Maestro: Performance Insights Workshop


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Maestro: Performance Insights Workshop

  1. 1. Advisory Services Performance Management Maestro ® Performance Insights Workshop With clarity of vision comes confidence of purpose *connectedthinking
  2. 2. Driving strategy into sustainable performance Strong leadership and management, a motivated and engaged workforce, and sound business practices are crucial to the success of high performing organizations. “Point solutions” focused on specific functional areas seldomly achieve organization-wide performance targets. Successful organizations use a strategic approach and a comprehensive framework to prioritize, align and sustain perfomance management activities. Our Approach Our approach to performance management is rooted in a Maestro® is a highly interactive one-day collaborative style that looks beyond the financial and operational performance management workshop aspects of your organization and harmonizes the way your people, processes, technology and plans work together to support your that brings together your executive team overall goals and objectives. and PricewaterhouseCoopers’ business advisors and performance management A Dynamic, Interactive One-day Workshop professionals to help fine tune your business. PricewaterhouseCoopers’ (PwC) Maestro® Workshop will help your organization gain a holistic understanding of your organization’s We will help you gain a holistic performance management capability and identify key actions understanding of your company’s necessary to develop and sustain an effective performance performance management capability and management program. identify key actions necessary to develop The workshop is facilitated by experienced facilitators with subject and sustain an effective performance matter or industry specialists participating in the workshop. management program that will help drive the long-term success of your company. Together, your executive team and our Performance Management professionals will: Maestro® can be particularly effective when used as a part of your annual • Gain insight into your performance management capability; business planning process and repeated • Identify current areas of strength as well as opportunities on an annual basis to benchmark your for improvement; performance. • Identify specific actions to drive improved overall performance; • Prioritize actions and assign responsibilities and timelines; • Determine next steps to address the highest priority opportunities; and • Benchmark your organization’s progress. As a result of the workshop, your organization will receive a sound and professionally-produced blueprint to drive your business forward.
  3. 3. The workshop consists of four main components 1. Initial brainstorming of the workshop. Using this approach 4. Action plan allows you to develop an even greater The process begins with developing an understanding of your organization’s Areas of opportunity are explored understanding of your organization’s performance. to close gaps in your performance goals, aspirations and growth management practices. The survey results provide insight opportunities. The opportunities are assessed in into your organization’s performance Next, we focus on the issues and management capabilities relative to terms of impact on the organization and challenges preventing your organization six dimensions of value creation and prioritized according to the time, cost from realizing its objectives. address the seven key enablers needed and complexity of implementation. to achieve sustainably high levels of For each opportunity, accountabilities 2. Diagnostic survey performance. See PwC’s Performance are assigned, timelines are established Management Lens below. and next steps are agreed upon. Your executive team will complete a confidential electronic survey that 3. Interactive analysis gauges how well your organization PwC’s Performance Management The Big Picture is performing. Leveraging PwC’s proprietary Performance Management professionals lead your executive A final report will help your executive Review (PMR) Diagnostic Tool, gaps team through an analysis of the survey team create the systems, establish the between your current and targeted results. A heat map version of the accountabilities and secure the decision- performance management capabilities Performance Management Lens is used to visually identify areas of opportunity. making support needed to achieve your will be identified. Different versions of the PMR Diagnostic Tool are available Together, we uncover the “cause and performance management targets. The to accommodate the unique aspects of effect” relationships influencing the process ensures that the focus is on how different industries. performance of your organization. to help your organization create value for In addition to capturing the executive Key results are captured for inclusion its stakeholders in a way that is socially team’s input during the workshop, the in a summary report to be discussed responsible. Diagnostic Tool can also be administered following the completion of the to the entire organization in advance workshop. Key Players Key Enablers PwC’s Performance CEO and Board Management Lens Leadership of Directors provides an overview of our holistic, integrated approach to creating CFO and Communication value for all of the relevant Finance stakeholders. CIO and People and Information Performance Technology Culture COO and Customer Operations and Supplier Collaboration CHCO and Governance Human Capital CMO, Sales Business and Marketing Create value for ... Processes Shareholders & Clients & Suppliers & CRO and Risk Employees Information Stakeholders Customers Partners Management ... while reducing the organization’s negative impact on the environment
  4. 4. How PwC can help Through PwC’s Performance Insights Workshop, we can help your organization assess, design, select, plan for and implement the tools and mechanisms necessary to successfully enable and sustain your organization’s performance management approach. Who to call Calgary Montréal Vancouver Caroline Émond Scott McLean Randy Watt 514 205 5103 604 806 7113 403 509 6651 Sébastien Doyon Scott Fitzsimmons Ian Kane 514 205 5382 604 806 7112 403 509 7344 Ottawa Winnipeg Edmonton Roxanne Anderson Robert Reimer David Bryan 613 755 8702 204 926 2442 780 441 6709 Toronto Halifax Philip Townsend Philip Clarke Performance Management 902 491 7445 Services Leader 416 941 8220 Stuart Smith 416 869 2324 © 2009 PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP. All rights reserved. “PricewaterhouseCoopers” refers to PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP, an Ontario limited liability partnership, or, as the context requires, the PricewaterhouseCoopers global network or other member firms of the network, each of which is a separate and independent legal entity. 1432-01 1109