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CA Insight Database Performance Monitor


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CA Insight Database Performance Monitor

  1. 1. PRODUCT BRIEF: CA INSIGHT DATABASE PERFORMANCE MONITOR CA Insight™ Database Performance Monitor for Distributed Databases CA INSIGHT™ DATABASE PERFORMANCE MONITOR FOR DISTRIBUTED DATABASES (CA INSIGHT DPM) HELPS YOU SIMPLIFY MANAGEMENT OF YOUR GROWING, COMPLEX DATABASE ENVIRONMENT. CA INSIGHT DPM ALSO PLAYS AN IMPORTANT ROLE IN IMPROVING SERVICE AVAILABLIITY ACROSS YOUR COMPLEX IT INFRASTRUCTURE WITH INTEGRATION TO THE OTHER CA DATABASE MANAGEMENT AND CA'S APPLICATION, NETWORK, AND SYSTEMS PERFORMANCE MANAGEMENT SOLUTIONS. Overview Benefits The CA Advantage Slow response time can Reduce management CA Insight DPM is unique negatively impact your complexity and its associated in its ability to provide an customer’s satisfaction and costs with unification of “at-a-glance” performance company profitability. As database monitoring on a summary of all monitored applications depend on single display without reliance databases on one screen, databases that reside on a upon a specific platform or including an overall database variety of operating systems database vendor. health index. supported by a larger infrastructure, determining Reduce the number of service Resolving performance issues the root case of a performance disruptions with proactive across the IT stack is simplified issue can be difficult. identification of database with a “single source of truth”. performance issues. Combined CA Insight DPM delivers With business-critical data with historical trending, you key metrics directly into continuing to grow at an can eliminate guesswork to CA's application, network, alarming rate, CA Insight identify, diagnose and solve and systems management DPM helps you understand the root cause of poor to support your integrated and manage database performance before it performance management performance to maximize negatively impacts your initiatives as well as the service availability goals. business. CA Enterprise IT Manage- ment vision.
  2. 2. Reduce Complexities of Performance Management CA Insight DPM helps you simplify management of your growing, complex database environment with it’s unification of database monitoring on a single display without reliance upon a specific platform or database vendor. Slow or unresponsive applications can impact your customer’s satisfaction and your profitability. The amount of data being collected and stored by applications into databases continues to grow at a significant rate, while databases themselves have become larger and more complex. With a greater number of objects and interdependencies introduced in each database release, managing the complexity of your database infrastructure with existing staff becomes more challenging. With business-critical data residing in numerous locations on different physical systems and on different databases, CA understands the challenge you face to meet existing service levels and improve management practices. Improve Service Availability To reduce poor performance resolution time and cost, CA Insight DPM unifies database performance monitoring with a browser-based multi-database management console, giving you the power to proactively detect and prevent database performance issues before they negatively impact business processes. You can automate the monitoring, data collection and performance analysis of DB2 for Linux, UNIX, Windows (LUW), Oracle, SQL Server, Sybase. Monitored information can be displayed as it is happening or historically — days, months, or longer. You can also centrally monitor and manage the performance of database internals; CPU, memory, I/O, subsystem metrics and capture database SQL all from the same browser-based management console. The performance summary provides you with an overview of all monitored databases in one display, key performance statistics and a database quality of service so you can prioritize work based upon the databases that are in need of attention first (See Figure A). This single view gives your different RDBMS a common look and feel, shortens the learning curve, and gives you the confidence to manage a larger number of databases with greater efficiency. 2 PRODUCT BRIEF: CA INSIGHT DATABASE PERFORMANCE MONITOR
  3. 3. FIGURE A CENTRALIZE DATABASE PERFORMANCE MANAGEMENT Gain control with single visibility into all monitored databases across the enterprise. How CA Insight DPM Works Upon installation, CA Insight DPM automatically detects and proactively alerts on conditions that affect database availability. It speeds your problem resolution time by providing in-depth details on the database and its associated subsystem interaction. Flexible architecture supports scalability of the business with low overhead collection of critical performance metrics. You can quickly diagnose and resolve complicated database performance issues that were difficult to resolve in the past; pinpointing the root cause in real time or by reviewing historical information so the issues don’t occur again. You can use the predefined and customizable thresholds and alarms to send notification when an event occurs, giving you the ability to quickly trace and resolve performance-related issues. For in-house developed applications or site specific monitoring requirements, you have the flexibility to implement multi-threshold, custom monitoring scans and alarms. PRODUCT BRIEF: CA INSIGHT DATABASE PERFORMANCE MONITOR 3
  4. 4. Supports Your Performance Management Integration Initiatives INTEGRATION WITH OTHER CA DATABASE MANAGEMENT SOLUTIONS The CA Insight DPM browser-based management console, called the CA Database Command Center (CA DCC) is the integration point to the other CA distributed database management solutions to further expand functionality. This includes high-speed database restructuring with CA TSreorg™ for Distributed Databases to improve database efficiency and fast data extraction with CA Fast Unload® for Distributed Databases. • Restructure objects that have become fragmented • Reclaim space used by dropped tables, recluster data, rebalance index trees and reduce the number of index levels • Maintain availability of data and applications during reorganization process • Combine data extraction with control of output file format • Unload into multiple formats INTEGRATION WITH CA'S APPLICATION, NETWORK, AND SYSTEMS PERFORMANCE MANAGEMENT SOLUTIONS Monitoring performance across many different applications, databases, networks and systems is a formidable task for which centralized management is needed to help maintain and control the environment. Because highly available databases are meaningless to the business if your supporting infrastructure goes down, CA Insight DPM is a critical component when building an overall integrated performance management strategy. The integrated performance management solutions from CA include CA eHealth® Network Performance Manager (CA eHealth NPM), CA SPECTRUM® Network Fault Manager (CA SPECTRUM NFM), CA Network and Systems Management (CA NSM)/CA Advanced Systems Management (CA ASM) and CA Wily Introscope®, which can all be licensed separately. Integration Benefits: • In-context integration with CA Wily Introscope includes dashboards for DB2 for LUW, DB2 for z/OS, Oracle, SQL Server and Sybase databases. This helps you troubleshoot and resolve issues quickly to maintain application availability. • In-context integration with CA eHealth NPM/CA SPECTRUM NFM includes many reports and views for DB2 for LUW, Oracle, SQL Server and Sybase databases. This provides you with a comprehensive view of both database and network performance information for correlation of alerts and fault determination to resolve issues quickly. • In-context integration with CA NSM/CA Advanced Systems Management includes workspace visualization and scoreboards within the CA Unicenter Management Portal, Management Command Center, topology map interfaces. Database coverage includes DB2 for LUW, Oracle, SQL Server and Sybase as well as monitoring of databases in Microsoft SQL Server Clusters and Oracle Real Application Clusters. This gives you the ability to implement consolidated performance and event management information, helping staff collaborate across IT management disciplines to identify and resolve issues more quickly. 4 PRODUCT BRIEF: CA INSIGHT DATABASE PERFORMANCE MONITOR
  5. 5. FIGURE B DATABASE INFORMATION WITHIN CA eHEALTH NPM REPORTS INTEGRATION EXAMPLE Database Quality Index For Easy View Of Overall Database Health. Key Capabilities CROSS DATABASE MANAGEMENT In-context integration unifies and simplifies your management of different RDBMS and provides a consistent look and feel that helps you expand your skills to manage more databases. If you decide to add the additional database management capabilities for database restructuring and fast data extraction, the new functionality is seamlessly enabled with the same in-context integration. INCREASE AVAILABILITY WITH 24 X 7 MONITORING No matter the number of databases, size, or system they reside on, you can keep them up and operating at maximum efficiency. The shared memory data collection architecture was designed to handle large and complex multi-database environments so you can scale up and out without overburdening the servers you are monitoring. PRODUCT BRIEF: CA INSIGHT DATABASE PERFORMANCE MONITOR 5
  6. 6. • Flexible Remote or Agent-Based Monitoring CA Insight DPM gives you the choice of remote, agent-based monitoring or both. Remote monitoring is useful in circumstances where an agent cannot be deployed on the system where the database resides, while agent- based monitoring can continue even when networks become limited or unavailable. If you require scalability and high availability, agents, common services, and shared memory architecture minimizes resource utilization on the server and network services. Configuration to remotely monitor DB2 for LUW, Oracle, SQL Server utilizing native database client software can also be achieved. • Database Discover and Adaptive Monitoring Automatic database discovery helps you select databases to monitor and instantiates objects when started. This means there is no pre-configuration or reconfiguration needed as database objects are added or removed. The product automatically acknowledges and responds to changes in the database so you don’t have to review what has changed and then reconfigure each time to monitor. • Database, System and I/O Detail Monitor database performance in real time, with time- based graphical displays and up-to-the minute statistical data. Because performance is interdependent on interactions outside of the RDBMS, database operating system and I/O activity is also monitored and captured. Data is collected and presented cohesively within a single insightful console; you see the information and alarms correlated and in-context to the display so you can diagnose problems quickly and then initiate repair. Database metric collection is typical single-digit CPU utilization. NOTIFICATION AND EVENT MANAGEMENT Changing business conditions, data influx and operations make database performance a moving target. Prevent unexpected outages, eliminate firefighting and regain control of your databases with notification and event management. • Unattended Monitoring with Preset Scans Utilize hundreds of predefined scans that monitor critical components for problems and collect workload statistics on an enterprise wide basis. This reduces the need for you to write and maintain custom scripts for each database system separately. • Proactive Alarm and Bottleneck Notification Alarms provide intelligent advisement and are integrated in-context for faster problem resolution. With multi threshold capabilities, you can customize how far in advance you want to be notified of congestion or an out of bound condition with predefined thresholds. Alarms exist for an array of conditions, including locking, storage, bottlenecks, contention, inadequate memory and many others. Alarm notification can go to the CA DCC as well as email, mobile device, or another master event console. • Event Response By checking user-defined performance groups and scan parameters, conditions that exceed thresholds for corrective actions are measured and reported. The event management system sends alert notification for an array of conditions, including inadequate space, long running processes, high CPU utilization and inadequate swap or system space. You can take corrective action or setup event management responses or user defined scripts to take action when conditions are met and prevent database degradation or even an outage. • Event Integration Event integration is built-in so you don’t have to make an additional purchase or have the added work or risk associated with custom scripting. Alerts can be routed to many third-party consoles. 6 PRODUCT BRIEF: CA INSIGHT DATABASE PERFORMANCE MONITOR
  7. 7. INTERACTIVE REAL-TIME AND LONG-TERM HISTORICAL PERFORMANCE DIAGNOSTICS Optimize database availability with proactive problem detection and alerting, including analysis and diagnostic capabilities for faster problem resolution. You can select to have performance information collected and stored in a repository or a flat file. This will provide you with summarized and detailed performance trending and diagnostics information, real-time and/or historical, within one graphical interface. As information is recalled from the past, it is correlated and displayed as if you had been there watching in real time. You can increase your overall responsiveness, decrease time to resolution and improve efficiency by spotting and fixing performance issues before they become problems. • Database Quality Health Index Within one view, all monitored databases are displayed and prioritized by a database quality of service. This feature eliminates the need for you to write scripts to determine database accessibility. It will automatically prioritize for you the databases that require attention before issues reach critical mass. • SQL Capture and Store Often performance problems are not apparent because of added complexity. SQL is a good example of something that is complicated by variations by database vendor. You can identify top SQL resource consumers and capture SQL for offline review and SQL statement optimization. • Trending and Workload Analysis Monitor the present state of the workload generated by your unique system and review historical trend information. Choose what scans and at which detail you wish to monitor, save and display with user defined configuration. • Historical Replay Performance information is stored in a compressed time-series form with archive compression that you can configure. Monitor the present state of databases and compare them to historical baselines from workload metrics unique to your system. You choose at which depth you wish to collect information as well as how long to retain it for trending as well as capacity planning purposes. CUSTOMIZABLE BROWSER-BASED CONSOLE The CA Insight DPM browser-based, platform independent interface provides the information you need to effectively and efficiently locate and resolve database performance issues, keeping underlying database complexity transparent. CA Insight DPM provides you with a common look to navigate different databases and quickly identify and pinpoint problems on an individual or enterprise wide database without having to learn different syntax or commands when managing unfamiliar database platforms. The browser-based interface is built using industry standard technology to ensure optimum performance, provide a consistent look and feel and offers user customization for site specific requirements. AT-A-GLANCE AND DETAILED PERFORMANCE INFORMATION Quickly identify performance anomalies, trends and out of bound conditions with grouping of key performance indicators and statistics, summarized and displayed in a context you can use. For greater depth, use the direct access to a specific performance scan and drill-down statistic detail. PRODUCT BRIEF: CA INSIGHT DATABASE PERFORMANCE MONITOR 7
  8. 8. • No Dedicated Console Required Performance data collection operation is not reliant on a console continuously being connected. Autonomously retrieve and save performance data into a shared memory segment locally, independent of any consoles that are running. Agents operate with three different scan intervals: real-time, alarm and archive. These “scan rates” are a feature of the agents themselves and not a function of a console. When a console requests a metric, the agent enters “real-time” mode of operation and populates its shared memory segment with the performance data. Regardless of the number of consoles running, the only overhead incurred is merely the network transmission for the requested data contained in the shared memory segment or buffer. With CA Insight DPM, the console is not a single point of failure as monitoring and performance collection continues even when a console is not up and running. The ability for you to have a console available almost anywhere when you need to check your databases remotely — without client software installation or the added work of maintaining it. • Centralized Standalone and Integrated Performance Management Standalone, CA Insight DPM provides you with centralized multi-database performance management including database internals, CPU, memory, I/O, subsystem metrics and capture of SQL statements in one common console. Integrated into CA eHealth NPM, CA SPECTRUM NFM, CA NSM/CA ASM, or CA Wily Introscope, CA Insight DPM provides IT with a correlated enterprise view of applications, networks, and databases combined. • Built-In Online Help CA Insight DPM includes online knowledge with advisor text that details each statistic specific to the RDBMS: DB2 for LUW, Oracle, SQL Server, Sybase and information on how to troubleshoot the problem. This helps you optimize database performance to maximum efficiency. If you are unfamiliar with any of the supported database platforms, you can utilize the online advisor text to shorten your learning curve and quickly resolve issues. TARGET DATABASES AND ENVIRONMENTS (32/64 BIT) DATABASES INTEGRATION HOST/SERVERS • IBM DB2 for Linux, UNIX, • CA NSM/ASM r11.0, 11.1 • Microsoft Windows Windows • CA eHealth NPM 6.0 SP2 • UNIX • Microsoft SQL Server • CA Wily Introscope r8 – Sun Solaris • Oracle Database • CA SPECTRUM NFM r9 SP1 – HP-UX (PA-RISC, Itanium) • Sybase • Alert notification to – IBM AIX Third-Party • Linux – Red Hat Linux – SuSE Linux NOTE: Target representation in general, new certifications continue to be released. Please consult CA Support Online or your CA Sales Representative on your requirements. 8 PRODUCT BRIEF: CA INSIGHT DATABASE PERFORMANCE MONITOR
  9. 9. CA Insight DPM Simplifies Database Performance Management to Improve Service Availability Prior to the availability of technology capable of centrally managing databases from multiple vendors, you might have relied on traditional or separate monitoring techniques for database availability and performance monitoring. With dynamically changing technology like SOA extending beyond the conventional group, business unit, or company wall, it necessitates rethinking what was once thought of as managed. Significant accomplishment in technology for central database management across vendors and platforms integrated with systems and network management is now available to you using CA Insight DPM. IMPROVE DATABASE PERFORMANCE ISSUE RESOLUTION TIME Only one click needed to see database health for all monitored databases across the enterprise. INDEPENDENCE FROM DATABASE OR SERVER PLATFORM Only one interface needed to manage all databases, providing you with a consistent look and feel across database vendors and operating system platforms. SPEED COLLABORATIVE PROBLEM RESOLUTION TIME BETWEEN APPLICATION, DATABASE, NETWORK AND SYSTEMS TEAMS All teams see the same truth as database information from CA Insight DPM propagates CA eHealth NPM, CA SPECTRUM NFM, CA NSM/CA ASM, CA Wily Introscope. In order for you to manage database complexity, you need the capability to get to the core of the problem. Understanding where applications are hitting the various tiers of the infrastructure, such as across the network, to systems and storage, to the database, all the way up through the application server and application tiers. Consolidating operations and enabling best practices across the IT infrastructure with automation enables increased business capabilities as well as controls costs as your business needs change. The CA Advantage To optimize the performance, reliability and efficiency of your overall IT environment, you need to tightly integrate the lifecycle, control and management of distinct functions such as operations, administration and service management, along with security and governance. CA’s vision for enabling this higher level of management control is Enterprise IT Management (EITM). EITM is a dynamic, secure approach that integrates and automates the management of information technology applications, databases, networks, security, storage and systems across departments and disciplines to maximize the full potential of each. CA’s comprehensive portfolio of modular IT management solutions helps the enterprise unify, simplify and secure IT to better manage risk, costs and service, and ensure that IT meets the business needs of the enterprise. PRODUCT BRIEF: CA INSIGHT DATABASE PERFORMANCE MONITOR 9
  10. 10. Next Steps CA Database Management Solutions can integrate and automate management of distributed and mainframe databases across the enterprise to reduce your administrative costs as well as increase performance and strengthen your compliance capabilities. To learn more about how CA Database Management can help your organization, visit us at Copyright © 2008 CA. All rights reserved. All trademarks, trade names, service marks and logos referenced herein belong to their respective companies. MP322650908 Learn more about how CA can help you transform your business at