Applying goodwin’s theory to enter shikari


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Applying goodwin’s theory to enter shikari

  1. 1. Goodwin’s Theory is based on 8 main principles:1. Links between Lyrics and Visuals2. Links between Music and Visuals (Complimentary, Contradicting or Amplification)3. Genre Characteristics4. Intertextual Reference5. Notions of Looking (objectification of women)6. Voyeurism (direct gaze, other people looking at artist, insight into artists life, screens and mirrors)7. Demands of the record label (representation of the artist)8. Performance based, Narrative based or Concept based music videos
  2. 2. Enter Shikari – No SleepTonight In this presentation I am going to try and apply Goodwin’s theory to the music video “No Sleep Tonight” r79ZCoE
  3. 3. Goodwin suggests that lyrics will make constant references to visuals on screen.In the music video for “No Sleep Tonight” for Enter Shikari the visuals relatedirectly to the lyrics “You’re not getting any sleep tonight” with the band andmany more people shown in the mans back garden making a lot of noise andshining lights onto his house making sure that he doesn’t get any sleep.
  4. 4. Goodwin suggests that the visuals on thescreen will also be representative of themusic in the song. “No Sleep Tonight” hasvery fast and loud backing music and thisis supported by the use of quick cuts in thevideo making the speed of the video matchthe song.
  5. 5. Genre CharacteristicsThese are depicted as certain traits associated with a particular type of music. Acharacteristic of a rock video is to have the band performing in the video. This isimitated in the “No Sleep Tonight” video.
  6. 6. Notion of lookingNotions of looking plays on the ideas of gaze and the way someone inparticular is seen. A prime example of this is the representation ofwomen in music videos. However Enter Shikari do not follow this trendbut still made use of the notion of looking. The scene shown below isall in slow motion with the gaze directed at the man in the suit showingus that the rest of the video is going to revolve around him,
  7. 7. Demands of the RecordLabel A lot of record labels have control over the artist or band that they sign and often decide how the artist should be represented. However, Enter Shikari do not have this problem as they are under their own record label that they set up themselves and therefore can represent themselves how they wish.
  8. 8. Narrative The narrative is a major part of music videos with it being either fragmented or linear. The storyline for “No Sleep Tonight” is a very simple linear storyline that allows the audience to follow, meeting the characteristics of Goodwin’s theory.
  9. 9. After looking at Goodwin’s theory I have cometo the realisation that a huge variety of musicvideos apply the theory and therefore whencreating our video it would be very important toapply the theory.