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HP-UX Partner Quote Sheet

  1. 1. HP-UX Partner Quote Sheet “724 Solutions is able to easily transition our X-treme Mobility Gateway (XMG) software to Itanium® 2-based HP systems running HP-UX 11i V2. With the EPIC architecture and exceptional power of the Itanium Editorial Contact: processor, our XMG software will be able to take advantage of wider Brian Garabedian, HP system bandwidth design and better parallel processing capability.” +1 408 447 4650 brian.garabedian@hp.com Marc Printz, XMG Product Manager, 724 Solutions Hewlett-Packard Company 3000 Hanover Street Mail Stop 1048 “Acucorp delivered the first COBOL ported to Itanium® 2-based servers Palo Alto, CA 94304 www.hp.com for HP-UX and Linux platforms. Our move to HP-UX 11i v2 was so easy, that we also completed our port to Linux at the same time and now offer complete compatibility with Itanium 2-based systems. Acucorp’s future- proofing strategy for legacy extension maps extremely well to Itanium’s superior investment protection. Acucorp’s extend® family of technologies has made cross-platform programming much more transparent than it normally is, providing a great convenience to application developers. Even if programmers don't initially plan on developing for multiple platforms, it is often later discovered that flexibility is required. With Acucorp, platform flexibility is built in, and programmers are in a position to automatically take advantage of it. Organizations considering moving to Itanium 2-based systems are assured a high performance and robust COBOL solution, when choosing Acucorp.” Drake Coker, Chief Scientist and Co-Founder Acucorp, Inc “Our customers demand data integration solutions with the highest performance, scalability and return on technical investment, therefore Ascential is very excited about the benefits HP-UX 11i v2 and Itanium® 2- based servers and workstations will bring. Ascential has long enjoyed a successful relationship with HP, Compaq and Digital. Now with the advent of the Intel® Itanium® architecture, Ascential looks forward to extending our relationship with the new HP in delivering cost-efficient enterprise- scale integration.” Mike Cassettari, VP Marketing, Ascential Software Corporation “ATG offers powerful solutions for online sales and customer self-service. By making ATG products available on Itanium® 2-based HP servers running HP-UX 11i v2.0, we are providing customers the foundation to meet the demands of the next-generation of highly available and
  2. 2. HP-UX Partner Quote Sheet May 19, 2003 Page 2 scalable commerce and portal solutions for a truly Adaptive Enterprise.” Bob Burke, CEO, ATG “HP-UX 11i v2 and the new Intel® Itanium® architecture is an important extension of our worldwide alliance with HP and opens up the power of 64-bit processing to our customers. By removing the constraints based on the 32-bit architecture, we will be positioned to develop new solutions that offer unparalleled performance. The Itanium 2-based hardware platform can be the engine for high performance, technical, business- critical and mission-critical data processing.” Paul B Rajski, President of the Enterprise Business Unit at Baan “BEA and HP deliver the functionality required by customers today through one unified, simplified and adaptive enterprise platform that delivers scalability, reliability and the security needed to run a global, networked environment. Through HP-UX 11i version 2, HP continues to demonstrate industry and technology leadership by providing the most adaptive Unix Itanium® 2-based platform available for building, integrating and extending enterprise applications.” Alfred Chuang, Founder, Chairman, and CEO, BEA Systems, Inc. “We expect Itanium® 2-based systems running HP-UX 11i v2 to deliver exceptional price/performance, allowing us to provide more value to our factory automation customers at a lower price. HP’s newest Itanium- based systems will also reduce our integration and test engineering costs. Our move to Itanium 2-based systems running HP-UX 11i v2 advances the strong relationship we have already established with HP.” Joe Bellini, Sr. VP of Software Systems Group, Brooks Automation “Check Point is pleased to extend its longstanding relationship with HP to support HP-UX 11i v2 for Itanium® 2-based systems. Itanium 2-based systems running HP-UX 11i v2 offer customers a broader choice of market- leading deployment platforms for end-to-end security based on Check Point and HP.” Scott McFarlane, Vice President, Solutions and Strategy, Check Point Software Technologies “HP's 64-bit HP-UX 11i v2 platform offers compelling value for IT organizations that need to continue pushing the envelope for application performance while taking complexity and risk out of their data center operations. CA is aggressively supporting HP-UX 11i v2 users with a complete range of management solutions that further ensure performance, reliability and ease of ownership.” Don LeClair, Vice President in the Office of the CTO, Computer Associates
  3. 3. HP-UX Partner Quote Sheet May 19, 2003 Page 3 “Critical Path has moved its core application suite from Solaris to HP-UX 11i this year to take advantage of the rapidly growing market acceptance of HP's overall corporate strategy, the Intel® Itanium® architecture and HP-UX technical advances in particular. We are developing our software to support HP-UX 11i v2.0 for Itanium this year so we can provide our enterprise, carrier and service provider customers with the best price/performance and total cost of ownership solution possible. We are excited to be working closely with HP.” Patricia Hume, Senior Vice President of Partners and Channels at Critical Path “CSG offers customer care and billing applications to telecommunications service providers worldwide. By making CSG products available on Itanium® 2-based HP systems running HP-UX 11i v2, we will be providing our joint customers with one of the best price/performance and scalable solutions possible.” Darla Thompson, Vice President of Product Management for Global Software and Services, CSG Systems “Hyperion offers powerful OLAP and BPM solutions to the enterprise market. By making Hyperion products available on Itanium® 2-based HP servers running HP-UX 11i v2.0, we are providing customers the foundation to meet the demands of the next generation of highly available, scalable Business Performance Management solutions for a truly Adaptive Enterprise.” John Kopcke, Chief Technology Officer, Hyperion Solutions “After initial tests showed a gain in performance from running our planning module on Itanium® 2-based HP systems running HP-UX 11i, i2 decided to get going immediately and support our SCM applications on the platform. i2 wants to offer its customers the best possible value when it comes to deploying our solutions and the price/performance of Itanium 2-based HP systems meets that criterion. Itanium 2- based HP platforms running HP-UX 11i v2 will provide customers with increased flexibility, reduced cost of ownership, and a straightforward path to the future.” Pallab Chatterjee, President Solutions Operations for i2 Technologies “As a provider of IT solutions to the global banking and financial services industry, our aim is to provide scalable and reliable solutions to our customers. Our endeavor has been to make FLEXCUBE, our flagship core- banking solution, available on platforms that enhance performance, scalability and reliability. We believe that HP-UX on 11i v2 on the Intel® Itanium® architecture is a promising new system and will be a serious contender for deployment in large volume transactions processing in the banking and financial services segment.”
  4. 4. HP-UX Partner Quote Sheet May 19, 2003 Page 4 Joseph John, Head-Banking Products Division, i-flex solutions “The more than 4,500 organizations that have turned to IONA and our Rapid Integration software have done so because they understand the strategic nature of integration - and recognize that solving today's challenges should also help them to avoid tomorrow's. IONA and HP are aligned in a common goal to deliver scalable enterprise integration solutions that increase the agility and growth-potential of our customers businesses. The combination of our Orchestrator, Orbix, and other standards-based, service-oriented software products on the HP-UX 11i v2 platform achieves that goal, and is truly a winning combination for our customers.” Mark Rogers, Vice President of Global Alliances, IONA “We continue to have a very strong relationship with HP. The HP-UX platform and surrounding development environment have been key to our ability to deliver the business benefits indicated above. HP-UX, and its pervasive community of third party developers has enabled us to keep pace with rapidly changing technologies. Now with HP-UX 11i v2 we can make a smooth transition to the powerful new Itanium® 2-based platform delivering even more value and investment protection. Initial testing with HP-UX 11i on the Itanium processor has demonstrated extreme compatibility with our current HP-UX environment. We are enthusiastically looking forward to offering our customers this leadership platform.” Jay Dorenkamp, VP Server Technology, Lawson “LegacyJ is excited to provide PERCobol, the advanced LegacyJ COBOL compiler, for HP-UX 11i v2. We were able to move PERCobol, our industry leading COBOL compiler, onto the Itanium® 2-based platform running HP- UX 11i v2 in hours and exploit the 64-bit architecture with our complete product solution in less than a week. Itanium 2-based HP platforms afford superior performance and exceptional value, providing the perfect foundation for LegacyJ and its customers’ software development efforts.” Chuck Townsend, President, LegacyJ “Micro Focus Server Express for HP-UX11i v2 fully exploits the capabilities of 32 and 64-bit architectures and is designed for enterprises wanting to modernize legacy applications and build new ones on the Itanium® processor family using HP-UX 11i v2. Our relationship with HP demonstrates Micro Focus' leadership and commitment to our mutual customers, who stand to benefit from increased performance, reliability and scalability.” Tony Hill, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, Micro Focus “We are pleased to offer Rational ClearCase, the market-leading software configuration management solution, on the Itanium® platform running HP-UX 11i v2. HP has done a good job making it easy for software
  5. 5. HP-UX Partner Quote Sheet May 19, 2003 Page 5 developers to create Itanium versions of their products.” Glenn Brewer, VP of Engineering, Rational Software, IBM Software Group “Rogue Wave customers rely on SourcePro C++ as the foundation for their most mission-critical applications. We are pleased to offer our joint customers SourcePro C++ for HP-UX 11i v2 upon its release by HP in 2003. HP-UX has an exceptional record of providing upward compatibility for different releases, resulting in the transition from HP-UX 11i v1.6 to HP-UX 11i v2 on the Intel® Itanium® architecture to be very smooth. With HP-UX 11i version 2, HP extends protection to our customers’ investments by providing cost-effective, cross-platform solutions and support for the latest Itanium platforms, operating environments, and compilers.” Tim Triemstra, Product Marketing Manager, Rogue Wave Software "SAP will continue to support the IT infrastructures Hewlett-Packard is providing as a platform for SAP's mySAP Business Suite. This includes both the existing HP-UX PA-RISC platform and in addition the new HP-UX 11i v2 operating system for the Itanium® 2-based systems. This combination allows our large joint SAP-HP customer base to protect their investments mainly due to HP-UX 11i v2's source, data, and binary compatibility features." Rudi Wedel, Director, Global Partner Management HP, SAP AG “HP-UX11i running on Itanium® 2- based processors and Schlumberger BSCS billing and customer care solution is a natural choice for operators and service providers in today’s intensive telecommunications environment. Our joint customers will surely benefit from the combination of BSCS on the HP-UX11i v2 operating system and the 64-bit Itanium family of processors, which will result in more value today and into the next decade.” Dr Jens Trötscher, Vice President Business Support Systems, SchlumbergerSema “The ability to handle large scale enterprise integration deployments has played a key role in the success of SeeBeyond's product offering. Building on this success, we have worked closely with HP engineers to ensure the SeeBeyond platform fully leverages the robust, high performance capabilities provided by HP-UX 11i v2 and the Intel® Itanuim® architecture. Together, the SeeBeyond product suite and the Itanium- based platform from HP offer customers unparalleled operational efficiency and architectural flexibility, providing a solid foundation for future growth.” Alex Demetriades, Senior Vice President of Products, SeeBeyond “Customers are looking to maximize server performance and minimize
  6. 6. HP-UX Partner Quote Sheet May 19, 2003 Page 6 technology costs. The combination of Sybase Adaptive Server® Enterprise on HP-UX and Itanium® 2-based HP servers offers a data management solution with high-performance capabilities, scalable architecture and lower cost of ownership. Sybase is committed to providing our customers a multi-platform, cost-effective solution and our relationship with HP demonstrates that commitment.” Dr. Raj Nathan, Senior Vice President and General Manager, Sybase Enterprise Solutions Division “HP-UX 11i and the Intel® Itanium® processor family architecture are important to HP and TIBCO customers requiring messaging software that delivers true real-time publish/subscribe and request/reply messaging. We ported our TIBCO Rendezvous messaging software from HP-UX on PA-RISC to HP-UX 11i v2 on the Intel Itanium architecture quickly.” Gautham Viswanatha, VP Product Marketing, TIBCO Software Inc. “Since July 2002, Zeus Web Server has been available to our joint customers on the Intel® Itanium® architecture and the HP-UX 11i operating system. We are excited to be working with this newest version of HP-UX 11i and HP has made it extremely easy for us to run our applications unmodified on HP-UX 11i version 2. This allows us to continue to provide our high-performance, scalable Web services to our millions of users with little disruption.” Damien Reeves, Chief Technology Officer, Zeus Technology, Ltd