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Performance Manager

       Performance Manager
       Performance monitoring solution for mobile operator networks

Ensuring high-quality performance of applications and services         For virtually any service over any wireless operato...
In some cases it will be necessary to understand how much one particular service
Packet details are sometimes necessary
                                                          to resolve very complex, ...
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nGenius Performance Manager for mobile operators


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nGenius Performance Manager for mobile operators

  1. 1. Performance Manager Performance Manager Performance monitoring solution for mobile operator networks Highlights Overview IP-based global assurance The future of mobile communications is converging upon feature-rich, IP-based voice, Going beyond simple analysis of signaling video and data (a.k.a. “triple play”) services. In the highly competitive mobile services market, providers urgently need to protect and enhance customers’ experience in messages, the nGenius Performance order to reduce churn and grow the provider’s average revenue per user (ARPU). Management System utilizes a service NetScout Systems, a long-established leader in IP performance management content-aware, IP-based understanding solutions for the world’s largest private networks, offers the nGenius Performance of mobile operator networks to help solve Management System – a powerful solution for monitoring and troubleshooting your important problems faster. subscriber-facing IP network and all the associated services it supports. Reduce MTTR Introduction Top-down, KPI-to-Flow-to-Packet Subscribers expect both reliable availability and fast access over the mobile network workflow streamlines troubleshooting to use their favored services —whether they’re trying to place a call, send an email on to resolve problems faster and more their RIM/Blackberry or send a text message to their spouse or friend. Both enabling efficiently. (setup) services and content services must operate efficiently in order for a quality customer experience. KPIs for proactive, early detection When enabling services operate properly, the subscriber is largely unaware of their presence or activity. When any of them fail to perform properly, however, such as slow/ Proactively detects service performance unsuccessful AAA authentication or slow DNS lookup, the result is a poor service degradations and, delivers service-aware experience, such as slow internet access, or even worse a failure to connect. Similarly, views and early warning of anomalies once a service is successfully accessed, IP-based content delivery must be fast and before they can become subscriber- efficient. Any point of congestion or contention that slows response time or causes delivery errors, such as excessive packet drops, can interrupt the service and adversely affecting problems. affect quality of experience. The short term result of poor enabling or content delivery service could be a lost Flow-based analysis to speed opportunity to generate revenue, but if it is more widespread than a single user, diagnosis the result could be a significantly greater impact on revenue. Long term affects of Utilizes flow-based analysis to provide underperforming enabling services can include increased churn and lower ARPU. users with a better understanding of What is needed is a solution specifically optimized for Mobile Operators which harvests performance as well as who and what are key operational intelligence directly from the service delivery infrastructure and being affected by service degradations provides a standard set of views for the critical service-enabling and service-delivery and faults. protocols that can be leveraged by mobile operators around the globe both for real- time operations support and precise, reality-based planning. Deep packet inspection for efficient troubleshooting Meeting the Need Combines the advantage of persistent The nGenius Performance Management System provides the KPI-to-Flow-to-Packet details necessary for effective network, customer, and service assurance with capture and extended storage capabilities performance monitoring and visibility into all forms of IP-based services. NetScout’s with a deep understanding of protocols solution leverages deep packet inspection technology to deliver complete visibility into and packets to help users more quickly real-time operational intelligence spanning from high level KPIs (Key Performance solve even the most complex problems. Indicators) and early warning all the way down to actual packets, enabling providers to reduce MTTR and enhance network and service assurance.
  2. 2. Ensuring high-quality performance of applications and services For virtually any service over any wireless operator interface, the across a provider network core is part of NetScout’s Global nGenius Performance Management System presents KPIs for Assurance initiative, which allows mobile operators to: how fast the service is operating in milliseconds using response time analysis. To help analyze if that response time is acceptable, • Gain a holistic perspective of all the services and technologies operator-configurable settings are available for red, green, deployed across the customer facing network for viewing and yellow buckets representing the availability and range of complex environments in full context, speeding problem response times over time for that service. For more effective resolutions via comprehensive operational intelligence. troubleshooting, response time analysis or response time • Obtain service-relevant information with full application, host distribution over time can be analyzed over multiple time frames and conversation visibility for making strategic decisions about – whether it is for an immediate concern, subscriber-reported technology resources. problems over the last 15 or 30 minutes or more far reaching, such as for the last 12 or 24 hours. nGenius Performance • Reduce operational expenses (OpEx) by consolidating Manager and nGenius K2 are flexible enough to allow user tools and associated costs by incorporating performance definable time frames for the most relevant analysis within the monitoring, recording, and reporting of KPIs, flows and context of each individual situation. packets into a single, unified performance management application. Response times that don’t meet acceptable levels, as well as key network errors or unsuccessful transactions, can trigger a Power Alarm, an intelligent alert that also includes contextual evidence, Reduce MTTR with the Streamlined for immediate notification. For example, monitoring AAA Radius KPI-to-Flow-to-Packet Workflow for acceptable response times and errors will help troubleshoot subscribers experiencing problems gaining access to the mobile The nGenius Solution, originally built for the largest private IP- network and thus unable to complete revenue-generating voice based networks in the world and now tailored specifically for the calls or internet access. These alerts can be viewed in nGenius mobile operator market, provides the industry’s first complete Performance Manager, nGenius K2, and/or a third party event and consistent high-definition visibility for KPIs, Flows (service management system. sessions), and Packets traversing the mobile provider’s service delivery environment to help optimize performance and resolve the most challenging issues with speed and accuracy. Flow-based Analysis Speeds Diagnosis Flow-based analysis from monitored mobile services in nGenius Leveraging KPIs for Early Detection of Problems Performance Manager helps to answer the questions: • “How are the resources being utilized?” The modern KPI-to-Flow-Packet workflow utilized by the nGenius Performance Management Solution answers crucial • “How much?” day-to-day performance questions so problems can be averted • “By who?” or quickly corrected in mobile operator networks. nGenius • “How does one service affect another service?” Performance Manager collects and analyzes information from With the nGenius Performance Management System, consistent, nGenius data sources (including nGenius Probes, AFMons, and real-time monitoring and analysis can be performed across any InfiniStreams) and presents specific KPIs via service-aware mobile operator interface. Interfaces operating in either GSM/ views, maps, and alert lists in the fully integrated nGenius K2. GPRS/UMTS (e.g.: Gn, Gi, Gp, etc.) or CDMA2000 (e.g.: A10/ This allows mobile operators to gain early indications of potential A11, Pi, Xd, etc.) networks, IP Multimedia Subsystem (IMS) performance issues: networks, as well as in the MPLS Core Backbones can be • “How fast is the service running?” monitored by the nGenius System to identify and track overall • “Is that response time acceptable?” traffic volume statistics in bytes or percent of available bandwidth • “Are there any errors?” to reveal how these resources are being utilized. • “What is the success rate?” Response time analysis in nGenius Performance Manager can be used to determine “How fast is the service running?” For the enabling service DNS, for example, tracking response time over time and response time distribution will help operators uncover service degradations before subscribers are impacted.
  3. 3. In some cases it will be necessary to understand how much one particular service is using the network resources for troubleshooting or capacity management. The nGenius Performance Management System again relies on flow-based analysis to track and trend both real-time and historical information on individual services, such as utilization for Ringtone downloads. nGenius Performance Manager helps mobile operators uncover how their resources are being used. Flow-based analysis across key customer facing segments provides views into Top Services in use that may be used to reveal potential issues such as contention between voice traffic and text messaging. nGenius Performance Manager applies further analysis to reveal how much of those resources, whether they are specific interfaces, data centers, or server farms, are most or least consumed by specific individual services. This gives operators the information they need to distinguish how much utilization Revealing who the top user or users of networked services overall or of a particular exists for enabling services, such as AAA Radius or Diameter, service depends on flow analysis as well. nGenius Performance Manager helps DNS, DHCP and LDAP. For example, rolling out a new DNS mobile operators uncover who is using their resources on key network segments, for example, presenting All Conversations on a selected Gn interface. server or researching troubles with AAA in one part of the network requires tracking and analysis from flow details in key areas of the network to determine their effect on performance, 2.5, 3, and emerging 3.5/4G operator networks. nGenius traffic volume and responsiveness. For revenue generating Performance Manager collects flow monitoring information and services such as WEB/WAP, MMS, SMS, SMPP, PTT, VoIP, VMail, and Ringtone downloads, flow details will not only show continuous packet capture files from nGenius data sources utilization for each service but, at the same time, present how strategically deployed throughout the service delivery network their behavior and volume might affect each other. For instance, for complete visibility into both monitored traffic flows as well flow-based analysis may help identify if video traffic is impacting as packet trace files. The addition of 24x7 continuous packet any other service such as SMS. capture, with a choice of different storage capacities, helps answer questions like: There will be occasions when specific conversation flow details are necessary as well, perhaps to determine the busiest • “What exactly was the conversation exchange data center while analyzing call originations or to reveal an for a specific service?” underutilized server which might indicate a poorly performing • “How can we reconstruct a session from the load balancer. In other situations, focusing in on individual recent past to see what happened?” subscriber-related details is necessary for troubleshooting purposes. nGenius Performance Manager relies on flow-based • “Is there a poorly designed service causing the information and in-depth analysis to deliver visibility into the degradation?” conversation details and per-subscriber flows to answer these The nGenius Solution, with continuously recorded packet flows questions. from target interfaces in the mobile operator network, has complete trace files with both header and payload information for in-depth, post-event forensic data mining with microsecond Deep Packet Inspection for Definitive Troubleshooting granularity. In diagnosing the most challenging packet-level For many situations, traditional monitoring approaches provide problems, mobile operators can launch bounce charts for excellent analysis of networks, services, conversations, response each enabling and revenue generating service monitored. To times and trending. However, at times, packet-level details are improve MTTR and ease of use, contextual drill downs to those necessary to troubleshoot and identify the more complicated trace files, the actual packets, and related Expert analysis are problems with complex services traversing expansive, global also incorporated.
  4. 4. Packet details are sometimes necessary to resolve very complex, persistent problems. Using NetScout’s advanced intelligence offerings in conjunction About NetScout Systems with nGenius InfiniStream provides a NetScout Systems provides advanced means to better understanding network network and application service and subscriber performance. Using a wide range of subscriber IDs, users can assurance solutions that deliver identify specific subscriber sessions, complete visibility into real-time, packet/ take advantage of NetScout’s ability to flow-based operational intelligence. correlate packets across the network, IT operators at the world’s largest review performance in the network enterprises, government agencies, registration process, and view data sessions in a ladder diagram format. and service providers use the Sniffer This view of traffic provides users with and nGenius solutions to troubleshoot an understanding of latency associated service degradations faster and more with different network components and efficiently in order to reduce MTTR. messages and ultimately their effect on subscriber experience. Our world-renowned Sniffer and nGenius solutions include: n Intelligent Data Sources for high Sniffer Mobile Intelligence extends nGenius Performance Manager’s packet-level capacity, deep-packet recording capabilities and helps reduce the time to resolve service degradations. Sniffer Mobile and monitoring Intelligence applies Expert analysis against the packets that have been recorded and n Analysis Software for real-time stored in nGenius InfiniStreams to provide advanced packet correlation and per- and historical network and subscriber analysis to help mobile operators troubleshoot issues related to subscriber application performance registration, network latency, dropped packets, application response times, VoIP management, troubleshooting, performance, as well as Mobile IP and GPRS Tunneling Protocols (GTP). capacity planning, and reporting n Advanced Intelligence for early Further enhancing the nGenius Performance Management Solution is its ability to detection and in-depth analysis of present users with visualizations of subscriber data sessions via ladder diagrams. For complex or specialized application user-selected sessions, total elapsed time is presented along with individual delays services associated with individual commands and messages. This view of traffic provides users n Comprehensive, global support, with an understanding of latency associated with different network components and consulting and training services messages and ultimately their effect on subscriber experience. Corporate Headquarters Summary 310 Littleton Road Westford, MA 01886-4105 The nGenius Performance Management System gives mobile operators the visibility Phone: 978-614-4000 they urgently need to reduce MTTR and protect and enhance customer experience, Toll Free: 888-999-5946 which will reduce churn and grow ARPU. A unified, highly-scalable network and service performance monitoring solution with real-time and historical reporting, the nGenius Solution is effective for: European Headquarters NetScout Systems (UK) Ltd. • Capacity Planning and Optimization 100 Pall Mall Offers detailed forecasts for calculating growth trends and identifying when and London SW1Y 5HP where bandwidth issues may occur, helping you protect network and services United Kingdom performance from network congestion. Phone: +44 (0)20 7321 5660 • Service Monitoring and Subscriber Profiling Asia/Pacific Headquarters Room 105, 17F/B, No. 167 Provides continuous and complete visibility into services and application TunHwa N. Road performance, including analysis of response time, identification of who is using Taipei, Taiwan particular service applications, and how they are impacting the customer Phone: +886 2 2717 1999 facing network, letting you make quantifiable business decisions about network resources. ©2008 NetScout Systems, Inc. All rights reserved. • Real-Time Troubleshooting and Rapid Service Restoration NetScout, the NetScout logo, Network General, the Network General logo, nGenius, Sniffer, InfiniStream, Helps quickly isolate and resolve problems when network and service Business Container, Business Forensics, NetVigil and degradations occur, with bottoms-up data collection and top-down workflow Quantiva are trademarks or registered trademarks of NetScout Systems, Inc. Other brands, product names processes and finely granular performance information, letting you restore and trademarks are property of their respective owners. services as quickly as possible and minimize the effect on subscribers, network NetScout reserves the right, at its sole discretion, to make changes at any time in its technical information and service performance. and specifications, and service and support programs. PMSP0901_revB 2009-02-11