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LavaCon 2017 - Knowledge Freedom: Break Down the Silos!


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This real-world study shows our methods for a Content Potluck that engages thought leaders across the enterprise. It shares techniques for building executive support, identifying contributors, and sustaining engagement in a cross departmental content strategy. Results? Rich, diverse community content, programming, and feedback mechanisms to share customer sentiment, and customer/employee engagement and co-creation opportunities. This method lightens the sales and support process and let’s your team focus on what really matters: being authentic, authoritative and collaborative internally and externally.

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LavaCon 2017 - Knowledge Freedom: Break Down the Silos!

  1. 1. Break down those content silos! Laurel Nicholes, Director, Product Content Experience F5 Networks Niki Vecsei Harrold Director, Communities Strategy and Social Media Transamerica
  2. 2. ● Identifying Silos ● Problems to Solve ● Content Potluck, Defined ● Buy-in and Champions ● Content Potluck Operations ● Success Stories ● Best Practices Agenda Breaking Through Content Silos
  3. 3. ● Silos within silos - all businesses, all sizes. ● Need for speed trumps knowledge sharing. ● Affected teams. Breaking Through Content Silos Workforce Silos
  4. 4. Content Silos ● Workforce silos create content silos. ● Redundancies, misalignments. ● Silos show your dirty laundry. Breaking Through Content Silos Customer Your Web Properties
  5. 5. Problem to Solve Of Companies do not ensure consistent content across channels. Breaking Through Content Silos 51%
  6. 6. Problem to Solve Breaking Through Content Silos 42% 41% 71% No unified content strategy Tool chains don’t connect Manual terminology management
  7. 7. ● Interlock between siloed teams. ● Mine your own content. ● Centralized content management ● No one can hide! ● Social Media Promotion Content Potluck Breaking Through Content Silos
  8. 8. Results Support for different information foraging styles Team and strategy is unified, but content format is diverse A rich assortment of content
  9. 9. Executive Buy In ● Save money through duplication elimination. ● Improved customer satisfaction and loyalty. ● Improved employee engagement. Breaking Through Content Silos Selling the Concept
  10. 10. ● Inventory current content owners ● Identify groups that have rich insights ● Who is passionate about customer experience? ● Identify barriers to entry Find The Right Profile Breaking Through Content Silos
  11. 11. ● Helpful ● Problem-solvers ● Collaborative ● No data hoarders! Find The Right Talent Breaking Through Content Silos
  12. 12. ● Passionate customer advocate. ● Drives continual improvement. ● Learns as much as shares. ● Empathetic for customer problems. ● Understands economy of scale. ● Leverages for career advancement. Find Your Champions Breaking Through Content Silos
  13. 13. ● Digital & Product Marketing ● Information Development/Tech Comm ● Product Management ● Training ● Knowledge Base Authors Where to look Breaking Through Content Silos ● Professional Services ● Customer Service ● Sales Engineers ● Evangelists ● Engineers Traditional Content Developers Broaden The Scope
  14. 14. Agenda Goals ● Set goals ● Track attendance ● Share and engage ● Assign action items How the Potluck Works Breaking Through Content Silos
  15. 15. ● Content projects in flight ● Content types in play ● Publication dates ● Themes from customer support and visits ● Social media, community feedback. Discussion Points Breaking Through Content Silos
  16. 16. ● Get some tacos. ● No slides! ● Build an editorial calendar. ● Identify gaps and solutions. How the Potluck Works Breaking Through Content Silos
  17. 17. Editorial Calendar Tips Breaking Through Content Silos ● Color coded by content type. ● Ownership assignments. ● Hard delivery date with reminders. ● Quickly identifies content gaps.
  18. 18. ● Real world, trusted content ● Diverse points of view ● Networking and career growth ● Rich variety of content types ● Platform to co-create ● Caveat: clearly mark corporate content. Gains for the Customer
  19. 19. ● Grow community membership. ● Real-time feedback ○ Sentiment analysis ○ Gap and depth analysis ● Avoid duplication ● build consistency ● Content investment ROI Gains for You Breaking Through Content Silos
  20. 20. Content ● Returning vs. new visitors ● Community traffic patterns ● Thread depth ● Time to resolution ○ Peers or SMEs? Measure Success Breaking Through Content Silos Community ● Unique views ● Time on page ● Video views ● Most liked (Kudoed) ● Content or author ● Traffic referral source
  21. 21. Uptime Bulletin (pdf) to HTML: 111 views to 8,901 views Marketing video: 50 views vs. SME blog post: 10,005 views Social Media Sharing: 250% growth in engagement (raising 5.3x per post) AMA thread on average 4,053 views vs. regular pages ~2256 views (~80% growth) KB referrals are 3x more likely to register on the community than other sources Success Stories Breaking Through Content Silos
  22. 22. ● Diverse champions ● Consistent champion, customer engagement ● Predictable, periodical meetings ● Success and failure communication ● Reward participants Best Practices
  23. 23. Contact us Do you have stories or projects to share about breaking down silos?
  24. 24. Thank you for your attention! Nikoletta Vecsei Harrold Director, Communities Strategy and Social Media, Transamerica @Nikschen Laurel Nicholes Director, Tech Comms Services, F5 Networks @LaurelNicholes
  25. 25. Q & A
  26. 26. Appendix Advanced Ideas
  27. 27. MBO’d & Recognition Badges User Meetups Super User programs AMA sessions Tweet Chat Facebook Live Blogs Champion Engagement
  28. 28. Use All the Content: Go where your readers go ● Social Media ● Communities ● Webcasts/ Webinars ● Customer Meetings ● Channel/ Partner marketing ● Intranet/ Internal Wiki