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  1. 1. Linking Performance Measures to Budgeting Katie McCoy Budget & Evaluation Office City of Charlotte
  2. 2. Outline • Overview of Charlotte’s Performance Management System • Performance Management and Budgeting Integration • Current Challenges
  3. 3. Charlotte’s Performance Management System: The Balanced Scorecard • Management and measurement system • Translates vision and strategy into action • Provides feedback around both internal business processes and external outcomes
  4. 4. Integrating Performance Management and Budgeting • Strategic performance management is the foundation upon which the organization builds its budget and allocates resources • The budget responds to what is needed and how to achieve the performance measures
  5. 5. Structuring the Organization to Integrate Performance Management and Budgeting • Focus Area Council Committees • Focus Area Staff Cabinets • Departmental Scorecards
  6. 6. City Council Focus Area Committees Community Safety Housing and Neighborhood Development Transportation Economic Development Environment
  7. 7. Staff Cabinets Example - Members of Transportation Cabinet Transportation Planning Goal Statement: Assistant City Charlotte will be the premier city in the Manager - Chair Transit country for integrating land use and transportation choices. Engineering Police
  8. 8. Integrating Departmental Performance Measures and Budget Example: Utilities Develop Enhance Optimize Run the Collaborative Customer Business Business Solutions Service Processes • Strategic Perf Measures (Why) – Enhance Customer Service: Complete 90% of residential water and sewer taps within 5 weeks – Optimize Business Processes: Complete 9,000 Industrial/Commercial Automated Meter Reader retrofits by 6/30/07 • Budget (What & How) – Water and sewer line crews funding – Technology funding
  9. 9. Where it All Comes Together: Business Corridor Example Economic Development (ED) Staff Cabinet Initiative ED Council Focus Area Discussion and Recommendation Budget Process Deliberations $8.9 Million Allocation in Adopted Budget ED Business Plan Implementation ED Department Performance Measures: >$10m Private Investment Leveraged through the Business Corridor Assistance Programs; >$350m Building Permit Values in xyz section of Business Corridor
  10. 10. Current Challenges • Integration of performance management and budgeting in one software package • “SILO” approach • Political environment
  11. 11. More Information • Web site: – Publications available • Focus Area Plans • Balanced Scorecard • Strategic Operating Plan • Year End Report – BSC references – Frequent questions
  12. 12. Questions Thank You