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Corporate Performance Management [CPM]


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Corporate Performance Management [CPM]

  1. 1. Corporate Performance Management [CPM] Better Decisions. Faster Results Software for Business Excellence
  2. 2. SoftExpert CPM Suite is a comprehensive solution that supports all stages of the CPM lifecycle, allowing you to plan your strategy, set goals, manage risks and initiatives, measure and monitor indicators, take corrective and preventive actions and report and analyze your performance within the enterprise organization. SoftExpert CPM Suite can help you define strategies and measure performance against goals, monitor progress on a regular basis and communicate across your entire enterprise. Administrators can create a metric, process diagram or scorecard once and use it across the organization to guarantee that everyone is working with the same definitions and toward the same targets. With a fully web-based solution, SoftExpert CPM Suite offers a strategy map designer to help managers define the strategy by using visual tools. These include drag-and-drop business map modeling in a user-friendly environment to help you understand the cause-and-effect relationships of your key processes and metrics. Strategy execution is also supported by SoftExpert CPM Suite. It provides a specialized tool for you to execute the key initiatives you planned to guarantee the fulfillment of your objectives. Performance problems also can be treated with complete CAPA management that defines the appropriate actions for the responsible team. SoftExpert CPM Suite gives managers a real-time view of their performance indicators, initiatives and resources, empowering decision makers to take better decisions and accelerate positive company results.
  3. 3. MAIN FEATURES Strategy Planning – Develops the corporate strategy with the support of analysis tools like SWOT and decision matrix, and uses templates to build standard scorecards based on the organization’s needs. Strategy Mapping – Provides a graphic tool that allows users to easily draft the strategy map (drag-and-drop function) and analyze the correlation between objectives. It is also possible monitor the scorecard performance through the map (range colors). Risk Management – Facilitates risk identification and analysis to guarantee the achievement of organizational objectives. Supports several methods of risk evaluation, such as quantitative, qualitative and matrix (severity vs. probability). Initiative Management – Fully integrated Project and Portfolio Management [PPM] Suite that help managers to select, implement and monitor initiatives (Gantt Chart) without requiring third party tools or customized programming. Performance Measurement – Builds metrics using data from any source, including ERP and CRM systems, legacy and mainframe data, spreadsheets, formulas (basic mathematical operations and functions) and user-entered values. CAPA Management – Fully automated handling of performance deviations, non-conformances and corrective/preventive actions using globally accepted methods: PDCA for problem solving and 5W2H for action planning. Scorecard Monitoring – Provides a unified environment for monitoring scorecard performance on drill down mode with views of historical values, attachments, comments, graphs and much more. It is easy to detect performance deviations or warning trends.
  4. 4. Deviation Alert – Allows managers to configure critical deviation alerts for any metric and provides real-time dashboards for a quick overview of the current situation. Performance Dashboard – Powerful tool that allows managers to select indicators or strategic elements based on real-time monitoring with different viewing options (historical chart, gauge chart, strategy map, my indicators, etc). Business Intelligence – Delivers line-of-business reporting and helps business users identify department problems. BI capabilities provide managers with the ability to drill down on data and “slice and dice” from different perspectives, based on Online Analytical Processing (OLAP) technology. SoftExpert CPM Suite provides customers with the following benefits: • Improved decision making; • Reduced business uncertainty; • Better strategy execution; • Greater alignment focusing on the indicators that reflect strategy and are most critical; • Synchronized communication of goals, strategies and metrics across broad geographic areas allowing users to view, update, share and work simultaneously on common information; • Minimized problems associated with reporting detailed financial and operational data from multiple applications, databases and legacy systems; • Faster and smarter decisions in real-time are possible by capturing and transforming data from operational back-end legacy systems into real-time data storage; • Integration of key management processes such as planning, budgeting, forecasting, consolidation, reporting and analysis within a single IT platform in a closed-loop environment. The concepts and features provided by SE Suite for performance management meet all requirements established by international standards and regulations, such as Balanced Scorecard [BSC], COBIT, ISO 9000, ISO 20000 [ITIL], Six Sigma, Sarbanes-Oxley [SOX], PMBOK, among others.
  5. 5. SOFTEXPERT EXCELLENCE SUITE COMPANY SoftExpert is the global leader in the field of excellence and compliance management software. More than 1,500 companies worldwide trust SoftExpert's solutions to streamline their work processes, simplify tasks and manage information. Developed for any type of business in a wide range of industries, SoftExpert solutions help companies reduce costs, minimize risks, improve performance and gain the flexibility to respond to changing business needs. By focusing on people and building lasting relationships with its customers and partners, the company excels at guiding customers through all aspects of the implementation process. SoftExpert's mission is to continually develop innovative solutions that simplify operational effectiveness and keep customers in control of their business. A customer-oriented approach focus is a core component of the corporate culture and continues to be one of the key reasons why for SoftExpert's maintains a strong market presence. SoftExpert is a registered trademark of SoftExpert Software for Business Excellence. Software for Business Excellence All information contained in this brochure is subject to change without prior notice.