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Crossing the borders b w malaysia & singapore


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At Malaysia’s southern tip, there is a mesmeric place-Singapore. Both the Malaysia and Singapore are in the hot tourist spot list of the tourists, so they crave to see both the place at their best. Where Penang, Kaula Lumpur, Cameron Highlands, Melaka, Langkawi, Sunway Lagoon, and many other cities attract tourists in Malaysia to explore the nature and be rejuvenated; Singapore also calls for its hypnotic nightlife fun. So, you definitely have to plan your trip so that visiting both the places becomes convenient & fast. So, here are some easy tips for crossing the border and easily travel between both the magical lands.

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Crossing the borders b w malaysia & singapore

  1. 1. Monday, April 15, 2013Crossing the borders b/w Malaysia & SingaporeAt Malaysia’s southern tip,there is a mesmeric place-Singapore. Both the Malaysiaand Singapore are in the hottourist spot list of the tourists,so they crave to see both theplace at their best. WherePenang, Kaula Lumpur,Cameron Highlands, Melaka,Langkawi, Sunway Lagoon,0ShareShare More Next Blog» Create Blog Sign
  2. 2. and many other cities attracttourists in Malaysia to explorethe nature and be rejuvenated;Singapore also calls for itshypnotic nightlife fun. So, youdefinitely have to plan your tripso that visiting both the placesbecomes convenient & fast.So, here are some easy tipsfor crossing the border and easily travel between both the magical lands.Crossing the border from Malaysia to Singapore or vice-a-versa is very accessiblewith loads of commuting options and two borders. Johor Bahru in Malaysia is close tothe Singapore borders, so after reaching here you have many options like taking bus,private car, or hiring taxi that have necessary license of crossing the border. To enterin Singapore via road, you’ll have to take Woodlands Checkpoint near the Kranji MRTstation in the north of Singapore. You can take bus from KL, Penang, CameronHighlands, or Sunway Lagoon to reach here. In fact, the coaches & buses even takeyou to various destinations in Singapore, as they have valid license.Hiring a taxi is also another option that most of the travellers prefer. But, there is onelimitation in this option. As it doesn’t hold license to cross the borders, it can only dropyou at Queens Street Terminal (Bugis area) in Singapore.There is another gateway to enter in Singapore on the west side- i.e. Second Linkcheckpoint. To cross through this border, the only option is public buses, which youcan board at the Jurong East Bus Interchange.So, anyhow the best optionfor crossing the border &easily travel between the twocities, is taking a bus. If youare travelling in group thenyou can go for booking theprivate buses, otherwise,public bus is also a good goFollowe rs▼▼ 2013 (18)Blog
  3. 3. Posted by Jack Witson at 12:13 AMLabels: bus, bus from LCCT, bus from penang, bus from singapore to kl, bus Sham Alam, Busto KL, bus to kl from singapore, coach to kl, coach to Malacca, first coach , holidays, klang bus,tour, travel, vacationfor traveling comfortably &enjoy the best of Malaysia &Singapore.Recommend this on GoogleNo comments:Post a Comment►► May (1)▼▼ April (4)Certain Things Before YouPlan Your Bus JourneyHow to explore Kuala Lumpurin one day?Crossing the borders b/wMalaysia & SingaporeComplementary mistakeswhile booking online ticket...►► March (7)►► February (4)►► January (2)►► 2012 (34)
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