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                       during replay, you can achieve thorough and objective        The sy...
• Combine quality evaluation scores with other metrics
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Impact 360' Quality Monitoring Package from Witness Systems ...


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Impact 360' Quality Monitoring Package from Witness Systems ...

  1. 1. IP Telephony Contact Centers Mobility Impact 360™ Quality Monitoring Services Package from Witness Systems OVERVIEW Powered by Avaya Reduce Costs through Performance Improvement How do you help your contact center associates improve their performance and consistently maximize results? In order to provide superior service, recording, evaluating, analyzing and using customer interactions for best practices training to ensure quality performance is now mission critical. Help your agents to provide unmatched service - one customer interaction at a time – with the Impact 360™ Quality Monitoring solution. As part of the robust Avaya Operational Effectiveness The Quality Monitoring Package includes a tightly integrated portfolio in the Customer Interaction Suite, Avaya set of business functions that help customers make better offers the Impact 360™ Quality Monitoring Package decisions faster by streamlining processes and providing to enable businesses to realize the benefits of quality information that is difficult to access through independent monitoring, performance management, and e-learning applications. These business integrations enable users to: throughout your enterprise. With the Quality Monitoring • Drill to a recorded call from a scorecard Package you can accurately gauge your contact center’s performance, identify trends and opportunities, and • Easily turn recordings into training streamline processes where needed. In other words, • Combine quality evaluation scores with other metrics you can enhance the quality of the service you deliver within a scorecard to your customers through continuous performance improvement. The “out of box” integration with Avaya Robust, “Intelligent” Monitoring Communication Manager provides a software-based The Quality Monitoring Package records your associates’ solution that allows customers to make their own voice interactions with your customers, as well as their hardware decisions and leverage their existing IT corresponding computer desktop activities, such as data infrastructure, making it easier to install and maintain entry, screen navigation and data retrieval. By capturing and reducing your total cost of ownership. both voice and desktop activity and synchronizing them
  2. 2. avaya.com 2 during replay, you can achieve thorough and objective The system lets your agents trigger recordings on-demand customer interaction recording. and in real-time. In situations such as a serious complaint, or customer feedback about a new product or service, “Intelligent” recording lets you trigger your recordings agent-initiated monitoring is as simple as clicking a button through rich CTI integration to your automated call (a helpful self-development tool for your agents). If your The Impact 360™ distributor (ACD) or predictive dialer. Our leading- organization prefers, you can even allow your agents to Quality Monitoring edge CTI capabilities facilitate random monitoring and disable monitoring for a particular call (a useful feature Package provides monitoring in free-seating environments. It all adds up to when a customer requests it for legal purposes). business-driven “intelligent” monitoring for your call center: recording capabilities, which • Random agent and event monitoring lets you monitor Meet Your Needs With Full Time Recording allow companies automatically a percentage, or sample size, of Your contact center responds to thousands of customer to record essential contacts and record them for future playback. requests – some you need to record and store for later customer • Agent data linking supports recording in free seating use in compliance or sales verification situations. interactions based environments by monitoring agents regardless of The Quality Monitoring Package provides full-time on user-defined where they are sitting. recording to capture and store those sales verification or business rules such compliance calls as well as those calls that will be used • Selective call recording based on business needs, as DNIS, ANI and/ for training or business process optimization purposes. campaigns, products, high-value customers and or Hunt Group. more. Your company may choose to record all of your Use the Quality collection interactions, 75% of customer escalations, Patented Data Capture Technique but only 5% of service contacts for training purposes. Data recording is crucial because in addition to Monitoring Package to understanding how well your workers are verbally interacting You define the type of calls the system records as calls record and with your customers, you want to know how well they’re come through the ACD or predictive dialer. The result? evaluate the using your contact center or productivity tools, responding No missed or partially recorded calls and newfound gains interactions to e-mail inquiries, or “chatting” with customers on the in productivity. critical to your Web. By capturing screen activity you can train associates operating You can customize the events that initiate recording by to navigate screens more efficiently and provide superb performance. integrating with third party applications. For example, customer interactions regardless of medium. you can trigger recordings using external applications by The Quality Monitoring Package features a patented data configuring the system to begin recording when an agent capture technique that saves only changed areas of the fills in a specific field within your desktop application. screen to minimize your network utilization, as opposed to other capture methods that tax network resources and may slow down other production applications. Contact Management and Retrieval Recordings can be triggered and filed based on business rules that you establish and can be changed quickly to reflect your shifting business priorities. The solution can notify individuals or groups of the captured contacts and files the recorded interactions automatically in designated folders accessible from a browser. Reviewers can make notes by adding voice and text annotations to recorded contacts for others to view, or for training purposes. With the proper security, you can export these interactions to non-system users in an AVI format that can be played on any multimedia PC.
  3. 3. COMMUNICATIONS AT THE HEART OF BUSINESS 3 Performance Evaluation your business. Within a couple of hours, you can create a high quality, interactive learning session that can The Quality Monitoring Package’s evaluation functionality become part of your e-learning resource kit. facilitates scoring of agent performance through customized forms, reports, and graphs that summarize immediate performance feedback to you. It enables your Extending Your Business Value with supervisors and quality analysts to calibrate evaluations Performance Management Functionality across centers while streamlining the way contact center The Quality Monitoring Package includes productivity is measured. performance management features designed specifically for your multi- Quickly Create E-learning Clips channel, multi-skilled contact center. A set Based On Real-life Scenarios and of pre-defined key performance indicators (KPIs) including average quality scores, Your Best Practices average handle time, and % wrap-up time, With our contact editing feature, you can use captured enable your contact center staff to see how customer contacts to create a library of best practices for they are performing, and your managers training of agents. Using these real interactions, you can to evaluate team and organizational develop e-learning content specific to your organization. performance. It contains role-appropriate You can create a customized piece of learning in just a scorecards that display actual employee few minutes and a high-quality, interactive learning clip performance metrics as well as trends. in only a few hours. In fact, creating e-learning clips is so easy that you can readily develop content for products The Quality Monitoring Package includes tightly and services, campaigns and programs, or policies with a integrated functions between the scorecards, recording, limited shelf life-something that’s just not practical with and quality monitoring. Users can: traditional course development software. What’s more, • Analyze variances to KPI indicators quickly with one- you can distribute the content quickly using email, or via touch drilling from scorecards to recorded calls. After a hyperlink to your Intranet or website. e-learning clips studying an agent’s scorecard a manager can drill directly can include assessments to help track and measure agent to a recorded call to determine what may be causing performance, skill acquisition, and knowledge retention. an agent to fall outside of the desired KPI range. This level of visibility delivers insight that allows managers Within a few minutes you can create a customized piece to diagnose the root causes of performance variances of learning based on recorded calls that are specific to quickly and drive changes in processes or behaviors. Quality Monitoring Package capabilities: • Trigger recordings based on your user-defined business rules for business process optimization • Evaluate and analyze quality performance using a customizable evaluation form • Record randomly for quality sampling or full time for compliance or sales verification • Record interactions leveraging Avaya contact center tools such as the Avaya Communication Manager platform with integrations to Avaya Application Enablement Services (AES) and Proactive Contact, or third party desktop applications • Allow workers to initiate real-time recording at the click of a mouse • Automatically organize recorded interactions according to user-defined categories • Share recordings throughout the enterprise for a comprehensive view of customer interactions • Enable a supervisor or manager to monitor an interaction in real-time showing both voice and agent screen activity • Produce high quality, interactive e-learning sessions that can become part of your e-learning resource kit • View role-appropriate scorecards to assess performance and help motivate agents to improve and mangers to focus on problem areas.
  4. 4. • Combine quality evaluation scores with other metrics The Impact 360™ Quality Monitoring within a scorecard. The scorecards include statistics Package provides: from the recording and quality monitoring functions such as total average quality scores, and % reviewed and • Random, scheduled, selective and full time recorded agent contacts, as well as statistics from the contact recording ACD such as average handle time and % wrap-up time. • Synchronized data capture • Contact management and retrieval This visibility into performance can motivate your • Evaluation forms and reports staff to improve, while enabling managers to focus on identifying trends, addressing issues and capitalizing on • Contact editing (e-learning) opportunities, resulting in better customer service, lower • Performance management (scorecards) costs and, ultimately, a big boost to your bottom line. Avaya Professional Services and Learning More Impact 360™ solutions take full advantage of Avaya’s recognized strength in voice heritage, application development, global services and leadership position in the industry. Avaya Global Services provides a suite of services designed to give you maximum flexibility in choosing the services needed to best support the unique needs of your contact center and your business. Find your solution. To learn more about the Avaya Customer Interaction Suite and Impact 360™ solutions, visit avaya.com, or contact your Avaya Client Executive or Avaya Authorized BusinessPartner today or call 866.GO.AVAYA. About Avaya Avaya enables businesses to achieve superior For businesses large and small, Avaya is a world results by designing, building and managing their leader in secure, reliable IP telephony systems, communications infrastructure and solutions. For communications applications and full life-cycle over one million businesses worldwide, including services. Driving the convergence of embedded more than 90 percent of the FORTUNE 500®, Avaya voice and data communications with business COMMUNICATIONS embedded solutions help businesses enhance applications, Avaya is distinguished by its AT THE HEART OF BUSINESS value, improve productivity and create competitive combination of comprehensive, world-class advantage by allowing people to be more productive products and services. Avaya helps customers avaya.com and create more intelligent processes that satisfy across the globe leverage existing and new customers. networks to achieve superior business results. © 2006 Avaya Inc. All Rights Reserved. Avaya and the Avaya Logo are trademarks of Avaya Inc. and may be registered in certain jurisdictions. All trademarks identified by the ®, SM or TM are registered trademarks, service marks or trademarks, respectively, of Avaya Inc., with the exception of FORTUNE 500 which is a registered trademark of Time Inc. All other trademarks are the property of their respective owners. Witness and Impact 360 are each trademarks (registered or otherwise) of Witness Systems, Inc. 10/06 • GCC3046-01