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071106 CTE Partnerships


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A short talk for teachers and administrators on how to establish industry partnerships in Career and Technical Education. Given Nov 6, 2007 at the NYS CTE conference at Columbia University in New York.

Published in: Economy & Finance, Education
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071106 CTE Partnerships

  1. 1. LINKING SCHOOLS TO INDUSTRY Jack Powers Graphic Arts Education Advisory Commission
  2. 2. WHY partner WHO to recruit HOW to manage
  3. 3. EDUCATION Curriculum advice CTE certification Tech trends and updates Best practices Peer networking
  4. 4. EMPLOYMENT Internships Externships Mentoring Shop tours Class visits
  5. 5. MONEY Budget justification Equipment donations Scholarships PD funding Awards and prizes
  6. 6. EVENTS Contests Competitions Showcases Open houses Trade shows
  7. 7. RECRUITING Big names Hard workers Great networkers Opinion leaders Press and associations
  8. 8. MANAGING Proper structure Short, effective meetings Regular communications Links to students, colleges Success metrics
  9. 9. MANAGING Rewarding experience (business, career, ego) Regular appreciation Diffused power Constant gardening