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Agenda item 10 - HMCS People Strategy Appendix 1
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Agenda item 10 - HMCS People Strategy Appendix 1


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Agenda item 10 - HMCS People Strategy Appendix 1

  1. 1. Human Resources Directorate PEOPLE STRATEGY FOR HMCS
  2. 2. 18 Human Resources Directorate PEOPLE STRATEGY FOR HMCS HMCS published its Business Strategy in 2006. This is intended to support a number of strategies, one of which is a People Strategy. It was recognised at that time that HMCS will only be a successful organisation because of the people who work in it, and, therefore the agency’s human resources strategy is the most important supporting strategy. The HMCS People Strategy has now been developed and sets out what HMCS hopes to achieve in respect of: • Leadership • Skills & Capability • Performance • Change • People Engagement This strategy is owned by HMCS but requires its managers and HR to work in partnership. It therefore explains what we expect managers to do and what is to be expected from HR. This in turn needs to be supported by People Plans for each of the Regions and Central Directorates and for the various Change Projects within the Change Programme. These plans are under development and will set out the HR resources required to achieve each people-related initiative, what the time scale is and what the outcomes will be. The strategy builds on the great deal that has already been achieved through managers and HR staff working together. It does not stand alone, but is designed to complement the various initiatives that HMCS has already developed. These include: • Annual business plans • Statement of Expectations • The Way We Work • Partnership Working with the Judiciary Finally this strategy needs to be read in the context of the Organisational Review currently underway which will redesign the way the Ministry of Justice operates. There needs to be synergy across the new Ministry and in particular with the other parts of the organisation whose purpose is to provide Access to Justice. Page 1 of 6
  3. 3. 28 Human Resources Directorate PEOPLE STRATEGY FOR HMCS Leadership: We will have visible, inspirational and empowered leaders who drive change and deliver high performance. We will achieve this through: Managers will: HR will: • our statement of expectations and the way • role model the behaviours in the statement • provide People Plans to support individual we work of expectations and the “way we work” projects within the HMCS Change Programme • consistent and effective application of the • take tough decisions and communicate performance management system them to staff in an honest and timely • provide a tailored L & D Plan for HMCS to manner deliver Leadership Development • effective training and coaching of our Programmes, project management training leaders using initiatives such as the Court • support the HMCS Change Programme and performance management skills Manager Development Programme and be accountable for implementing • provide coaching and HR interventions • effective talent management and • change in their areas of responsibility through the HRBP and HR Adviser network succession planning to identify, grow and develop our future leaders • use the performance management system to reward good performance, identify talent • robust selection and recruitment practices and tackle under-performance which identify and facilitate appointment of the best individuals • seek opportunities to develop their own and their staff’s leadership skills through coaching, development programmes and direct feedback Page 2 of 6
  4. 4. 38 Human Resources Directorate PEOPLE STRATEGY FOR HMCS Skills & Capability: We will have the right number of people with the right skills, performing to the highest standards. We will achieve this through: Managers will: HR will: • effective manpower planning including • appraise, develop and coach individuals in • implement simple and effective predicting resource and skills requirements, accordance with the performance performance management systems succession planning and headcount control management system • provide expert advice and timely HR • robust and efficient selection and • tackle poor performance, including interventions to tackle poor performance, recruitment practices which identify and misconduct and poor attendance misconduct and sick absence facilitate the appointment and retention of the people with the right skills • develop People Plans to predict resource • develop People Plans, providing advice on requirements, including future skill needs, manpower levels, turnover rates, skills • effective development and coaching of talent management and headcount control requirements and succession planning individuals to raise performance and assure techniques delivery of HMCS targets • implement a business skills capability within HMCS to equip our people to deliver • support HMCS managers on the • consistent and effective application of an effective service identification of and responses to learning performance management including and development priorities individual and team performance and unacceptable sick absence • a tailored L & D Plan aligned to the Business Plan and HMCS Change Programme Page 3 of 6
  5. 5. 48 Human Resources Directorate PEOPLE STRATEGY FOR HMCS Performance: We will deliver excellent customer service by meeting our performance targets and seeking ways to continually improve. We will achieve this through: Managers will: HR will: • effective training, coaching and • apply the performance management • implement the Pay & Grading Review and development to equip staff with the right system consistently, reward good continually evaluate its effectiveness in skills at the right time performance and tackle under-performance meeting business requirements on people performance • a fair, relevant and business driven pay and • set and monitor performance targets and reward strategy which rewards good be accountable for delivery against them • design and implement the right performance and tackles under- performance management systems, performance • develop and implement strategies for including a reward strategy which delivers reducing sick absence improvement in business performance • consistent and effective application of performance management system • use IiP and Chartermark standards as an • provide accurate and timely HR enable for performance improvement management information including sick • visible leaders who set direction, reward absence data good performance and take personal • work with customers and stakeholders to responsibility for delivering results improve performance • manage the IiP accreditation process • external benchmarking, including seeking • develop a culture of continuous customer feedback and accreditation improvement within their teams against IiP and Chartermark standards Page 4 of 6
  6. 6. 58 Human Resources Directorate PEOPLE STRATEGY FOR HMCS Change: We will have leaders who drive organisational change in order to improve business performance and reduce the operating burden on staff. We will achieve this through: Managers will: HR will: • the successful implementation of the • drive and take ownership of the Change • support the HMCS Change Programme by HMCS Change Programme Programme within their areas of developing People Plans for each project responsibility • effective use of the operational “Kite Mark” • provide tailored programme and project in implementing change • communicate the impact of change management training for managers initiatives to the Change Programme and • developing robust people plans in support advise on successful implementation • design and implement people polices which of individual projects deliver organisational change • lead their teams through the change and • effective programme and project communicate honestly the benefits and • provide direct advice and support on management training for leaders and challenges change initiatives through HR Business managers Partners and HR Implementation Managers • implement LEAN techniques to deliver • honest, timely and accurate communication cheaper, better services without on the impacts of benefits of change compromising quality or security Page 5 of 6
  7. 7. 68 Human Resources Directorate PEOPLE STRATEGY FOR HMCS People Engagement: We will have leaders and staff who give of their best to HMCS and are committed to the statement of expectations and the “way we work”. We will achieve this through: Managers will: HR will: • visible, inspirational leadership where clear • role model the Statement of Expectations • implement the 10 point Diversity Action direction is set and the “way we work” Plan • honest, timely, two-way communication • empower staff and cultivate innovation • implement a fair, simple and business where staff feedback is encouraged and focused reward strategy to recognise acted upon • reward success and tackle under- success performance • empowering individuals and rewarding • administer the SOS / Employee innovation • own the SOS / Employee Engagement and Engagement process and advise on action act on feedback received required • rewarding and celebrating good performance and tackling under- • communicate direct with staff using • support TUS / staff consultation on performance established communication routes including organisational people issues face-to-face contact through team briefing • valuing the diverse nature of our workforce • advise managers on how to tackle • use the “celebrating success” process to inappropriate behaviours which adversely reward good performance and effective impact on engagement behaviours • consult staff and TUS on major decisions which have a direct impact on them Page 6 of 6