR Post Inspection childcare leadership – a 15% 28% 38% Children's Access Action Plan Early b 100% 100% 100% and Support Years Service Plan 2d.ii Improve the quality of school foundation Early years settings and schools making 65 70 75 stage provision satisfactory or better educational provision for Foundation stage. % of inspections grade good or very good 2006 2009 Percentage of children scoring 78 or 74% 75% tba more (a good level of achievement) at the end of the Foundation Stage 2d.iii Provide more preventative services to work with families No of established new Children's Centres 16 tba tba at risk including provision of new Children's Centres (primary to work with children and families at risk pupils) and Family Workers (secondary pupils) linked to Reach of Children's Centres - 12,800 tba tba Children's Area Partnerships 2006 2009 no of children reached These initiatives will contribute towards improved outcomes for identified children including pupil attainment and The number of fixed term 1200 1000 tba attendance exclusions in secondary schools Objective 2e. Develop new sport opportunities and work with partners to promote healthy lifestyles for children and young people 2e.i Preparation for 2012 Olympic Games Improve participation in sport and health X X X Assistant Director activities (linked to 2e.ii) School Effectiveness Ensure participation by schools X X X and Inclusion 2006 2012 and colleges Raise awareness of cultural and X X X international opportunities 2e.ii Improve participation in school PE for KS1 – KS4 2005 2008 LAA C9 Increase the % of school children 85 88 tba that spend a minimum of 2 hours per week on high quality PE and school sport 2e.iii Increase the number of schools participating in and 2005 2009 % targeted schools (20% free school 95 100 100 achieving the National Healthy Schools Standard meals, special schools, pupil referral units) achieving new National Standard LAA C 9 Increase the percentage of 85 95 tba schools reaching the new level 3 Healthy Schools Standard 2e.iv Construction of a new Leisure Centre at 2004 2007 New centre on time, on spec and X Edmonton Green on budget High Quality Education and Lifelong Learning 23