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2007 – 2010 BUSINESS PLAN

  2. 2. THAMES VALLEY BUSINESS PERFORMANCE MANAGEMENT PLAN 2007-2010 Introduction .................................................................................................................................................................. 3 Background Information................................................................................................................................................4 HMCS Business Strategy .............................................................................................................................................4 Corporate Targets.........................................................................................................................................................4 Balanced Scorecard……………………………………………………………………………………………………………...5 Glossary........................................................................................................................................................................6 Balanced Scorecard and Area Objectives ....................................................................................................................7 Performance Objectives and Targets ...........................................................................................................................9 Performance Targets ..................................................................................................................................................20 Risk Management .......................................................................................................................................................28 Efficiency Savings.......................................................................................................................................................34 Headcount Savings.....................................................................................................................................................35 2 HMCS THAMES VALLEY
  3. 3. THAMES VALLEY BUSINESS PERFORMANCE MANAGEMENT PLAN 2007-2010 INTRODUCTION The purpose of the business plan is to: • Identify service priorities and contribution to corporate objectives for the period 2007-2010. • Set out overall strategic objectives from the HMCS Business Strategy (February 2006) and the balanced scorecard. • Set out the priorities and targets for the coming year and the next three years. • Facilitate monitoring by the Area Director, Regional Management team and the Thames Valley Courts Board by providing a clear strategic direction. • Identify the area’s hierarchy of priorities that contribute towards achieving HMCS’S overall priorities. • Set out the corporate and service risks and how these will be mitigated. • Cover the medium term but be updated annually. 3 HMCS THAMES VALLEY
  4. 4. THAMES VALLEY BUSINESS PERFORMANCE MANAGEMENT PLAN 2007-2010 BACKGROUND INFORMATION http://www.hmcourts-service.gov.uk/cms/aboutus.htm http://www.hmcourts-service.gov.uk/cms/221.htm HMCS BUSINESS STRATEGY http://www.dca.gov.uk/dept/manifesto.htm http://www.hmcourts-service.gov.uk/cms/files/hmcs_business_strategy.pdf CORPORATE TARGETS Public Service Agreement - Targets www.dca.gov.uk/dept/sr2004.htm THAMES VALLEY - OVERVIEW Information on the Area can be found at: http://libra.lcd.gsi.gov.uk/tv/ But a new link is being developed based upon a more regional approach. 4 HMCS THAMES VALLEY
  6. 6. THAMES VALLEY BUSINESS PERFORMANCE MANAGEMENT PLAN 2007-2010 GLOSSARY AAG At A Glance performance figures AD Area Director CAFé Customer Analysis and Feedback System (re complaints) CJS Criminal Justice Service CJSSS Criminal Justice: Simple Speedy Summary CMAS Charter Mark Accreditation Service DCA Department of Constitutional Affairs DJ District Judge DV Domestic Violence HMCS Her Majesty’s Courts Service HRBP HR Business Partner JIG Justices’ Issues Group LCJB Local Criminal Justice Board LCM Lead Court Manager MCOL Money Claims Online PCOL Possession Claims Online PDP Performance Development Plans PYO Persistent Young Offenders REM Regional Estates Manager SEP Strategic Estates Plan SMT Senior Management Team SMT + Senior Management Team Plus SRO Senior Responsible Officer TVCJB Thames Valley Criminal Justice Board 6 HMCS THAMES VALLEY
  7. 7. THAMES VALLEY BUSINESS PERFORMANCE MANAGEMENT PLAN 2007-2010 BALANCED SCORECARD AND AREA OBJECTIVES The following table demonstrates the strategic link between the HMCS Balanced Scorecard and what the area aims to achieve – more detailed SMART targets are contained within the Area performance objectives. HMCS AREA Key performance results Work with the Local Criminal Justice Board to increase the number of crimes for See Ref: Objective No 1. which an offender is brought to Justice Building confidence in the Criminal Justice system See Ref: Objective No 2. Increase the proportion of care cases being completed in the courts within 40 See Ref: Objective No 3. weeks by 10% by 2009-10 We will continue the Estates Integration programme (up to 20 amalgamations) See Ref: Objective 4. Improving the way we work We will deliver CJSSS in the magistrates and Crown Courts See Ref: Objective No 5. We will improve efficiency of the courts administration function whilst meeting all See Ref: Objective No 6. performance financial and headcount targets We will deliver IT solutions that enable successful business change and realise See Ref: Objective No 7. cashable benefits We will commence national roll out of elements of the national enforcement See Ref: Objective No 2. service to ensure improved performance We will extend in-house mediation services for people with small claims; and See Ref: Objective No 8. facilitate the effective, early resolution of higher value and commercial disputes 7 HMCS THAMES VALLEY
  8. 8. THAMES VALLEY BUSINESS PERFORMANCE MANAGEMENT PLAN 2007-2010 Customers and the community We will continue to develop the corporate evidence for Charter Mark in readiness See Ref: Objective No 9. for the corporate application We will deliver a more personalised service for victims and witnesses See Ref: Objective No 10. We will publicise monthly information on local courts’ performance See Ref: Objective No 11. People and learning We will successfully implement a new pay and grading structure See Ref: Objective No 12. We will work towards reducing sick absence to an average of 7.5 days or less See Ref: Objective No 13. per annum We will ensure all staff have objectives in line with the organisation’s See Ref: Objective No 14. performance management system We will deliver the HMCS contribution to the DCA diversity objectives See Ref: Objective No 15. Staff will be given adequate training as required to support the changing needs of See Ref: Objective No 16. business delivery 8 HMCS THAMES VALLEY
  9. 9. THAMES VALLEY BUSINESS PERFORMANCE MANAGEMENT PLAN 2007-2010 PERFORMANCE OBJECTIVES & TARGETS The following table sets clear targets how the area will contribute to the corporate priorities and LPSA stretch targets for each of the balanced scorecard areas. Key Performance Results Ref Objective Activity Key Actions Measure of Success Target/ Monitoring Lead Officer (Target) milestones arrangements 1 National: We will work a) We will work with Benchmark existing use of Improvement in Reduce ineffective Monthly AAG at Area with the Local TVCJB members to courts and identify good effective trials. trials to 19% for SMT Performance, Criminal Justice initiate the most practice. Magistrates’ Courts Change and Board to increase the effective use of the and 14% for Crown Accountable number of crimes for existing court estate. Consult with JIG and Courts. Manager which an offender is Criminal Justice partners. brought to Justice. Justices’ Clerk Area: We will work b) Assess feasibility of Oxford Magistrates Court Pilot at Oxford Rollout good Review at SMT, Justices’ with the Thames implementing of to pilot a specialist DV completed and practice to Banbury Legal Forum and Clerk Valley Criminal Domestic Violence court from March 2007. determine rollout to and Didcot Courts as Courts Board (Oxford) Justice Board to pilot in the Magistrates other sites. determined by pilot deliver our Area Courts. Hold DV Progression exercise. targets meetings. c) Re-launch PYO Work with the Criminal Achieve and maintain national targets - 71 days Youth Offender Area pledge. Justice Board’s Youth from arrest to completion across Crown and Delivery Group Performance, Offender Delivery Group: Magistrates’ Courts. Performance Data Change and Promote and maintain Accountable effective case Monitor and increase Manager progression meetings in capacity where each Local Justice Area. required Justices’ Instigate process for Clerk monitoring Crown Court Cases SMT 9 HMCS THAMES VALLEY
  10. 10. THAMES VALLEY BUSINESS PERFORMANCE MANAGEMENT PLAN 2007-2010 Key Performance Results/contd… Ref Objective Activity Key Actions Measure of Success Target/ Monitoring Lead Officer (Target) milestones arrangements 2 National: We will a) Maintain and Continue rollout of Courts Payment rate Payment rate 85% Review AAG at SMT Area improve confidence in improve performance Act sanctions Monitor Performance, the Criminal Justice in all areas of bailiff contract to improve Bailiff performance Bailiff monthly Change and System. enforcement. performance. Work with statistics meeting Accountable National Enforcement Manager Agency. Area Target: We will b) Improve breach Support and participate Achieve national targets within year: Closely monitor Area Director improve Enforcement enforcement. fully in the work of the action plans of financial penalties Criminal Justice Board. 60% of breach cases to be resolved within 25 Area and Community Joint working with working days of relevant failure to comply [Jan Review AAG at SMT Performance, Penalty Breach Probation and other 08] TVCJB and Change and warrants. criminal justice agencies. Probation Liaison Accountable Average of 35 working days from relevant failure Group to comply to resolution [Oct 08] Manager 3 National: We will a) Ensure that the To improve 40 week Target for 2007/8 = County Court increase the amalgamation of the Review effectiveness of target to reach SE 53.13% AAG SMT Lead proportion of care Family administration the 2006/7 target cases completed in 40 provides an improved amalgamations and weeks by 10% by service to court users. rollout good practice. 2009/10 SE Target 06/07 = b) Further development Ensure that court Reduced delays County Court 48.3% of joint working scheduling provides for Listing all 1st AAG SMT Lead between care centres full utilisation of District hearings and giving TV 06/07 = 49% and Family Proceeding Judges. Work with the directions within 6 Justices’ Courts Judiciary to introduce the days Clerks SE Target 07/08=53.13% President’s draft protocol. c) Encourage Pilot family mediation at Customer feedback Customer survey County Court alternative ways of Oxford CC from March Timely resolution of results Lead resolving family 2007.Rollout in-court disputes disputes. conciliation at all family courts. 10 HMCS THAMES VALLEY
  11. 11. THAMES VALLEY BUSINESS PERFORMANCE MANAGEMENT PLAN 2007-2010 Key Performance Results/contd… Ref Objective Activity Key Actions Measure of Success Target/ Monitoring Lead Officer (Target) milestones arrangements 4 National: We will Develop, consult and i) Develop a draft SEP Draft plan completed by SMT/REM/Courts Area Director continue the Estates introduce a Strategic that will help alleviate April 2007 Board Regional Integration Estates Plan. operational pressures, Estates Programme. improve facilities for court Manager users, the judiciary and staff and facilitate Area: We will initiatives identified introduce a Strategic elsewhere in this plan. Estates Plan (SEP) ii) Consult with key Consultation exercise stakeholders both completed by mid June internally and externally. 2007 iii) Introduce the SEP and As per SEP implement short and medium term actions as identified in the plan. 11 HMCS THAMES VALLEY
  12. 12. THAMES VALLEY BUSINESS PERFORMANCE MANAGEMENT PLAN 2007-2010 Improving the way we work Ref Objective Activity Key Actions Measure of Success Target/milestones Monitoring Lead Officer (Target) arrangements 5 National: Alongside We will work with the Establish TVCJB Project The number of simple Local project team SRO provide monthly Area Director partners from CJS we TVCJB to introduce team. cases sentenced at first established by April implementation will implement CJSSS CJSSS as part of a hearing increases. 2007 and hold progress to SMT. which will improve rolling programme The timeliness of regular meetings. Legal Forum the efficiency of our across the three contested cases is Justices’ monitors criminal court counties so as to reduced significantly. Clerk performance at their business. increase the number of Baseline for these meetings. simple cases measures to be Operational Business Area sentenced at first determined as part of managers monitor Performance, Area Target: We will hearing and to reduce establishing the project. performance at Change and improve efficiency of significantly the monthly meetings. Accountable court business. timeliness of contested Local area project team TVCJB accept all Recommendations Manager cases. make recommendations recommendations made accepted by TVCJB Performance reports to TVCJB. by Local Project team. by end of July 2007. to TVCJB and SMT. Identify and utilise Additional DJs allocated Bid for national additional resources to to clear backlogs. resources including clear backlogs using additional DJs to District Judges and clear backlogs by maximise utilisation of April 2007. court capacity across the Area. Develop and deliver Training/Briefing Training/ Briefing briefing and training to delivered. delivered by end of Performance judiciary/staff. September 2007. monitored by Courts Board. PDPs to include these PDPs completed by July Key staff appraisals targets. 2007. take place and staff accept targets. PDP reviews held half yearly. Implementation as agreed with TVCJB by October 2007. 12 HMCS THAMES VALLEY
  13. 13. THAMES VALLEY BUSINESS PERFORMANCE MANAGEMENT PLAN 2007-2010 Improving the way we work /cont… Ref Objective Activity Key Actions Measure of Success Target/milestones Monitoring Lead Officer (Target) arrangements 6 National Target: We will a) Manage and Delegated budgets Monthly finance Expenditure held Budget monitoring Area Finance improve efficiency of achieve a agreed with budget monitoring report within budget limits Manager the courts balanced budget holders. Monthly finance by March 2008. SMT administration function reports reviewed and Lead Court whilst meeting all variances analysed. Managers performance financial and headcount targets Area Targets: We will b) Implement Area Business Improvement Business Improvement Projected savings Output of Business Area Finance improve efficiency, Efficiency plan Scheme launched April Group action plan. achieved and Improvement Group Manager, achieve a balanced 2007. Efficiency savings Monthly procurement procurement examined by SMT Lead Court budget and deliver our identified statistics. targets reached. and LCMs Managers headcount targets c) Manage staffing Complete benchmark Manpower statistics Manpower targets Monthly monitoring Area Finance levels to achieve exercise for all courts reached by March to SMT and region Manager headcount target by following the South East 2008 Area Director effective use of Model. HR Business vacancy policy. Implement vacancy policy Partner 7 National: a) Libra Area project team Delivered within timescale. Go live – Oxfordshire Monthly Project Area We will deliver IT implementation. communicate area rollout All staff are fully trained in by October 2007. Team meetings. Performance, solutions that enable Completion of plan and develop training advance of go live. Berkshire by Monthly reporting to Change and successful business project across the plan within 5 months of November 2007. SMT. Accountable change and realising Area by January go live. Buckinghamshire by Progress reports to Manager cashable benefits 2008. De- Ongoing review and December 2007. Courts Board. commissioning of documentation of area Area Target: Legacy IT systems business benefit plan. Realise business benefits. Delivery of legacy IT We will be proactive in March 2008. Identify risks and hardware and identifying and requirements for legacy software business delivering IT solution in systems by April 2007. benefits order to maximise Assess gaps in Decommissioning legacy business improvements functionality with equipment. Make application for implementation of Libra No marked negative impact ongoing funding as a by April 2007. on operational delivery and result of continued performance. use of legacy by May 2007. 13 HMCS THAMES VALLEY
  14. 14. THAMES VALLEY BUSINESS PERFORMANCE MANAGEMENT PLAN 2007-2010 Improving the way we work /cont… Ref Objective Activity Key Actions Measure of Success Target/milestones Monitoring Lead Officer (Target) arrangements b) Review existing Conduct video link Review completed on time. Improved video link SMT Area Finance video links facilities to survey by June 2007 New opportunities facilities. Manager determine what Identify opportunities identified. opportunities that and liaise with relevant might present to stakeholders improve business Implement where delivery. appropriate additional opportunities. c) Relaunch MCOL Presentation given to Increase uptake of PCOL To be determined. Monthly reporting to County Court and PCOL to main users of benefits and MCOL SMT Lead stakeholders to of using MCOL and increase use of on PCOL. line services. Check good practice in other Areas to see should implement locally. 8 National: By extending Introduce mediation Review current usage Reduced claims hearings Delivery plan Standing agenda County Court mediation services for in all Civil Courts and of mediation in Civil by December to 38.5%. produced by October item on District Judge Lead people with small rollout consistent courts. 2007. meetings. claims we will reduce listing practice across the number of small Thames Valley. Work with Judiciary to Local procedures to Monthly reporting to claims which progress develop a delivery plan. be produced by SMT. to hearing to 38.5% October 2007. Work with Judiciary and Area Target: We will the newly appointed Increased use of external encourage and increase HMCS mediators to mediation service. usage of mediation as develop local appropriate. procedures and encourage the use of mediation. Send out information with all claims packs. 14 HMCS THAMES VALLEY
  15. 15. THAMES VALLEY BUSINESS PERFORMANCE MANAGEMENT PLAN 2007-2010 Customers and the community Ref Objective Activity Key Actions Measure of Success Target/ Monitoring Lead Officer (Target) Milestones arrangements 9 National: We will All courts and offices All Courts to establish Charter Mark accreditation Successful Monthly Court AD continue to develop ready for inclusion in Charter Mark working will be achieved by the surveillance visit Meetings corporate evidence for an Area application groups by June 2007. Area. completed by July Bi- monthly Area Area Charter Mark in for Charter Mark by 2007. meeting Performance, readiness for corporate June 2009 with the Area Working Group to Charter Mark System will Change and application. majority ready by meet bi-monthly be embedded in our Review of courts and Monthly report to Accountable June 2008. commencing May 2007. Customer services & offices state of Area Executive team Manager Area Target; We will facilities. readiness to be obtain Charter Mark for Area working group completed by Area Customer all our courts by confirm readiness by Improvement in Staff January 2008. Service Officer visits accreditation by June December 2007. Survey results. to take place at least 2009 All Managers are to Charter Mark twice a year. have reference to Improvement in the amount application submitted obtaining Charter Mark and type of feedback to CMAS by April Monthly Area and implementing the recorded. 2008. Customer Service procedures Officer reports which incorporated into their Increase in Community Charter Mark give update to current PDP. involvement. assessment to take position. place by July 2008. Increase in confidence of the Court System. Review of remaining courts and offices state of readiness to be completed by January 2009. Charter Mark application submitted to CMAS by April 2009. Charter Mark assessment to take place by July 2009 15 HMCS THAMES VALLEY
  16. 16. THAMES VALLEY BUSINESS PERFORMANCE MANAGEMENT PLAN 2007-2010 Customers and the community/cont… Ref Objective Activity Key Actions Measure of Success Target/ Monitoring Lead Officer (Target) Milestones arrangements 10 National: We will deliver Develop Victim Code Maintain and improve Monitor Victim Code of Customer service Area a more personalised of Practice. links with other Practice. improvement plan in Performance, service for victims and agencies. place at courts by Change and witnesses All courts and offices Improved recording of June 2007. Review of Customer surveys Accountable to have a customer Obtain feedback from customer feedback and plans take place in Manager Area Target: To service improvement court user groups, survey results. January 2008. improve service and plan. Witness Support etc facilities for court Improve complaints Raise awareness of users. handling. CAFé in a team CAFé system briefing by the end of Raise staff awareness June 2007. of CAFé and provide refresher training. All Courts and officers will inform the CAFé system Area Training Co- ordinator by the end of July 2007 if they require refresher training for their staff. 16 HMCS THAMES VALLEY
  17. 17. THAMES VALLEY BUSINESS PERFORMANCE MANAGEMENT PLAN 2007-2010 Customers and the community/cont.. Ref Objective Activity Key Actions Measure of Success Target/ Monitoring Lead Officer (Target) Milestones arrangements 11 National: We will a) Review Standardised Performance posters Performance reports Monthly audit checks Area publicise monthly Communication performance posters containing up to date and to be issued to Court of current posters to Performance, information on local strategy. displaying current local relevant performance are to Mangers by the 15th be carried out by Change and courts’ performance achievement against be displayed within 1 working day or within local Court Manager, Accountable targets are displayed in working day of issue in all 2 working days of including 60% of staff Manager all Court buildings by Court buildings & admin receipt of National are aware of the Court 30th April 2007. centres. report. current performance Managers data. b) Improve levels of Appoint Open day Co- Open Day Co-ordinator A three year rolling Customer Area Target: Local engagement with ordinator to prepare appointed open day plan to be Services Monthly performance local communities information pack to Information pack produced. produced by June Officer reports with and ensure the publicise HMCS 2007. Open Day comparison against principles of successes. HMCS information pack Regional & National community justice are stand at Court Open produced and performance will be embedded in all Days. distributed to all publicised / displayed magistrates’ courts in courts and offices by at courts accordance with Annual Public Courts Public Courts Board September 2007. Breakthrough by the Board meeting. meeting held once a year. Courts Board end of 2008. c) All courts and All courts and offices to Analysis from the customer Notice boards Court Managers and Customer offices to comply with review current notice service audit will show that reviewed and Court Administration Services HMCS notice board boards and comply with all courts in TV comply with updated where Managers to perform Officer standards by the end the national standards the national standards. necessary by the a customer service of May 2007. by the end of May 1.6.07 Customer audit in June 2007 2007. service audit to take and annually All courts to complete a place June 1007 and thereafter. Each court customer service audit annually thereafter. and office to inspect June 2007using the the notice boards on Regional template. a monthly basis to ensure that the information contained on the notice boards are current. 17 HMCS THAMES VALLEY
  18. 18. THAMES VALLEY BUSINESS PERFORMANCE MANAGEMENT PLAN 2007-2010 People and learning Ref Objective Activity Key Actions Measure of Success Target/ Monitoring Lead Officer (Target) Milestones arrangements 12 National: We will By 01/08/07 all staff Close liaison with the 100% of staff will have Staff to be notified of HRBP to initiate and Area Director implement a new pay will have completed South East HRBP with made an informed decision. their proposed follow up timetable and grading structure. the options exercise. pay and grading lead. banding in reporting to a HR Business Timetable produced to March/April, appeals standing item on the Partner Area Target: Implement staff. Managers to gain held April to May and SMT. Pay and Grading locally adequate knowledge of decisions made by Lead Court giving support to staff the process to 01/08/07 Managers where practicable. adequately support staff. Team briefings to be held regularly. Local TU workplace meetings to be agreed as requested. 13 National: We will Establish baseline Area figures will be Monthly reports will SMT to analyse HRBP to provide HR Business reduce sick absence to figures for 2007/8 produced monthly and demonstrate a reduction of figures monthly data. Lead Partner an average of 7.5 days included in the AAG. absence figure to meet commencing April 07. Managers to set their Lead Court per employee per Achieve 9 days by Ensure all interventions target. own targets. Review Managers annum. March 2008 are undertaken in HRBP will provide monthly Thames Valley data Senior accordance with the statistical data to SMT. All against comparable Management Area Target: To reduce 7.5 days by 2010 Sickness and Absence staff will understand the Areas in South East. Team sickness absence per policy. Set court targets part they play in the employee. for 2007. achievement of the target. 14 National: We will 100% of staff (Band All managers to Objectives agreed linked to Appraisal meetings Managers to Area Director ensure that all staff A to D) to have at undertake end of year, the Business Plan. All held April to June. complete HR Business have objectives in line least two SMART mid year and annual meetings held within Mid year review in spreadsheet Partner with the organisation’s Objectives for 2007 reports within set timeframe. October to assess recording progress performance timetable. likely performance and report to HRBP Senior management system. category mark. with Performance Management Remedial plans made Management Lead Team Area target: Each to support staff to member of staff will meet their objectives. agree a set of SMART Annual report for all objectives which staff undertaken in support business March 2008. targets. 18 HMCS THAMES VALLEY
  19. 19. THAMES VALLEY BUSINESS PERFORMANCE MANAGEMENT PLAN 2007-2010 People and learning /cont… Ref Objective Activity Key Actions Measure of Success Target/ Monitoring Lead Officer (Target) Milestones arrangements 15 National: We will deliver By June 2007 we will (i) Area Diversity Group ADG launched with representatives from each Minutes of meeting Area Director the HMCS contribution have launched an launched at SMT+ business area. and action plan to the DCA diversity Area Diversity Group meeting. submitted to SMT Senior objectives. (ADG) and produced (ii) Terms of reference Management Terms of Reference produced and agreed Terms of reference produced by May 2007. Team Area target: We will approved by SMT. by SMT. contribute to the DCA (iii) Nominations to Diversity objectives and ADG invited from staff. launch an Area (iii)Develop and deliver Diversity Group to act Area Action plan. in an advisory capacity (iv) Make effective links Area action plan developed July 2007. and take action where with regional diversity necessary. activities. 16 National: Staff will be Training plan agreed Staff training needs At least 70% of staff when Area Timetable to be SMT Agenda item Area given adequate training by the Senior identified at annual tested by their managers added for:- Performance, as required to support Management Team report or mid-year will record “need met” or Change and the changing needs of as priority to support review. better. Libra Accountable business delivery. the introduction of Lead Managers to set Improved staff survey Manager CJSSS. targets. results CJSSS Training Co- Area target: Training Training co-ordinator to ordinator plan developed to meet Libra ensure events take Training meet business the business need. place. need and is demonstrated Managers to assess as effective, through training outcomes. successful implementation PDP item for all of business initiatives. managers in Magistrates’ Courts in respect of Libra implementation. 19 HMCS THAMES VALLEY
  20. 20. THAMES VALLEY BUSINESS PERFORMANCE MANAGEMENT PLAN 2007-2010 Performance Targets Public Service Agreement Target / Key Performance Supporting Indicator / PSA related Target in Comment Indicator collection 2006/07 The Crown Court 78% of defendants Committals for Trial start within 16 weeks CJSSS-Breakthrough No change 78% of defendants Sent for Trial cases start within 26 weeks CJSSS-Breakthrough No change Criminal - efficiency and effectiveness National reduction in Ineffective Trials to 14% by March LCJB set Area 2008 targets 15% Proportion of effective outcomes: Baseline collection 2007/08 New measure Initial plea rate (incl. guilty plea at first Baseline collection hearing) 2007/08 New measure Average number of hearings per case Baseline collection 2007/08 New measure Ineffective / effective trial rate Baseline collection 2007/08 New measure Vacated Trial Rate Baseline collection 2007/08 New measure Maintain Sitting Days Based on original baseline No change Notification to Home Office of all ASBO's made, immediately after imposition No change 20 HMCS THAMES VALLEY
  21. 21. THAMES VALLEY BUSINESS PERFORMANCE MANAGEMENT PLAN 2007-2010 Magistrates' Courts By end of 2007 conclude criminal cases within 6 weeks of charge CJSSS-Breakthrough New measure By end of 2007 sentence simple cases at first hearing CJSSS-Breakthrough New measure National reduction in Ineffective Trials to 19% by March LCJB set Area 2008 targets 20% Criminal - efficiency and effectiveness Proportion of effective outcomes Baseline collection 2007/08 New measure Initial plea rate (incl. guilty plea at first Baseline collection hearing) 2007/08 New measure Average number of hearings per case Baseline collection 2007/08 New measure Ineffective / effective trial rate Baseline collection 2007/08 New measure vacated trial rate Baseline collection 2007/08 New measure Average number of days Baseline collection 2007/08 New measure Maintain sitting hours Based on original baseline No change Return to Home Office of all ASBO's made, together with copies of the orders No change Despatch of committal papers to Crown Court - 100% within 4 working days No change Despatch of decision on properly completed Rights to Representation No change applications - 100% within 2 working days 21 HMCS THAMES VALLEY
  22. 22. THAMES VALLEY BUSINESS PERFORMANCE MANAGEMENT PLAN 2007-2010 The Crown Court & Magistrates' Courts Persistent Young Offenders pledge - Average number of days from Arrest to Sentence at LCJB level - 71 days Stretch target of 65 No change save days intro. of stretch Average in the Crown Court - 180 days No change Average in the Magistrates' Courts - 60 days No change Production and despatch of Court Register - 95% in 3 In cases involving vulnerable victims - Replaces 100% in 3 working days and 100% in 6 working days 100% within 1 day working days of old 100% in 3 days BMR8A To increase Confidence in the Criminal Justice System LCJB set Area targets No change To increase BME Confidence in the Criminal Justice System Not devolved to LCJB No change Magistrates' Courts Achieve a national average payment rate of 85% for W.O.I. not to exceed financial impositions 10%? 83% Criminal Enforcement Community Penalty Breach - An average of 35 working days Higher performing from relevant failure to comply to resolution LCJBs expected at No change but lower end of 32-35 32-35 day stretch day range 60% of all Community Penalties be resolved within 25 days 75% targets no of the breach triggering proceedings to resolution longer appear in CJS 50% in 25 days Business Plan. To secure 3,869 confiscation orders worth £87.385m LCJB set Area New measure nationally targets To collect £102.5m from the enforcement of confiscation LCJB set Area orders, including £7m in compensation New measure targets 22 HMCS THAMES VALLEY
  23. 23. THAMES VALLEY BUSINESS PERFORMANCE MANAGEMENT PLAN 2007-2010 To secure 642 restraint orders LCJB set Area New measure targets 90% of FTA warrants notified to police within 1 working day No change 100% of FTA warrants notified to police within 3 working day No change County Courts / Care Centres 48% of Public Law Children Act cases dealt with within 40 No more than 30% of all outstanding PSA 4- Move from weeks cases to be more than 40 weeks old Regional targets to Regional target No more than 10% to be over 75 weeks national targets 48.3% old 70% of Private Law cases dealt with within 40 weeks No change 94 % Administrative Process completed within 5 days No change Family Outstanding BMS Hours not to exceed 4 Regional hours per Full Time Equivalent (as Management Board No change measured by Regional CWR) target Magistrates' Courts / Family Proceedings Courts 56% of Public Law Children Act cases dealt with within 40 No more than 20% of all outstanding PSA 4- Move from weeks cases to be more than 40 weeks old Regional targets to Regional target No more than 5% to be over 75 weeks old national targets 60% Magistrates' Court - 70% of adoption Data available from cases dealt with within 20 weeks April New measure 23 HMCS THAMES VALLEY
  24. 24. THAMES VALLEY BUSINESS PERFORMANCE MANAGEMENT PLAN 2007-2010 County Courts & Magistrates' Courts 70% of adoption cases dealt with within Magistrates data No change - 20 weeks available centrally County, New - from April Magistrates Percentage of Public Law cases No target set - concluded in the FPC Baseline collection New measure 2007/08 No target set - Percentage of Private Law cases Baseline collection New measure concluded in the FPC 2007/08 County Courts Reduce the proportion of disputed claims in the courts that PSA 5 H2 - Move are resolved by hearing to 42.1% on South East Region from Area level Regional target (38.5% nationally) targets to Regional 44.6% targets Increase the number of Small Claims hearings that take PSA 5 H3 place within target time to 81.5% 80.80% 94 % Administrative Process completed Civil within 5 days No change Outstanding BMS Hours not to exceed 4 Regional hours per Full Time Equivalent (as Management Board No change measured by Regional CWR) target 78% of Fast Track cases heard within 30 weeks (from allocation to track to hearing) No change 24 HMCS THAMES VALLEY
  25. 25. THAMES VALLEY BUSINESS PERFORMANCE MANAGEMENT PLAN 2007-2010 78% of multi track cases heard within 50 weeks (from allocation to track to No change hearing) 70% of debt claims to be issued via e- CCBC & MCOL channels by March 2008 New measure 55% of possession claims to be issued PCOL via e-channels by March 2008 New measure All Jurisdictions 85% of complaints handled within 5 working days at court/operational No change business unit level and 10 working days at Area level Complaints analysis and lessons, learnt, No target shared and actioned New measure Customer Service Overall Customer Satisfaction: Targets to follow New measure Year 1 new survey Accessibility results New measure Waiting Times New measure Information before appearance New measure How staff deal with customers New measure Court Environment New measure The Crown Court To increase juror utilisation to 67% RMB to set targets nationally (63% Regionally) (currently set at 10 62% National Area level) 58% Regional 25 HMCS THAMES VALLEY
  26. 26. THAMES VALLEY BUSINESS PERFORMANCE MANAGEMENT PLAN 2007-2010 LCJB Set Targets Fines Ineffective Confidence Beds 90% ? 42% Essex 85% ? 41% Herts 85% ? 45% Beds, Essex & Herts n/a n/a n/a LCJB Targets Cambs 87% ? 46% Norfolk 85% ? 39% Suffolk 90% ? 50% Cambs, Norfolk & Suffolk n/a n/a n/a Kent 85% ? 44% Surrey 90% ? 48% Sussex 85% ? 42% Surrey & Sussex n/a n/a n/a Thames Valley 85% ? 45% Value of LCJB Set Targets (Volume restraint orders in Confiscation LCJB Confiscation Targets brackets) Volume of Confiscation Orders Orders Value collected Beds (6) 37 £824,000 £2,750,000 Essex (17) 103 £2,350,000 £1,000,000 Herts (11) 66 £1,496,000 £750,000 Beds, Essex & Herts (34) 206 £4,670,000 £4,500,000 Cambs (8) 47 £1,100,000 £2,750,000 Norfolk (9) 52 £1,167,000 £1,250,000 Suffolk (10) 60 £977,000 £1,500,000 Cambs, Norfolk & Suffolk (27) 159 £3,244,000 £5,500,000 Kent (17) 102 £2,312,000 £10,000,000 26 HMCS THAMES VALLEY
  27. 27. THAMES VALLEY BUSINESS PERFORMANCE MANAGEMENT PLAN 2007-2010 Surrey (11) 68 £1,534,000 £1,000,000 Sussex (16) 95 £2,167,000 £2,750,000 Surrey & Sussex (27) 163 £3,701,000 £3,750,000 Thames Valley (22) 134 £3,045,000 £1,500,000 South East Region (127) 764 £16,972,000 £25,250,000 County District Sitting Days 2007/08 County Circuit Judge Judge Crown Beds, Essex & Herts 2,075 5,069 5,960 Sitting Days Cambs, Norfolk & Suffolk 1,365 3,477 3,700 Kent 1,300 2,910 3,120 Surrey & Sussex 1,855 4,142 3,960 Thames Valley 1,255 3,478 2,830 South East Region 7,850 19,076 19,570 Note: the Local Criminal Justice Board targets will be inserted when confirmed. 27 HMCS THAMES VALLEY
  28. 28. THAMES VALLEY BUSINESS PERFORMANCE MANAGEMENT PLAN 2007-2010 RISK MANAGEMENT The risk register needs to be strategically aligned to the regional risk register. Thames Valley Risk Register Current Residual Scores Scores Obj Objective Risk Risk Description Current Response / Q1 Further Action Q1 Action Owner ID ID Control 2007 Required 2007 -08 -08 I L Score I L Score 1 To deliver our Local Absence of effective Benchmark courts and Relaunch PYO Criminal Justice partnership working identify good practice pledge. Review Board targets with CJS partners and roll out to all courts. against LCJB Targets prevents Work with Criminal and National figures. achievement of Justice Board's Youth Results disseminated LCJB targets, Offenders' Delivery to all staff and namely effective group and maintain judiciary. Justices’ Clerks trials rate and PYOs effective case This will adversely progression. affect confidence and cause PSA targets to be missed. 4 4 16 4 3 12 2 To improve all Failure to perform in Continue to rollout Support and aspects of key measurable, Courts Acts sanctions participate fully in the enforcement namely enforcement and work with the work of the Criminal Area Performance and breach will National Enforcement Justice Board. Joint Change and adversely affect Agency. Work with working with confidence and probation and other Probation and other Accountable cause PSA targets criminal justice criminal justice Manager to be missed. agencies to achieve the agencies. breach targets. 4 4 16 4 3 12 3 To improve our Failure to achieve Best practices identified Work with judiciary, performance in care the SE target for and rolled out following supporting DFJ and cases. care cases. administrative partner agencies. amalgamations. Monthly monitoring by County Court Lead. Review against County Court Lead National figures. Results disseminated to all staff and 4 4 16 judiciary. 4 3 12 28 HMCS THAMES VALLEY