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Productive Workforce

  1. 1. Application Overview Productive Workforce™ Unified Communications Application for the Contact Center . Whether you’re servicing customers, selling products and services, or collecting debt, your success depends on people, processes and applications working together to — Staff the right agents, with the right skills, at the right time to achieve the best results. Customers expect your contact reduce staffing costs. center to deliver service that is dependable and accurate — Provide agent performance feedback and empower with knowledgeable and courteous employees that convey them to manage their own confidence in their ability to resolve inquiries.1 It is critical schedules. — Identify areas for individual that you balance these customer expectations against agent improvement and initiate the reality of the bottom line, and deliver on the brand a consistent coaching process. promise of your organization. — Analyze and report on the content, context, purpose and outcome of targeted recorded Productive Workforce is a unified communications (UC) application conversations. for the contact center that unites workforce management, — Utilize voice and desktop performance management, and quality management to reduce the recordings as best practice cost per customer interaction and improve the customer experience. training tools. — Synchronize agent Whether your contact center is centralized or distributed, Productive administration across Workforce, which readily integrates with virtually any automatic call applications to reduce supervisory overhead. distributor (ACD) or dialer, brings your business rules, hard-learned best practices and administration into a centrally managed platform. 1 2007 Aspect Contact Center Satisfaction Index™. Leo J. Shapiro and Associates. © 2009 Aspect Software, Inc. All Rights Reserved.
  2. 2. PRODUCTIVE WORKFORCE™ Reduce Costs by Aligning Staffing These capabilities allow you to: with Calling Patterns Key Benefits Managing a contact center workforce is no ¬ Reduce the number of staff required to meet goals by forecasting the periods of — Reduce costs by aligning simple matter, and adding in the complexities staffing with calling patterns. of customer service, telemarketing or highest inbound activity with unparalleled collections business processes makes the task accuracy—to cost-effectively staff your — Improve quality and even more difficult. Workforce management, center and maximize revenue and efficiency. performance with included in Productive Workforce™, assures ¬ Respond to unexpected events by automatic tools. . you have the right agents, with the right skills, conducting a quick scenario analysis, which — Optimize efficiency through in the right place at the right time to satisfy can advise you of the impact of removing or targeted performance customer needs. It allows you to make goal- feedback. adding agents to the phone on an intraday driven staffing adjustments within defined basis. — Align performance at all levels time periods, across multiple locations of the organization. or workgroups to improve your business Maintaining the right number of agents to processes. meet your inbound and blended demand is just one component of managing your The workforce management capabilities of workforce resources. You also need to Productive Workforce can help your contact evaluate and empower employees to ensure center and back office operations reduce you are getting the most from your staff. hiring and administrative costs, maximize agent productivity and retention, and Productive Workforce provides the tools and increase customer satisfaction and revenues, tracking mechanisms that empower your allowing you to drive top- and bottom-line agents to manage their own schedules, while improvements in your customer service, sales allowing you to track agent performance. Real- and telemarketing operations. time schedule adherence tools and reports on agent performance and productivity ensure Productive Workforce provides you with you’re staffing to the plan you put in place, essential workforce management forecasting, as well as identifying the most and least scheduling and tracking functionality for productive agents or work groups. your single-skill, multiskill, and multichannel contact center environments. The solution Agent empowerment enables agents to includes flexible, robust strategic planning manage their own schedules via Web-based that enables you to evaluate multiple staffing agent self-service tools. Agents can use this scenarios to determine optimal staff and to bid on shifts and request schedule changes resource requirements for your inbound and - such as vacation and overtime - within blended operations. controlled parameters that you define, so you can balance business needs with those of your To make the most accurate forecasts and . employees to boost morale and retention. schedules possible, Productive Workforce Agent empowerment also streamlines looks at all your pertinent data, including and automates schedule changes and historical contact volumes, seasonal patterns, notifications via email or screen pop to reduce campaign completion rates and holiday administrative costs and increase supervisor variations. Using an exponentially weighted efficiency. moving average, the forecasting model merges your historical data with current data. The end results of better workforce planning are improved customer experiences, more Productive Workforce also enables you to satisfied agents and higher retention rates. create what-if scenarios that allow you to experiment between different forecasting, staffing and scheduling plans, giving you the flexibility to account for planned and unplanned events. It translates contact volume and staffing requirements into their associated costs, making your financial planning process easier, faster, and more accurate. 2 PerformanceEdge® Productive Workforce™ © 2009 Aspect Software, Inc. All Rights Reserved.
  3. 3. PRODUCTIVE WORKFORCE™ Improve Quality and Performance with Working in conjunction with the workforce Automated Tools management components, Productive “I’ve been in contact centers Productive Workforce™ helps you improve Workforce provides your entire contact now for about nine years, and customer satisfaction and agent performance, center staff with easily understandable views in workforce management by providing integrated recording, quality of operational performance to help focus for about seven, and in every management, customer surveys and robust their efforts on key business metrics that will company I’ve been with, reporting capabilities that streamline agent drive strategic customer service success. we have looked at all the quality evaluations. Reports include links to The application lets your supervisors and competitors, and always actual recordings giving you accurate insight managers analyze the data, uncover agent ended up with Aspect.” into each interaction. In addition, Productive performance shortfalls, and make adjustments Manager of Forecasting and Workforce allows you to store and distribute to targets and objectives in ways that make Planning best-in-class recordings to your agents for the entire contact center more effective. Hilton Worldwide Reservations coaching and training purposes. This enables It also allows supervisors to put specific you to uncover reasons for performance corrective measures in place, such as one-on- shortfalls, increase agent performance one coaching sessions or targeted eLearning with coaching workflows, and reduce the or instructor-led training. complexity and cost of implementation. Your staff views the information that most Through 100 percent call recording, directly affects contact center performance. Productive Workforce helps you pinpoint It consolidates data from your workforce the most appropriate customer interactions management, quality management and to record, and provides the tools you need automatic call distributor (ACD) into a single, to evaluate improvements to people and focused view for analyzing agent performance. processes. Integrated quality management lets you easily evaluate agent quality so you Productive Workforce allows you to easily can identify top performers for recognition compare and analyze actual performance and provide coaching for lower performers. against your key business metrics by providing The solution empowers your agents to more than 100 out-of-the-box workforce improve their effectiveness by allowing them management, ACD, and quality management to view evaluation forms, hear recorded calls key performance indicators (KPIs) that are and view screens, as well as receive coaching based on years of industry best practices. KPIs feedback on specific customer interactions all appear on the screen in formats that enable from one easy-to-use interface. users to assess performance with traffic-light color coding that reveals, at a glance, whether Agents can review colleagues’ best-in-class performance is above, at, or below target interaction recording examples for coaching levels set by customer service managers. and training purposes. Recordings can be downloaded, formatted into eLearning Align Performance at All Levels sessions and distributed to agents to of the Organization demonstrate best- practice customer With Productive Workforce, you can align interactions. All of these built-in mechanisms operational performance with corporate help your agents learn how to elevate their strategy through the use of scorecards and level of service, enabling them to apply new analysis tools that automatically initiate alerts skills immediately, ensuring they are truly an and actions on the fly. Recording customer extension of your corporate culture and brand. interactions give you insight to both business issues and agent performance. Coaching Optimize Efficiency through Targeted sessions can then be scheduled at the times Performance Feedback that are most convenient for the center to Productive Workforce delivers performance improve poor performers. You can use quality management capabilities that help scores to reward high-performing agents by you analyze workforce and operational granting them their preferred schedules. performance statistics, while providing coaching capabilities to improve problem areas. It helps enable contact centers to take more focused actions that improve workforce performance for greater alignment with the company’s overall business goals. 3 PerformanceEdge® Productive Workforce™ © 2009 Aspect Software, Inc. All Rights Reserved.
  4. 4. PRODUCTIVE WORKFORCE™ Presenting your managers, supervisors and Productive Workforce, powered by agents with out-of-the-box views that let PerformanceEdge®, brings a new approach them easily understand their day-to-day to contact center management and is operational performance places focus and readily extensible to include complementary emphasis on real-time goal management. capabilities as your needs grow. Each view appears as a user-friendly Productive Workforce is a UC application dashboard that gives your employees relevant information, navigation, and functionality for the contact center that delivers the . tools and processes to help you optimize tailored to the specific needs of their jobs. You resource utilization and adopt a continuous can personalize these dashboards to reflect improvement culture. By motivating agents specific views required by your organization, throughout their workforce lifecycle, you ensuring that your employees are focused can service more customers with fewer on the KPIs that help align operational agents, reduce customer interaction costs, performance to strategic goals. and improve customer service, sales and Consolidated interaction history provides collections results. the basis for proactive decision-making Productive Workforce includes: and strategic planning. This allows you to consider all aspects of your contact center ¬ Workforce Management – improve operations—including what’s happened in the the performance of inbound, blended past, what’s happening now, and what might and outbound staffing leveraging in- happen in the future – giving you the visibility depth strategic planning and workforce you need to take immediate action to ensure management tools. high performance. ¬ Quality Management – record and evaluate Productive Workforce™ empowers your staff agent performance and capture real-time to manage their own performance against customer feedback to gain insight into targets that have been clearly defined to drive business issues and agent performance. effective behaviors. At a glance, agents can ¬ Performance Management – measure view scorecards that allow them to see how and communicate results to continuously they are performing against their targets and improve business processes and ensure the use the information to either refocus their performance is aligned with overall goals. efforts or communicate with supervisors. This Scorecards and analysis automatically clear, personalized view gives your agents the initiate alerts and actions on the fly. Corporate Headquarters information they need so they gain immediate 300 Apollo Drive feedback to meet goals that are tied to Chelmsford, MA 01824 incentives and promotions. 978 250 7900 office The solution also helps empower your 978 244 7410 fax supervisors to easily identify individual Europe & Africa Headquarters agents who are not meeting performance 2 The Square, Stockley Park benchmarks and gives them tools to Uxbridge Middlesex UB11 1AD effectively coach agents so they are more +(44) 20 8589 1000 office likely to achieve goals. By providing easy-to- +(44) 20 8589 1001 fax use coaching forms, supervisors can work with agents to point out specific areas that Asia Pacific & Middle East Headquarters need improvement and set new performance 1 Raffles Place #58-00 goals. OUB Centre Singapore 048616 +(65) 6883 5059 office +(65) 6534 0484 fax About Aspect Aspect provides software and consulting services that turn the potential of unified communications into real business results across the enterprise and in the contact center. Applying 35 years of insight and experience, Aspect helps more than two-thirds of the FORTUNE Global 100, as well as small and medium enterprises, power their business processes with communications. For more information, visit 4 PerformanceEdge® Productive Workforce™ © 2009 Aspect Software, Inc. All Rights Reserved. 3040US-F 7/09