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  1. 1. DATA ShEET BROCADE PERFORMANCE MANAGEMENT SOLUTIONS SOLUTIONS Managing and Optimizing the Performance of Mainframe Storage Environments HIGHLIGHTs IT organizations responsible for maintaining performance, as well as optimize disk • Manage and optimize mainframe business-critical mainframe infrastructures subsystem investments and fine-tune storage performance, while gaining need the right tools, experience, and z/OS tape workloads. Each IntelliMagic insight into disk subsystem health and expertise to keep their enterprises running product offers innovative functionality performance issues smoothly. Unfortunately, these organizations designed to solve specific performance sometimes lack the detailed information management challenges: • Predict the performance impact of needed to maintain optimal performance in changes to the storage environment • RMF Magic: For greater visibility into their mainframe storage infrastructures. • Optimize current and future disk z/OS environments, including storage, subsystem investments Without sufficient information, it is difficult replication, and FICON performance to conduct capacity planning or predict • Gain the ability to evaluate the benefits • Disk Magic: For disk subsystem the impact of FICON® migration and of FICON migration and other technology performance analysis and for evaluating other changes. Organizations therefore investments upgrade scenarios need additional performance data to • Receive best-practice recommendations for better manage and analyze their storage • Batch Magic: For tape and batch window improving the performance of mainframe environments—from identifying performance tuning and capacity planning storage infrastructures and SANs bottlenecks to tracking the utilization levels Brocade Services helps organizations select, • Simplify the complexity of accessing, of disk subsystem processors, channels, install, and configure the IntelliMagic solution protecting, migrating, and storing data host adapters, and RAID ranks. that best meets their needs. In addition, on mainframe systems Brocade® can help organizations overcome Brocade Services offers three services these and other challenges as they optimize designed to help organizations better their mainframe storage environments. understand their data center fabric Leveraging experience gained from more environments and improve performance than 25 years of mainframe storage through best-practice recommendations: networking implementations, Brocade Services professionals can design • Brocade Mainframe Storage I/O comprehensive solutions uniquely tailored healthCheck Services to specific requirements and performance • Brocade Assessment Services management goals. • Brocade Implementation and Using the IntelliMagic suite of software Management Services tools, Brocade Services can provide the data and insight that organizations need to more effectively manage mainframe storage
  2. 2. Brocade Services helps organizations Brocade also offers a more focused get the most from IntelliMagic products FICON Implementation Service designed BROCADE sERVICEs and meet their storage performance to connect mainframe systems through FOR INTELLIMAGIC management goals. As part of the Brocade FICON. As part of this service, Brocade Performance Management Solutions, experts review the storage infrastructure, Brocade provides the following services: the replication capabilities, and the hosts that need to be attached. Brocade can • Brocade Mainframe Storage I/O then design, implement, and validate the healthCheck Services solution—migrating direct-attached FICON • Brocade Assessment Services links to Brocade switches, configuring the FICON hardware and software, and • Brocade Implementation and establishing functional FICON links between Management Services the Brocade switches and attached devices. Brocade Mainframe storage I/O Brocade Assessment services HealthCheck services Brocade Assessment Services focus on Brocade Mainframe Storage I/O healthCheck diagnosing the performance, reliability, Services are designed to provide organizations manageability, and scalability of data center with the detailed information they need to environments. Brocade Services experts build and maintain an optimally performing identify problem areas, evaluate their potential mainframe storage infrastructure. impact, and provide recommendations for Leveraging experience gained from more improvements. Assessment services provide than 25 years of mainframe storage baseline information to accurately scope work, networking implementations, Brocade determine risks, and establish an engagement mainframe experts analyze current plan within particular technical constraints. challenges and strategic objectives, collect information from systems and personnel, Brocade Implementation and perform a detailed analysis of the data, and Management services present their findings. Brocade Implementation and Management Brocade experts use IntelliMagic software Services help organizations install, connect, tools to collect detailed performance statistics and manage their data center environments. from disk and/or tape devices. After analyzing All of the services are designed to minimize this data, they create a comprehensive the time, cost, and risk of deployment, report that provides quantifiable data and optimization, and management. Brocade best-practice recommendations to address Services experts assess the current specific challenges. environment by detailing the project scope and prerequisites, operational impact, resource utilization, and risk/mitigation plan, and then document the new environment.
  3. 3. Managing and understanding mainframe A Holistic View of storage performance is critical. Yet many Disk subsystem Activity RMF MAGIC organizations have discovered that their RMF Magic processes RMF data originating existing performance management tools from one or more z/OS servers to extract are no match against an increasingly and consolidate configuration and I/O complex storage environment. As a result, load data by physical disk subsystem. they cannot generate the types of metrics Organizations receive a disk-centric view of needed to assess, let alone manage, disk subsystem I/O load and performance, mainframe storage performance. regardless of the number of servers or Parallel Sysplexes to which they are RMF Magic is a software tool that provides attached. As a result, they gain detailed visibility into storage, replication, and insight into subsystem performance and FICON performance. It processes Common areas that require more focus. Message Format (CMF) or Resource Measurement Facility (RMF) data to Simplified Use on z/OS or PCs generate the metrics organizations need To provide greater flexibility, RMF Magic can to understand and optimize workload run as a batch job on z/OS or on a Windows performance, even inside disk subsystems. PC. In addition, organizations can use RMF Magic also provides deep insight into RMF Magic to run interactive data analysis System z storage performance. on their PCs. Using dashboard graphs, Because it requires no programming, RMF they can easily see the difference between Magic enables organizations to focus on recurring I/O load peaks and performance analysis rather than coding. In addition, anomalies—without having to write technical it creates new information from existing database queries. data and generates graphical views of performance data. Organizations can use RMF Magic to: • Run disk subsystem health checks for early warnings about I/O performance degradation, streamlining diagnosis and root-cause analysis • Analyze performance from data set to disk subsystem over a period of time in order to optimize workload distribution across resources • Determine whether tuning I/O load distribution will yield additional capacity • Evaluate FICON health
  4. 4. Understanding disk subsystem performance Major Vendor support becomes more complex every year Disk Magic supports disk subsystems DIsK MAGIC as organizations must consider how from all major storage vendors, whether technologies such as high-capacity disks, those subsystems are attached to open high-capacity logical volumes, RAID systems servers, System z, System i, or schemes, Fibre Channels, synchronous and a combination thereof. It also supports asynchronous copy services solutions, and Transaction Processing Facility (TPF). cache size options will affect service levels for their various workloads. Automated Input of I/O Workload Data Disk Magic features automated procedures Disk Magic is a powerful, versatile disk to enter I/O workload data, using reports subsystem performance analysis and created by standard products such as iostat planning tool that can help IT organizations for UNIX and Linux, Perfmon for Windows, understand how performance for specific and Performance Tools for System i. (For workloads will change under various growth System z, IntelliMagic’s RMF Magic can and/or hardware configuration scenarios. create automated input files based on RMF It displays current and expected response or CMF data.) times, component utilization levels, and throughput limits for I/O loads and server Easy Access to Data configurations. As a result, organizations Disk Magic runs on a Windows PC, and no can use Disk Magic to confidently select the connection to the actual disk subsystem most cost-effective configuration options. is needed. Organizations can view results With Disk Magic, organizations can: via the graphical user interface and in text reports or charts. • Predict how moving workloads to different tiers of storage will affect response times Accurate scenario Modeling and I/O loads Disk Magic can create a mathematical • Run disk subsystem health checks to representation of the current storage understand and track utilization levels environment. Using this as a baseline, organizations can easily model the effects • Assess the result of consolidating of changes, including increased I/O load, multiple disk subsystems replacement of ESCON with FICON, the • Predict the performance benefit gained movement of workloads to another disk from adding cache, channels, or new subsystem technology, and the performance technologies of RAID 10 versus RAID 5. • Assess whether energy-efficient, high-capacity drives will support required Storage Virtualization Planning service levels Organizations can use Disk Magic to plan and monitor IBM SAN Volume Controller • Monitor and model z/OS storage configurations, including back-end disk performance to identify poorly subsystems. By using Disk Magic’s standard performing volumes I/O load profiles or entering current workload measurements, they can predict what will happen if a SAN Volume Controller is added to the configuration.
  5. 5. Tape remains an important medium for Efficient SMF Data Consolidation storing large amounts of information. from All LPARs BATCH MAGIC Recent innovations in virtualization have Batch Magic provides a consolidated view made tape storage easier and more on all tape-related activity, regardless of economical to use, enabling IT organizations the number of LPARs or Parallel Sysplexes to maintain a secondary copy on a remote to which the tape libraries are attached. site without having to transport tapes. As a It analyzes the tape workload at both the result, organizations must ensure that tape application level and the hardware level. hardware investments are well planned and intelligently mapped. Simplified Use on Both z/OS and Windows Platforms A powerful application designed for z/OS Organizations can run Batch Magic as a tape and batch window tuning and capacity batch job on z/OS or interactively on a planning, Batch Magic can help organizations Windows PC. In addition, organizations can optimize the use of tape libraries, monitor view the output as printed reports, or use the load on virtual tape systems, and better the Batch Magic Windows application for understand tape workloads. interactive reporting and graphing on the PC. Batch Magic efficiently consolidates information about tape usage across Flexible Workload Definitions Logical Partitions (LPARs), even from several Organizations can create their own workload Parallel Sysplexes, providing a comprehensive grouping criteria for Batch Magic to report overview of all tape activity. It can analyze on. They can see the scratch and specific weeks of System Management Facility (SMF) mount counts and rates, the read and write records to show tape workload behavior and megabytes, volume statistics, and many patterns over time. other metrics for each workload. Sample workload grouping definitions distinguish Organizations can use Batch Magic to: the major tape applications based on data set names, providing useful reports. • Report on overall tape workload performance Intuitive Graph and Table • Tune the tape and batch window by Reporting Options optimizing application scheduling Batch Magic reports are in a tabular format • Easily monitor tape usage over time and on the mainframe, and are created directly in analyze tape performance trends Excel by the Windows version of Batch Magic. Organizations can select from numerous • Plan for new tape hardware options, report options to create a variety of graphs such as Remote Copy and FICON showing aggregate or detail-level data. • Evaluate the benefit of upgrading to FICON
  6. 6. DATA ShEET MEETING STORAGE PERFORMANCE MAXIMIZING INVEsTMENTs MANAGEMENT GOALs Brocade and its partners offer complete By combining mainframe and data center data management solutions to meet a expertise with the power of IntelliMagic wide range of technology and business tools, Brocade Services delivers solutions requirements. These solutions include that help organizations align their education and training, services, and mainframe infrastructure with strategic support to help optimize data management corporate objectives—now and in the future. investments. For more information, contact an authorized Brocade sales partner or visit Corporate Headquarters European Headquarters Asia Pacific Headquarters San Jose, CA USA Geneva, Switzerland Singapore T: (408) 333-8000 T: +41 22 799 56 40 T: +65-6538-4700 © 2008 Brocade Communications Systems, Inc. All Rights Reserved. 03/08 GA-DS-978-00 Brocade, Fabric OS, File Lifecycle Manager, MyView, and StorageX are registered trademarks and the Brocade B-wing symbol, DCX, and SAN health are trademarks of Brocade Communications Systems, Inc., in the United States and/or in other countries. All other brands, products, or service names are or may be trademarks or service marks of, and are used to identify, products or services of their respective owners. Notice: This document is for informational purposes only and does not set forth any warranty, expressed or implied, concerning any equipment, equipment feature, or service offered or to be offered by Brocade. Brocade reserves the right to make changes to this document at any time, without notice, and assumes no responsibility for its use. This informational document describes features that may not be currently available. Contact a Brocade sales office for information on feature and product availability. Export of technical data contained in this document may require an export license from the United States government.