Performance Evaluation (Form fill or print)


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Performance Evaluation (Form fill or print)

  1. 1. Annual Classified Employee Performance Evaluation University Of Wisconsin – Eau Claire Employee Name:       Classification:       Department:       Supervisor:       Review Period:       to       Rating Instructions for the Supervisor Please evaluate the employee’s performance relative to the ten general performance factors listed on page 2 and to three key responsibilities that you define on page 3. The following rating scale will assist you in assigning the most appropriate measurements of the employee’s performance. Rating Scale: 4 = Exceeds Expectations – The employee routinely exceeds the acceptable standards in all areas of the job. 3 = Meets Expectations – The employee consistently meets standards and established performance expectations in important areas of the job. 2 = Needs Improvement* – The employee performs some of the responsibilities but does not meet expectations. 1 = Unacceptable* – The employee does not perform at an acceptable level to meet the position standards. Immediate corrective measures must be taken. * Supervisor comments are required for unacceptable and needs improvement ratings; otherwise, comments are optional. If you assign a rating of unacceptable or needs improvement please state how you and the employee will work to improve the performance. The Evaluation Meeting After you have rated the employee’s performance, meet with the employee to discuss the employee’s performance, make necessary plans for improving performance, and commend the employee for good performance. Space is provided on page 3 to list developmental/training goals, for additional supervisor comments, and for employee comments. Additional sheets may be attached if necessary. At the end of your meeting, you and the employee will sign and date the evaluation. Please submit the original to Human Resources, 220 Schofield Hall. The evaluation will be reviewed by a Human Resources Manager and placed in the employee’s personnel file. 1
  2. 2. Instructions: Rate the employee’s performance relative to the following ten general performance factors, by checking the appropriate box. Provide comments as necessary. Performance Factors 4 3 2 1 1. Quality of Work: Refers to accuracy, neatness, thoroughness, and compliance with specifications, as compared to the basic requirements of the position. Comments:       2. Quantity of Work: The amount or volume of acceptable work completed in a timely manner. Comments:       3. Job Knowledge: An understanding or grasp of the skills, information and duties required to meet the responsibilities of the position. This includes staying current with changing technology, processes, legislation, methods, concepts and techniques. Comments:       4. Dependability: Acceptance of responsibility, willingness to follow instructions, ability to meet deadlines. Comments:       5. Initiative and Self-Reliance: The amount of direction needed to accomplish job responsibilities. The degree beyond the basic requirements the employee seeks to achieve. Also may include creativity, improving work methods, and seeking additional work or responsibility. Comments:       6. Interpersonal Communication: Interpersonal behavior such as tact, courtesy, integrity, discretion, listening skills and helpfulness in dealing with others within a diverse community. Comments:       7. Judgment: Effectiveness in making correct decisions and prioritizing the work load. The ability to determine the relative importance of information and choosing a worthwhile or appropriate course of action. Comments:       8. Safety: Observation of safety rules and practices as prescribed by organizational policy, procedures, and supervisory direction. Comments:       9. Work Habits: A positive, cooperative attitude is displayed towards work assignments and requirements. Compliance with established work rules and organizational policies. Comments:       10. Adaptability/Flexibility: Adjusts readily to new situations and changes in the workplace, 2
  3. 3. works well under pressure, learns and functions well under widely different situations. Comments:       Instructions: Define three key responsibilities that are specific to the employee’s position. These responsibilities can be taken directly from the position description. Then, rate the employee’s performance relative to each of the three responsibilities, by checking the appropriate box. Provide comments as necessary. Key Responsibilities 4 3 2 1 1. Key Responsibility:       Comments:       2. Key Responsibility:       Comments:       3.Key Responsibility:       Comments:       Developmental/Training Goals:       Additional Supervisor Comments:       Employee Comments:       Employee Signature: Date:       Supervisor Signature: Date:       HR Manager Initials: 3
  4. 4. The employee’s signature does not necessarily indicate agreement, but attests that the employee has had an opportunity to read and discuss this review. 4