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Pitch; Numbers - AlterVertigo


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The presentation to go with our pitch for the music video of the song "Numbers" by AlterVertigo.

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Pitch; Numbers - AlterVertigo

  1. 1. Jack Ridsdale, Josh Gill, Bonnie Brinkworth Song Title: Numbers by AlterVertigo
  2. 2.  The idea is that we use actors as the band, because they have jobs and aren’t available to use.  That we may film in black and white, and make a video that would fit in the metal genre. We want to film at Croome park.
  3. 3.  To promote the band and their song.  To make a video relevant to the genre of the band.  To entertain the audience.  This video will amplify the song, bringing a new meaning to it.  Our outcome will be for the audience to connect with the band and bring the music to a wider audience.
  4. 4.  To make sure the equipment is safe and not faulty, and that we are capable of using it correctly.  Make sure the shooting area is not hazardous and all wires are arranged safely.  Lighting equipment.  That all people involved act professionally and are not irresponsible.
  5. 5.  For the music video we would be influnced by these videos:  – Enter Shikari, Anything can happen in the next half hour. (Woods setting, winter, fog.)  – Bring me the Horizon, This sadness will never end. (Woods setting, horror theme.)  b=av2n -Bullet For My Valentine, Waking The Demon. (Woods setting, horror theme)
  6. 6.  It may be shot in black and white, in the grounds of Croome Park  We have chosen a horror theme and our video will include zombies.  The mise en scene will create a creepy atmosphere with elements such as smoke/fog, make-up/blood and the winter setting.
  7. 7.  The audience would be C1-D on the Jicnar scale and would include lots of students & young people.  This audience would be described hedonists or individualists.  They would enjoy drinking alcohol and attending gigs.  They would Enjoy bands like Metallica and Bullet for My Valentine.
  8. 8.  m/watch?v=G4HJUue y2pU  In this clip we tried a test run of jump cuts which is a technique we will use in our final video.
  9. 9.  Andrew Goodwin theorised that the star of the video is often shot with many close- ups and is the focus of the video.  Our video will be quite abstract which fits in with the genre of heavy metal music videos.  Our video will not fit into Todorov or Proppian narrative structures, however there are binary oppositions as the zombie are evil and the humans are good.