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Film noir treatment sheet


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Film noir treatment sheet

  1. 1. ‘Easy street’ Film noir opening sequence Treatment Sheet. By Jack Waterman.
  2. 2. Contents Page Cast List Plot overview Technical Information Characters and Costumes
  3. 3. Cast List – Daniel Gaudi- Jack Waterman Ricky Martel- Mathew Bray Christina- Fiona Walker Chief Michaels- Alex Hester Irish (Barman)- Ethan Laing Hysterical wife- Chloe Leighton Operator- Karen Waterman Waitress- Chloe Leighton Railroad worker- Oliver stoker Father- Declan Doyle Mother- Rhianne Bowes Plot Overview – Leaving a bar finishing a bottled drink Daniel Gaudi is seen on a walk around his new neighborhood. His inner monologue describes his lament at having to leave New York where he was a very high ranking police official and was demoted due to insubordination and maverick behavior. On his walk he looks up at the houses on the street and has a flashback to his childhood this cues a monologue about his violent childhood and how he resents this town the town of his birth. As he walks he hears a scream around a corner. He runs to find himself lost looking out at the sea. He brushes the event off suddenly gathering himself and going into a bar. It is clear at this point that the detective is mentally deficient and hears things. While in the bar he orders a scotch on the rocks and a haze of smoke covers his face. The next shot occurs the following morning. The character finds himself in an office confronted by the police chief who introduces Gaudi to his new partner who he resents saying he works solo. Begrudgingly the pair go to a crime scene near the location of his walk on the first night. He inspects the bloody corpse of an elderly man and interviews his wife who is fearful of him and tells him she saw a monstrous apparition run from the crime scene. She describes his rough height and build and the detectives take information from the crime scene taking note of some foot prints size 11 and a bloody glass bottle. Montez leaves the scene to report to the chief. Gaudi however says he needs to think the case over. He retires to a bar where he drinks and smokes as the camera pans across to a woman who approaches him to talk she introduces herself as Christina and flirts with him she says that she lives next door to a man who got murdered and was glad accusing the man of being sleazy and no good she teases the man saying she’d saw him last night from her apartment window and jokingly accuses him. She reveals that she’d just moved to town, hates it and will be leaving soon she flirts with him teasing him about “lost chances” and leaves dropping a bar napkin with her number on it. He puts it in his jacket stubs his cigarette, gets up and leaves.
  4. 4. Technical Information – Location: Odd bar (Church street Hartlepool) Church street (exterior) Marina docks My house (interior) Sequence length: Roughly 15 minutes Props: Bottle Broken bottle (the same one) Cigarettes Alcohol and glasses Notepads Coroners set up Police badges Characters and Costumes – Daniel Gaudi- brown pin stripe suit and waistcoat with a matching trilby and black shoes Montez- a similar costume in a dark blue color Michaels- brown double breasted suit and brown tie Christina- red showy dress dark makeup and rouged lips. Heavy jewelry and high heals Irish- white shirt and waistcoat with bands at the elbows Wife- simple rags Waitress- 1940’s waitress uniform Mother and father- typical 1920’s everyday wear. Light shirt and trousers and a high cut dress