Performance Management Framework
Information Builders enables
agile information solutions with
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Better Communication
                                One of the most important qualities of a successful organization is g...
                                One-button publishing of compound PDF Executive Booklets creates a print-qualit...
                                Similar to Web 2.0 business models, PMF is built on the concept that growing...
                              Authors can easily align metrics, processes, projects, cause/effect linkages, and ...
                                For the more analytical user, PMF provides direct access to useful and powerful ...
User Friendly
                              Out of the box, PMF delivers more than 100 reports and graphs, hundreds of pre...
End-User Tools and Personalization
                               PMF Dashboard Designer enables performance dashboards to...
A Complete Solution
                              By empowering all users – whether consumers, analysts, authors, or admin...
Easy Deployment
     One of PMF’s key benefits is known as “Real Rapid Start,” meaning implementations take weeks, not mon...
Integration and Data Access
                                 PMF uses iWay’s integration and data-access platform to provi...
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Performance Management Framework


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Performance Management Framework

  1. 1. Performance Management Framework Information Builders enables agile information solutions with the WebFOCUS business Performance Management intelligence (BI) platform and integration technologies from iWay Software. Framework Communicate Goals, Align Strategies, and Use Real-Time Metrics Information Builders Performance Management Framework (PMF) is a new-generation platform that enables holistic and pervasive operational performance management (OPM). PMF provides a comprehensive platform for creating and managing your organization’s performance and accountability objectives. More than any other solution, Information Builders PMF combines capabilities such as metric blogging, print-quality publishing, mobile alerts, deep analytics, strategy authoring, easy-to-use setup wizards, customizable “The Value Index for end-user dashboards, and more – right out of the box. Tasks such as managing and Performance Management in communicating strategies to employees or partners, or presenting to the executive 2009 shows that currently the board, can all be handled from your Web browser. top supplier, based on the weighted factoring of the seven PMF is built on the solid foundation of Information Builders WebFOCUS business product and customer assurance intelligence (BI) platform and integration solutions from iWay Software, a division of categories, is Information Information Builders. These world-class BI and integration solutions enable PMF to be Builders, which qualifies as a easily adapted and enhanced, and directly integrated with other operational systems to fit Hot Vendor…” changing business needs. “The Ventana Research Value Index: Performance Management PMF provides business users and managers with: 2009,” Ventana Research, 2009 ■■ Better communication ■■ A complete solution ■■ Collaboration tools ■■ Easy deployment ■■ Alignment ■■ Flexibility and scalability ■■ Analytics ■■ Extensive integration and data-access options ■■ Ease of use
  2. 2. Better Communication One of the most important qualities of a successful organization is good communication. PMF dashboards are a set of easily assembled information gadgets – including pre-built grids, graphs, and tools – that provide at-a-glance status of key performance metrics and strategies. One click of the mouse lets end users retrieve the exact information they need from each gadget. PMF’s standout icons guide your consumers to important information by showing when a project is aligned, an underlying metric is underperforming, or someone has entered a comment. Business-unit managers can focus their dashboards more on operational activity by including specific metrics and projects. Multi-drill capabilities get answers for users in only a few clicks, and your extended-enterprise users (vendors, suppliers, and citizens) have easy access to rich and rewarding dashboards. One click on any dashboard gadget provides direct access to alerts, manual metrics, or answers to any questions you may have. Dashboards can focus on strategic goals, showing high-level goals and perspectives. Plus, executives or stakeholders get a complete picture of the organization’s performance. Features ■■ Targeted pre-configured dashboards ■■ Gadgets ■■ Empowered dashboard tracks progress towards goals ■■ Grids ■■ Mashup any content ■■ Graphs ■■ FAQs answered in one click ■■ Sparklines ■■ Actionable decision support ■■ Icons ■■ User alerts ■■ Adobe Flex dashboards ■■ KPIs ■■ Comments ■■ KRIs ■■ Multi-drill 2
  3. 3. Publishing One-button publishing of compound PDF Executive Booklets creates a print-quality executive report for distribution. These multi-page reports document the current strategies, goals, and initiatives alongside their key performance indicators (KPIs). With PMF’s one-button creation of Microsoft PowerPoint decks for meetings, managers and executives no longer have to piece them together from source data. They can even run the PowerPoint presentation from the dashboard. PDF Metric Booklets deliver detailed page-at-a-glance reports on each metric being measured and can be used to easily communicate status in print. The Metric Booklet can be combined with the Executive Booklet as a complete and comprehensive resource on company strategy and metrics. Users can also schedule any dashboard, report, or graph to be e-mailed with one click, allowing them to access any report and have it available in their inbox without needing to log in to a separate system. Built-in mobile dashboards and remote-analysis functions use Active Reports to deliver data back to the performance system with no connection required. Features ■■ Executive briefing books ■■ One-click publishing ■■ Boardroom print-quality PDFs ■■ Scheduling ■■ Metric briefing books ■■ E-mail distribution ■■ Financial reporting ■■ Archiving ■■ Microsoft PowerPoint ■■ Mobile, portable dashboards ■■ XBRL publishing 3
  4. 4. Collaboration Similar to Web 2.0 business models, PMF is built on the concept that growing an application’s value can be accomplished through the collaboration and information flow generated by its users. Any KPI can be blogged to let users at any level of accountability participate in making the KPI clear. PMF tracks and stores blogger information and displays KPI status. Users can easily view related threads and branches to help them understand what is being done to assist with the KPI. PMF provides threading and forwarding of alerts. Alerts cause an action and engage others to change operational outcomes. Users can receive alerts in their dashboard or e-mail. They can also set up alerts to run automatically, and forward them with comments when a course of action is determined. Features ■■ Metric blogging and alert threading ■■ Collaborative feedback loops and discussion groups ■■ Mashups of external content ■■ RIAs, maps, and real-time gadgets in the same dashboards 4
  5. 5. Alignment Authors can easily align metrics, processes, projects, cause/effect linkages, and owners to best represent the goals and strategic themes of the business. These alignments can be changed dynamically and graphically in real time, with the results immediately available to every user and reflected in all dashboards and published documents. PMF enables business users to easily adjust weights, thresholds, and tolerances, empowering them to manage performance and accountability, and prioritize metrics. By sliding the weights or thresholds, owners can quickly update settings without the need for IT or administrative intervention. PMF supports unique ways to assign tolerances, globally or at the individual organization level. There is complete flexibility for managing a growing enterprise. Features ■■ Strategy execution via closed-loop performance management ■■ Seamlessly drill from strategic goals and KPIs to detailed metrics analysis and deeper to source transaction systems ■■ Prescribed analysis for directed discovery ■■ Connect initiatives and goals to operational metrics and budgets ■■ Balance performance, risk, governance, and compliance ■■ Make regulatory and voluntary disclosures easy and natural ■■ Organize separate BI systems into a structured framework of trusted performance and risk information ■■ Business users can adjust weights, thresholds, and tolerances ■■ Authors can align metrics, processes, projects, cause/effect linkages, and owners in real time ■■ Areas of measurement that represent specific problems or threats can be described as risks and linked to metrics that display risk status ■■ Multiple causative risks can be linked into a group as consequences 5
  6. 6. Analytics For the more analytical user, PMF provides direct access to useful and powerful analytic and discovery tools. While other solutions provide analysis tools designed for mathematicians or professional analysts, PMF is designed with the business user’s specific responsibilities in mind. PMF’s analytic tools include customized trend analysis, what-ifs, traditional OLAP, and predictive analytics that give you a view of the future. Correlation and outlier views quickly offer additional insight into information that other systems might hide. If the more than 100 pre-built dashboards, reports, and analytical tools are not enough, PMF also makes it easy to create custom queries, reports, and graphs. The output of the Analysis Designer can be saved, used as a dashboard, shared, or scheduled to arrive in your e-mail. Simple selection of parameters and output formats can deliver thousands of different reports and graphs. Intelligent caching options for gadgets and dashboards optimize performance by creating and maintaining a dynamic data cache to minimize data retrieval. Features ■■ More than 100 pre-built dashboards, reports, and ■■ Profitability analysis analysis tools ■■ Customized trend analysis ■■ Dozens of role-targeted pre-configured dashboards ■■ What-if analysis ■■ Actionable decision support ■■ Correlation and outlier views ■■ Analyst workbench ■■ Simple creation of custom queries, reports, ■■ Predictive analytics: forecasting, data mining, and and graphs decision trees ■■ Save, share, and schedule delivery of output ■■ Third-party benchmark analysis ■■ Integrated, guided ad hoc delivery of ■■ Real-time analysis, BAM, and CEP thousands of reports and graphs ■■ Alternate targets, including benchmark, stretch, ■■ Output formats include Active Report, PDF, forecast, and more Excel, PowerPoint, and more ■■ Intelligent caching 6
  7. 7. User Friendly Out of the box, PMF delivers more than 100 reports and graphs, hundreds of pre-built industry-standard metric rules, a complete set of dashboards, and preset consumer, analyst, author, and administrator roles. It is ready to go from the start – just add your company’s data. Consumers can choose, configure, and customize different dashboards. Authors are able to define a pool of metrics and master data that underlies an unlimited number of scorecards, dashboards, users, departments, or extended-enterprise consumers. They can also create cascading hierarchies, franchise models, or individual employee scorecards. Administrators can create additional customized roles with completely granular capabilities, dashboards, or data-access authorization. Administrators define and schedule metric refreshes from any data source via wizards. They can also create custom time ranges, units of measure, and grant or revoke access authorizations. A wizard with more than 400 industry metrics and goals can snap together a new scorecard in two minutes. The Strategy Designer uses a drag-and-drop metaphor for authors to create cause/effect linkages, as well as project, theme, and other alignments. Once saved, this strategy is immediately available to all other parts of the system. PMF can use existing LDAP or Active Directory systems, or you can provide and manage this security information right in PMF. Features ■■ Near-zero IT support ■■ Dashboard users can manage their own preferences ■■ Analysts can select various analytic tools and create and share reports ■■ Authors can manage metric tolerances and scorecard organizations ■■ Managers control roles and authorizations ■■ Assemble and share new mashup gadget dashboards ■■ Enable innovation and agility in business settings ■■ Preset consumer, analyst, author, and administrator roles ■■ More than 100 reports and graphs ■■ Hundreds of pre-built industry-standard metric rules 7
  8. 8. End-User Tools and Personalization PMF Dashboard Designer enables performance dashboards to be constructed more simply. Capabilities include drag-and-drop palettes, a visual catalog of information gadgets, and seamless and automatic alignment of gadgets. WebFOCUS operational reports or applications can be “gadgetized” to allow content to be placed on any dashboard. Dimensional and metric parameters can also be passed to operational reports. PMF’s dashboard surface supports any Web 2.0 third-party gadgets (e.g., iGoogle, Yahoo, or proprietary Web mini-apps) and allows them all to participate in dashboard mashups without requiring additional development work by dashboard designers. PMF provides the ability to create private dashboards, in which users can make a private copy of any public dashboard in the system. Private copies can be altered, including changing gadgets on a dashboard by With PMF, users do not dragging them from the catalog, removing one or more gadgets, repositioning and resizing existing have to wait for IT to gadgets, and more. deliver reports, charts, and dashboards. Even users with little or no technical savvy can With InfoAssist, WebFOCUS’ ad hoc reporting tool, PMF users can create pixel-perfect ad hoc reports, charts, create their own and dashboards that can also be gadgetized. InfoAssist supports more than 350 data sources, including dashboards and mashup applications. cubes, like MicroSoft SQL Server Analysis Services, SAP Business Intelligence Warehouse, and Oracle Intuitive drag-and- Essbase; in several formats, such as PDF, Excel, and Active Dashboard; and with scheduling and distribution drop assembly allows capabilities for delivery via e-mail, to a reporting archive, printer, or FTP site. users to quickly and easily build reports, charts, or dashboards from any content – inside or outside the enterprise. Features ■■ Integrated personalization and preference options ■■ Third-party Web 2.0 gadget support ■■ Assemble and share mashup gadget dashboards ■■ Gadget designer ■■ More than 30 built-in gadgets ■■ Ability to create private dashboards 8
  9. 9. A Complete Solution By empowering all users – whether consumers, analysts, authors, or administrators – with easy access to everything they need, all customization and configuration needs are satisfied. Consumers can manage their dashboards, analysts can use or create new analytic tools, and authors and owners can manage strategies and KPI formulas. Purpose-Built Performance Management • Risk and Metrics Database Performance With Built-in MDM Metrics Scorecards ▲ • Strategy ▲ and ETL Wizard Management By supporting KPI • Align Processes blogging and alert threading, PMF promotes the application values Performance of growth and collaboration that Management these abilities have Framework proven to deliver. The more it is used, the more valuable • WebFOCUS it becomes. • WebFOCUS • Flex Ad hoc • RT Gadgets By delivering built-in Dashboards Analytics • R predictive ▲ ▲ • External Gadgets analysis and reporting, • Blogging and Alerts • Correlation there is no need to • Active PDF • User Preferences create new cubes or reports. Features ■■ Everything designed into an integrated solution ■■ Purpose-built, not adapted from different apps ■■ Best-of-breed operational performance management ■■ Out-of-the-box content does not require development ■■ Extensive BI capability in a pre-packaged application ■■ Native data lineage from dashboard to transaction ■■ A flexible framework for adaptation and customization ■■ Support for leading scorecard and metric business methodologies 9
  10. 10. Easy Deployment One of PMF’s key benefits is known as “Real Rapid Start,” meaning implementations take weeks, not months or years. PMF was designed from the ground up to be fully supported and maintained with little or no IT resources – the business unit or corporation that wants to manage its performance does the implementation, not IT. Instead of a lengthy, costly ETL project to acquire metrics and dimensions, PMF provides a simple wizard and schedule system. The design of additional data warehouses or datamarts for reporting and analysis is no longer needed – PMF delivers all of this right out of the box. Instead of requiring individual scorecards, dashboards, and roles for every user, PMF provides templates and parameter-driven tools to let the data drive virtually every feature and function. Less to create means less to manage, reconfigure, and support; this enables tremendous agility, and fast and consistent ROI. And, if you have more robust needs – such as auditing for compliance with various standards – PMF gives IT the precise, managed approach needed to standardize your BI. Flexibility for Change Because PMF has been natively designed and built using the leading BI and enterprise application integration (EAI) technologies, the result is a truly purpose-built solution to promote and deliver operational performance management. This solution is infinitely customizable because each and every part is constructed with BI components. It was designed to manage, measure, and analyze anything, delivering a performance solution for any horizontal process (finance, human resources, information technology, call center, etc.) or in any vertical business (financial services, supply chain, health services, retail, etc.). This flexibility allows various meta-horizontal disciplines (risk management, project portfolio management, compliance, governance) to be managed and aligned with performance goals so you can assemble a complete management tool kit for your organization that links and aligns these various disciplines. Features ■■ Rapid-start templates for many industries and businesses ■■ Install and go ■■ Pre-built industry-relevant metrics, scorecards, and dashboards ■■ Create new systems with wizards and many industry-standard metrics ■■ Consume metric data from any source ■■ Built-in online data-collection forms ■■ Deploy to executives, managers, front-line workers, supply-chain partners, customers, and citizens according to business role ■■ Easy to change or expand deployments throughout the organization ■■ Supports any existing portal standard or security system 10
  11. 11. Integration and Data Access PMF uses iWay’s integration and data-access platform to provide access to more than 350 data and application sources, allowing any metric to be monitored and managed from PMF regardless of its origin. PMF also integrates with existing applications, including any industry portal, database, planning/budgeting system, process or project management system, and operating platform. PMF treats these systems holistically to ensure that your performance needs remain a priority over operational differences and changes in systems, people, and processes. Use any portal Independent Layers Without Bias or media delivery device ▲ Independent Layer Metrics are all treated equal. iWay Software’s suite Methodology assembles powerful, exibility pre-built components Independent Performance Management Layer PMF ▲ for enterprise-class integration scenarios – Analysis with data from any without custom code source – delivering the fastest, ▲ Independent Analytic Applications Layer most cost-effective, and simplest way to Holistic integrate business integration processes and achieve framework the promise of SOA: Independent Integration Layer ▲ true reusability. ERP CPM CRM HRM ERM Legacy Excel Source Source Source Source Source Source Source Features ■■ Natively extensible for changing requirements ■■ Create custom dashboards, reports, and charts ■■ Connect to third-party project and process management systems ■■ Create deep vertical integration within your business ■■ Integrate with other core applications ■■ Create new gadgets and external content for business users ■■ Native access to more than 350 distinct databases and information sources on more than 35 platforms ■■ Integrated iWay Software solutions for enterprise information management, data quality management, master data management, business-to-business information, business process automation, and more ■■ Several NLVs including French, German, Japanese, and Spanish ■■ Supports more than 80 different character sets (code pages or locales) ■■ Integration with third-party portals including WebSphere, Microsoft SharePoint, Oracle, SAP NetWeaver, and PeopleSoft ■■ Can integrate with any budgeting, planning, forecasting, or consolidation application ■■ Provides pre-built interfaces to Tagetik Corporate Performance Management 11
  12. 12. Worldwide Offices North America Europe Turin 39-011-5513-211 ■■ Belgium* Information Builders Belgium ■■ Japan K.K. Ashisuto United States Osaka 81-6-6373-7113 ■■ Atlanta,* GA (770) 395-9913 Brussels 32-2-7430240 ■■ France* Information Builders France S.A. Tokyo 81-3-5276-5863 ■■ Baltimore, MD Professional Services: Paris 33-14-507-6600 ■■ Jordan InfoBuild Middle East (703) 247-5565 ■■ Germany Information Builders (Deutschland) Abu Dhabi 971-2-627-5911 ■■ Boston,* MA (781) 224-7660 Eschborn* 49-6196-77576-0 Dubai 971-4-3914391 ■■ Channels, (800) 969-4636 ■■ Netherlands* Information Builders ■■ Korea ■■ Chicago,* IL (630) 971-6700 (Netherlands) B.V. UVANSYS ■■ Cincinnati,* OH (513) 891-2338 Amsterdam 31-20-4563333 Seoul 82-2-832-0705 ■■ Dallas,* TX (972) 490-1300 ■■ Portugal Information Builders Portugal ■■ Kuwait InfoBuild Middle East ■■ Denver,* CO (303) 770-4440 Lisbon 351-217-217-400 Dubai 965-22322926 ■■ Detroit,* MI (248) 641-8820 ■■ Spain Information Builders Iberica S.A. ■■ Lebanon InfoBuild Middle East ■■ Federal Systems,* DC (703) 276-9006 Barcelona 34-93-344-32-70 Dubai 961-4-533162 ■■ Hartford, CT (860) 249-7229 Bilbao 34-94-452-50-15 ■■ Norway InfoBuild Norway ■■ Houston,* TX (713) 952-4800 Madrid* 34-91-710-22-75 Oslo 47-48-20-40-30 ■■ Los Angeles,* CA (310) 615-0735 ■■ Switzerland Information Builders Switzerland AG ■■ Oman InfoBuild Middle East ■■ Minneapolis,* MN (651) 602-9100 Dietlikon 41-44-839-49-49 Abu Dhabi 971-2-627-5911 ■■ New Jersey* Sales: (973) 593-0022 ■■ United Kingdom* Information Builders (UK) Ltd. Dubai 971-4-3914391 ■■ New York,* NY Sales: (212) 736-7928 London 44-845-658-8484 ■■ Poland/Central and Eastern Europe InfoBuild SP.J. Professional Services: (212) 736-4433, ext. 4443 Warsaw 48-22-657-00-14 ■■ Orlando,* FL (407) 562-1852 ■■ Qatar InfoBuild Middle East ■■ Philadelphia,* PA Sales: (610) 940-0790 Representatives Dubai 974-467-7311 ■■ Phoenix, AZ (480) 346-1095 ■■ Austria Raiffeisen Informatik Consulting GmbH ■■ Russian Federation FOBOS Plus Co., Ltd. ■■ Pittsburgh, PA Sales: (412) 494-9699 Vienna 43-12-1136-3870 Moscow 7-495-926-3358 ■■ St. Louis,* MO (636) 519-1411 ■■ Bahrain InfoBuild Middle East ■■ Saudi Arabia InfoBuild Middle East ■■ San Jose,* CA (408) 453-7600 Dubai 973-17-536-222, ext. 312 Riyadh 996-1-2180280 ■■ Seattle, WA (206) 624-9055 ■■ Brazil InfoBuild Brazil Ltda. ■■ Singapore ■■ Washington,* DC Sales: (703) 276-9006 São Paulo 55-11-3285-1050 Automatic Identification Technology Ltd. Professional Services: (703) 247-5565 ■■ China Singapore 65-6286-2922 Information Builders China (IBC) Canada ■■ South Africa Beijing 86-10-5128-9680 Information Builders (Canada) Inc. InfoBuild South Africa (Pty.) Ltd. Beijing Xinrong Software Technology Co., Ltd. ■■ Calgary (403) 437-3479 Gauteng 27-83-4600800 Beijing 86-10-5873-2031 ■■ Montreal* (514) 421-1555 Fujitsu Services (Pty.) Ltd. ■■ Denmark InfoBuild AB ■■ Ottawa (613) 233-7647 Johannesburg 27-11-2335911 Kista, SE 46-735-23-34-97 ■■ Toronto* (416) 364-2760 ■■ Taiwan Galaxy Software Services ■■ Egypt InfoBuild Middle East ■■ Vancouver (604) 688-2499 Taipei 886-2-2586-7890 Abu Dhabi 971-2-627-5911 ■■ Thailand Datapro Computer Systems Co. Ltd. Dubai 971-4-3914391 Mexico Bangkok 662-679-1927, ext. 200 ■■ Ethiopia MKTY IT Services Plc Information Builders Mexico ■■ Turkey InfoBuild Middle East Addis Ababa 251-11-5501933 ■■Mexico City 52-55-5062-0660 Ankara 90-312-266-33-00 ■■ Finland InfoBuild Oy Istanbul 90-212-325-4114 Espoo 358-207-580-840 Australia ■■ United Arab Emirates InfoBuild Middle East ■■ Greece Applied Science Abu Dhabi 971-2-627-5911 Information Builders Pty. Ltd. Athens 30-210-699-8225 Melbourne* 61-3-9631-7900 Dubai 971-4-3914391 ■■ ■■ Guatemala IDS de Centroamerica ■■ Sydney* 61-2-8223-0600 ■■ Venezuela InfoServices Consulting Guatemala City 502-2412-4212 Caracas 58-212-763-1653 ■■ India* InfoBuild India Chennai 91-44-42177082 ■■ Israel SRL Group Ltd. Toll-Free Number Tel Aviv 972-3-7662030 ■■ Sales, ISV, VAR, and SI Partner Information ■■ Italy NessPRO Italy S.p.A. (800) 969-4636 Genoa 39-010-64201-224 Milan 39-02-2515181 * Training facilities are located at these branches. Corporate Headquarters Two Penn Plaza, New York, NY 10121-2898 (212) 736-4433 Fax (212) 967-6406 DN4601508.0110 Canadian Headquarters 150 York St., Suite 1000, Toronto, ON M5H 3S5 (416) 364-2760 Fax (416) 364-6552 For International Inquiries +1(212) 736-4433 Copyright © 2010 by Information Builders. All rights reserved. [91] All products and product names Printed in the U.S.A. mentioned in this publication are trademarks or registered trademarks of their respective companies. on recycled paper