Exhibition and Consumption


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Exhibition and Consumption

  1. 1. Distribution
  2. 2. Who Distributes Social Realism films? • Artificial Eye – Last Resort, Fishtank, The Son, The Child • 20th Century Fox Film Corporation – Nil By Mouth • Verve Pictures – Red Road, The Arbor, Bullet Boy • Optimum Releasing – This is England, Blind Shaft, Tyrannosaur • Icon – Sweet Sixteen, Looking for Eric, Precious, Ae Fond Kiss • Pathe Distribution – Adulthood, Outlaw, Ratcatcher • Vertigo – London to Brighton, Shotgun Stories • Dogwoof Pictures – Man Push Cart
  3. 3. Dogwoof are a very niche company that most create films that go straight to DVD this is shown by the heavy emphasis on actually ordering the film on DVD, they also have a section on iTunes where you can buy there films products to try to get a wider spread audience. Dogwoof The Distributors name, Dogwoof isn’t a very well known Distributor so they are more likely to make niche films for a select audience, these films tend not to have a heavy impact in cinema. The outline is also very minimalistic meaning that it isn’t packed with stuff that isn’t needed also this shows that its not trying to grab your attention and trying to attract you, it’s try to get a certain audience to like it. The slideshow shows that they are targeting a very small audience because of the way it isn’t provocative and is set there for a very specific audience who know what they’re looking for.
  4. 4. Verve has a bit more of a mainstream feel but is still niche, it has a small bit to attract you using a Christmas banner with a promise of a discount, thi s shows it’s trying to get a broader audience then it already has because of the attraction to a reduced cost offer. Verve Pictures They have the news about they’re films, and some of the awards they’re winning but they aren’t mainstream award ceremony’s they are like, BIFA, Which celebrate independently funded Film directors. This is focused on DVD sales more then Cinema sales, this is shown because it lets you pre-order it on DVD, this wouldn’t happen if it had gone to the cinema because you can see it in the cinema before DVD but the fact you can pre-order it means you can’t see it in cinema. The black white space shows it’s a niche website because it not attract and it doesn’t jump out at you meaning it has a specific purpose and it is for a specific audience, t hat know what they are searching for and why they’re there.
  5. 5. The blue backround with sparkles is very interesting and eye catching meaning its trying to attract you, this is the property of a more mainstream distributor, th ey are trying to get you to notice the page and recognise it as a well known film distributor. Vertigo Films // They have a slideshow with news about They have a Red logo on a blue backround making it films and also stand out more then it would do on a bright backround films about well it also makes the website much more appealing to known things look at and red connotes danger this will make you like a film called want to stay and look at it for longer. ‘Hawking’ its about stephen hawkings a well known theoretical physicist, this is going to get attention because he is a well known figure in the world of science and he would also gather Feature length films, they are mainstream films that attention will go to cinema and most of the mainstream because of his audiences will see, they show them to get some titles illness. that they may know by the Distributor to get there demographic interested in what they have to offer.
  6. 6. What does the style of the promotion and publicity tell you about the kinds of audiences these distributors are trying to reach? The films they put out aren’t going to a mainstream audience and are specifically directed to a certain demographic. This is shown by the tactical advertising, they put it were the target demographic is likely to go. They do this in order to attract the maximum amount of viewers with the lowest cost. This also maximises the efficiency while gaining the most profit.
  7. 7. Where do they advertise and what does this tell us about who they see as their audience? They would only advertise to the audience they are going to attract, so in order to advertise a chick flick to a female audience, they would put it in a girly magazine or on a channel that plays show like, sex in the city or real housewives of Atlanta. They also would market somewhere that wasn’t appropriate like a horror trailer on a children's T.V channel or advertise a thriller at an elderly home. It tells us who they are advertising to and what the type of movie would be.
  8. 8. What format is the advertising? What is the Register/Lexis/Syntax? And what does this tell us about the intended audience? The advertising would be completely different depending on where it is and the audience it’s based on. A chick flick would be easily shown on a girly magazine and gain lots of attention from the target audience and be easy to notice. Whereas an A5 in a children’s magazine wouldn’t attract attention because they are more likely to just skim over it and not read it properly, but if you put it in a magazine more suited to adults that would mean they might read it properly and not just skim over it.
  9. 9. Exhibition & Consumption
  10. 10. Arnolfini,Bristol The Arnolfini is a centre for contemporary arts it has a small independent cinema in it that plays social realism films. It is an independent cinema because of the fact, its not wholly a cinema because it only has a small section given to cinema instead of being a multiplex that is dominated by Cinema. As seen the website is very bland and tells you about a range of different activities but does not specify one, it doesn’t show film at all this is why it is an independent cinema .
  11. 11. Cornerhouse, Manchester This is also a Centre for Contemporary arts, the building has 3 art galleries, 3 cinemas, a Bookshop, a Bar and a Café. This means it is primarily suited to viewing art as an oppose to showing films but this type of establishment would show social realism films instead of blockbusters, because the audience there would be sophisticated enough to grasp the concepts of social realism and understand the themes and issues that get addressed during social realism pieces. They also have a french films about lesbians which is very niche meaning it has a small audience which is likely to be the same intellectual people who go to this cinema often. The website is quite bland and instead of a clear focus on films it also focuses on music and art meaning that it is not a big cinema and it then comes to be an independent cinema. It doesn’t want to attract you it wants you to look through and get interested on your own accord.
  12. 12. City Screen, York This cinema is a mix between a mainstream and a niche cinema because they have a mix of Hollywood films and independent films. It is also wanting to attract the more intelligent people in the mainstream audience by putting, the latest news of more mainstream Titles like Doctor Who and The Hobbit as well as less known films like Philomena. This shows that they are targeting the smarter strands of the mainstream audience. There is also a brighter array of colour which would also draw the more mainstream audience in, they also have, a link to twitter and Facebook making it more recognizable to the mainstream audience. News about mainstream titles to attract the more mainstream audience. It isn’t as bland to the mainstream audience with some titles they can recognize, to attract more of an audience.
  13. 13. Film Rental Site - LoveFilm They have a 30 day free trial to get people interested and because of this it will attract people looking for free films. Well known Branding, Usi ng red and black for passion and danger. Also got amazon another well known brand that would attract a more mainstream audience. They have film categories that not only appeal to the mainstream audience but they also appeal to niche audiences that are looking specifically for a certain type of film. They are promoting another way to get to there website through a widespread games console meaning they want to appeal to the masses. Well known films attracting a more mainstream audience, well known actors, well known titles to attract the mainstream audiences.
  14. 14. Picture of a Spanish person, she is a very Well dressed in period clothes suggesting it’s a film set in an older time with a high class characters. Use of Black, Blue and Grey to attract intelligent people. Madeinusa is the name of the film and also the name of the girl in the photo, it was made in spain and based in peru, this shows it is a foreign film and is very niche. Black and white films are uncommon and are probably older or made by an independent film company. This means it isn’t very mainstream. Lots of blank white space, this shows its more niche because it doesn’t try to grab your attention, it’s for a small audience who will find it when they go there and are specifically looking for these sort of films.
  15. 15. Film Databases - IMDB People who want to see Social Realism Films are people who are more educated and a more serious film audience, but there are exceptions to the rule, like This is England and Fishtank who are casting it to wider areas of viewers but they still aren’t particularly mainstream. People share there thoughts and feeling on the film in reviews where they put what they thought of the film and they also put what was good, bad and could be improved and what they done wrong.