Questionnaire analysis


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Questionnaire analysis

  1. 1. Questionnaire analysisQ1. The results for my first question show that the most popular age that buys musicmagazines are young teenagers. This is who I will aim my magazine at as I know that it willreceive more attention.Q2. The results of this question show that the people who answered my questionnaire wereboth male and female and they were almost even so I will make my magazine quite neutral.
  2. 2. Q3. The results for this question show that most people do not even buy music magazinesbut when they do, it is random.Q4. My results for this question show that when people actually buy music magazines, theytend to buy rock magazines so I will make my music magazine with a rock genre.
  3. 3. Q5. The answers to this question show that people are willing to pay a good price if themagazine is good and has a lot of interesting content.Q6. This question shows that most people would expect there to be posters in a musicmagazine so I will try and include a poster in my design.
  4. 4. Q7. The answers to this question show that people would like a magazine with a lot ofpages. This means I should include I range of cover lines on my front cover to show whatpeople are expecting to see in the magazine.Q8. The responses to this question have helped give me a good idea of what I need toinclude in my front cover to make it eye catching and make people want to buy themagazine.
  5. 5. Overall, the results for my questionnaire have been very useful in terms of giving me ideasof what I can include in my music magazine. The question that has been the most useful isquestion 8 as it is an open question. This question has helped me decide on my house stylecolour scheme as the majority of people said they preferred to see brighter colours on amusic magazine. It has also given me some ideas on what to write for my cover lines asthere was a range of different responses such as “new and upcoming bands” and “reviewsand interviews”.There are some downsides to this questionnaire, for example, only 12 people answered mysurvey which is not an ideal amount to help me fully complete my research into which genreof magazine I should create etc. My survey could also have more questions to make myresearch more in depth.To follow up on this basic survey, I will produce a focus group to gather more in depthinformation so I will be able to produce my magazine to a higher standard.