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  2. 2. COMPANY OVERVIEW Formerly SADI, (SA Divisions of General Practice), General Practice SA (GPSA) has recently undertaken a review which has resulted in a new name, a new team, and soon a new corporate image. The new strategic plan is as follows :- Vision Leadership and excellence Mission Achieving a united, vibrant and sustainable SA General Practice Network through leadership, advocacy, capacity building and partnerships. Values Quality, Innovation, Trust, Integrity, Collaboration, Equity and Outcome Oriented. Strategic Direction One – Deliver high quality and valued services to its members and partners • provide comprehensive and integrated services that enhance the SA General Practice Network; • embrace a high quality improvement culture that focuses on service delivery; • create timely and innovative solutions based on member requirements. Strategic Direction Two – Provide a united voice for the SA General Practice Network • promote General Practice SA as a respected, effective and influential body for the SA General Practice Network; • lead primary health care reform via sustainable business models and sound policy development; • promote evidence-based primary health care strategies; • consult and effectively communicate with members and partners. Strategic Direction Three – Increase capacity and sustainability of the SA General Practice Network • increase capacity of the SA General Practice Network to promote quality clinical, business and population health improvement to its members; • promote and improve access to evidence-based care models, education and systemic change management processes; • develop policy frameworks and business cases to increase investment in primary health care. General Practice SA Inc Chief Executive Officer Page 1
  3. 3. COMPANY OVERVIEW Strategic Direction Four – Lead Primary Health Care reform in South Australia • identify and promote innovation for quality primary health care; • lead and facilitate quality improvement in primary health care in the SA General Practice Network; • create partnerships that promote collaboration to improve health for all. For more information on GPSA, please visit General Practice SA Inc Chief Executive Officer Page 2
  4. 4. JOB SPECIFICATION POSITION: CHIEF EXECUTIVE OFFICER REPORTS TO: CHAIRMAN OF THE BOARD Accountability statement The Chief Executive Officer is responsible to the Board for the following Key Results Areas :- • the efficient and effective control and management of General Practice SA Inc (GPSA) in accordance with its Rules, Charter, strategic and business plans; with the written delegations, policies and decisions of the Board; and with requirements of relevant legislation, accreditation agencies and service agreements; • proposing and implementing strategic plans, directions and policies that support the objectives of the General Practice Program, continuous improvement goals, emerging technologies, changing demographics, health industry developments and other factors relevant to the GPSA Charter; • providing leadership to GPSA staff and to the network of Divisions of General Practice in South Australia in planning and implementing state-wide initiatives advocating primary health care development, management, service provision, evaluation, research and education; • developing and maintaining cooperative relationships with Commonwealth and State Government departments and agencies, and other purchasers of services, peak bodies, corporate sponsors and stakeholders to further the interests of the Divisions of General Practice; • ensuring effective public relations, promoting and positioning GPSA as a State Based Organisation representing general practice as the major provider of primary healthcare in the community, and that public communication activities, publications, presentations, events and promotions are effective and consistent with the GPSA Charter. The Chief Executive Officer is the ‘Responsible Officer’ under the Occupational Health, Safety and Welfare Act and the Workers Rehabilitations and Compensation Act for GPSA staff. Reporting/organisational relationships The Chief Executive Officer reports to the Chairman of the Board and supervises executive staff and such other staff that are assigned. General Practice SA Inc Chief Executive Officer Page 3
  5. 5. PERSON SPECIFICATION Essential • extensive senior management experience incorporating resource allocation and negotiation; • demonstrated leadership skills in motivating organisations and personally influencing major issues and outcomes; • demonstrated skills in communications, marketing and engagement of stakeholders. Desirable • extensive knowledge and expertise in organisational management, resource allocation and negotiation at a senior level; • demonstrated skills and expertise in strategic planning and change management; • demonstrated knowledge of the application of computerised information and management database systems; • demonstrated knowledge of quality improvement, accreditation and evaluation approaches; • demonstrated knowledge of legislative and industry requirements with particular attention to Occupational Health & Safety, and Workers Rehabilitation and Compensation; • detailed knowledge of Federal and State health systems and the divisional network is considered an advantage, but not essential. General Practice SA Inc Chief Executive Officer Page 4
  6. 6. KEY PERFORMANCE INDICATORS KEY RESULT AREAS MAJOR ACTIVITIES OUTCOME MEASUREMENT (Outputs of the job) (What is done) (Measures of quantity, quality, timeliness or cost) 1. Efficient and Manage financial and a) Source new business opportunities and effective control human resources funding to grow revenue capacity of GPSA and management and its member organisations by 10% each year from 2007 – 2010. b) Annual expenditure to not exceed 1% of Budget. c) All expenditure to be in accordance with approved delegations. d) Obtain unqualified annual audited financial statements. e) Demonstrate improvement in staff and GP Division satisfaction ratings. f) Achieve an increase of 10% in Member satisfaction through PHCRIS Survey of Divisions. g) Meet or exceed all service agreement performance indicators. h) Maintain high OHS standards and outcomes. Support to the Board i) Contribute to Board discussions by presentation of concise papers exhibiting rigorous analysis. j) Action all Board decisions on time. k) Achieve all Board KPI’s on time and within budget. l) Meet deadlines for reports, reviews and returns. Maintain accreditation m) Meet Accreditation agreements on time. Negotiate and comply with Service n) Fully comply with service agreements and Agreements achieve satisfactory outcomes with service purchasers and sponsors. General Practice SA Inc Chief Executive Officer Page 5
  7. 7. KEY PERFORMANCE INDICATORS KEY RESULT AREAS MAJOR ACTIVITIES OUTCOME MEASUREMENT (Outputs of the job) (What is done) (Measures of quantity, quality, timeliness or cost) 2. Strategic plans Support Board in a) Prepare a Strategic Plan covering 2007 – and directions developing strategic 2010. directions and formulating policies by b) Coordinate Annual Board/ Division/ Forum driving annual and long Planning Workshops arranged with term planning Chairman. processes c) Document comprehensive rolling and annual reports to Board on plan and key results provided in clear, concise format. d) Identify and prepare a business plan for one new business opportunity every four months that contributes to 10% revenue growth target. Manage agreed annual e) Achieve all agreed key result areas Strategic Plan 3. Leadership Provide strong and a) Achieve wide recognition from GP Divisions effective leadership that GPSA is their lead agency on policy which positions GPSA development, government liaison and as the leading general advocacy, and state-wide coordination. practice agency in the State Drive the planning and b) Initiate improvements for population health implementation of state- outcomes as a result of successful wide initiatives initiatives in primary health care. advocating primary health care Create a work culture c) Demonstrate improvement in the supporting the personal leadership, team work and management and professional skills of GPSA staff. aspirations of staff d) Demonstrate evidence of innovation and change in the organisation. e) Demonstrate evidence of shared commitment by staff to vision and goals of GPSA. General Practice SA Inc Chief Executive Officer Page 6
  8. 8. KEY PERFORMANCE INDICATORS KEY RESULT AREAS MAJOR ACTIVITIES OUTCOME MEASUREMENT (Outputs of the job) (What is done) (Measures of quantity, quality, timeliness or cost) 4. Developing and Build strong a) Evidence of regular meetings with senior maintaining co- relationships with executives and key players in departments operative Commonwealth and and agencies. relationships State government agencies and b) Demonstrate positive feedback from individuals funders and purchasers. c) Contribute to State, Commonwealth and ADGP working groups and committees Seek new sponsorships d) Achieve one new sponsorship in in accordance with accordance with the Charter every six Charter. months. Build effective and e) Demonstrate evidence of cooperative supportive relationships relationships. with GP Divisions and their staff Promote joint ventures f) Joint ventures established and in operation. with other agencies 5. Promoting and Develop and manage a) Increase the public recognition of GPSA as positioning GPSA an effective the leading voice for the SA General communications Practice Network as evidenced by positive program for GPSA press articles and media interviews on radio and television b) Distribute publications and reports of high quality. General Practice SA Inc Chief Executive Officer Page 7
  9. 9. HOW TO APPLY Applications in Word format only should be forwarded to David Dunnicliff by e-mail to Confidential telephone enquiries may be directed to Edwina Hicks on (08) 8100 8821. Please Note Your application will be automatically acknowledged by a return e-mail. General Practice SA Inc Chief Executive Officer Page 8