How to stop world hunger and thirst


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How to stop world hunger and thirst

  1. 1. How to Stop World Hunger and Thirst
  2. 2. How to Stop World Hunger?• People have tried to come up with a solution to world hunger for decades. Stupid things like donating and missions don’t do anything, we need to take action! That’s why I, Jack Lawlis, have a plan….
  3. 3. Greenland• With a population of 56,615 (January 2011 estimate) Greenland is the least densely populated dependency or country in the world. The total area of Greenland is 836,330 square miles, which currently, if you do the math, gives each occupant of Greenland exactly 14.77 square miles of land to themselves. Now, only 46% of Africa has access to safe, clean drinking water. With 1 billion people, Africa accounts for about 14.72% of the worlds human population.
  4. 4. Greenland Continued• So being that about half of Africa’s population is in need of safe drinking water, and Greenland has plenty of room, I propose we move half of Africa, 500 million people to Greenland. Greenland has plenty of lakes, streams, and ice to accommodate to thirsty Africans. So If Greenland’s new occupation was 500,056,615 people, then the square mile to people ratio would be every one person would have 0.00167 square miles to themselves, or 9.81 square feet to themselves!
  5. 5. Funding the Trip• Well, as you probably know, moving 500 million people from Central Africa to Greenland wouldn’t be cheap. Its is a 4255 mile trip. But these numbers should convince you. $500 billion dollars has been sent to African nations in the form of direct aid. The money has had little long term effect. In addition, most African nations have owed substantial sums of money. However, a large percentage of the money was either invested in weapons or was directly misappropriated by corrupt governments like making nuclear weapons and pirating CDs.
  6. 6. Funding Continued• So lets say that we have to clothe, feed, and provide transportation for 500 millon people for 7 days. The people live off a dollar a day, so five dollars should be good. And for seven days, that’s $17,500,000,000 in food, or 17.5 billion. Nothing near the vast 500 billion. So then clothing comes in. they can be clothed for about 40 dollars per, so $20,000,000,000 in clothing, or 20 billion. Again, no where near the cost of 500 billion. And finally transportation.
  7. 7. Transportation Via Boat and Plane• For transporting the people, we will use the many Antonov An-225’s the world has at it’s disposal. The Antonov An-225 can carry a max payload of 550,000 pounds. So that means one Antonov can carry 100,000 Africans. And if we have, lets say, 100 Antonov’s, we can carry 10 million Africans per trip. So fifty trips, and the whole population would be in Greenland.
  8. 8. Final Conclusion• I, Jack Lawlis, have just proved that we can stop world thirst. If you wish to help, give Jack Lawlis a small donation at the closest available time (only With your help, we can make a a small portion will go towards red cross). difference for much less of a cost that we are currently spending, and once and for all end world thirst.
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